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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   Lazy blog post . . .
Just got back from kung fu practice. I was the only one there tonight, meaning there was not as much legitimate resting time for myself. Hence, I'm exhausted.

My anti-zombie training seems to be going well with the monk spade, though . . . it's no lobotomizer (or "Lobo", as it is affectionately known), but I think it'll do. That said, have I mentioned how ridiculously awesome "World War Z" is?

So here, have some YouTube. This is nice because it mixes two of my favourite things: the Shinsengumi, and overtly-psychotic Japanese practical jokes . . .

That's the freakin' Yut-Boon-Jyai for ya . . .

In other news, I had to kill the flame war in my "Life is Like a Boat" video. It's funny when stupid Ed flames me for kicks, it's funny when I reply back half-assedly, and it's funny when he gets negged. It's also pretty funny when people comment that he's horrible for contributing to the cesspool of decay that is YouTube comments.

However, it's less funny when stupid Ed in turn starts flaming said-person instead of me and stupid Ed and said-person go into their own little flame war that takes up more comments than the legitimate comments about the video itself. Potentially, said-person also may or may not have been Bellpickle, which makes it substantially less funny. So it had to go. 'Cause comments are for and about me and only me, yo.

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