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Thursday, December 6, 2007

   One more short post:
Two things . . .

First off, all y'all need to read Red's comic strip. It's funny as all hell:

"They Don't Really Faint"

Second, I have a Stephen Chow clip for you that has a very vivid clutch on my childhood memory. I have no idea what the context or the reasoning is, but I remember it and it's funny. So before he was playing soccer and before he was trying to join the Axe Gang . . . . . he was selling buns:

Good times . . .

I cut my hair yesterday. It looks a bit fobbish now, but I'll manage, I think.

Oh yeah, and stupid Ed sent a link to my "Life is Like a Boat" video to his girlfriend so she could see my work . . . she saw the comments underneath . . . . . stupid Ed got in a bit of trouble that night . . . ahhh, poetry . . .

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