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Monday, September 15, 2003

   I've come to a conclusion . . . . .
Posting stuff here late at night when one is tired is a BAD thing to do! Fatigue really DOES impair one's judgement! On one slightly trivial hand, I sign guestbooks and sometimes write things that do not pertain to the user in any way whatsoever, making myself look somewhat foolish (if that person comes here and sees this, I'm sorry about that! I forgot who the REAL head guy around here was!).

On the other, I feel the quality of my posts are deteriorating as well. I'm posting things that, while they are comfortable for me to express, are frankly a little too: low brow, obscene, or just plain unnecessary for the majority of users here. My usually good sense of tact is just going to crap, and I'm starting to regret it.

So yeah, I'm still gonna be that weird, anonymous guy that people seem to be somewhat interested in. I'll just keep the Kevin Smith humour to a minimum. Though it shouldn't be the case, do tell me if I should be thinking otherwise, of course - comments are always welcome.

Oh, one last thing: flatulence is still funny, regardless. This will be the one concept I will not compromise whatsoever.

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Sunday, September 14, 2003

   I've got a quiz for all of you!
I made up this dichotomous (real word?) quiz a few years back. It didn't really determine anything, but it was kinda fun to ask people just because it was really quick and did say a bit about a person . . . so yeah, if this were in person, I'd tell you to answer as quickly as possible. That's not exactly possible here, but do have some fun with this. All questions will be answered "one or the other". Easy . . . . .

1. Cola: Coke or Pepsi?
2. Clothing: brown or black leather?
3. Doing your hair: comb or brush?
4. Hot caffeine: coffee or tea?
5. Writing: pencil or pen?
6. Music: Elvis or Beatles?
7. Toilet paper: fold or wad?
8. Wind instruments: brass or woodwind?
9. Shoe-tying: "bunny-ears" or "loop-swoop-pull"?
10. Fish: tuna or salmon?
11. Specialty genre: sci-fi or fantasy?
12. Pets: dogs or cats?
13. Bread: white or brown?
14. Who's dumber: Joey or Phoebe?
15. Stupid quiz worth taking: yes or no?


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Saturday, September 13, 2003

   Oh yeah!
On Friday I got consripted as an extra for a TV show at school! There I was, just minding my own business, reading in one of the outdoor landmarks of my campus when suddenly some dude comes up to everyone and goes, "so you guys wanna be extras?"

So suddenly I found myself standing there, talking to another guy who was just trying to study (who got to sit, which wasn't fair) for about five minutes or so. Then when it was all over, we were told to sign the waiver-thing so we don't sue them, and that was that.

So yeah, in January, on the channel "Showtime" (which is a channel I don' get), watch for the series "The 'L' Word". If there's an outdoor scene with a round stone seat-thingy with a Chinese guy in a black jacket standing talking to some tall dude with flat hair . . . . .

( . . . and no, we did not get paid.)

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Well, I have finally gotten around to checking out what all the hub-bub is about. What can I say? I'm looking forward to next Friday.

Still bitter about missing it last week, but starting at episodes 3 and 4 isn't too bad, is it? Cool show, hoping for lotsa fun in the future . . . . . best of all, the dubbing could have been a lot worse! I haven't heard the Japanese track, but this English one isn't half bad (much better than Dragonball, in any case [that theme song still cracks me up . . .]).

Okay, sleepy. Oyasumimasen, minna!

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Friday, September 12, 2003

   But Pex, staying up is fun!
Let's see . . . . . on average, I'm in bed a bit past midnight, sometimes a little more. I wake up around or a little before 7. Then there's about half an hour of sleep more on the bus to school. That makes for . . . about 6.5 hours of sleep before school. Then during school, if I'm especially tired, I can probably nap for up to an hour in a lounge or something (realistically half an hour if not less). Then, if I don't see anyone I know, I can sleep on the bus on the way back. Granted, nowadays I have semi-ritualistic meetings with a female friend of mine before heading to the bus stop, so that's less sleep there . . .

Ah, that's what weekends are for!

This post was pointless and useless, but considering today (probably yesterday by myOtaku's standings), I thought it inappropriate to type anything weird today. I meant not to seem like an insensitive guy about 9/11, just that a lot of other people have already done much better jobs at posting tributes than I could.

In any case, God bless and may we never forget.

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Thursday, September 11, 2003

   Today was a sucky day . . .
If anyone's checked out dying ever slowly's page recently, you'll have heard the sucky news. We're all gonna hafta weather a rather sad period without our loveable, fun-loving Pocky-addict. Leave a message for her so she knows we'll all be waiting for her glorious return to a regular timeslot.

Speaking of times, please remember that I'm running on Pacific Standard time, so whenever you look at the time of my posts, minus three hours and you'll see how late I'm truly staying up. Aside from that, I got nothin'.

DES! Come back soon!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

   Ooh, it's late . . . . . REALLY should be sleeping . . . . .
I'm tired and slightly out of it, so I'm gonna post in verse tonight:

And so we have a Tuesday done,
A shame there was so little fun,
The day went by without a hitch,
though getting up early was quite the . . . . [skip that].

Computer Science, nine-thirty,
No printed notes, hand goes "owie",
Final minutes, want to go,
Lecture moves, slow slow slow.

My lunch from quality was far,
Being water and granola bar,
I found some friends and we made chat,
Science is hard - how about that?

The Latin group will meet at one,
Until that time I had some fun,
I came to watch a local band,
(They were good and deserved a hand.)

1-oh-oh passed with four in the class,
So pathetic! A tutorial my . . . [skip that]!
The hour droned and I desired to sleep,
But with so few people, I dare not peep.

And then getting home my evening flew by,
Eating dinner and watching the Family Guy,
And then there was Dragonball, dubbing was bad,
I was laughing so hard from the voices it had!

And now it's past midnight and I'm not in bed,
When History comes 'round I'm gonna be dead,
School, man! School! You need to shut down,
The PC and change into your nightgown.

"You don't own a nightgown!" I say in my mind,
"I know," I say, "but the rhyme wasn't kind,"
"You're still not asleep! You idiot! Sleep!"
"Alright! Goodnight! You freaking [*bleep bleep!*]

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Monday, September 8, 2003

   Oho! Ohohoho!
So yeah, love this season's YTV line-up, kinda. Man . . . . . seeing old-school Dragonball is really something. Anime in it's old style of low-cost animation and messy bits all over the screen. Oh yeah, and let's not forget '80s style DUBBING!

Oh man! It's been a while since I last watched a dubbed Dragonball episode . . . . . who knows, maybe they've redubbed it since? But oh man! You think you've heard bad dubbing before! It's got nothing on Dragonball! Goku sounded (fittingly enough) like a girl growling her throat to sound like a guy who can't voice-act. Oolong sounded older than he does in Dragonball Z (not to mention the comments of "toots" to Bulma)! It was . . . it was . . . . . I mean . . . . . . . . you think it's mean or something to laugh at a show because of something they didn't intend to be funny, but . . . . . oho man . . . . . I can't wait 'til tomorrow's episode!

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Sunday, September 7, 2003

   STREET PHILOSOPHY #3 [dis gon' be long . . .]
Everyone's been to an arcade, right? Right. And everyone's seen light-gun games, right? Right. And everyone has fun with them, right? Right. Everyone has fun pretending that they're cops or special agents in the middle of vicious firefights, right? GOD NO!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm a real light-gun purist. If reloading involves aiming off-screen, I'll actually do it - I won't just cover the front of the gun with my hand. When it comes to holding the gun, I will hold it with an actual true-to-life pistol-grip, be it one or two hands.

In contrast to that, there are those who feel that the game requires the use of human ingenuity and cleverness (aka CHEATING). In efforts to maximize the number of shots fired with the least amount of strain on the arm/shoulder, they hold the pistol in their offhand while jamming one or two fingers of their good hand into the trigger and rattle them back and forth like a junky gone cold-turkey. I honestly really hate that.

I mean, to me, it's not even a matter of playing for the sake of health or fatigue or anything; it just looks stupid! People do not fire guns by holding the barrels and clacking multiple fingers on the trigger! I don't care if I offend anyone in this case: those who play in such a way look like dinks! It's not cool! And don't you DARE grab a stool to sit on while you play "Time Crisis 3"! That's even lamer!

Now, I accept the argument that it's your dollar (or two, should the case be) and you should be allowed to play the game however you so choose. The goal of the game is to win after all, and playing in this fashion which probably delays shoulder-pain while getting more shots off can hypothetically help that goal.

But then let me ask you this: light-gun games have come a long way since the days of "Lethal Enforcers". The "Silent Scope" series has a sniper rifle with an embedded scope you look through. The aforementioned "Time Crisis" series has a 'duck pedal' to simulate hiding behind cover (along with plastic guns which have moving slides for when you pull the trigger). The "Police 911" series motion-captures your body-movements so you physically HAVE to move behind cover! What is the purpose of all these things? It's all done in the name of heightened perceived reality!

That said, if the game manufacturers are going through such lengths to make your gaming experience all the more satisfying through these efforts, shouldn't the players at least do the same?

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Saturday, September 6, 2003

   Canadian TV finally pulling its weight!
YTV, the nation's premiere "kid's channel", is finally getting a handle on what us otakus need! So aside from the billions of Dragonball Z episodes they're gonna show, they're gonna put on regular Dragonball too! Supposedly they're also getting GT! And of course, the one I'm interested in now (due to peaked interest because of EVERYONE around these parts) is Inuyasha, which everyone here seems to love, which I have never seen. Should be fun, ne?
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