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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Be forewarned, this one could get a little messy and involves discussing bodily functions . . . if this bothers too many people, I'll delete it . . . . .

So, why is it that we say that we "take a crap" when clearly we're leaving one much more than we are taking? I figure it relates a lot to how we say we "take a walk".

(Okay, here's where it gets weird . . .)

So, how does "take a walk" differ from "go for a walk"? The latter sounds a lot more forced, doesn't it? It's like, "I am making a statement that I will go walk now." On the other hand, "take a walk" seems more relaxed and . . . free-ish(?). Kind of like, "I'm taking time out of my busy schedule to walk around and be merry.

That in mind, what does that say about our bathroom habits? Do we as a society enjoy our time in that little tiled room that much?

(Disclaimer: I'm sure someone just got offended. Feel free to voice your offense as bluntly and viciously as you need to.)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

   Holy poop . . . . . .
So, it's about as good a time to be a Lord of the Rings nut as any . . .


If I can acquire passage into a selected theater on December 16th, I think I will be a very happy man . . . . . this is like . . . it's like . . . . . this is the sort of stuff you tell your kids about! It's friggin' 10-11 hours of big-screen Tolkien in one day!!!!! As long as I don't have finals, I think I just might have to camp out!

Oh PLEASE god don't LET me have finals the week before this!!!!!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

   Rush Hour on the brain . . .
There's really no reason for it being there. I just happen to be a part of a family that recites movie and television at random a lot. It's really not odd for any of us to walk to the kitchen and just go, "where the little girl at?" in hopes that the other brother nearby will reply, "what little girl?" so we can then say, "the little Chinese girl!" and so on and so forth.

My brothers don't watch animes, so it's not like I can change it up and say something "tastes like super donkey-piss," or anything.

So, if anyone was wondering, the war with Xenosaga is a steady-yet-grueling one. It really isn't that I suck, I've decided. The game really is, simply, a very hard game. Think Final Fantasy IV . . . but maybe even harder!

(Well, this was time well wasted, no?)

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

   In other news . . . . .
Don't Saiyagirl and Gohan entertain you all to no end?
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   Ah, the joys of being 19+ . . . . .
For the first time all summer, I got to hang out with friends and order beer. Granted, after two glasses apiece we were both seeing "bullet-time", but it was a nice change of pace. I must therefore thank my friend for picking us all up so we didn't have to drive, and White Spot(TM) for sitting us at our table and having ale on tap.

Aaaaaaanyways, as most fansub followers know, it's a sad moment when you've bittorrented your way to the latest episodes of anything. I'm now stuck waiting for Naruto #47 and Onegai Twins #6, twidling my thumbs and humming like a jackass . . . ya know, bittorrent is just wonderful, but things are so easy to get now! Makes ya think, doesn't it?

On a final note, let me offer this question: is it ethical for a male anime watcher to watch a lot of "chick-flicky-type" animes? I'll admit that I've watched quite a few of these (take the abovementioned Onegai Twins, for example). And though I'm somewhat embarrassed about watching them, I do kinda get a kick out of 'em. Should I be locked up? Should I stop blaming my buddy "Korean-boy" for my interest in these? It boggles the mind, ne?

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

   Time for a level-up binge . . . .
Xenosaga just kicked my ass again . . . . . . FOUR TIMES IN A ROW NOW!

Yosh! I think it's time to reflect on my current RPG habits and start playing old-school, SNES-style! Fighting for level-ups hours at a time! And then that blasted inner-demon monster thing won't kill me after a long and frustrating fight again!

(My dear friends, NEVER underestimate the Xenosaga . . . . . .)

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Friday, August 22, 2003

I don't think we're giving fast food the right names. Actually, really, my only beef is with chicken burgers (heh, beef with chicken, how funny . . .).

Explanation: origin of the word.
Hamburgers, as we all know, are not made of ham. Instead, they are named after the town of Hamburg, Germany, where the locals shredded their meat before cooking it for ease of chewing and digestion (in other words, they made ground beef). Therefore, by technical definition, a burger should be defined as a foodstuff involving ground meat or whatever, right?

Okay, take a standard chicken burger patty. Now, I have no problem with the ground and breaded deals that most places serve. It's when it's essentially chicken filets that are being put between the bread. "Burger", I feel, should not be defined as "circlular bun-meat-circular bun" as most people take it.

Now obviously this line of thought was lost the moment people started putting cheese on their patties as well and then the whole naming convention just went down the crapper . . . . . so, my crusade to rename grilled chicken burgers to something else probably won't fly . . .

Incidentally, "Crapper" actually originally referred to the name of the guy who invented the flush-toilet, and not the substance that goes into it. Yes, the internet is a wonderful place to learn useless things . . . . .

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   I got my piano tuned today . . .
After a week of trying to get a hold of the guy, he finally made his way to my house to tune my poor piano that's gone about five or more years without proper tuning! That makes me happy. Now all I have to do is print that Xenosaga sheet music I've got on the comp' and get to practice on it!

In other, slightly-related news, XENOSAGA IS A FRIGGIN' HARD GAME!!!!! Seriously, I've already come across two bosses that have required THREE tries apiece! It's like, "sit, relax, watch the half-hour cinematic, walk a bit, get into a few fights, save, another 3-minute movie, then BAM!" And then you watch as everyone dies, and you're trying to heal as fast as you can, except the small, frail healer-girl in the back row is about to die! So she heals herself and then BOOM! The strong front-runner dies! And then you despair, muttering about cattle excrement until the sad version of "Kokoro" starts playing at the "Game Over" screen . . .

Maybe I just suck? Nah, that's a silly thought . . . . . isn't it? Ne?

In any case, Xenosaga's a pretty cool game. If you can handle lots and lots and lots of cinematics and cutscenes (all EIGHTY hours of them), you can get a pretty cool story out of it. I'd recommend it to the RPG gamer, sure.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

   Grr . . . . .
I'm tired of being a hobbit! Why won't the picture change??? The new picture fits all the requirements; it's less than 125x125 pixels and definitely less than 10kb! The thing is even saying that the image has been uploaded! Maybe it's a lag in the server, I dunno. But damnit! Change already! "Henge no jutsu!" Gah!

[Upon coming back later that day . . . "Yeah! No more hobbit for me! Now I got The King, baby!"]

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   Evening at the fair . . . . .
If there are any Vancouverites around these parts, they'll know what the PNE is. If not, just imagine a large, 2 week long fair that involves people trying to sell you stuff while you eat mini-donuts. Well, I'm dead tired now, after losing about ten bucks playing those blasted "under/over/seven" gambling dealies (as it turns out, I suck at games of chance). My buddy racked it up in the casino thing, though, playing 4-card Poker. It was cool, and I only wished I had that kind of money to play with (friggin' guy and his hotel job . . . . . .).

On the positive side of things, I won myself a plush Cookie Monster thing from that watergun game and won an inflatable "loser-hammer" from the hammer/bell game (I believe I "rung" 74, 80, and 88 or something). So yeah, not all bad.

On the negative, in going to the fair I sold out my kung fu practice this night. Next time I go to practice I'm sure everyone's gonna yell at me and stuff. I can see it now . . . "Why didn't you come practice on Wednesday?!" "I had to win Cookie Monster!"

Aaaaaaanyways, it's 2:12am, Pacific standard. I'm sleepy. Good night.

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