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Monday, October 27, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter VII)
Cream looked up at Nougat as he bandaged the Pi's head with a torn piece of cloth from the unconscious man's shirt.
"Alright old man, so what do you propose?" Nougat hooked his arms back under the limp arms stained with blood.
"Alright," he said, "first off, you go find a bar or some other sort of lever. Then, you meet me at that manhole in the sidestreet." Cream winced.
"Oh hell no . . ."
"Just get it!"

Half a minute later, both were next to the manhole cover; Nougat with a beaten thug, Cream with a tire iron."
"Nice find," Nougat said.
"From the only part of that car that wasn't burning. Go fig, huh?" A quick exchange of smiles passed before Cream pried the cover off to the side. Cream looked Nougat dead in the eye again. "Your idea, you first," he said bluntly.
"Fine, fine," Nougat conceded apathetically, "you just be ready to pass our friend to me once I'm down there." With that, Nougat climbed down the metal bars built into the hole. Cream passed the Pi down the manhole quickly; he got himself into the manhole less quickly. Taking a regretful breath of air, he stepped in, slid the cover back into place, and went down.

"I can't believe you've got me down here," Cream muttered as he breathed in the raw essence of city sewage. Nougat chuckled quietly to himself.
"Ya know, you'd be surprised at how many things you could probably stuff yourself into." Cream just shook his head again.
"So tell me about this club . . ." Nougat readjusted his grasp on the cargo and started.
"'The Decimal Place' is . . . well, was . . . a popular place in the early century. Lotsa well-ups went there for drinks and such. Well, at some point later in the decade, the club came on hard times and was said to have gotten itself involved in the mob . . ." Nougat paused to crack another smile when he saw Cream wretching from some invisible substance. "In any case, the place shut down just before the first war. After that, lots . . . and I mean lots, of people have tried to reopen or renovate it. Anyways, they've all failed . . ."
"All of them?" Cream asked, intrigued by the bit of civic history.
"Yup . . . all four hundred and sixty-one of them . . . . ."
"Okay," Cream said, looking skeptical, "now I know you're full of it . . ."
"Hey, you're the fluffy one, but believe me or don't, I dont care, but that's the truth."
"Okay, I'll bite . . . so how did so many people fail in such a short amount of time?"
"Damned if I know," Nougat said, straining as the sewer slightly climbed uphill, "war, prohibition, gangs . . . in any case, it's like a local legend. People just try to make it work to throw it in the faces of the others . . . I mean, they always fail for one reason or another . . . . . maybe idiots should just stop trying to revive the place?" Cream shrugged.
"Whatever . . . . . we there yet?"

After hiking the five blocks of underground tunneling, Nougat pushed the manhole cover above him out of the way and climbed out. After much toil and effort, Cream followed with the Pi draped over his shoulder until he was able to flop half of the man out of the hole and onto the street.
"Thanks for helping," Cream said to Nougat.
"Hey, I had to scout out the area. Who knows what kind of people could be in there . . . door's open, by the way." Nougat took the worse-off Pi by the arms again, and together with Cream they carried the Pi out from the sewer to the remains of the 461st 'Decimal Place.'

"Ohhh . . ." said Cream, "after making us carry his sorry ass all that way through all that crap . . ." Nougat smirked.
"And you said I was nuts . . ."

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Sunday, October 26, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter VI)
Holding his side tightly, Cream made his way out of the alley and back to the front of the building. Evidence of the previous firefights was strewn about everywhere: bullet holes, casings, and large areas pooled with blood.
"Noug'?" he said into his radio, "Noug' ya there?" After a long silence, Cream finally got a response in the form of a low moan.
"Alley . . . garbage . . . . . bullet . . . ouch . . . . ."

Having just come out of an empty alley, Cream went back to the building where their post was. There, he saw Nougat step out, clutching his chest.
"I feel like I just got chewed up and spit out," he muttered before falling into Cream's chest.
"Oh geez!" Cream quickly laid the shot man on the street and frantically worked to get the zipper on the now-holed jacket down. "Just . . . hang on, you're gonna be alright!" Cream said, befitting the current situation.
"Whelp, easy . . ." Nougat replied, pushing Cream's arm away with one hand and unzipping his jacket with the other. Cream finally saw the point of impact; Nougat's shirt was burned clean through . . . and the bullet was compacted into a flattened disk of jacketed lead. "Remind me to write a 'thank you' letter to Stephanie Kwolek after all this . . . help me up, already . . ."

The two battered men looked at what was left of everything before the building.
"They got 'Mel?" Nougat asked.
"Yeah." Cream answered.
"No way of tracking the van?"
"Not really."
"Everyone that probably wouldn't help us anyway is dead?"
"Every one . . ." Nougat sighed - Cream scratched the back of his head . . . then started rubbing it . . . "every one except one! Noug', follow me!" Nougat was puzzled but still went after Cream, who was running back into the apartment complex, towards the stairwell . . .

"Holy crap!" Nougat exclaimed, wiping off some of the blood off on Cream's sleeve. "you did this?!" Cream smiled sheepishly.
"Well . . . he was kicking my ass, so . . . . . hey, what am I making excuses for? At least mine's alive!" Nougat was about to respond to that when the two of them heard sirens in the distance.
"Gunfire in a residential area," Nougat thought out loud, "boys in blue aren't exactly a surprise. Guess we take ol' headache-guy and interrogate him at the station?"
"No, we can't do that," Cream said, "for 'Mel's sake, we don't have that kind of time . . ."

As they thought of what they could do, they carried the unconscious Pi to the back alley.
"Okay, I've got it," Nougat said, "there's a closed-down club about five blocks down from here. We'll take care of our boy there." Nougat patted the bloodied man softly as Cream spoke.
"Alright, so how do you propose we get this guy five blocks without getting picked up by the cops who might not think much of the plan to drag a bleeding perp away for irregular interrogation?"
"I'm workin' on it! Let's just start heading that way . . ." Nougat readjusted the man who was lying outstretched between Cream and himself. "And another thing: can you wrap up his head or something? He's bleeding all over me . . ." Cream grinned as the put him down. "I swear, Whelp, you can't put yourself in anything without causing a huge mess . . . . ."

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter V-2)
As Nougat continued his long-range battle from the rooftop, Cream was quickly making his way up the stairwell to 'Mel's suite on the second floor.

Cream was met by a boot to the face as he rounded the corner halfway up the stairwell. The Pi thug grabbed Cream's gun-arm before he could level it and kicked him in the stomach. Cream blocked frantically with his off-hand as the body blows started drilling home. The Pi then switched it up, landing a clean uppercut to Cream's chin, sending him tumbling down the stairs. He barely had time to roll away as the thug jumped down, trying to stomp on him.

The Pi followed up with another stomp, but Cream finally got himself into a crouch, saw the telegraphed foot, and caught it. He pushed the man back, into the cement wall of the stairwell. Using the brief stagger, Cream sprang forward, grabbed the larger man by the jacket collar, and slammed him back into the wall again as hard as he could. Eventually he started getting the results he wanted; the man's head was snapping back with each impact. After about five more hits, Cream picked up his gun and ran back up the stairs - the Pi being left in the stairwell, unconscious, bleeding from the back of his head.

"Noug'!" Nougat heard through his earpiece, "I could use some help in here!"
"I'm a little busy, Whelp!" he shouted back while reloading his rifle, "you're on your own for now!" Nougat cursed again, cocked his gun, and poked out over the lip of the roof again. He finally caught a good bead on one of the Pi members and put a quick burst of fire directly into him.

The firefight was cut short when a random bullet struck Nougat's gunbarrel, notching it deeply. Nougat threw the gun down and ran towards the fire exit. Once he reached it, he swung a leg over the side - gunfire ricocheted all around him. Looking down, Nougat spied a dumpster. He drew his own pistol, gave a short burst in the direction of the earlier shots, and jumped. The only thought in his head was, "please be soft, please be soft, please . . ." He landed perfectly in the dumpster, letting a cloud of garbage explode upwards to greet him.

Finding a foul taste in his mouth, Nougat lost his cool. He leaped out of the dumpster and charged the street blazing. He was able to get the man shooting at him to duck away; he was not able to avoid the man behind him . . . a rifle round impacted cleanly on Nougat 's chest, dropping him instantly. Gasping and coughing, he clawed his way back to the relative safety of the alley before going still . . . . .

By the time Cream reached the second floor, he found the door leading to the hallway locked and heavily barricaded from the other side by something he couldn't figure out. He swore and began running back down the stairwell. Thinking quickly, he pulled out his phone to call 'Mel. She picked up.
"Whip'? Is that you?" she said.
"'Mel! Get the hell out of your home! Someone's RIGHT there!" He heard an impact through the line. "What was that?" 'Mel screamed,
"Oh crap, that was the front door!"
"Okay . . ." Cream fought to think as fast as he could. "Fire escape! Go out the window, I'll meet you in the back! Go now!"

Fearing that he would have to exit through the front door again, Cream was relieved to find a garage exit at the bottom of the stairwell. He raced as hard as he could to the back alley behind the apartments, praying that 'Mel would get out in time.

He finally found 'Mel getting a foot out the high window towards the steel steps outside.
"'Mel!" he shouted. She looked down and sighed, relieved . . . . . and suddenly screamed and went limp. 'Mel was pushed out the rest of the way by the third man, a taser in his hand. Cream levelled his gun at the Pi but, fearing for 'Mel's safety, could not fire.

It was that moment that the black van crashed its way into the alley. Its occupants exited and began directing automatic fire towards the beaten and bloodied Cream, who barely had time to dive behind a parked car.

Though the next sequence of events went by very quickly, in Cream's mind it took an eternity; he felt so helpless, being pinned down by a rain of bullets as 'Mel was carried, stunned but not unconscious, into the van. Cream fired at the vehicle to little avail . . . and was met by a thrown bottle stuffed with a smoldering rag. Cream cursed loud again and dove away from the car before the crude explosive crashed and engulfed it in a large gas-induced fire.

Cream barely able to look up from his position on the ground as the van squealed and drove away . . . . .

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   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter V)
"Great," Cream said, watching the three men, "they're picking the lock . . . alright, I'm heading down there and don't argue with me."
"Hey man, they're all yours," Nougat told him.
"I don't want to go down there - you're the quickfooted one, remember?" Cream raised his eyebrow in slight disbelief. "I'll cover ya." Nodding again, Cream was about to go before looking at Nougat one last time.
"A times two scope?" he asked, surprised, "you sure that'll be enough?" Nougat stroked his rifle softly.
"You should know better than anyone that size doesn't count . . ." Before Cream could respond to the snide remark, Nougat continued. "Just go! 'Mel, remember?" Cream nodded a third time and tapped his ear.
"I'll keep in touch," he said before sliding down a ladder leading to the building's fire escape.

Cream stood trying to think of a way to get past the well-lit street. Hoping that the locked door would be enough of a distraction, he slowly walked forward, drawing his pistol - his efforts were for naught.

One of the Pi gangsters turned and saw the armed Cream walking towards him. He immediately shouted to his companions and the three of them opened up with a quick volley of bullets. Cream cursed out loud as he ran back to the first building and crouched behind its stoop. He hastily snapped off his own shots at the men, startling but not wounding them. Nevertheless, the Pi farthest to the left staggered and fell; he had been hit cleanly through the chest by Nougat from the roof. The lead Pi gave up on the assailants and fired two shots into the glass door. The remaining two gangsters quickly ran into the apartment complex and into the stairwell.

Cream, finally no longer pinned down by gunfire, charged towards the front door. Nougat lowered his sights and started for the fire escape to catch up. He barely had time to turn around before a shot ringed off the lip of the roof. Looking back down, he saw a black van pull up to the curb adjacent to 'Mel's building - out of the van poured three more men with large guns.
"Great . . ." Nougat muttered to himself as he returned fire vehemently . . . . .

Now, I just wanna know how long of a post you guys can handle. Technically this is about half of what I planned out for today. So if this is fine, then cool - if you don't mind a REALLY long post, then I'll do so later.

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Friday, October 24, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter IV)
The night dragged on with little fanfare. Cream was now watching the building as Nougat fiddled with some of his fancier equipment. Though the hour was getting extremely late, neither man was willing to grow drowsy whatsoever. Cream broke the deafening silence and asked,
"So have you ever tangled with The Pi before?" Nougat flipped the cap back over the small scope and looked up.
"Yeah, I've danced with Pi a couple times before. They're some tough cookies, I gotta tell ya." Cream turned around.
"Cookies?" he said, ever so slightly puzzled.
"Alright, I'll use words you can understand . . . the bastards can hurt ya."
"Oh . . ." An awkward silence followed. "So what, they get you before or something?" Cream asked, trying to reinitiate the small conversation. Nougat locked a magazine in, never losing focus on his work.
"No, not me . . . . ." Cream lifted his binoculars back to the building.
"Do I dare ask?"

Nougat got up from the small fold-up chair he had brought as part of their gear and put another piece of gum into his mouth.
"Did you know Henry or was he before your time?"
"Before," Cream said. "I take it this is gonna get messy, huh?" He had a small grin on his face as he said it, though it melted away the moment he saw Nougat's eyes. "Stupid question, forget it." Nougat shook his head.
"It was a few years back, and Henry and I had chased a small group of Pi members down near the wharf. They were all that was left of a large group we busted in on for assorted illegal whatevers." Cream was already regretting his earlier remark but continued listening. "Anyways, we had them trapped at the end of a pier, so we just covered the end of it. Well, being that they had nowhere to run, they opened up on us. We took down most of them, but this one guy . . . this one god damned guy . . . . . I don't know how he did it, but he put a large bullet through Henry's arm and all but took it off, it was . . . yeah, it wasn't cool."

Cream was turned around again as Nougat finished off his story. "Anyways, after Henry went down I fired on the guy. I saw his head snap back and he fell off the pier, so I'm sure I got him . . . in any case we never found that guy, though the rest of the Pi's were dead or arrested."
"And what about Henry?" Cream asked. Nougat smiled.
"The lucky sob retired and now makes a pretty living off our tax dollars." Cream couldn't help but burst out laughing - Nougat did likewise.
"Aw . . . aw man, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be . . . . but geez . . . . . and what, did he keep his arm or what?"
"Yeah! I saw the damn thing effectively explode and yet they still managed to save it! I mean, I don't know how the hell they did it, but now they've got 'im playin' golf with the damn thing every week!" Cream absolutely lost it. With a slight squeal he was completely gone, and with it all sense of tact. Nougat calmed himself a little and asked, "Hey Whelp, do you know you laugh like a girl?"
"Hey old man, do you know you fart when you laugh?" The mirth erupted again. Eventually both of them tried hard to stifle themselves, being that most of the city was asleep by then. Cream was first to get back to the task at hand.

"Oh, hello . . ." Cream said, eyeing three men walking alongside 'Mel's building. They were all in long coats - nothing especially odd, but considering the time of night, it was enough. "Noug', do the Pi have any sort of noticeable clothing or anything?" Nougat cracked out his own binoculars and looked.
"No, people from Pi don't really do anything like that . . . . . . . they do carry guns, though!" Cream saw what Nougat saw; the men were clearly concealing weapons under their coats. "Okay, so 'Mel is in trouble. Guess I owe 'er a drink . . ." Cream punched him lightly in the shoulder and shook his own head - Nougat simply grinned again.
"Game on, then?" Cream said, racking the slide of his pistol. Nougat picked up his previous toy and continued grinning.
"Ball's in our court . . ."

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Thursday, October 23, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter III)
Crikes . . . this is gonna be a LONG story, now that I think about it! Flint! You seein' this? You now see what you've got me doin' now? Well I hope you're happy . . . as well as the restuvya!

The wind swept through the wet street, picking up strewn leaves and weaving them through the lamp posts. Cream and Nougat walked slowly, keeping pace with the shorter 'Mel who was walking between them.
"So just stay as long as you can," she said to them, "I know you guys have hectic jobs, and I really appreciate this . . ."
"Bah, no problem at all, 'Mel," said Cream. He turned around, feeling something tap his shoulder, while Nougat lowered his head to 'Mel's.
"Hon', ya got me on the job. Don't you fear a thing - your sister won't be doin' anything to ya tonight." 'Mel smiled - Cream rolled his eyes.

"So why is your sister so interested in you as of late again, 'Mel?" Cream asked.
"Well, as you know, our family's been at a bit of hitch ever since our parents died and left lucky old me to the company. I guess Kar' just never got over that."
"So it's just a bit of sibling rivalry then," Nougat interjected, "hasn't this been going on for a while?"
"Well yeah, she's always kinda hated me, I suppose." 'Mel stopped for a second, leaving Cream and Nougat confused for a moment. "Just that . . . she's never gone to lengths like this before . . . . ." 'Mel took a folded note out of her pocket - there was a long, thin rip down the top of it. Nougat snatched the note quickly before Cream had a chance to look at it.
"So Pi's back in town . . . great . . . . ." As Nougat thought about the latest news, Cream reached into his own pocket.

'Mel went on to look back and forth at the guys again.
"So you're sure it's okay for me to ask for this?" Nougat began to speak but was cut off by his pager buzzing on his belt. As he checked it, Cream lowered his head to his side.
"'Mel, I'm here for ya, and that's all you need to worry about." 'Mel smiled again as Nougat looked at his pager with a puzzled look.
"3704559?" he muttered to himself. He looked over 'Mel's head to Cream, who made circular motions with his finger. Nougat took his pager off his belt, flipped it over, and looked at the numbers again. The significance of the numbers suddenly hit him, and he tried to mouth quick words of disgust to Cream, who was quietly putting his cel phone back into his pocket.

The two protectors set up a concealed surveilance position on the roof of the building adjacent to 'Mel's apartment.
"You're the asshole," Nougat said to Cream as he lowered his binoculars, "you realise that, right?" Cream allowed a sly grin creep onto his face as he walked around a steam vent.
"Ah, come on Noug'," he said, "I've known 'Mel for a long time. She's like, my little sister!" Nougat's face showed he was all but convinced by that.
"Now," he said, "do you always think about blood relatives in that way? 'Cause ya know, that ain't healthy . . ."
"Oh shut up," Cream shot back, "I don't think of her in that way and you know it."
" . . . I . . . know you're full of fluff. Does that count?" Cream arched an eyebrow as Nougat grinned, chewing on his worn-out piece of gum.
"Well . . . . . in any case, you can just keep your sticky little hands away from her, got it?"
"Yes sir, Captain Whelp! You're every wish is. . ."
"Hey, watch the room, will ya?! She's counting on us!" Nougat muttered to himself again.
"Well, the least you could do would be to stop moving around so much - we're trying to do this discreetly, remember?" Cream let out a heavy breath, put in his earpiece, and crouched at the lip of the roof.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter II)
The two of them sat quietly as the chief tore into them later that day.
"What the hell is wrong with you two?!" he screamed. "I thought you two were on the same side!"
"Oh sir," said Nougat, "I regret to tell you that there is in fact no Cream on my side, sir." Cream stood up.
"How old are you, honest?" he said.
"Hell of a lot younger than that ugly-assed twink' of a suit you wear every . . ."
"I don't wanna hear another word!" the chief blasted, silencing the small office. "You two better smarten' up, because you know I'm more than willing to administer some flagellations around here if you don't!" The two reprimandees nodded quietly. "Now get outta here, before you two bastards drive me insane!"
"Uh, to be fair, chief, he's the nutty one and . . ." Cream tried to get out.
"Get out!"

"And I'm the child, he says . . ." muttered Nougat. Cream just eyed him again.
"You just . . . don't get it, do you, Noug'?" Nougat just turned and smiled.
"Huh? Say somethin', Whelp?" Cream's knuckles whitened as they walked down the hall.
"You see? That's your problem," Cream said as they neared the next door. "You just don't go away. You know? You just kinda . . . I don't know . . . stick around, long after you're no longer wanted." Nougat just gave an exasperated chuckle.
"Well let me tell ya, at least people notice me when I'm there." Cream scowled as he continued. "Now, what I find with you, is that it's like you're not even there! Ya know? You go out there, struttin' your stuff like the dove you are, and just kinda disappear while everyone asks, 'hey! Where's the beef?'" Cream swung the door back after walking through and narrowly missed Nougat, who blocked the door with ease. "Oh, who's the immature one now . . . . ."

The unending argument continued as they walked past the busy front desk; the discussion ended abruptly with a quick flash of eye-contact.
"'Mel? What are you doing here?" Nougat said.
"What are you doing here, 'Mel?" said Cream.
"Oh, boys!" 'Mel said, sighing lightly, "Just the ones I've been looking for!" The two of them both looked at the desk officer, who just shrugged.
"Well if it's anything I can do," Cream offered, "I'll help you out." Nougat cleared his throat with great clamour, gaining the attention of all immediate parties.
"'Mel, hon', you know I'm there for ya." Cream immediately shot a hard glare, mouthing what seemed to be a harsher version of Nougat's previous comment. It was 'Mel's turn to clear her throat and gather attention.

"Guys," she said, "I could use help from both of you . . ."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest
The day was young, and the inhabitants of the world were busy getting ready for their lives. Many were still sleeping, fearful of the eventual buzz and morning show that would instigate the start of their day; for others, the buzz was long over . . .

"Hey, why the hell you always jogging the same route as me?" Nougat questioned to the jogger beside him.
"You know this is the regular route for most of us," Cream replied, "besides, you're the one who's always running at the same time as me." Nougat curled his lip slightly.
"To hell I am! I'm always out the door long before you ever are!"
"And yet I'm the one in the lead position, right?" Nougat gave another scowl of sorts before picking up his pace; Cream did the same. And as they crossed the street and left the block, everyone still back at the department could only shake their heads . . . such was the routine of every morning . . .

* * * * *

Half an hour later, the two of them made their way back to the department - both at just-below sprinting speed.
"And look who makes it back first again," Cream said, "guess I'm still lighter on my feet than you are, old man." Nougat ignored the comment and responded,
"Like hell you are! You tried to trip me!"
"Oh, you slipped on your own drippings!"
"Bite me!"
"Eat me!"

As was always the case, the rest of the department outside backed away slowly. The rivalry between Nougat and Cream Filling was already near legendary state. No one really knew what started it or why it had gone on for so long. Suffice to say, everyone simply accepted that things weren't going to change any time soon.

The rivalry continued after lunch, when the two of them - both having no duty shifts that day - once again found themselves in a place of recreation.

"Alright, Whelp . . ." Nougat said before getting cut off.
"It's Whip', okay? If you're gonna call me something other than my name at least do it right."
"Sheesh . . . alright, Whelp, we're playing to ten, loser pays ten."
"I'm game if you are, old man," Cream said wryly, "check me already!"

Nougat rocketed the basketball towards Cream, who caught it swiftly and ran forward. He feinted left before spinning right, leaving Nougat proverbially stuck to the floor. A seamless lay-up later, and Cream was up by one.

Cream made his way back to the top of the key, where he attempted another spin-deke; such was not the case this try. Nougat read the movement, stole the ball, and made his way to the top of the key. The two of them eyed each other intently before Nougat made a hard drive down the middle. Cream weaved instinctively, allowing Nougat to rush and slam the ball one-handed into the basket. Nougat made a quick show as he ran back to the other end while Cream swore silently to himself.

The game went on for a while; Cream's lightness against Nougat's steadfastedness. By now others had already formed a large crowd around the two gladiators, chanting for both of them in an uproar worthy of a professional audience.

The score was still close, but so was the end of the game. Nougat attempted another drive, but Cream held his ground and was rewarded with a shoulder that gave way ever so slightly. Nougat jammed the ball again and ran back to the downed Cream, gloating.

"Pay up, Whelp!" he said with a smirk.
"I pay nothing, game's not over yet." Cream said.
"What are you talking about? I scored my tenth, I win."
"You fouled me big-time, paste-for-brains!"
"Like crap I did, you moved, man!"
"Bullsh . . ."
" . . I've seen you get blown away by a gust of wind, man. Let's face it, you don't hold your ground well when the bar comes down." Cream finally started regaining his breath as he glared back at Nougat.
"I may not have as many bars as you, but let me tell you something." Nougat raised an eyebrow. "When the stuff hits the dish, and I mean really gels up, you're not the one they're calling for, are ya?"
"Ah, gels are kids' stuff, Whelp," Nougat retorted, "maybe one day you'll learn that the real money is in the bars!"
"Oh give it up!" Cream shouted, "you wouldn't know real work if it came up and kicked you in your tiny, crushed, nu. . ."

Cream was never able to finish his word before Nougat slugged him one across the temple. Within the second the two were at it like rabid animals. It wasn't long before the rest of the department was holding them back from each other . . . as best they could, in any case . . . . .

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   Saga of the Girl: Transit Dialogue
So, I've come to accept that you know you've got it bad when the person is sleeping on the bus and all you do for the longest time is just watch her sleep . . . . . yeah, I've got it bad . . .

Well, I was gonna go on about the superfight of cream and nougat today, but this bit of dialogue between "The Girl" and I came up today which I thought would be good for grins here.

Alright, to kick off, I'm gonna tell ya that I have a nervous tick; that'll get explained below. Anyhoo, on with the story . . . . . we're standing on the train coming home, both of us dead tired . . .

TG: "You're doing this weird blinking thing . . ."
SG: "Huh? Oh, I was blinking along with the station announcement."
TG: "But I see you do that a lot anyway, though.
SG: "Oh, that would be my nervous tick. Used to be an ingrown eyelash, they surgery-ed that out, and now it's just a bad habit of blinking hard, rapidly, and often. Hell for driving, let me tell ya."
"That's kind of weird . . . so you can't control the rapid-blinking at all?"
"Well, usually with a nervous tick you generally can't control it . . ."
" . . yeah, but it's still pretty weird."
"Yeah, it more or less pops up when I'm nervous . . . . . hmm . . . now I wonder what I have to be nervous about right now . . . [rubs chin . . .]"
"Yeah, but whenever I see you you're always blinking like that."
"Uh . . . . . yeah . . ."
" . . . unless you're just nervous all the time?"
"Er . . . . . not exactly . . . um . . ."

. . . And then it just kinda trailed off from there. I dunno, it was probably funnier at the time than it is now . . . . . for all I know, the point of this little story didn't even come through . . . ah well . . . . . cream filling and nougat this afternoon!

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Monday, October 20, 2003

   Oh yeah, it's Monday soon . . . now . . . . . damn . . .
Yeah, so here I am, trying to figure out the prelab work for my morning CompSci lab . . . . . not going as planned . . .

So this week's reason for why it is that I'm taking this course is "because of that nice feeling when you get something working." Not my reason, but what I'm told is my reason. I'm sure it'll change next week.

Ah well . . . . . so this week I'm hoping that I'll get some midterm marks back. Specifically, I want my English and History marks back because I might actually be happy with those. The CS midterm, well . . . that one can take its time . . .

That neighbour that I'm tutoring seems to be coming along well. It seems that I actually am capable of doing a bit of teaching of sorts, which is cool . . . of course, it's not helping my defense for when older people as me about school. Yeah, if any of you go into any arts thingies like English, History, or Philosophy, expect to get the question "oh, so you want to be a teacher?" a lot. I, personally, have forgotten what else I could do with an English degree . . . . . but there ARE other things to do, damnit!

So yeah, this didn't really go anywhere. Sorry 'bout that. Um . . . . . anyone have anything they'd rather have me say for next time? That sort of thing seems to be popular right now. Tell me and I will comply, savvy? Good.

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