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Tuesday, October 7, 2003

   It's not past 9pm yet, but . . . . .
I'm gonna go a little detached today, savvy? Okay . . .

Yeah, I've put the Xenosaga war on hold for the time being. In its stead I've finally started .hack//OUTBREAK. So far so good, I'm thinkin'. Seems a bit harder than the last couple games, but that could all change soon enough.

I've been in fansub withdrawal - nothing new from the shows I've been watching has come out lately! I need more Fumoffu, damnit! Kuso . . .

All the while, I've got midterms in the next week or so . . . . . maybe I shouldn't be playing games or watching shows? Hmm . . . . . . . yeah, that's not gonna happen either . . .

Oh! Lindy Hop lesson on Wednesday! That should be fun! Reminds me, on Saturday, there was a dance at school - seems I remember more than I thought. Yes, swing dancing is a nice way to move to music . . .

Today I saw "The Girl" at school before classes so I kinda ran up and into her. I'm thinking I'm gonna hafta be a little gentler rest of the week, lest she seriously start disliking me . . . hee hee . . . aiya . . . . .

Now that that's out of the way, I'm gonna take my current affixation out on you guys:

" . . . when there's evil on the attack,
you can rest knowin' they gotcha back,
'cause when the world needs heroes on patroooooolllll,
Teen Titans, go!
Teen Titans, go!

One, two, three, four, GO!
(Teen Tie-tahns!)"

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I think I may have a problem . . . . .

So you know that Teen Titans show, right? It's the cartoon about Robin and all those other kid superheroes? Well, uh . . . I'm kinda starting to like the theme song a lot and it's creeping me out . . .

The show itself is pretty neat - it's an American cartoon except that it's been heavily influenced by anime (sweat-drops, blush-lines, ya know). All in all, it's actually a pretty neat show . . . and yes, I am in fact 20 years old . . . . .

Even neater, is that the theme song is sung by Puffy AmiYumi, who are a well-known J-pop group. Even MORE neater, is that now and then the theme song is actually IN Japanese!

So yes. Teen Titans theme song creeping up into my mind, won't get out. This can't be healthy . . . if you've heard it, you'll understand.

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Monday, October 6, 2003

   Saga of the Girl: Inelegant Endings
Yeah, I just can't get away from talking about this girl . . . . .

Last night I was hopped up on Nyquil as I tried to figure out my prelab stuff for ComSci. Needless to say, it wasn't working out. Well, "The Girl" tried to give me some pointers over MSN, but ya know - head not working compounding confusion just didn't help. In any case, she did seem somewhat concerned about me, which was cool.

What was even COOLER, though, was what happened this morning! I skipped my History lecture so I could go directly to my lab and work on it for an extra hour. At about my second hour of working at it, guess who walks into the computer lab room? Yeah, "The Girl" suddenly walked in! Well, she helped me finish off the thing, which was really cool of her (I actually finished BEFORE the session was over!).

After that I walked her to her next class and thanked her again for everything - in Mandarin, no less! "Wo bu xiang si le, xie xie ni!" (I don't want to die now, thank you!)

After classes, we met up as usual to go home. It was raining now, finally (good solid Vancouver weather), so umbrellas were out in full force. So yeah, we sat on the bus, dripping, slighty gloomy . . . . . but it was fine by me!

After getting off the bus, it was still raining, but the distance from bus to train just wasn't worth it . . . so, I swung out my umbrella to put it away . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . and clipped "The Girl" in the teeth with the butt-end of it . . . . . oh man . . . . .

So, to summarize, a wonderful day ended in utter tragedy and remorse. I mean, she was okay, and she forgave me and all, but still . . . . . that was . . . uhm . . . . . yeah . . . . . . . .

The moral of the story? Don't take Nyquil until you're ready to sleep!

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Sunday, October 5, 2003

   STREET PHILOSOPHY #5: Not Caring What Others Think
There are generally two types of people who follow in this way of thinking. For one, there are the ones who love like it's not hurting, dance like no one's watching, and just live life with few inhibitions. For the other, there are the ones who openly speak their minds for better or worse and act in ways that they feel like acting regardless of who's around.

Now, obviously these two schools of thought sound similar enough as they both have the same root point about living. So why do I bring this up at all? Because whenever I hear or see someone do something unbelievably callous, immoral or cruel and then cite that they do so because they simply don't care what others think, well . . . that's just balls!

You know how parents, teachers and whoever tell you to not listen to what the other kids are saying about you? Well, this eventually turns to a less defensive thing as one ages into the person who wears whatever clothes, jewelry or hairstyle he or she feels. By that point it's a statement about self that no one is able to put down. It's when it goes in the extreme direction and becomes a somewhat aggressive approach to living that causes all the trouble.

The thing about the former form of not caring what others think is that no one's getting hurt by it. Let me give an example of this:

"Yeah, I did start singing and dancing on a table in the cafeteria yesterday. People looked at me funny? So what?"

Compare that with:

"Oh, so I was rude when I called the teacher a bitch to her face, huh? She can punish me all she wants - that's not gonna change the way I feel."

I could probably go on and on about this, but I'd rather leave my points for now. So in short, uninhibited living, following your heart - good. Not feeling guilt for things you know damn well are socially unacceptable - not good.

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Saturday, October 4, 2003

   I'm bored. Here's a Tasteless joke.
Seems I really have very little to do lately. My nose is all tingly, my ears are popping . . . so, in the tradition of amidamaru's page, here's a silly little thing to pass my time . . .

One day a little girl went up to her father and asked,
"Daddy! Daddy! How did I get my name?" The dad replied,
"Well you see my dear, right after you were born, a flower petal from the vase next to your mother floated onto your head. And that's why you're named Rose."

After hearing that, the father's second daughter came up to him.
"Daddy! You told Rose how she got her name and now I wanna hear how I got mine!"
"Well Daisy," he said, "much like how your sister was named, a petal from a daisy from that vase dropped off and landed on your head. And that's why we named you Daisy."

After that, the father's third daughter ran up to him and said,
"Nuuuunuunuuunuuuuu!!!" . . . . .

. . . . . . the father said,
"Ah, shaddup Cinderblock . . ."

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Friday, October 3, 2003

Finally! Frickin' Forever For Friday's . . . . . f- . .coming . . . . . nuts . . .
Well, first thing's first . . . . . [rolls up newspaper, walks on DES' command . . . taps her forehead with it . . .] okay, we be square now. Now time for cake!

The "Sore Throat From Hell" subsided this morning after all! It was still kinda there, but it lost a lot of juice . . . really, it was more of a "Sore Throat From Purgatory", if anything. And yeah, I got it wrong - runny nose came before nasal congestion . . . damn . . . . . maybe I'll buy medication this year? Who knows . . .

It seems the car wasn't completely killed after all! After a week or so of getting fixed up, my beloved Sebring's coming back to us! Whoo! Oh, and the brother is kickin' like a mule. He's prety much good - can't work out right now, but he's good.

And then . . . . . oh! "The Girl" & I have each other's cell numbers now! In fact, she used it to great effect today by calling me while we were on the bus and hanging up so I'd be saying "Hello?" to nobody . . . . . I, of course, retaliated by holding her body/arm down while I tapped her on the forehead for about a minute or so . . . yeah, good times . . . . .

I miss philosophising with you guys! Now, I've got two I've been thinking about: does everyone want "Sportsmanlike Conduct" or "Not Caring What Others Think"?

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   Pocket money is good for you . . .
I became a paid tutor about half an hour ago. Tutoring English, no less. With luck, I don't screw it up . . .

And now, a public statement for our good friend DES whom I made cry over at Weez's page:
Understand that when I say "Arts Student", it does not mean I am studying art. It simply means that I'm in the faculty that has the language courses and history courses and stuff; in other words, anything that's not sciences, engineering, commerce, or medicine or what have you. That said, in most years the grade requirement to get into the Arts Faculty is generally lower than to get into other programs. Henceforth, we are a large faculty full of bakas.
But, if you're still a little miffed, do take the opportunity to slug me a couple in the face or body. That's right: TWO free shots!

In other news, I'm starting to seriously worry about a lot of people here. Seems we've got a lot of issues in our own worlds that are making living a little more difficult than usual. I wish I could think of some brilliant thing that could just make everyone feel better about everything, but frankly I'm not that good. 'Sides, it'd be kinda arrogant of me to think that I could, huh?

To everyone feeling down because of family or friends who don't seem to be exactly helping, because of romantic situations that aren't like they are on TV, or because of the overall state of the world . . .
. . . just . . . . . . keep the ropes, razors, and backpacks full of heavy stones in the storage, okay? Things DO get better eventually . . . you just have to wait and look for them.

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Thursday, October 2, 2003

   Gonn' be fully sick in a week . . .
All day today I've had one helluva sore throat. Very troublesome. To compound that, I was pretty much asleep all lecture today - and it seemed like really important stuff too! Yeah, I'm toast . . . . .

On the brighter side of things, my bro went to the doctor today to get checked out (obviously). From listening to him talk and from what others in the house are saying, he's a little bruised but no worse for wear (Powerful stock, we're of! Hooah!). We're still one car less, which'll probably play havoc on us in the next little while, but we should be able to figure something out. In any case, I'll have to be sure to tell him all you otakus out there showed concern - how he takes it should be humourous to watch (he doesn't watch anime, you know how those people are).

But yeah, from here on in, the throat'll probably clear up just in time for the nasal congestion, which'll clear up in time for the runny nose, which should stay with me throughout midterm time in the next week or two! Go sickness! Hooah!
(Little do those viruses know, they're destined to die eventually . . . they'll never win! Even if it takes a month, those that make not haste now will perish through my doing! Bwa ha ha ha ha . . . . . stupid germs . . .)

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   The things that can happen in one day . . .
Went to the arcade at school today. "Time Crisis 3" was now only a dollar to play! It'll save me a buck now, so I'm happy. That was the first new spot of news.

So, I got home today a little later than usual since the Lindy Hop (swing dance) lessons of a club I joined started today. That was the second new thing that happened.

Upon coming through the door, I get told that my younger brother was in a car accident on his way home from school. He's more or less okay, but the Sebring is undrivable, probably indefinitely. This was the third, definitely unwanted bit of news to come to me.

Despite the accident, my bro still pulled through and taped "Smallville" for me. I'm really gonna hafta thank him for that one. So yeah, new "Smallville" season makes for number four.

And now, I'm here, finding about FIVE THOUSAND more people are looking at my page and enjoying it! Well, what can I say, that was an incredible surprise for mineself. Thank you all for taking an interest; I'll be sure not to disappoint. That is my promise to you all.

. . . . . and to clarify, I'm 20, and yes, that is indeed a VERY old age. And I'm not kidding, I really do have a grey/silver hair! I'd take a picture of it if I weren't so gosh darn lazy . . .

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Wednesday, October 1, 2003

   "A Chaucerian Recap"
Now that my tale has come to end,
it's now the chance for me to tend
to those, the ones who want to read
my page, the one in dire need,
of new material for the mass,
before they bore and ride my ass.
That said I now bring to you all,
a list of stuff that had befall,
body and mind of mine this week,
from time I took for 'Angsty Geek.'

First off, I got my first grey hair,
amongst the jet, just sitting there,
reminding me of just how old
I am, despite of what y'all told,
ne'erless, I take it rather well,
since it gives me something to tell,
so that's the bit about my head,
where black was silver there instead.

CS is a wicked course,
that causes one to think with force,
it's not too hard but even so,
you wil not pass if you just go
to labs, those blasted two-hour blocks,
where you just sit, mind filled with rocks,
and don't forget the homework took,
a solid week to make it look
okay and fine to hand it in,
(with Java, it is hard to win,)
yes, computer science will,
keep this arts student very still.

Let's not forget the English class,
where I wound up as quite the ass,
the one day that he makes us cite
alone, words of Chaucerian might,
what were the odds that I'd be next,
as three from fifty now were vexed,
for English of the Middle Age,
is strange enough to build some rage.

In any case, you've not missed much,
my life is rather dull as such,
I simply had some gripes to tell
you all, while timing wasn't well,
The Legend was priority,
as such, you really can't blame me,
so yes, it's back to old SomeGuy,
who makes you try to wonder why
hamburgers have their tricky name,
or how some gamers can be lame,
and sure, The Legend's lots of fun . . .
. . but I can tell another one . . . . .

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