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Monday, October 13, 2003

   Ah, life is good . . . . .
DES . . . or should I say, DTW . . . is back, thus relieving the incredible gas-pressure built up in the viscera of this site. In conjunction, Dagger is much relieved and is giving herself a well deserved break from guilt and worry. Molletta stopped swearing a little, Flint' continued his oddities . . . and everything just kinda relief-sighed in unison.

Now obviously, it's not exactly a "nothing happened" situation, because that kind of thinking is dangerous ([AHEM!] Imperial Japan [AHAGH!]). Nevertheless, we're all getting back on the rails, getting back into the groove of things - getting back to life . . . and ya know, it feels pretty nice again.

Of course, that all ended the moment I remembered I have a MIDTERM TOMORROW! ACK!

So yes, to all our journeys, good luck, God speed . . . and, uh . . . don't expect anything too pretty from me 'til Friday. Okay, CompSci time - ja matte ne, minna-san!

[Quick note: WHY do girls always make me sing "Eyes on Me" at Karaoke???]

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I am SO Bear from .hack//SIGN . . . . . confus-ed people read below!
Okay. DES . . . D2TW . . . . . Sarah . . . . . . just look.

Alright, now we all know that plagiarism isn't cool; there's a reason why people in university can be expelled for that sort of thing. I won't deny it, it was a heartbreaking experience that everyone on myOtaku had to go through. But ya know what? Your leaving probably hit us even harder than that.

Fact of the matter is, we all kinda like ya around these parts. You picked us up when we were down, made us laugh when we least expected it, and reminded us why it is that we're a community and not just a group of anime freaks.

Remember the now-infamous "Gravitation Scare" in September where you were pulled from us for a while? Everyone was so upset about that! Like it or not, you've become a focal point in all of our myOtaku browsings. When you started telling us about some of your more personal matters, we never stopped coming.

Now, the way I was brought up was that helping those in need is a good thing to do. Of course, that only works if the person wants help. I know you're not asking for it, let's face it: I've got a hero complex. I like to be able to help people out in dire times and stuff. I've already told you that you can come to me with anything - I don't plan on going anywhere. You know why? Because friends don't just cut off friends like that, and I very much consider you a friend.

So I'm a wordy bastard. I've come to accept that a long time ago. Nevertheless, the fact remains: all of us here are more than willing to forgive you. The trick comes in your being able to forgive yourself. We all love you; therefore, you must also be able to love yourself. I know you've gone through some hard times - probably harder than I could ever imagine - but that was then. And we're all here now, so you don't ever have to go through any of this alone ever again.

And now let me say this: we could barely stand it when you left that day - if you EVER even CONSIDER doing anything like commit suicide EVER, well . . . . . I'll kill ya! If I have to go through another weekend of people sad that you're gone AGAIN, I will seriously cause you some harm! Don't you EVER think of anything so incredibly . . . well . . . . . just don't, 'kay? I don't think I could take it - and even if I could somehow manage, no one else would!

So yeah, you realise we all know that there is more to our favourite pink-haired pocky-inhaler than . . . well, the pink hair and pocky. Ya know, you tell us as much as you feel like telling, and we'll listen. I can't promise that I'll not worry - I just kinda tend to do that with people in general - but I can assure you that you'll never scare me off. Like I've said, the internet - being the gigantic thing it is - is not going anywhere in particular any time soon. And neither am I . . . neither are we.

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

   Thanksgiving Dinner Today!
So, if you can accept that the Canadian Thankgiving day is this Monday and NOT in November, then I give credit to you. Now check this part out:

My mom, having many friends without big families to go to for this holiday, always invites a whole bunch of people over for Thankgiving dinner. Essentially, it's less of a dinner as it is a buffet line! My mom makes the turkey (fried rice stuffing - so good) and the roast beef, and everyone else supplies the rest. It's a wonderful tradition we've put together, I find.

So with that in mind, I think about how about an hour ago I was at "yum cha*" for lunch, where we ate A LOT. NOW I have about three hours to go before I have to eat AGAIN! Crazy!

So yeah, I probably won't be posting too much tonight. As of right now, it's the calm before the storm . . . . . should be fun!

*[For the record, "yum cha" is Chinese for "drink tea" - in other words, dim sum. Incidentally, which anime character does this remind you of?]

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   Oy . . . messy times . . . . .
Well, we're all friends around here, so I probably don't need to go deep into the whole DES thing . . . it really does suck, but these sorts of things rarely don't suck. We'll just hafta wait and see what happens, I guess.

Sheesh . . . . . you THINK you're good with change, and then . . .

So yeah, I'm sane again. I'll stay that way for a couple days or so. I pretty much just can't think of anything better at the moment.

Okay, I'm done for now - see ya t'morrah.

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

   I think I've gone insane today . . . . .
I've only seen one entire episode of "Teen Titans" before, and today it was the one I'd already seen! What are the odds! Well, in any case, this may or may not have affected this next bit I'm about to post . . . . .

What Anime is this theme from?!

BadadaBAdadadaDAH, BadaDadabaDAH,
baDadaBadadaDA, baDA, ba DAH DAH,
BadadaDAbadadaDAH, BadaDabadaDAH,
BaDadaDabadaDA, Bada, daBAdabadabadaba

Bah dap, DAHHH, Bah dap, DAHHH,
Bad dap, DAHHH,
Bwaaahlada bwaah, ladabwahladadabadaBAH,

DAH, badaDAH, badaDAbada dah,
badada DAH, badaDAH, bada DaBAH, DaBAH,
BaDaDa DAH, bada DAH, badaDAbada dah,
badada BWAAAHH, badadadadadadadadadadada
bahDAH, BahDAH, BAHDAH, BAHDAH, badadada ...

(repeat somewhat . . .)

For the record, yes, I am insane and I do know that. (Heeheeheeheehee . . . WHOO!)

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   CANADIANA: Part One
So, molletta was wondering if I knew about the new Governer of Cali.. Then she said a few other things . . . in any case, I am now gonna take time now and then to explain my neck of the woods as best I can. And fear not, I don't plan on saying anything especially stupid regarding that fun little rivalry our respective nations have for each other - we all know that story after all!

Lesson I: Words:

pop: Term for carbonated beverages such as cola or root beer. Yes, 49th and above it ain't soda you're drinkin'!

toque: Hat worn, usually around winter-time. I think the State-wise term is "beany"? I dunno, get back to me on that . . . we know what the hat looks like, though, right?

Now, along with words meaning other words, we also spell things differently. If you've ever noticed from my posts, I spell it "colour", "labour", "honour" and whatnot. I also spell it as "realisation". Yeah, it's a British thing, I think.

Well, I think I've got some fun things to tell you guys in the next little while! Should be fun!

And to finish off, I'll leave ya with this final mindbender: Thanksgiving Day in Canada is this Monday - that's right, BEFORE Halloween! I don't know why that is or when it started, but that's our turkey day. But hey, in the end, we're all getting fat with family, so who cares, right?

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Friday, October 10, 2003

   Saga of the Girl: "Just Checkin' . . ."
Holy crap! Posting just reached the 21st century! This is some freaky stuffs!

Hokay, so against the wishes of my household, I ran out of the house to catch a bus instead of riding with my brother to go to school. Why not go in a car when I can? Well . . . "The Girl" isn't gonna be in the car . . .

As luck had it, I beat her to the last bus stop and she did see me so we were able to ride to school. Yayfullness! (heh, Sakura . . .) So yeah, I walked her to her building, touched her arm one last time (I'm getting really bad with the touching . . .), and told her I'd see her later.

After classes we met up again to go home. At some point during the whole trip I asked her,
"Hey, I don't touch you too much for my own good, do I?" Well, she kinda gave me this semi-weird look and said,
"I... guess... not...?" I just sorta grinned . . . . .

So I'm not freaking her out with the touching. Double yayfullness!

Thought you guys'd like to hear about that one. Frankly, I don't have anything better to write yet.

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   Why Sick Sucks . . . . .
10. You're much less all-around happy than usual.

9. You fear eating or drinking foods you'd normally inhale.

8. Stuffy noses keep you from sleeping well.

7. Runny noses keep you from being in any place comfortably for long.

6. Sore throats hurt. 'nuff said.

5. Sucking back snot makes the throat hurt more. Again, 'nuff said.

4. You start talking funny.

3. You start blowing your nose more, making for more kleenex-related messes around the house.

2. Blowing your nose too hard causes your nose to bleed - more messes around the house.

And the number one reason for why being sick sucks . . .

. . . all your friends'll think you have SARS and stop hanging out with you!

Ah well, at least the Canucks won tonight . . .

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Thursday, October 9, 2003

   I'll come up with neat stuff tomorrow . . .
So, tonight (last night?) I had perhaps one of the most insane TV-type life experiences ever!

It was a little after 8pm, and my "Swing Kids" class had just ended. I got out of the building to head to the bus loop . . . the bus was already there and letting people on! I hauled ass, praying that I'd make it . . . . .

JUST as I get to the door, it closes and the guy starts driving off. I chase it a little, flailing my arms in efforts to flag the bastard down so I could get on . . . nuh uh, not gonna happen . . . he drives away . . . . . Dejected, I head to the concrete thingy nearby to sit down . . . . . at THAT point, it started to rain . . . HARD . . . . . I wish I was kidding, the night actually played out in this fashion!

Oh boy, that was weird . . . it worked out in the end, though - ran into another anime-freak-friend of mine who had just gotten out of a quiz (yeah, at that hour, I know). Funny how that works out, eh?

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Wednesday, October 8, 2003

   Gon' be home late
So you guys don't get bored here, I'll leave an open forum for the time being: sweet snacks or salty snacks? (Like I don't know how people are gonna answer) . . . okay, school time! Peace!
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