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Monday, September 22, 2003

   So, I learned something today . . .
Turns out she was right. I tried "Mousse Black & Latte" Pocky today. That stuff is incredibly good . . . . . I'm not gonna drive half an hour out of the way to buy it, but nevertheless, it's incredibly good.
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   Legend of the Girl: Insult Wars and ICQ
First note off: no hard feelings, Millenium, I know you meant well. Though if you still demand satisfaction, you can take a free shot at me - stomach or face - if you so desire. And yeah, we're all rooting for ya on those tests!

May-June, 2001 . . . . .

Okay, so by now I'm running this concept back and forth in my mind. Do I take up this apparent opportunity to ask "The Girl" to be my date for grad. I think it took either a few days or a week, but yeah. I figured that I wasn't gonna be the one in my family who doesn't go with female companionship.

Now, being that neither of us have the phone number to the other's house, we had to rely on internet messaging. This was (and is) the extent of our familiarity with each other.

So one night (may have been a Wednesday, I forget) I coaxed her into another typed-verbal exchange. I dunno, it seemed like the thing to do at the time. In any case, it got pretty heated, and we were having fun calling each other names (she had an advantage because she was already an anime fan at this point and knew all the Japanese words).

By the end of it, I reduced her to a "sweating emoticon". I think the following exchange went something like this:

Aw, I've pissed you off now, haven't I?

You do that just by breathing. ;-)

I see. It would probably be in poor taste to ask you to grad now, then, wouldn't it?

O_o ........what did you just say?
(etc. etc. etc . . . . .)

As you can see, I really, REALLY beat around the bush for this one . . . . . but, no matter. She said yes, and one month later we were at the hotel, getting pictures taken, watching friends dance and look silly in the process . . . oh yeah, we danced too (obviously).

I could probably go on and talk about grad night, but, well . . . you all know the deal. Boy and girl act somewhat awkward around each other, boy dances with girl to "The Freshmen" by The Verve Pipe, boy forced to leave with friends early to get ready for the later party, boy kisses girl, girl's friends go "OooOOoohh" . . . . . .

In any case, it was a wonderful night. If not for anything else, for the fact that I suddenly had a girlfriend . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Sunday, September 21, 2003

   Legend of the Girl: Conspiracies and Grad Plans
Grade 12: school year 2000/01. Things start getting interesting . . . . .

Throughout all of grade 12, I only saw The Girl sparingly in the halls now and then and such. We would still get some friendly flame-wars going on online (or just chat normally, seeing as we both had hobbies in RPGs, Gundam, and the like), but on the whole we didn't really chat all that much (to be fair, I was trying to get with some other girl whom I knew probably wouldn't "come around" any time soon - I was baka).

And then . . . . . one day (2001 by now, I think), a friend of mine says to me, "hey, you know what? I bet you and [The Girl] would make a good couple." I of course said to him that he was crazy, and that the two of us would eat each other alive if we were together . . . because we would have, ya know . . . . . . . I mean, I thought about it, and it was an interesting thought . . . I was just busy being stupidly interested in another girl at the time . . . . .

So now it's about the last couple months of high school life ever. People are starting to worry about Grad and the like; they're getting tuxes and dresses, arranging limos, and getting dates.

Then, one day, my friend (SAME ONE as before!) runs up to us as we start walking home. "Hey!" he says, "hey, um . . . so I know someone who wants to go to grad with you." I feigned interest, obviously, because I was SOOO cool, ya know (tch . . .), but I listened. Sure enough, he named "The Girl". And I had to decide if I really considered it a good thing or not . . . . . . . . . .

Seems this period of time could take a day or two more. No matter. Who's in a hurry anyway? And yes, friend lists are alphabetised now. Neat. And MilleniumChaos, I'm gonna hafta disagree with ya; though she totally plays up the angle that she's above me and stuff (science student to arts student, it's natural), she does not suck - royally, or otherwise.

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Saturday, September 20, 2003

   Oh yeah!
I bought Pocky at school yesterday! They were yummy. All my friends thought they were yummy too. Oh, except for "The Girl", who said that "only CBC's eat the regular flavours.*" Seems she's more partial to the fancy Pockys like green tea and stuff - did you know there's a green tea flavour?

(*CBC = Canadian-born-Chinese)

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   Legend of the Girl: Mandarin and Paper Balls
School year 1999/2000. Yes, this stretches back THAT far . . . . .

We didn't really know each other too well. We had a social studies class together in grade 8, but sat across the room so we never talked. In any case, it was Mandarin 11 and in that center column of 2-person desks, she and another friend sat behind me and another guy.

She was a useful asset in that course, being that she could already fluently speak Mandarin. Of course, because of that, she got bored often, and would amuse herself by tearing up little bits of paper, rolling them up, and throwing them at the backs of me and my friend's heads. Whenever the teacher turned around, we would, of course, turn around and retaliate, laughing all the while as the bits of paper got caught in hair and whatnot. Good times . . . . .

So yeah, Mandarin 11 was tons of fun. That little group of 4 did some projects together, laughed at each other, and so on and so forth. Most importantly for the future, though, I got a new friend and a new ICQ contact . . . . .

Here on, any time we actually ended up chatting together, all conversation would eventually deteriorate into insult wars of sorts with some very colourful name-calling, I might add. It seemed, that I finally had a bit of an online peer - someone who could REALLY dish it out as well as she could take it . . . . . a very neat friend indeed . . .

Or at least I thought we were just friends at the time . . . . . . . . . .

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Friday, September 19, 2003

   Q Namárie, Legolas . . .
Since most people don't understand Elvish, I'll tell you it means goodbye. Why? Because my "Helm's Deep Legolas" model - one of the ones I had painted rather well in fact - is no longer in my posession. I gave him away because it was a friend's birthday and as you all know, the girls love the elf.

Oh yeah, the girl was the bus-girl, by the way.

It was her birthday today, and apparently I was actually the first person to say anything about it to her (a stranger hearing that comment was the second person to say something). In any case, she really liked it, which makes me very happy.

Alright, that said, I'm gonna follow through with my end of the bargain. With a landslide vote, everyone wants to know about this girl I keep meeting up with after classes to head home. Now, I'm gonna be taking my time with this, so expect to hear about this convoluted story over the next few days or so.

The first entry to "Bus-Girl: The Legend" will be posted tonight, which will probably register as tomorrow. 'Til then, Inuyasha comes on in about 15 minutes . . . . .

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   STREET PHILOSOPHY #4a: Unofficial Rules For Fantastical Combat:
Here's the second half of the list:

-Guys with axes always get less screentime than everyone else.
-Gun safeties are only there to hinder good guys who don't know any better.
-Bad guys use whips to lacerate people.
-Good guys use whips for crowd control / disarmament.
-Handguns are more accurate if you're diving through the air, sliding across the ground, or hanging from a line of some sort.
-Big, strong bad guys are inherently Russian.
-Good guys aren't allowed to bludgeon people to death.
-Cocky good guys always get beaten/paralyzed/killed.

-Any self-respecting primary hero will know how to scream "NOOOOOOO!!!" very well.
-For some reason, full-arm chokes from behind never work as well as they should.
-Throwing knives only kill people if they are thrown, caught, and then immediately thrown back at the first person.
-Flying only works if you're Chinese.
-Shouting your technique only works if you're Japanese.
-In the first big, long fight between rivals, the bad guy always wins.
-Latin lyrics always make fighting music that much better.
-Bad guys who say something witty before giving the death blow are destined to die within the next 5 seconds (especially if it's some form of goodbye).

This particular philosophical venture wasn't all too thought-provoking. But, I figured it was as good a way to classify things as anything. Okay, I'm done now. Ja ne, minna.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003

   STREET PHILOSOPHY #4: Unofficial Rules For Fantastical Combat:
I wrote this up one day at school when I was bored last year. This covers any sort of fighting you will see in movies, television, or video games. I think it's all rather true.

- Smallest guy = toughest guy.
- Big, strong guys are only good guys if they have a tremendous sense of humour.
- Big, strong bad guys tend to be the 2nd-to-last boss.
- 2nd-to-last fight is always slightly gimmicky/harder than the final "skill" fight.
- Bad guys always have tons of lackeys.
- Final fight shall always be won by the good guy - unless it's just really, really, really close (and bad guy turns out to be not so bad).
- Final fight is only won after a special technizue/weapon/realisation is used.
- It's okay for the good guy to get beat up a bit during the beginning of the battle.

- Female fighters always kick ass.
- Female non-fighters are always capable of taking out a couple guys through imaginative use of their surroundings.
- The cute, Asian girl can always kick SERIOUS ass.
- Steel railings are insanely good cover against bullets.

This is only half of the list I came up with . . . I had a lot of time on my hands that day, you see.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

After a year or two of efforts, I have finally seen Battle Royale! The gist is that social hell in near-future Japan has forced it to instigate the "Battle Royale", where every year they send a class of junior highschoolers to an island to kill each other.

It sounds rather gruesome - and it is, no doubt - but the real magic of it is how the students react to being forced into such a thing. Some attack their friends so they can survive, others group together and plan a way to get off the island, and others just use the opportunity to vent all their hatred towards their classmates. It's a really interesting social-type movie that just happens to have one helluva body count. I'd recommend it, though the company that made it will never licence it in North America. Nuts.

. . . . so, um . . . . . I've had an insane craving for Pocky lately . . . don't know why . . . . .

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

   I suck at Computer Science
I was using a computer that wouldn't let me look at some java code in the "nice" text editor and was therefore forced to use the "not-so-nice" text editor. My lab just refused to work with me and I almost didn't finish (the next group of lab people were already coming in!). I think my TA took pity on me or something, because he checked me off without really looking at any of my work . . . lucky break after a brutally unlucky one, I suppose.

Sucky CPSC111 aside, I've slept very little in the past 24 hours (go fig). Ran into a friend on the bus who felt like talking, had to finish Latin homework during one break, and all the couches and comfy chairs in the lounge were taken during the other break. And now I'm still up. What am I thinkin', eh?

Alright, so let's get interactive . . . . . I, Some R. Guy (R. for "Random"), being of sound mind, give you, the viewer, the chance to get a glimpse into the inner workings of myself - in other words, some personal whatevers.

I can do one of two things for you for now: I can:

1. Give you the link to my long-dead Angelfire page. It floats on the web as an archive of times long past, eternally playing Chrono Trigger music on the main page. The page has links to some old things I wrote years back, including the "pseudo-journal" of my life 1999-2001. Or . . .

2. Remember that female bus friend I mentioned a little while back? I said the dynamic with this person would cause cranial-implosion, remember? Well, if you want, I can try to explain the relationship a bit because it's just messed up.

So, I'll probably do both eventually, but I'll just space 'em out, do 'em one at a time. So yes. Choose. I dare ya.

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