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Thursday, October 23, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter III)
Crikes . . . this is gonna be a LONG story, now that I think about it! Flint! You seein' this? You now see what you've got me doin' now? Well I hope you're happy . . . as well as the restuvya!

The wind swept through the wet street, picking up strewn leaves and weaving them through the lamp posts. Cream and Nougat walked slowly, keeping pace with the shorter 'Mel who was walking between them.
"So just stay as long as you can," she said to them, "I know you guys have hectic jobs, and I really appreciate this . . ."
"Bah, no problem at all, 'Mel," said Cream. He turned around, feeling something tap his shoulder, while Nougat lowered his head to 'Mel's.
"Hon', ya got me on the job. Don't you fear a thing - your sister won't be doin' anything to ya tonight." 'Mel smiled - Cream rolled his eyes.

"So why is your sister so interested in you as of late again, 'Mel?" Cream asked.
"Well, as you know, our family's been at a bit of hitch ever since our parents died and left lucky old me to the company. I guess Kar' just never got over that."
"So it's just a bit of sibling rivalry then," Nougat interjected, "hasn't this been going on for a while?"
"Well yeah, she's always kinda hated me, I suppose." 'Mel stopped for a second, leaving Cream and Nougat confused for a moment. "Just that . . . she's never gone to lengths like this before . . . . ." 'Mel took a folded note out of her pocket - there was a long, thin rip down the top of it. Nougat snatched the note quickly before Cream had a chance to look at it.
"So Pi's back in town . . . great . . . . ." As Nougat thought about the latest news, Cream reached into his own pocket.

'Mel went on to look back and forth at the guys again.
"So you're sure it's okay for me to ask for this?" Nougat began to speak but was cut off by his pager buzzing on his belt. As he checked it, Cream lowered his head to his side.
"'Mel, I'm here for ya, and that's all you need to worry about." 'Mel smiled again as Nougat looked at his pager with a puzzled look.
"3704559?" he muttered to himself. He looked over 'Mel's head to Cream, who made circular motions with his finger. Nougat took his pager off his belt, flipped it over, and looked at the numbers again. The significance of the numbers suddenly hit him, and he tried to mouth quick words of disgust to Cream, who was quietly putting his cel phone back into his pocket.

The two protectors set up a concealed surveilance position on the roof of the building adjacent to 'Mel's apartment.
"You're the asshole," Nougat said to Cream as he lowered his binoculars, "you realise that, right?" Cream allowed a sly grin creep onto his face as he walked around a steam vent.
"Ah, come on Noug'," he said, "I've known 'Mel for a long time. She's like, my little sister!" Nougat's face showed he was all but convinced by that.
"Now," he said, "do you always think about blood relatives in that way? 'Cause ya know, that ain't healthy . . ."
"Oh shut up," Cream shot back, "I don't think of her in that way and you know it."
" . . . I . . . know you're full of fluff. Does that count?" Cream arched an eyebrow as Nougat grinned, chewing on his worn-out piece of gum.
"Well . . . . . in any case, you can just keep your sticky little hands away from her, got it?"
"Yes sir, Captain Whelp! You're every wish is. . ."
"Hey, watch the room, will ya?! She's counting on us!" Nougat muttered to himself again.
"Well, the least you could do would be to stop moving around so much - we're trying to do this discreetly, remember?" Cream let out a heavy breath, put in his earpiece, and crouched at the lip of the roof.

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