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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

   Cream Filling & Nougat: World's Finest (Chapter II)
The two of them sat quietly as the chief tore into them later that day.
"What the hell is wrong with you two?!" he screamed. "I thought you two were on the same side!"
"Oh sir," said Nougat, "I regret to tell you that there is in fact no Cream on my side, sir." Cream stood up.
"How old are you, honest?" he said.
"Hell of a lot younger than that ugly-assed twink' of a suit you wear every . . ."
"I don't wanna hear another word!" the chief blasted, silencing the small office. "You two better smarten' up, because you know I'm more than willing to administer some flagellations around here if you don't!" The two reprimandees nodded quietly. "Now get outta here, before you two bastards drive me insane!"
"Uh, to be fair, chief, he's the nutty one and . . ." Cream tried to get out.
"Get out!"

"And I'm the child, he says . . ." muttered Nougat. Cream just eyed him again.
"You just . . . don't get it, do you, Noug'?" Nougat just turned and smiled.
"Huh? Say somethin', Whelp?" Cream's knuckles whitened as they walked down the hall.
"You see? That's your problem," Cream said as they neared the next door. "You just don't go away. You know? You just kinda . . . I don't know . . . stick around, long after you're no longer wanted." Nougat just gave an exasperated chuckle.
"Well let me tell ya, at least people notice me when I'm there." Cream scowled as he continued. "Now, what I find with you, is that it's like you're not even there! Ya know? You go out there, struttin' your stuff like the dove you are, and just kinda disappear while everyone asks, 'hey! Where's the beef?'" Cream swung the door back after walking through and narrowly missed Nougat, who blocked the door with ease. "Oh, who's the immature one now . . . . ."

The unending argument continued as they walked past the busy front desk; the discussion ended abruptly with a quick flash of eye-contact.
"'Mel? What are you doing here?" Nougat said.
"What are you doing here, 'Mel?" said Cream.
"Oh, boys!" 'Mel said, sighing lightly, "Just the ones I've been looking for!" The two of them both looked at the desk officer, who just shrugged.
"Well if it's anything I can do," Cream offered, "I'll help you out." Nougat cleared his throat with great clamour, gaining the attention of all immediate parties.
"'Mel, hon', you know I'm there for ya." Cream immediately shot a hard glare, mouthing what seemed to be a harsher version of Nougat's previous comment. It was 'Mel's turn to clear her throat and gather attention.

"Guys," she said, "I could use help from both of you . . ."

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