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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   good grades and the time of my life!

Hey every one! long time no see! ha ha ha! well since i finally found something to post about... i guess im ganna post XD i mean.. i know its nothing big but hey!

well today i had a science test...
and i missed 11 out of 66

and then in math... i had a test...
and i think i actually did pretty good for once... heh... i really suck at math... you can even ask Yuki!! ha ha ha

this weekend! i get to go to the beach with yuki! i so cannot wait any longer! then... im ganna steal that kiss once and for all! (i hope yuki isnt reading this)
well thats it for today people! byyyez!
-shuichi shindou
p.s Sol says.... uh oh.... sol says nothing O.O

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

   ShuichiXKun And Happy Mothers Day

Hello Every One! Whats Down? Im so Tired... so why am i up to late? er.... early? BECAUSE I CAN! but i have come to announce... my new site and to tell every one HAPPY MOTHERS DAAAAAAY!

Heres My Guilty Gear Page! Pleaze Be Sure To Visit Guyz! ^^
ShuichiXKun~Guilty Gear

so... you guyz... whats the best way to steal a kiss from the one ya love?
they dont cooporate
well gimme your answers!
bye guyz!

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Thursday, May 5, 2005


im so sad! because my mom band me from the compy! its no faaaaaair! i miss you guyz so much! i miss everything!
-sobs in a corner-
im actually not supose to be on the computer right now... but -shruggs- heh! im such a bad little shuichi!!! ^^ well it has rained allmost 2 days in a row... no wait... i think it has! ha ha ha! and ive been sooo happy! tuesday i was so depressed and then the next day when it rained... i felt like i could fly into a huge bowl of ramen! ah yes ramen! i havent had that in a while! speaking of! right after this post im going to go make some! whoo hoo yeah ramen!
i finallly get my own compy this weekend! and im getting my own internet service! yay! so now she cant band me from HER compy! and if she bands me from my own... i'll just sneak on! its not that hard... -laughs like a retard- well i better get going guyz!
i love you aaaaaaall! and i miss yoou!
wheeee! off to go make some ramen!

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

   No Yuki! Thats Not What I Meant!

-sniff sniff- if you are reading this yuki... i just want you to know... I LOVE YOU! AND NO ONE IS BETTER THAN YOU YUKI! YOu are allways on the top of my list and for ever! yuki... i believe you that yu love me.. but how MUCH do you love me? ... all i can say... is that i love you... no matter what... and i want you to be the one whos there when i need you... like i told you before... i want you to hold me for eternity yuki... no one is better than you.. i dont care what people say.. you are my lover... and i love you.. like i have never loved before.. its hard to explain.. but... -sighs-

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Friday, April 29, 2005

   my brother is gay... wow... thats not a suprise...

ShounenAiOrDie: >.>
ShounenAiOrDie: my bro just mooned me.....
Eireyuki: bol!
ShounenAiOrDie: no.. -.-
Eireyuki : lol yes it was! being mooned is funny
ShounenAiOrDie: no... thats not kool. now addison is doing it. and they are mooning each other.. ew.. this is nasty... so why am i watching? oh great... they are on top of each other screeming and laughing... i have finally seen the true colours of my bro and his friend....

heh... well then... oh and this is for you julian...
lets see now.....
so ive been thinking alot about Julian lately and i cant help to feel the way i do... even though hes just some 'online' guy... i know... some day.. we will meet... and be together for ever... i just want him to hold me in my arms for eternity... ah... i can feel it now... his soft hands touching my delacate cheek... me brushing my fingers through his soft hair... and him wraping his arms around my body comforting me

well.... bye guyz!

-shuichi shindou

ps. this is for you ryan!
okay so.... an emu is raping me in a porta potie while im eating pizza... in a porta potie... that hasnt been cleaned in over 3 years....
bol! cant wait to announce this XD

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   bored... and retarted....

today the fire alarm wouldnt stop going off.... it went off like... 5 times... it was hilarious...

here im bored so read:

Eireyuki [6:45 PM]: and ohhh1 that shirt it is still long on you!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:45 PM]: not when i stretch
Eireyuki [6:45 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: im fat
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: -sobs-
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: no your not
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: -hugs-
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: if you were fat i couldnt hugs you
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: yes you could
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: i can hug katiee
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: that was mean
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: and i love hugging you so i know i can put my arms around you
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: i mean and have both hands being able to touch one another
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: that doesnt make any sense
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: OOOOOH
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: now get it
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: lol and what i said was mean to
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: lol yes you do!
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: and no your not
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: yesh i am
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: -sobs-
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: no your not1`
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: !
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: YESH I AAAAM
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: watch tomorrow ill give you a hug and you look to see if i can make both hands touch each other
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: if i can your not allowed to say your fat again!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: okay
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: i'll wear exta fatness
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: if i cant....my arms are just way too short! lol
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: you cant buy fat lol well you can but still
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: dont cuz your not fat!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: bol! im ding over here
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: imma copy and paste that on myo hold on!
Eireyuki [6:50 PM]: ok.....
Eireyuki [6:50 PM]: lol

well tahst it.... pm me you guyz! and lets have endless convorsations of random retartded bable! yeah baby!

bye guyz! love you aaaaall!

-SKYE rain OF sorrow

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

   waaa! you big meanie! -kicks julian-

hi guyz! whats up! man..
Julian is a big meanie!
he wouldnt stop saying means stuff about me! and he allmost made me cry!
hold me yuki! i need you!

but i guess we some what 'made peace' before he had to go...
watch.. tomorrow... hes ganna do it again'.. hmmp....
well i still love him any way! ^^

oh! and hes ganna get his drivers licence if he passes! so everyone! please wish him the bestest luck!

bye eeeveryyy onnne!

-hugz all-

(as to say that... for real.. >.>)

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Monday, April 25, 2005


today was our interems!
i got good grades for once! yay!i got

3 As
1 B
2 Cs

yay! good grades for once!

my best grades ever!
(i think)
if i get better on report cards do you think yuki
will take me out... on a date?

now im exicted! ^^
bye guys!
have fun!
ha ha ha!

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

   married to my true love

hello every one! whats up? er.. down? i just got back from yukis house! we had so much fun! ^^ we played ddr all night and didnt get any sleep! i think we went to bed about 5 in the moring and i dont know what happend after that.... all i remember was laying in yukis lap asleep! heh! well friday when yuki spent the night we made divorce papers for me and rage (like i said before she forced me to marry her) and then we made marrage forms for me and yuki! it was so dreamy! yuki got on one knee and proposed to me! ^^ ah.... i will never forget that day! well thats all that really happend... so i'll see you guyz next time i have something to say! byyyyyyez!
a link to my lover

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Friday, April 22, 2005


hey whats up? er.... down? today was a weired day... heh heh... rage came up to me and gave me a paper saying we are now married. WHAT A CRUEL JOKE!!!
WAIT! it wasnt even a joke! it was serious! so im demanding a devorse! and im getting married to yuki! (darkflowerofdeath)

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