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Thursday, February 10, 2005

   chapter 1 of paradise hell
paradise hell: chapter 1 the beggining of a sad ending

Deep deep in a field... almost in the middle of now where... lived a little girl and her parents. They were specialy bonded with each other and never let anything get in thier way in relationships. The childs mother was human and her father was demon. Which made the girl a 'half demon'. Half demons were very rare (especially female half demons) in this time of world because no demon would 'love' a human. All they cared about was conqure, death, life, teratory, food and survival. But this demon was different. No other demon is like this. Its very rare to see a demon and a human together. And since every one knew about this they had to move far far away so nobody would harrass them. But it didnt quite work... the human villigers hunted down the two lovers and tried to kill them. But the demon killed every villiger who even came 10 feet of his wife and kid. This was when the female half demon was only a baby. A small infant... So the demon didnt want his daughter to die. Since half demons weren't meant to be born, they usually died because the demon power over came the human arua and killed the soul, or they survived and had to be protected seriosly because they are so fragile and needed constant help to overcome the demonic arua.
::Three years later::
father: OOKAMI! GO! HIDE!
ookami: bu-but....
mother: please listen to your father! he will be okay! he has protected us forever... he knows what he's doing....
ookami: oh-okay.... *sniff sniff*
ookami and her mother went far away from the fight between an unknown demon and her father. fire bursted in every direction.
mother: wha-where are we suppose to go? fire is every where!
ookami's mother holds her in her arms and whisper "i love you ookami"
unknown demon: hell.....
the unknown demon quickly peirced his hand through ookami's mother's back and through her chest, grabbing her heart and taking it out. ookami's mother instantly died and fell to the ground
ookami: mommy... MOMMY!
unknown demon: *laughs evily* MWA HA HA HA HA! finally that pesky 'human' out of the way.... now since i've killed your precious love... lets see what true powers awaken...
father: you.... you..... YOU BASTARD! I CAN'Y BELIVE YOU! *tears flood his face as he drops to his knees and crys in pain*
unknown demon: heh heh.... pitiful.... how pitiful.... to see a demon cry.... YOUR GIVING US 'REAL' DEMONS A BAD NAME! GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND FIGHT ME! OR SHALL I KILL YOU PAINFULLY?
father: you..... you won't.....
unknown demon: you sure?
father: don't your dare...... LAY A HAND ON OOKAMI!
the demon runs over to ookami, who is sobbing over her mother, picks her up by the back of the shirt and holds her up high
unknown demon: i have a hostage.... what are you ganna do about it now? huh? come and get me.... *he throws ookami across the field and into a tree*
father: NO! OOKAMI!
ookami's father tries to rush over to her but the unknown demon stops him and slits his throught and with the last gasping breath he said "i love you and your mother ookami.... im sorry i failed..." then he drops down to the ground and dies.
unknown demon: feh..... how easy was that?
ookami: NOOOOOO! DADDY! *she tries to get up but can't because she is too injured from the throw*
unknown demon: oh? your still alive? well well.... im quite suprised! not all half demons would survive such a wound at your age! well... i am yaxo the ||.... do remember that.... because you will be hearing it again.... farewell half demon....
the demon runs off in a evil laugh. fire rages everywhere and the air smelled nothing else but blood and burning wood. This was only the begining of hell for our little Ookami. She faces many more dangers and complications soon in this hell of a future....
::Three days later::
sai: jeez.... this place is a mess
a young man with short and long, black and purple hair arrives at the scene where ookami's parents died. The place was burned down. Every bit of it. all that remained were ashes, smoke and burned trees. ookami then sees the young man.
ookami: who-who are you? have you come to kill me? ....
sai: huh? *looks around and spots ookami* is that you? ookami? ookami! *he runs over to ookami and hugs her tight*
ookami: *yells in pain* please... please don't kill me.....
sai: why.... why would i kill you? *sees blood on himself* your hurt! i must tend to your wounds!
Sai then opens his bookbag and gets a first aid kit.
sai: here.... this should prevent infection and should last until i get you to a hospital.... you'll be all better! ^^
ookami: wh-who are you?
sai: i am sai..... your fathers best friend.... i knew yaxo would come for your guys but i.... i failed to return in time..... i had to run an erand for your father.... i had to get the sacred crystal..... but i didnt return in time..... i was three days late.... *tears run down sai's face*
ookami: ........ mommy and daddy are...... gone.... i won't be able to see them any more..... i will never forget you..... i love you..... *silver tears run down ookami's face and as they drop they turn into blood*

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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

   computer virus
heys guys! whats up? do you like my new theme? im not done yet so.... im trying to make this weeks theme a computer virus theme! is it turning out okay? i hope so! but if you find a better background for a computer viruse theme... PLEEZE TELL ME! thank you!

question of the day: how many computer viruses have you had?

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

   funny kwiz!

What is your anime death?
favorite color
Type of death idol crazy fans
Time of death next year
Who did it sonzo (saiyuki)
Did you deserve it? no, you shall be missed
This QuickKwiz by Bethie07 - Taken 822 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

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Saturday, February 5, 2005

   My Shounen Ai Silly
i made this shounen ai silly! its pretty dumb but funny! i hope you like it!

shounen ai shounen ai love shounen ai
shounen ai shounen ai know my friend is bi
shounen ai shounen ai wonder why some times i cry
shounen ai shounen ai just wonder why
shounen ai shounen ai wish i would just die
shounen ai shounen ai couldn't just sit there and lie
shounen ai shounen ai really wish i could fly
shounen ai shounen ai know where there's a really hot guy
shounen ai shounen ai can't resist strawberry pie
shounen ai shounen ai can't jump very high
shounen ai shounen ai know how to tie
shounen ai shounen ai can't seem to try
shounen ai shounen ai always say 'oh my oh my'
shounen ai shounen ai am going to poke you in the eye
shounen ai shounen ai would love to eat a french fry
shounen ai shounen ai always seem to sigh
shounen ai shounen ai have $50, what shall i buy?
shounen ai shounen ai hate the letter i
shounen ai shounen ai am always high
shounen ai shounen ai now say bu-bye!

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Friday, February 4, 2005

*sigh* theres this guy i like and he is sooooo cute! i tried to ask him out but he never answers me! i know he likes me! but today i tried to ask him out and he said no! i said why? and he goes cuz i just dont wanna..... i broke into pieces! so now me and my friends aren't ganna stop bothering him until he says yes!

question of the day: how do you make a guy who you like, like you back?

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Thursday, February 3, 2005

hey whats up? ya ya ya i know im grounded but who said i cant be sneaky? lol! okay so i went to skool today and every one is turning bi! they were admitting it! and then one of my friends told me she was bi and started huging me and squeezing me! X_X! it was so scary! i dont have anything against bi ppl i just dont wanna become one! any ways my BEST friend told me on the phone today (im sneaky!) that she might be bi and she wanted to go out with me! im like 'WHAT? sorry but im not bi...' and she kept on begging me! the way she allways does to get me to do something! and i cant resist! but i dont wanna be bi! so can you guys help me out? this is my best friend we are talkin about! i trust her with anything!

question of the day: is being bi the new style?

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Monday, January 31, 2005

   b-day, detention, grouned
man! last weekend was so fun! because i went to my friends b-day party! but i also got detention... i didnt tell my mom until after the party cuz i was afraid i couldnt go if i told her friday. *sigh* so she got even more mad because of that... oh well... i dont care, at least i had fun *THUMBS UP* i wont be on the computer much (im in the skool library right now lol) okay l8rz you guys!
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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Inuyasha´s expression if he could see you! by Mari16
Here is he
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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   another quiz i took!

does this mean im stupid? lol!

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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