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Sunday, October 17, 2004

   kool animations!

Animation from Gpetz.com

Animation from Gpetz.com

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G~petz - Bgs, Blogs, n more

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Friday, October 8, 2004

   INUYASHA FANFICTION! made by me and kyo (darkdragonfire)
episode 1: something unusual...

inuyasha and miroku are walking on a path in the woods.
inu: man those girls are annoying!
miroku: why do you say that? they are nice to look at and feel too!
inuyasha hits miroku on the head.
miroku: ow! what did you do that for? Damn you! you left a bump on my very attractive head!
inu: fine! you wanna start a fight? then bring it!
miroku: okay then lets go!
kagome and sango scream for help
miroku: was that kagome and sango?
inu: ya sounds like it. lets go
they run to the hot springs where kagome and sango are
miroku: oh ya! now thats what i'm talking about!
inu:miroku! stop that! we have to get the imposter!
miroku: okay okay!
???: oh crap!
the imposter runs away into the woods. miroku and inuyasha follow him. kagome and sango put on thier clothes and tag along.
inu: hurry! we almost caught up with him!
rin: stop!
inu&miroku: huh?
rin: please dont hurt lord sesshomaru! hes not feeling good!
kagome: it was sesshomaru?
jaken: uh.... ya.... hes drunk!
sango kagome inu and miroku just about fall to the ground suprised.
sessh: jaken you asshole! i'm not drunk! whats your problem? come on! lets fight inuyasha!
inu: no problem! i'll just kick your ass anyway!
rin: no lord sesshomaru! we must flee!
sessh: no! i can fight!
rin: no you cant! please listen to me!
sessh: fine.... but just this once...
sesshomaru grabs rin and flees while jaken running behind.
inu: well...that was weired! what just really happend?
miroku: what did he do to you girls?
kagome: nothing really... he was just spieing on us it seemed...
inu: hes not like that though...
sango: maybe for the shards?
inu: but he doesnt collect the shards...
miroku: unless if jaken was right?
inu miroku sango and kagome allmost fall again from the the unexpected situation.
inu: i say we go find him and kick his ass!
kagome: nice plan!

episode 2:: THE UNKNOWN DEMON!

Iuyasha starts sniffing the air.
Kagome: whats wrong?
Inu: i scence a demon...Shippo and Kirara too....???
Kagome: Shippo! Him too!
Inu: you girls go find Kirara and Shippo, me and Miroku will go find that demon!
Miroku: fine...
Shippo: Kirara! Kirara! where are you!?
Demon: laughs
Shippo: *scared* Kirara?
the demon attacks Shippo
Sess: Jaken you idiot! you made a sound and the girls hurd us!
i was quit injoying myself!
Jkaen: well, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have gotten your site!Sess: shut up! before i slaughter you!
Jaken: OK OK!!!
Sess: make yourself useful go get Rin.
Jaken: remember? you left her and whent to the springs!?
Sess: DAMN IT! i forgot! i must find her!
Jaken: why? she only gets in the way!
Sessomaru hits Jaken in the head.
Shippo: you got me!
Demon: laughs
Shippo: Now lets go find Kirara!
Demon: OK!
Inuyasha and the others arrive.
Inu: this is the demon!?
Miroku: Looks familiar...
Shippo: she's my new friend!
Kagome: now shippo, you shouldn't just go up to a demon like that!
Inu: HEY!!!!!!!!!
Kagome: i mean stray demons!
the somewhat demon takes off the hood of her clock.
All: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
Inuyasha sniffs Rin and she giggles.
Inu: no wonder you smell like demon! you've been around Sesshomaru!

Episode 3: Why rin?

Kagome: but why are you here? dont you want to be with Sesshomaru?
Rin: yes but he just abandond me!
Sango: thats soo sad! Inu: how do we know if she just isnt trying to spy on us for Sesshomaru?
Rin: im serious! he just left me there and never came back! HE MADE ME STAY HERE FOR LIKE 5 HOURS!
Miroku: here that?
Rin:is that Jaken? singing?
Sess: Jaken SHUT UP!
Jaken: yes my lord!
Sess: so...Inuyasha, about that fight?!
Inu: Kagome, go run for cover!
Sango: Kirara go with her...Kirara? Kirara!
Kirara yelps for help!
Shippo: Sesshomaru has Kirara!
Sango: Shippo, Kagome we have to find Kirara!
Kagome: OK!
Inu: me and Miroku will fight Sesshomaru!
Sess: Rin! come back to me!
Rin: WHY?
Jaken: you better listen!
Rin: you just left me here! FOREVER!!!
Sess: i was....
Rin: i thought you really cared for me! -._-. you just used me for your stupid gay chores!
Sess: uh.....
Miroku: lets go! we can fight later....
Inu: NO!
Miroku: it looks pretty serious. lets just watch! come on!
Inu: FINE!
Inuyasha and Miroku hide behond a bush and watch.
Kagome: e cant-
Inu: SSSHHH!!! watch!
Kagome, Sango, and Shippo watch Sesshomaru and Rin with the others.

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   my angel
My angel, are you there?
Do you hear my call?
My tears are streaming,
and no one cares at all.

The sun is shining,
but dark is my day,
so many things
I wish I could say.

My hope lives no more,
I've closed the door,
my wrists are sore,
-nothing to live for.

My heart is gone,
a big, black hole,
my eyes, they're empty,
-dark as coal.

My soul is gone,
in a place so far,
the pain has left,
an everlasting scar.

I have no wind
beneath my wings,
pain is all
that time ever brings.

Angel, my angel,
to you I pray,
that this will be
my dying day.

I'm holding a rose,
watching as it dies,
so much beauty,
hid behind lies.

I have another beauty,
please don't think it's a lie,
a beauty
that can't be seen with the eye.

But now I'm dead,
I'm dead inside,
My dearest angel,
in you I confide.

Please take me away
from this world so cruel,
because if you're different,
they think you're a fool.

I cannot shed tears,
for they have dried,
countless times
I've sit and cried.

So now that I've shed
my final tear,
continuing this journey
is my biggest fear.

I don't wish
to see a new tomorrow,
because I have been drowned
in all this sorrow.

My angel, are you there?
Do you hear my call?
for inside I have died
and no one cares at all.

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   Broken me
My heart is black
burnt like coal.
My lips yearn to touch
your once beautiful soul.
My eyes engulfed in rage
and burden.
My fearless path now
stomped on and beaten.
My passing cries
and quick glimpse
are returned to me
with unforgiven responses.
I mourn to you
one last time.
My heart will not stop
loving your delicate mind.
Abandoned and forgotten,
lost in a world cold and
full of hate.
Revenge seeks my now
tormented mind.
Listen to the words of love
now spoken in words of
Never will I feel the love,
never will I trust the hand
that will ever rock my
mournful body.
Never will my heart turn
back, from black to
pounding red.
Without you on my side
I'm a lost soul who can't
find my perfect ending.

Forever Forgotten
my life now meaningless
and shattered.
Taunted and humiliated
by everyday standards.

Looking past the rage
that burdens,
Love flourishes and blooms.
Takes hold of the emptiness
and fills it with joy and compassion.
With nobody that seemed to
take hold and understand
he sits there.,
waiting for a perfect time.
Waiting to grab my hand
and listen to my past
that seems so unforgiven.
Always by my side,
Always sat there in the corner,
always hidden by the dark
shadow i created.
But there a glimpse of hope,
when i seen his eyes peer
into mine.
My life like shattered glass,
now perfectly placed above
the mantle,
a perfect silhouette of you
and I standing there looking
into the mirror.

if you even botherd to read this please rate my poem from 0-11...
thank you

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jeez.... does my skool have enough perverts? I'm just walking to my 3rd period and all of a sudden this guy walks past me and grabs my ass! I'm like what the fuck? but the halls were too crouded and i guess i lost him! okay so after 3rd period was done i went to my 4th period and this tall guy just comes up to me and runs right into me! right into my chest! *you know what i mean*! oh! and then another guy in pe grabs the straps off my pants (those goth pants u get from "hot topic") and then... i dunno! i dunno if that was a spank or a rub! but i chased him with a safety pin and stabed him! i got in trouble but i didnt get sent up to the office! *finally last period* i had to go run some erins for my la teacher and this guy named antonn comes up and pops me with a rubber band right in the chest! in the unaprobiate spot! god! why did this happen today? usually i'm ignored and nobody notices me.... but today was odd.....?! SO WHAT THE HELL HAPPEND? ....so comment me or what ever.... p.m. or something and tell me if YOU have these days.....

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Friday, October 1, 2004

   here... lets talk...

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Monday, September 20, 2004

   U kno u watch 2 much inuyasha when....
You dream about the cast all night.
You wish you were married to one of the cast.
You name your pet after a cast member.
You count down the days untill the next new moon.
You jump into every well you see hoping that it will connect you to Inuyasha's age.
You only eat rammen.
You spend weeks looking for a white wig.
Feh is a new word in your vocabulary.
You write Inuyasha lemons,and fanfict while drawing fan art in the mean time.
You wrote to cartoonnetwork telling them that you wanted Inuyasha.
You ask every woman you see "will you bear my child?" (if your a guy)
You sleep in a tree.
You refer to yourself as Kono _____sama.
Your dissapointed because you bought a bike just like Kagomes but yours dosen't have an Inuyasha.
You don't live in Japan/understand Japanese and you have seen all of season 4.
You only wear.. sailor suits(girls)red kimotos(guys).
You scream at anyone who disses Inuyasha.
You would say yes to Miroku if he asked.
You create hate sites for Hojo and Kikyo.
Your cat is very fat and named Buyo.
You dig wells in your backyard and build a shrine around it.
You spend your holidays looking for wells in Japan.
You walk around sticking ofudas on people's foreheads.
You buy prayer beads and call them the latest fashion.
You expect your friends to fall down when you yell "sit."
You call all the buses Kirara.
You take archery classes hoping that you will get better then Kagome.
You yell "Naraku" at every person you see in a monkey suit.
You carry a giant yellow backpack where ever you go.
You make a gaint boomerang out of plywood.
You sware that your x-girlfriend is dead.

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