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Thursday, May 5, 2005


im so sad! because my mom band me from the compy! its no faaaaaair! i miss you guyz so much! i miss everything!
-sobs in a corner-
im actually not supose to be on the computer right now... but -shruggs- heh! im such a bad little shuichi!!! ^^ well it has rained allmost 2 days in a row... no wait... i think it has! ha ha ha! and ive been sooo happy! tuesday i was so depressed and then the next day when it rained... i felt like i could fly into a huge bowl of ramen! ah yes ramen! i havent had that in a while! speaking of! right after this post im going to go make some! whoo hoo yeah ramen!
i finallly get my own compy this weekend! and im getting my own internet service! yay! so now she cant band me from HER compy! and if she bands me from my own... i'll just sneak on! its not that hard... -laughs like a retard- well i better get going guyz!
i love you aaaaaaall! and i miss yoou!
wheeee! off to go make some ramen!

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