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Thursday, April 28, 2005

   bored... and retarted....

today the fire alarm wouldnt stop going off.... it went off like... 5 times... it was hilarious...

here im bored so read:

Eireyuki [6:45 PM]: and ohhh1 that shirt it is still long on you!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:45 PM]: not when i stretch
Eireyuki [6:45 PM]: lol
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: im fat
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: -sobs-
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: no your not
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: -hugs-
Eireyuki [6:46 PM]: if you were fat i couldnt hugs you
ShounenAiOrDie [6:46 PM]: yes you could
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: i can hug katiee
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: that was mean
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: and i love hugging you so i know i can put my arms around you
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: i mean and have both hands being able to touch one another
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: that doesnt make any sense
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: OOOOOH
ShounenAiOrDie [6:47 PM]: now get it
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: lol and what i said was mean to
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: lol yes you do!
Eireyuki [6:47 PM]: and no your not
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: yesh i am
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: -sobs-
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: no your not1`
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: !
ShounenAiOrDie [6:48 PM]: YESH I AAAAM
Eireyuki [6:48 PM]: watch tomorrow ill give you a hug and you look to see if i can make both hands touch each other
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: if i can your not allowed to say your fat again!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: okay
ShounenAiOrDie [6:49 PM]: i'll wear exta fatness
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: if i cant....my arms are just way too short! lol
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: you cant buy fat lol well you can but still
Eireyuki [6:49 PM]: dont cuz your not fat!
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: bol! im ding over here
ShounenAiOrDie [6:50 PM]: imma copy and paste that on myo hold on!
Eireyuki [6:50 PM]: ok.....
Eireyuki [6:50 PM]: lol

well tahst it.... pm me you guyz! and lets have endless convorsations of random retartded bable! yeah baby!

bye guyz! love you aaaaall!

-SKYE rain OF sorrow

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