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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

   Yay! it didnt Suck!!! and is that my report card?

Hey every one! whats down? theres nothing to post about... thats why i havent been posting lately... i did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today.... except... that i went to the movies to go see Star Wars Episode 3. It was like FOUR FREAKIN' HOURS LONG!!!! but it was worth it! ^^ it was really good! and im not all into the star wars crap! i only wanted to see it because every one wouldnt stop saying that it was really good! so i went with my bro and watched it with him! whoo hoo!

(i never knew anakin was darth vader O.O i guess you learn something everyday...)
now all i wanna see is lords of dogtown and charlie and the chocolate factory(johnny depp so rules!*cough*edward scissorhands*cough*) and there some other movies but i forgot what they are called! *slaps self across face* bad shu! im so forgetfull! T.T
oh yeah! i allmost forgot! i got my report card in the mail today! yay!
math: c
Lang. arts: B
Science: B
Geography: A
P.E: B
Agraculture/home ec.: A
whoo hoo! and i thought i got Ds and Fs! *sigh of relief* THANK YOU GOD! >.< and on my F-Cat score i got in math a 1785 and in lamguage arts i got a 1729...
yeah yeah yeah dont make fun 'o me... im stupid! T.T Yuki got like 2947304637 points... not really but it was really high!
okay i do believe thats it! well Bu-byez every one! >.<
maybe next time i'll show you guys my ghetto ps2 controller! (yuki its gotton worse O.O)
~Shuichi Shindou~
The Great and.... Stupid -.-


(please PM me is you want a certain cosplay to be shown! ^^)

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

   Special requests

Today i give 5 special requests to 5 very special peolple to me






i want you guys to visit thier webby page! im sure that they would apriciate it! ja ne!

Cosplay of the day:


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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   Lighten Up Yuki

hey every one! what down? Yuki isn't feeling well.. um... i think yuki is... mad... at me... i hope not.. i really do... *sigh* im so sorry! i was only playing about that whole online thing y'know! *sweat drop* well heres something for you ykui! please get better! sweat dreams baby!

im watching whos line is it anyways! ha! its a rerun but its still funny... im trying to stay up to watch inuyasha.
well thats all i have to say!

Cosplay of the day:

RIKU!!!! and this one is for behindtheshadows

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   Thank you

Hey Every one! Whats down? Well im finally over my depressed moment thingy.. and i give all thanks to
yuki, Momo and yaoishojo
this is for you yaoi and momo
and this one is expecially for my love:

whoo hoo! i feel great today! i guess im finally ganna listen to you guys and ignore the people who put me down! what would i do with out you?!

well i almost off grounded... i think... and i hope... AND MY MOM SAID THAT SHE IS GANNA RUN THAT PHONE LINE THROUGH TO MY ROOM! HERE THAT YUKI?! I CAN FINALLY TALK TO YOU ALL THE TIME! *sings the cant touch this song* ha! well thats about it! except for the fact all ive been doing is rewatching my anime dvds and playing tenshu on the xbox!
later every one! hope you all have a nice day!
~Shuichi Shindou~
Cosplay of the day:

(if you would like to see some one in a cosplay just pm me and i'll try to get the best ones!)

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm Sorry

The sea is like me
It rolls in and out
With virtually no purpose
Except for the pleasure
Of the moon
It is really not a sea
It is an endless picture of a lost soul
Masquerading as a sea
Its blue color
And salt taste
Tells you nothing more
Than a story of despair
Nothing ever happens here
Some say the sea is peaceful
I say it forces everyone who looks
Upon it to cry

Driven To Die
This day was the worst
And maybe the last
Lock all the doors first
And I'll lay on the floor
I'm sick of being called names
Cry till I cant take it no more
Take this razor blade
Hold it tight
Let all this pain fade
As I drift from this life
I'm sick of this world
No one will shut up
The voices in my head won't stop
Telling me to just give up
If this is it
Then I am gone
They will find me
Or maybe not
Do they care
Just turn my fan on
And leave me in a pool of blood
Driven to die

FrightFul Forest Lead Me Home
Trapped from reality
Sleepless nights
Candy-coated nightmares
Tragedy strikes
My mind is wiped
Fallen stars wince
Leaves dance in circles around my mind
Frightful forest lead me home
I reach to the sky
To hear you cry
Heaven is so far away from here
Frightful forest lead me home
Take my hand
Lead me on
Scare me in ways I never thought you could
Leaves so harmless sent to kill
Darkness so sinful, overtake my soul
Grasp my heart
Tear it apart
Stars arrange in pentagrams
Make this the worst nightmare
Make things come alive
Frighten me
See my soul
Notice me so alone, so cold
Frightful forest lead me home
Frightful forests leave me alone
Lead me home

Special Thanks to: Lethica

I didnt relize i was so blind. i didnt know. i hurt you. so much. i never knew. i never relized. how much pain you were in. why didnt i see this before? why couldnt i know before hand. i am a failer. a loser. i dont belong any more. i have failed to love. fail to care. i have failed to listen. to what you have to say. but now i understand. the only problem is. its too late. its too late to change things. careless clumbsy stupid. what will i do now? i dont know. go where ever the wind takes me. im a failer. a loser. what have i become?

Special Thanks To: RamenNmyI

Cosplay of the day:


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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   'No more school its summer now so lets party' pool party

(have you guys seen samurai champloo yet on adult swim? makers of cowboy bebop but i still say wolfs rain is the best and it allways will be .. from the makers of cowboy bebop that is...)

HEY EVERY ONE! WHATS DOWN? i had a fun saterday! it was awesome! Only it was a disaster... but it was awesome! Any way... yeah I went to ryuichis 'no more school its summer now so lets party' pool party... I wore something un-imaginable! I had on a short black miniskirt with a short shirt with some striped long socks (the socks are normal for me ^^) and my hair was up in pigtails! O.O we had to dress un-school like so.... *sweatdrop* anyway.... we had a ddr compatition which didnt last very long.. so we went to go swiming! her dog is awesome! it jumps in the pool and swims every where! okay im good but like I was saying... I had on a neon orange bikini with a shirt over it of course (which is an outrage cuz I usualy wear a pair of swimming trunks and a shirt over the top of the bathing suit) every one wouldnt stop double-teaming me by going to the cooler and getting a hand full of ice cubes and stuffing them down top and bottoms! T.T so I jumped in the pool and every one followed after me (this continued for a while leading to just about every one) then we pantsed yuki like 3 times I got pantsed like 4 and hiro got pants once! but it was funny cuz he wore his boxers in the pool! ha ha ha! after all that madness it was dark.. probably about 8 pm... so we made a pon fire and threw all of our school work that we had through out the year! (i had the most.. incuding all of my note books school books and folders but we werent alloud to do all of them *sniff sniff*) then... I got my BETTER TASTING DORITOS and yuki stole them from me... and put a chip in between my boobs and ate it... so did hiro... and that continued for a while... as I tried to run away... T.T heh well there was alot more than just that but I better not name it.. for it is wrong and inapropriate ....
oh wait! I must add one more thing! during the day when we were all in the pool... every one pinnied me down and took off my shirt making me expose my bathing suit... I felt naked... and every one else took off thier shirt... and it started a whole convorsation about man-boobys... and then every one looked at me... and wouldnt stop gripping my chest.. and it hurt.. alot... same goes for yuki... ow... okay im good *sweatdrop*
well I hope all of you guys have a very good summer and such!
OH YEAH! GUESS WHAT?! I FINNALY GOT MY COMPUUUTEEEEER! WITH MY OWN INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!!! (ive been waiting for about a year or so)
BYE EVERY ONE! *hugs and kisses*

cosplay of the day


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Friday, May 20, 2005


HI EVERY OOOOOOONE! GUESS WHAT? TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! (i didnt go yesterday or today *sweatdrop* so aparently yesterday was my last day) but anyway... IT IS OFFICIALLY SUMMER BABY! WOOT WOOT! *does a little dance* im going to a 'school is out' party tomorrow! ^^ i cant wait! wheeeeee! so much for being grounded huh? HA HA HA!
well thats all i really gatta say! ha ha! i hope all of you guys have a really good summer! (unless your still in school) byyyye!



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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   PS3, Xbox, Revolution and another gameboy?

Hey guys! Long time no see eh? yeah yeah yeah! I know im grounded but I had to post and see what all you guys are up to! ^^ well anyway...
HAVE YOU PEOPLE HEARD ABOUT THE NEW GAME SYSTEMS COMING OOOOOOOUT?! I got so excited when i saw all the new game systems man! it was awesome! I swear I'm ganna spend the night at EB games and on the next day be the first one to get the PS3! then i'll save up money to get the Xbox360 (yes 360.... its not called Xbox2 >.>) and im not sure about the revolution! if you havent heard of it, its the new nintindo game system. i heard you can play 64 games, gamecube games and its own games... but when they went to go show it nintindo didnt have any games to show... so we dunno if it'll be good or not... (nintindo is getting way behind) OH OH! THIS IS REDICULOUSLY FUNNY! NINTINDO HAS A NEW GAMEBOY! YES! ANOTHER GAMEBOY... *sigh* but all you nintindo/gameboy freaks wont be too excited... the new game boy is no bigger than the size of your palm... and the screen is no bigger than the caller ID screen on your phone or the screen on your cell phone! I thought that was a waist of money! *laughs at nintindo company* Im a big playstation fan and i'll allways be by thier side no matter what! on g4 Tech Tv, they were saying that playstation was really getting ahead and maybe be better than the new xbox! O.O i was really excited! and they are right! the graphics are AWESOME! i was staring at the tv in amazement! I think i cried too T.T

Heres Something that really got me pissed while i was watching the new systems on E3 05 live (on g4 tech tv) *sigh* okay here it goes.... you ddr fans out there arent ganna be happy.... but here it comes any waaaaaaaay......

*vein* c'mon! who would buy that crap?! we saw a preview of it and mario and luigi are dancig in the background (the raters say that mario is a ho *chuckles*) i know some people will like it... but I still think thats a really BAD idea... >.> (i was yelling at the tv...)
well I think thats it for that.... but I still have more *sweatdrop* sorry you guyz
sinse I am grounded... I cant talk on the phone or go over any ones place.... but i think my mom forgot or she really doesnt care... cuz the phone rang and she handed it to me O.o but im still afraid to ask her if I can go to Ryu's out of school party.... OH speaking of, today is thursday! and tomorrow is friday which is the last day of school! ^^ im not going to school today or tomorrow! cuz i gatta watch my little bro cuz hes sick and has a stomach virus! i think im getting it too.... oooooh and we have exams today and tomorrow.... i wonder if they will fail me.... *gasps* or if they can mail them to me.... hmmm.... man i really do hope i dont fail! I worked hard to get the best grades i can get! *sniff sniff* well I believe thats all I gatta say for today (hey I rhymed) i'll try to get on as much as possible! (i havent gotton my compy yet so... >.>) well tell me how you guyz are and i'll catch ya laaaaaaaateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer! bye every oooooone! ^^
~ Shuichi Shindou~
p.s. do you guyz know any good games that are out? I need a list so i can get some new games (i need 'em bad *sobs*)

Cosplay of the day....


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Saturday, May 14, 2005

   NoOoOoOoO! It CaNt Be! GrOuNdEd?! ThAt LoNg?!

Hey every one! whats up? er... down? man... i have some terrible news.... IM GROUNDED FOR A WHOLE FUCKING MONTH! DO YOU HERE ME? A MONTH! *sobs in a lone corner by myself never to be seen or noticed again* but i swear man! i hate this eddie guy! (my moms husband and they just got married... and that really pissed me off) i wanna slit his through and watch him suffer! ide laugh so hard as my mother cried! then ide quickly stop laughing and turn to face her. give her and evil stare and start heading towards my room. oh yeah! how good i would feel! but of course i cant do that >.>

i know its destirbing but i just wanted to give you my veiw.... or what ever *sweatdrop*
but if you are now mentaly desturbed then here! Heres a cute picture i found randomly searching google! ^^

he looks like hes desturbed from the picture huh? im not helping any am i? well lets forget about it... cuz i gatta get ready to go to daytona! well i'll see you all... um.... when ever i have a chance to sneak online! bye every ooone!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   devel may cry

hello every one! whats down? i didnt go to skool today.. yay! instead i went to the dentist.. and i didnt have any cavities... oh yeah! who rawks?! well maybe cuz i brush my teeth 10 minutes 20 times a day.... im serois man! you can ask yuki! and then we did a whole bunch of unessicary stuff.... then we went to the mall and my mom got me a video game... devel may cry baby! it kicks ass! if you want this game get it! you wont be dissapointed like the second one!

well tahts it for today! buy every one!

ps. i drew a pic but i'll post taht tomorrow... -wink-

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