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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   good grades and the time of my life!

Hey every one! long time no see! ha ha ha! well since i finally found something to post about... i guess im ganna post XD i mean.. i know its nothing big but hey!

well today i had a science test...
and i missed 11 out of 66

and then in math... i had a test...
and i think i actually did pretty good for once... heh... i really suck at math... you can even ask Yuki!! ha ha ha

this weekend! i get to go to the beach with yuki! i so cannot wait any longer! then... im ganna steal that kiss once and for all! (i hope yuki isnt reading this)
well thats it for today people! byyyez!
-shuichi shindou
p.s Sol says.... uh oh.... sol says nothing O.O

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