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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   the gatornationals
hey everyone! guess what? I WENT TO THE GATORNATIONAAAAAAAAAAAAALS! WOOT WOOT! ^^! ya baby! they we qaulifying the racers but i didnt get to see the first and second part because that was on friday... i only saw the third and forth... which is saterday... heh heh and tomorrow is the real race! i dont get to go but ryu does! lucky her! ::sobs:: heh heh lol it was real fun and i think you guyz need to go! weeeeeeeee! i hugged the portapoties! I LOVE PORTAPOTIES! YAY!
okay guyz l8rz!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Image hosted by PicsPlace.toImage hosted by PicsPlace.to
OH YA TODAY WAS A HALF A DAY! WOOT WOOT! ::jumps off the walls:: i gave every one a hug today and told random people and my friends that i loved them lol! the random people just stared and my friends huged me back and said i love you too! lol man today was one of the best skool days EVA! and i have a torture penguin now! yay! ::hugs every one whos reading this:: I LOVE YOU AAAAALL! ^^

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

   Katamary Damacy and some heeleys
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hey every one! sorry i havent posted in a while... i had nothing to say... heh heh well now i can actually say something... and i want the whole world to know that...
heh heh okay im good... but you HAVE to gat that katamary damacy game! its one of the BEST games ever! yeah its a little strange but its fun as hell! and heeleys of course are HARD to heeley with but once you get the hang of it ITS FUN AS HELL! OH YA! WHO RAWKS!
okay im done... heh heh well i'll catch you guyz later! okay bye!

question of the day: do you guyz know any good video games that just came out... or just any good video games in general? for xbox gamecube and ps2 pleeze!

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

   only the rain made me happy
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it rained today (yay) heh heh im really highper for some reason today... actually im always highper when it rains... i feel free...
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
and i've been cursing ALOT lately
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
heh heh....
man..... my comp is screwing up and won't stop! im getting so mad this is what im doing!
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
lol! but any wayz... how have you guyzez been? ^^

question of the day: who loves ramen? XD Image hosted by PicsPlace.to

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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

   the second part....
okay so i took the second part... it was hell... all the way through! it was math and i SUCK at math! ::sobs:: well just cross your fingers that i passed! ::sobs more::
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
me... and the skool...

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
GAAAAAAAAAAAH! YOU IDIOT! okay i just had to say that.... man.... today is the freakin f-cat whatever its called! ::sigh:: man... i bet you i failed it... well we have 2 more days of it... i think... today was the reading session... which i am not very good at... (graphic novels are a different story ^^)heh heh... well... thats all really... i guess... well... wish me luck guyz!
love and peace vash style baby!
-shuichi shindou

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

   yay! go gay!
okay okay! i know that was a little awekward.... but anywayz... YOU HAVE TO SEE CURSED! it is soooooooo hilarios! be and robin died laughing! ppfffft... it was supose to be horror... more like comedy! and you'll understand my 'yay! go gay!' thing when you watch the movie... heh heh... ya its a little corney at times but its funny! its about a werewolf... who attack these people and bite them... which turns them into were wolves also... which makes them have this curse and stuff... ya... you just gatta whach it...
(after we played ddr at easy street!)
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
^^ well thats it for today...
okay l8r guyz!
-shuichi shindou

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
hey.... whats down? man... can some one pleeze help me? okay listen up! i want every one to go to darkflowerofdeathes site and like..... how should i say this.... cheer her up! ^^ i would really apriciate it.... thanx....
shes having difficulties.... cuz shes having major mood swings .... i dunno... her peoples have been yellin at her for no reason and it really worries me.... i have no clue but plz help me cheer her up! ^^ okay l8rz!
-shuichi shindou

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hey every one! whats up? hiro is going to court tomorrow and i am sooo happy! I HATE HIIIIM! Image hosted by PicsPlace.to i know its mean because ryo is so obsessed with him! they were going out and hiro got caught by the poepoes... heh heh... he was shoplifting... any wayz... i dont think he'll be coming back to skool cuz he might go to jail or what ever... i am soooo happy! i dont wanna see his face anymore anywayz.... (he bit meeee and drew blood....T_T)

any wayz....

my masterz> Image hosted by PicsPlace.to pepsy
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to cyrl
my adopted newb> Image hosted by PicsPlace.to pupsy
me> Image hosted by PicsPlace.to skye

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Monday, February 21, 2005

   Boogy Man
have any of you guys seen the boogy man yet? i went with yuki (darkflowerofdeath)and its not all that great as you think it might be...-_- man... im so disapointed.... i really wanted to see it too... cuz i thought they FINALY came out with a good horror movie.. (damn you!)..... ::kicks post:: so if you really wanna see it.. dont get too excited... you might wanna wait till it comes out on video... don waste your money on the movies (unless if your rich [the movies are expensive here O_o]) but thats my opinion..... i laughed at the 'scary' parts.... some people were staring at us! heh heh... but if you REALLY wanna see something scary... check out this!
Image hosted by PicsPlace.to
^^ i call him... henry! woot woot! hey i just might make this my avi!
okay l8rz every one!

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