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Wings of Dream (02/25/07)

I read lifes burden's gb signing! Long! O.O *brain freeze* Well, he said you're a nice person so I decide to drop by and visit you ^^

Wow, you like soccer?! Awesome! I do too. Your goals and hobbies sound really interesting *evil glare*
But how on earth you're married when you're 13???? O.o Just wondering...

Anyhow, I hope we can be friend. See you around!

N.O.A.F (02/25/07)

*falls out of chair from looking at Lifes burden's comment* he's one of my crazy friends, and vis versa. he said you were a pretty cool guy, so i deside to check your site out. very cool! so, i thik i'll add you as a friend. chow! ^^

Chibichaser (02/25/07)

HI! I someone told me that I should check out ur site. I REALLY like it. I wish that I knew how to do all of those different types of coding and things. I don't think I'm that bad, but I'm nowhere NEAR good.
I like how U put all of your stuff (backroom, add me...) In the intro box, and changed the titles around. Befrend me was my favorite.

Well, I hope this was long enough for you. Check out my site if U can! I'll add U, hopefully U will do the same.
Feel free 2 PM me.

~~C U Around Otaku~~

Gadriann (02/25/07)

I wanna say thank you for your comment and the voting and fav. And while I'm here, I got something to tell you. AFter I've discovered that Shishou, lifes burden and you left a VERY VERY long gb sign, I measured them(yeah, I was bored)

Weelll, I think that lifes burden's the longest cos the gb sign was like 5 pages. And yours are 4 pages and shishou's 4 1/2 pages. But like who cares what I say right? I did this out of curiousity since you were all writing long LONG VERY VERY LONG gb signs. It intrigued me... But hey, at least you guys are talking about something, right? (=^_^=)

Anyways, since I'm out of things to talk about, let's just say I signed this and asking if I can be your friend. Don't worry, I shall visit your site if I could.

KoInu kyan (02/24/07)



Like the site! Please keep up with the stuff!

Hoaryu (02/23/07)

Thanks for dropping by my site and everything. I'm returning the favor, and I'm liking your setup by the way. I've been thinking about doing SOMETHING code-y with my site, but I don't have the time. Sorry for today's shortish comment, I'm busy trying to fix the class up at the same time.

SENCHIN HI (02/22/07)

nice site, and yes i draw and write but i plan to put som drawings on the if fact i drew my bg

Angel Zakuro (02/22/07)

WOw, you're awesome. ^^ Seriously, like you wrote such an in-depth comment on my site already (though I'm actually worried that it got cut off!!! ^^; No kidding, you should go look again!), and that guestbook entry was quite something as well. *nods* Thanks so much!! I don't think I can compare with such length...^^; But, um, thanks so much for complimenting my site and everything! Wow, you really favorited some of my art?? ^^ I'm very flattered by that! Thanks again. Hah...it also took me a while to find your guestbook...*laugh* Dude, though...you're not really married, right? You say you were born in '93! Anyhoo, thanks again, and I'll, certainly add you as a friend! ^^

ShadowsCastByDusk (02/17/07)

dude, i think you just earned my eternal friendship just with that guestbook signature. XD
i hardly ever get any long ones, thank you so much for taking the time to really comment and look at my stuff, i really appreciate it.
lol well, if you want to know the love of my life, go to Fury's site, that's him.^_^
i really like your site too, looks like you're pretty good with html! unfortunately my computer won't load all of it *sticks tongue out at computer*
are you really married at age 13/14? what a feat! lol.
well, i dunno, what i've seen of your art is pretty damned good, i mean i haven't seen any people you've drawn but it can't be that bad. i like your final fantasy logo a lot.
so you live in new york? pretty cool. i've only been there once. i'm a country girl myself XD
but whenever i get to cities i ooh and ahh like there's no tomorrow. cities fascinate me, i just wouldn't want to live in one full-time.
definitely adding you as a friend! ttyl!

CosmicSailor (02/16/07)

Thanks for signing my guestbook.

The statue is the Mothman of west virginia, and isn't really close to me, but it's in the state I currently live, in a little town called Point Pleasant, West Virginia. If you saw that horrible movie "The Mothman Prophecies" you'd know the story. I recommend reading the book by John Keel which the movie took it's name from. Some freaky stuff happened down there in the sixties. It was made by an artist in New Haven WV, I don't have the info handy but I can get it for you if you want it. I've been on site here over three years now, almost as long as MyOtaku has existed, there are others who've been here longer. I like the community, that's why I've stayed.

Escaflowne is really good, go for the series first, not the movie. I've not really done any strictly manga styled artwork yet, but I am working on a piece right now that I'll try to get up soon. I'm terrible with mechanical things when I try to draw them, wish I could do better mecha stuff. Anime is an extention of the culture, so naturally I fall into the culture a bit when I like anime and such.

You've got a nice looking site yourself here. And of course I return the favor of being added.

Anime Dreams!

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