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Welcome to my guestbook. Please be polite and constructive when you sign this. Be warned that it is strictly against myOtaku.com's policy to sign guestbooks for the sole purpose of promoting your own site.

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XxDirEnGreyxX666 (01/27/09)


I'm Kyoko!
Nice to meet you!
I'm a random person coming by to sign your guestbook! ^w^
nice site!

Hope we can be friends!

I'll add you if you add me!
(I only add once I see if you add me so It doesn't become one sided!)


sparkle 078 (12/21/08)

Hey there!!! Sorry I took forever to get back to your sign. -__- I've been kinda busy and lazy. Sorry about that but I'll try to be better about that soon. ^__^ K?

I like your layout too. Right now my site is back to normal way but idk, I like html. ^^; Sound like a little nerd there. Oh well, I love computers way too much.

Thank you for adding me!! I'll add you too. I'm try my best to comment. *nods*


sbsp13668 (12/07/08)

Hiyas! Thanks so much for signing my guestbook, and I'd be glad to add you to my friends list! ^.^ I'm just warning you now though, I don't really get on much during the school year, but I'm pretty active in the summer. ^.~

Thanks for the art compliments! ^.^ I took a look at your art and it looks like you're really good at shading and lettering/caligraphy (like your Final Fantasy writing and Initial D writing look awesome)! I still need to learn how to shade things properly, and my writing is pretty terrible! XD

Hehe! Yesh, I love putting a lot of anime pictures on my site. XD I like the Naruto pictures you have up on yours! Normally, I don't like Naruto art because it's not very detailed, but the pictures you have displayed here look great! ^.^ Also, I like the music video you have on your site; the beginning acoustic part reminded me of a song by Jimmy Eat World called "Hear You Me." Awesomeness! ^.^

I live in Toronto, and I visited NYC once, the weather was just about the same. I have a cottage in Wasaga Beach (farther North in Ontario), and it's freezing there. Actually, I usually use my cottage computer to come on MyOtaku and TheOtaku (as I'm doing right now). Hmmm... I'd like to go back to NYC, I met a lot of nice people there ^.^

Well, TTYL See Yas! *^.^*

Bleach4Life (11/04/08)

Sweet site thanks for the comment ^_^

xaos (10/18/08)

Hi there! Wow, I'm shocked people still visit myO sites. Pleasantly shocked though. Thanks very much for everything you said. Yeah, DBZ is what got me into anime in the first place it was like my "gateway drug" *laughs* Thanks for what you said on the art too.

I'll add ya too see ya around! ^_^

chibilala (10/17/08)

WOW!! MY GOODNESS!!! ITS BEEN SOOO LONG SINCE IVE HAD A GB SIGNING!!!! XD i humbly thank thee.. *gets on one knee* YOU ARE JUST TOO AWESOME!! *glomps* XDD ya, i dont know if you came and signed my gb when my site was in a bit of a havic... >< but its all fixed now. ^^ IM SO HAPPY THAT WE LIKE A LOT OF THE SAME ANIME!!! O_O this is just way too awesome! ^^ my site is in a bit of a jpop state so.. BARE WITH IT!! XD well, thanks for adding me!! and ILL ADD YOU TOO FER SURE. ^^ thnx again and i hope to talk anime with you!! ^^

*rides off on Mello's back*

wisdom1712 (08/03/08)

Hi!i like ur site im soujiagrl!but i'm using my friends site^^well hope u dont mind me adding u as a friend pm me anytime bye!

SolemnSerpent (07/26/08)


Thanks for signing my guestbook earlier and for your comments. :)

You site is very nice too; I like the theme; the wallpaper is beautifully intricate, and way everying is layed out on the site is great. :)

I like the music too. ^_^ I love Sum 41, one of my favorite bands besides Linkin Park.

Yes, I admit, it's very nice to know that there are still people on MyOtaku, updating and keeping the site alive.

Well, once again, thanks for stopping by and take care!

† SolenmSerpent †

StrawberryKisses (04/27/08)

ive previously signed your guestbook by the name of Shattered Peices.
due to the fact that site is no longer working,
i am going to stalk you,
and resign.
i expect a sign back. please. =]

Silentwarrior55 (02/24/08)

Hey very nice site I hope we can become friends :) See you later.

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