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Hola! Welcome to the little site I call home. I'm Rishi, your anime/manga/cow addicted host

So what exactly do I do? Well, I have one cow, named Steve, who comes to school with me every day. I am also a Narutard!

My friend Squee-Neji and I enjoy roleplays! Does that count as a hobby?

I believe in Christ and I am NOT afraid to say it.If you are and are not afraid to say it copy and paste this inta your profile.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


...Rishi promised herself she wouldn't let her myOtaku site die...

...but Rishi can't keep up with it...

Rishi's sorry, everyone...but no one seems to be around anymore, so...

Rishi won't be updating MyOtaku anymore, but Rishi promises to check it every so often. Rishi will be constantly updating TheOtaku, so please, if you can, visit Rishi's stuff there! Rishi's posted lots of fun things that Rishi could never dream of!

If you don't want to go on theOtaku, Rishi understands. If so, Rishi wishes you all the best of luck in your lives. Rishi is happy for all the dear friends she's made.

Lots of people have already left TheOtaku and MyOtaku. Many of Rishi's good friends have dissapered without a trace. Rishi misses them very much.

Bye bye, and see you again!

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hola! Rishi is back! Sorry Rishi hasn't updated in....forever....Rishi's internet broke. Because Rishi's computer is a huge meanie-face. :(

So what's been happening with everyone else?

Rishi has gotten NO comments....way to make Rishi feel special, people. Just when Rishi promised to keep Rishi's MyOtaku site alive. Eh. Oh well!

Rishi had lots of fun today at school! Lunch especially. Rishi got to get random people to sign her yearbook (including some guy in a wheelchair!), touched peoples hair, poked people, touched more peoples hair and ate a cookie. Yum.

To sum it up, Rishi was hyper all day. Nuff said. Eh-heh. :3 And Smiles walked home with Rishi today. *forcebly, but not the point* We were arguing lots. It was fun. Rishi just wishes that Nee-san was there, too. Nee-san has been walking home with Rishi almost every day! It's fun. Lots.




Rishi's going on vacation. *AGAIN* So Rishi could not update even if Rishi wanted to. :(

So...bai bai!


1) Nyah?

2) Llama

3) Oo! Cookie llama

4) Rishi has a WORLD!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Doing the Best Rishi can!
Well, ello everyone! Rishi's still here! Rishi refuses to let Rishi's MyOTaku site die! Oh, by the way, if the grammer in this post is bad, son't blame RIshi. Rishi's keeping an eye out for Rishi's imouto-chan! RIshi just loves her imouto-chan! She's so cute!!!!! Squeal!

So....how's everyone been doing latley? Rishi's doing alright. As the tiltle says, Rishi's doing her best! Ehheh.

As of late, Rishi's writing has really improved! Believe it! XD Rishi really loves to write. But Rishi loves comics ang manga more! Rishi hopes to one day be a manga artist. But you guys already know that. XD

Speaking of Rishi's manga, Rishi's guaidance calander, Nickelodian-sensei, saw Rishi's comics. He said he might get Rishi to a scanner! Rishi's so happy! Rishi can't wait! ^^

.....Rishi's manga is getting popular latley......Rishi's gym sensei, Ushi-sensei, is going to *force* Rishi to show Rishi's comics to the assistant principal. Rishi didn't even KNOW we had an assitant principal!! Rishi doesn't wanna go to schoooool tomorow.......eeeeh........nya. TT_TT

Rishi's going to hide now! Bye bye!

Oh! Before Rishi forgets, the day Rishi met Squeechan was one year and one day ago! Yesterday was our 'anniversary' of sorts. XD We were arguing on who would hang up first......calling each other 'dear' was pretty fun, too. XD It's like Shigure and Aaya from Furuba.....We act like newlyweds, it's so funny! XDXDXD

1) Nya....?

2) Should Rishi go to school tomorow....?


4) Banana llama.

5) Rishi's going to hide now.

6) *hides*

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Thursday, May 8, 2008



....maybe it's just cuz Rishi doesn't get much feedback anymore......sigh...............

...ne way! Rishi's been very Rishi-ish latley! Rishi's been drawing comics on Rishi's life with Kyon (Pwn3rzero), Jenn-chan (AKA Hikari) and Waya/Smiles-san (AKA Smiles!) It's very fun, and Rishi's skills have improved a lot! Rishi's so hap~py nya!

How's everyone been latley? Please, if you remember Rishi and are not furious with her for neglecting her site (I'M SORRY!!!!!), please PM Rishi! Rishi missus you all very much! So very, very much.......sigh.......

Well, that's all Rishi has to say for today!

.....OK, that was a lie. Sorry! Hee hee.....

Today was a late bus day, so my papa (Tou-san, Rishi hasn't introduced her yet), Onee-chan, Yaoi-kun and I were all in the school, talking, and then I commanded Yaoi-kun to lean foward and bend down....Now that Rishi thinks about it, Rishi could have pantsed him at that moment....But Rishi didn't! Instead, Rishi gave Onee-chan her cameracorder (Love the thing!) and hopped on Yaoi-kun! Rishi then ordered him to run, run like the wind!!!!! And Rishi got it all on tape!!! Heehee.....Rishi's really hyper!

Again, Rishi apoligizes for not being around! Hope you enjoyed Rishi's real-life experiances!

Ja ne~

QUOTE: "Go, Yaoi-kun, go!!!!"

1) Nyah?

2) Is anyone reading this?

3) If so, will you PM Rishi? Rishi's lonley.

4) HUZZAH!!!!!

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Sunday, April 13, 2008


....Rishi hasn't updated in forever. FORGIVE RISHI! RISHI IS A BAD GIRL! RISHI'S SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So what's everyone up to nowadays? Rishi has a crush. (Not saying who~) but Rishi knows he'll reject Rishi. So Rishi's just gonna binge! HAH! CANDY!!!!

RISHI'S NOT AN EMOPANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....Don't ask. Rishi doesn't know........urk........Rishi's gonna hide now.

Well, it feels like summer. URGH! Eighty somthing degrees. I swear, I hate the heat. -_- So Rishi's just gonna hide in her basment of a room.....in the cold....because we don't have an air conditioner installed in the house yet. But Rishi's room is cold. (Because Rishi's room is ALWAYS cold!)

Latley, Rishi's been wearing blue for no reason. Rishi's wearing a blue teeshirt, jeans and blue socks! HURRAH!!!

....rishi's going to find Squeechan. Bye bye!


1) Nyah?

2) you thought Rishi forgot the 'nya' thing?

3) Rishi's not an EmoPants!

4) THE CURRY!!!!! *point*

5) Write whatever you're thinking down here.

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