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Monday, September 8, 2008

for those of you who haven't read this already:

i know i haven't written about the two weeks that gabe was here yet, and i've been meaning to for a while. i couldn't do it immediately after, it just hurt too much to talk about that soon after he left. so here goes.
it was without a doubt the best two weeks of my life and exceeded my expectations in every way. we were both worried about disappointing the other in some way, since we'd never met in person before. we laugh just remembering that worry now. XD
when we first met at the airport we hugged for 20 minutes before doing or saying anything else. i know it was 20 minutes because i wasn't keeping count at all, but mom says when she was in starbucks waiting for us she looked up 20 minutes later and we were still hugging.
anyway after that it was almost like we'd been together like that forever. we got comfortable with each other really fast and it didn't take us long to start acting like retards in stores together and all that good stuff. we had especial fun when we got lost on the way to chincoteague island on some neverending back road i didn't even know existed. it was epic.
we went to the beach a few times, the movies, the mall... i think i enjoyed it most though when it was just the two of us watching movies together at home. although i loved all of it. including when we made up a whole method of communication using the word "chips."
i really miss having him around now that he's back in quebec, but i've got a train ticket that says i'm going up there in november, bitches. >:D
so yeah.
i just wrote this to let those of my friends on here who haven't heard about it yet know how it went, since they've been hearing how excited i've been about it for a long time. also to laugh in the faces of anybody who says or thinks that internet relationships can't work. so there. :D

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Friday, July 25, 2008

woot. i just did my yearly round of THE WORLD'S BIGGEST MIXED BAG EVER.
i am referring of course to summer camp. every year my friend sarah and i are counselors at a kids' art (with one little science class for some reason) day camp. it is INCREDIBLY tiring and draining alternately screaming at, hugging, helping, prodding, scolding, encouraging, and getting to know thirty little kids all at once, but it is so rewarding. the pay is total crap, but i don't care. i love those kids. for some of them this was the third year they were in my group. in addition, sarah and i have come to be "mommy and daddy" to them... yeah, i gotta be daddy because her boobs are bigger. tchah.
so the camp is two weeks long, but i only did the first week this year, because gabe is coming next week. HE'S GOING TO BE HERE IN THREE DAYS! *gets a paper bag to breathe into*
i'm so freaking anxious but i can't waitttt.
i'm going to take him to meet the kids one day next week.
anyway, all week i've been getting horribly tired and irritated by the end of the day cause.. that's just how it goes. you're with the kids every second from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm so it gets pretty intense =D
and yesterday sarah and i had a huuuuge falling-out with the temporary director (who by the way is a bitch, but whom i'm not really mad at anymore)which left me feeling headachey all day after crying in her office and telling her she sucked and didn't care about the kids. =D
i really don't want to talk about what the whole issue was since i've had to explain it at length like five times since it happened.
so anyway, today (of course on my LAST day!) i had a wonderful day, never really got tired, and i became increasingly more fun to be with and entertaining and hyperactive as the day progressed. not sure what kind of drugs were in my tea today, but it's all good. i do feel sad i'm not doing the second week, i miss the kids already (we're obsessed with each other =D) but if given the choice i'd much rather spend time with gabe XD
ohh and next year at camp i think i'm going to be a teacher instead of a counselor. it pays more, you don't have to stay the whole day, and you get to see all the kids, not just a group. which is good since all the kids that are my "children" aren't all in the same group anymore. only downside is, you dont' get to spend as much time with the kids and you don't have as much of a special relationship with them. but since i already have that with a ton of them, i'll settle for just being able to see them everyday for two weeks.
aaah, that's all i got for now.
except that i just got both seasons of the honey and clover anime. it ROCKS.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

well in Me news... for anybody still subscribing to the newsletter..
i passed the test and my driver's license became valid yesterday so i can finally finally drive by myself now. and no more nerve-wracking drivers' ed with the paranoid teacher. yessss..
also i just had the worst dream i've ever had in my life last night, which i'd rather not go into detail about, because when you have a cold, crying = forfeiting the use of your nasal passages for breathing.
ssooo i've got one more exam left on tuesday (modern european history) and then i'm done for the summer :D
should be awesommmmeee

i'm hungry now, so i am going to go stalk a banana nut muffin...
and EAT IT.

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