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Sunday, March 8, 2009

I never thought I 'd be one to let drama get to me like this...
You know, I don't think there's a blog big enough for me to fully explain the things that are going on here. I'm just gonna let this blow over, hopefully REAL soon, hopefully when I get a job and move out with some untrustworthy "friend", because this is ridiculous. Something you'd see in some kind of lame soap or crap.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Think I might stick to MYo for a while...
I dunno, the concept of tons of worlds to customize is kinda meh to me right now. No surprise but tons of stuff going on and stuff. Plenty of stuff to rant about, losing a job (good riddance...feh), actually caring about college, what else...oh yeah, a fender bender quite recently.

I'm gonna save that rant from tomorrow though, but I'm freakishly tired right now for reason. Nothing to drink, muggy atmosphere, HOME in general, but yeah, I can only hope I don't sleep in too late tomorrow.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

Redoing everything is gonna take a while.
So much to do, so little time to do it. I now fully understand the meaning behind those words. Holy crap, too many things I need and want to get done, but can't because of time and distractions. Like right now, I have a composition to write, but that's not due until Tuesday I think, and a Government paper due on the 12th. I'm a horrible procrastinator, I also have to get four lab hours and I'm up to two...and they're due Sunday, and work interferes with that...so yeah. Other than the drama that is people, associates, and DRIVING, life is pretty much the same.

Speaking of driving, we've been having some really crappy weather. Few days ago, we've had weather so cold and foggy it'd make you question if this was Texas or not (or reminds you of Persona 4). Had a hard time opening my window of all things, and that's what probably should have told me to let the truck defrost ALL the way. Had to buy an ice scraper and thought that would help for the whole ride...and my god it didn't. Seconds after getting on the road, all my windows start icing again and I can't see at all. So while driving, I'm trying to break my window open and hoping to see where I'm going. Gave up on that and just let the car sit, and barely got home. Think I'd rather have bad weather then bad drivers, which is what almost hit me today. Short story shorter, she waited to jump in the lane I'm in at the last minute for some McD's. No signal either, and I'm picking up speed doing the speed limit and she's SLOWING down to a crawl, and I barely stop in time. She's busy talking to whoever is in the passenger seat (I can CLEAR into her rear window), and she's completely oblivious to the fact that she was almost rammed.

Whatever, had to get that out somewhere, no one hear listens worth crap. Aaaanyway, I've probably rambled on for far to long, so I guess I gotta start lurking the O, because my current list is blank.

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Facepalms all around everybody!
-Possible Massive Rant-

It's already been established that I'm vitrually screwed in this little game we call life. There's a saying for "if it can go bad, it will", but I'm not entirely sure, probably just the pessimism in me or something doing that kind of thinking. I'm used to it, amazingly enough. Sucks being in a town like mine where there are NO options available for better jobs for those who don't have...connections...so to speak. If you don't know the right people, you're pretty much boned and have to work your typcial places here. Fast food or at a store if you're lucky, or unlucky in my case.

You know, I was gonna go into a rant about how incredibly lame work has been lately, but I think I'll just shut up about that before I get started, because it's only gonna get worse. But, I'll still say this much, people suck...most of the time. In most public places they'll put on a facade and act all friendly and whatever, until they're on the road/at Wal-Mart (prime example). It's gotten to the point, that if I ended up turning into some kinda (bigger) anti-social dude or hermit...hikikomori...whatever, I totally wouldn't mind. Hell, the people I work probably hate me, due to the fact that I told them when I'm off the clock, I don't know them. Which to a certain point is too true, because only a few would be considered peers, and the rest are all adults and stuff. "When the badge is on, I might respond to you guys, when its off you guys are just people that work here." I probably sounded like a jerk, but that can't be helped because I've always been blunt when I needed to say something.

What also irks me whenever I see all these..."fake" people roaming around. Probably shouldn't use fake, but I can't think of anything else, but eh. I'm walking around, minding my own business or working, and then suddenly someone will come up say, "What's up?" or some variant of wanting to know how you're doing. I think that's more of a peeve for me, along with accidentally nearly making eye contact with someone, and they smile or greet you or something. Now, I know some people are just being friendly, but I've put up with too many other people who've done this...Employees are the worst when they do this, especially when they ask "What's up?" then another 5 minutes later they ask that again. On that subject, one of the employees had the nerve to shorten my name, not like you can really do that, but he did. Yeah...I don't need a guy calling me Hen or Henhen, I mean, damn, I don't think I'd even let a girl get away with that, close or not (lol close).

I think stress is actually getting to me, because I don't remember normally doing all this crap. I mean, it doesn't seem like a big deal in my head, but while I'm typing all this out, I'm thinking, holy crap I think I'm coming off as a jerk or something. Not that that's gonna stop me, since I don't really have anyone to talk to about it here. Parents are out of the question because of recent split, and well, my mom is basically rooommates with the neighbor (for a while anyway), and my dad is still having a ball shooting down my way of life and how I do things. It's not a big deal, yet its brought up anyway, namely me wearing my jacket whenever I go out, my "I don't care about the thoughts of the masses" attitude, and me being stuck with a part time job. The stuff about me personally I shrug off because I'm not changing just so he feels better, but the part-time job can't really be helped though, especially when they KEEP you from getting full time hours. Although at my rate I'm amazed I'm still working there. Gotta fill their quota I suppose.

Speaking of which, since technically today is thursday, I have work in like, 12 hours, most of which will be spent trying to sleep or finding something worthwhile to do until the grind again.

I have no idea how long its been since I've posted here, heck, I haven't even checked my mail lately, not like there'll be anything to read anyway that's not spam or anything. I'll probably end up checking it and then going to bed, and I didn't even get what I wanted done.

Making a new CD = Nope
Making an Imeem thingie for here = Nope
....Guess that was it.

For those who skimmed, I don't really have a TL;DR version, sorry.

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