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Saturday, March 1, 2008

   Holy Monkey Balls of Fire..

Holy Shi-

I haven't updated in about...2 months.. lol
I been kinda buisy latley. I'm sorry...
I haven't been here also because I use DeviantArt a lot more to post my artwork (It's easier to post there because there arn't really size restrictions..) Anybody else got one?
(If U do, my username is XxChibiChaserxX, check me out! ;p)

On a good not, I been getting a LOT of college mail.. Yep, I don't read 1/2 of it tho.. o.o
lol (I mean, I'm only in tha 10th grade..)
I got this stuff from the College for Creative Studies tho.. It looks nice.. I like tha school kind.. I'll keep that in mind..
..On a (somewhat) wierd not, my friends keep trying to hook me up with people... I mean, it's always outta' tha blue tho... lol (I mean, let ME pick my own BF right?)
I had a Facebook, and deactivated it.. lol (It's kinda boring. -_- 0

I hope everyone has been doing ok.
I might start checking in more often...

P.S. Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII)
is Love <3

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Wow... This is kinda wierd.. I will not B mad or suprised if I don't get any visits at all..

HAPPY 2008 EVERYBODY! lol (yeah, I'm late, but so what) The S*** already kinda hit the fan for the first time this year but, I'll B ok. I go back to school on Monday. T^T
Even worse,

FINALS ARE ALMOST HERE!!We take them like soon as we get back. -_-;
I did a New Years picture, I'm almost finished, I'll post it when it's done (all I need is to do the lettering) It's a pin-up style (sort-of) lady in a martini glass. lol
Now, I'm trying to make a design 4 my iPod case...

Questions Untill I next Update:
1. What did U do 4 New Years?
(I didn't do anything really)
2. Does anybody have a Wii?
(It was between the Wii and iPod Touch 4 me... I still want a Wii though.. T^T lol)
3. Have you mafe any New Year resolutions/goals?
(I didn't officially, but I think mine will B to B more outgoing and playful. lol)

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