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Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Hi friends!*waving*
Hmm, i just finish read my manga/anime book, YAY great storie!!!The characters are very well drawn, i really like it!!But unfforstenly i really didnīt had much luck, when i was finishing to read the storie, i was so excited for the next one, but in the last page was saying that this was the final episode from the chapter, and they need the autorisation who came from Canadá for having the new ones!!Gosh i was pissed off with that T_T, because i was really enjoying it (note i read the 5 episode), oh well ^^, u donīt need to know that ^^''
Well i hope everyone (girls and boys) had a great day yesterday!*wink*
Hmmm i donīt have anything to say now so iīll stop babbling*blowing kisses to everyone*
shadowlight out...

I think that everyone will like this pic, especially the girls!*wink*lol

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Monday, March 8, 2004

Happy International Womenīs Day!!!!
Yep today is our day girls!!*jumping and dancing*
I hope every girl and women had a good day today!!I have!!*smilling*
One boy who i didnīt know gave me a rose a red one saying Happy women day!!!
Gosh i blush a lot cause of that, i didnīt remembered that was today^^''
And boys be very nice to us cause today is our day, eheheheh...j/k ^.~
Well i will stop babbling and will give a present to all the girls (and boys too) *wink*
Thanx 4 reading
Shadolight out..

Isnīt they cute? awwwwwww ^^

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Sunday, March 7, 2004

   Iīm sooo tiredfont>
Hi guys!*waving*
Iīm so sorry for not answering uīre coments, cause i was not home today, my parentīs make me and my brothers a surprise!^^I just got home now!
We went to the city (to the mall) to buy some groceries and to buy too some new clothes and i bought an anime/manga book- "Eco", i never heard about this anime
before, but the images are soo great and the storie is too its a kinda cientific fiction, with mecha and everything!!!I canīt wait to read!!*jumping of happinness*
Its was sooooo funny but...Men iīm sooooo tired!!
Once again sorry for not being here!^^''
Well its just that that i wanna to say to u ^.~d
I hope everyone off u had a good weekend!*wink*
Well iīm gonna stop babbling* blowing kisses to everyone* Ja ne
Thanx 4 reading(and coment)
Shadowlight out...

PS: I know everyone knwos this anime, i donīt^^'' but i like a lot the videos that i downloaded from the site of Onoki ( btw thanx a lot Onoki*wink*), so i wanna to show u a anime that u know because the others that i show u didnīt knew^^'' hope u like it!^.~

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Saturday, March 6, 2004

Mix of feelings..
Hmmm... i canīt define what iīm feeling today, iīm not happy but iīm not sad too...its kinda confuse i know...But i think why iīm having this mix of feelings, yesterday my cousin who is sick toke a plane and will began his quimotherapy, the doctors said the results of the exams where not conclusive and he have to make a new ones but here we donīt have this kind exams ( note i live in island) so he have to take a plane and go to a better hospital, he is making quimotherapy for slow down his sickness.
But donīt worry my friends cause iīm not sad i know its strange but i talked with him before he goes and he was a happy for hear me, iīm with a lot of hope he will be ok, so... well i can not explain what iīm feeling...^^''...its difficult to explain...
So donīt worry ok?
Well talking about another thing, hmmm maybe make my usual questions eheheh...hmmm what i will ask today*starts thinking*....
What was uīre favorite moment u watch in uīre favorite (or not) anime episodes?
Mine was when Toya give his powers to Yukito(Yué) and asking him Yue to take care Sakura cause when he give his powers to him he can not know when His sister need his help, from one of my favorites animes Card Captor Sakura, i love this episode!!(awww Toya is soooo cute and lovely, donīt ya think?)*glowing eyes*
So tell me what was uīre favorite moment^^, well iīm gonna go now...*blowing kisses & running away to lunch)
Shadowlight out...

Ps: i think this guy is very sad but soooooooooooooo Kuwaiiiiiiiii!!!!*wink*
What ya think?

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Friday, March 5, 2004

color="purple">Good morning guys! I woke up just now and iīm feeling so happy!!!!*smilling a lot and dancing for all the house*U know why?? u wanna know?Really?
Iīm sooooooooo happy cause i bought a DVD of COWBOY BEBOP!!!YAY!!!!
Ohhh iīm so ansious for seeing but i have to wait a few days to come *sight*
For the first time i will see this anime, and i will search 4 more, much more!!!*glowing eyes imagine tousands and thousands of anime DVD*
YAY FOR ME!!!*jumping*^^b
Oh men...i finally found a site (a portuguese one) who have some of the animes u guys already saw! Now its my turn ^^v Hmmm i have to search in this site the movie of Samurai X and CCS because they are my favo.!!! ^^\m/
Well iīm better get going cause i have to clean the house...^^''
Sayonara *blowing kisses to everyone and going away singing and dancing*
Shadowlight out...

SO what u think? I like the resume of the storie^^ canīt wait to see^.~

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Thursday, March 4, 2004

Its raining men....
Calm down girls, its not raining men out there!!^^''
Saddly it rain this morning and more saddly none men fell off ^^''
Sorry about that, i was listening the music and wanna to put here ^^
Well besides rain this morning and i was all wet now its a beautifull warm sunny day ^.~v
Remember the fight me and my mom had? Everything is fine now, we just had a little discussion^^
Hmmm....besides that....again i donīt know what to say....*stop writting and begine to be worried*
Well....*thinking* maybe i make another question like yesterday to you, btw thanx for the coments guys*wink*
Uhmmm what should i question today....What was youīre first anime you saw? I know i know is kinda tricky, but sometimes iīm bad and i like to make tricky questions, eheheheh^^v
I remember my first anime it was Sailor Moon, hmmm i was very little when i saw this anime (donīt remeber the age though)
Ok now i will stop babbling and leave u guys with one more pic^^
Sayonara*blowing kisses to everyone*

I really like this pic, i donīt remember either i take this pic though ^^''
But its kinda cute isnīt it?*smille*

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Wednesday, March 3, 2004

I know this would sound strange from me because i allways had something to say ^^'' but today i really donīt have anything to say to you guyz, well maybe that i had a little fight with my mom but this is anoother storie ^^'' it was nothing donīt worryy bout that, we just had the same thing that happened ( i think) with all the daughterīs and motherīs something silly we had a differents opinions!^^''
Uhmmm really donīt have nothing to say, maybe....(thinking) whatīs uīre fav. anime and character and couple?
My favo. character obvioulsy is Kenchin ( is soooooo cute!!!^^'' My favorite anime i like two, Card Captor Sakura and Samrai X, and the couple i think is Rurouni and Kenchin they are so funny *remembering and starts laughing*^^
Well iīm gonna go now cause i have to study....again*Smircks*
Hey like u see i changed my avatar pic. i was kinda tired the old one and i like this one, so what u think? u prefer this one or the old one?^.~
Ah my first piccy in my site i hope u guys like it!^^ (thanks a lot Chie for the help*huggs*)
So see you around *blowing kisses for everyone*
Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Just a thought,,,
The day run like the usual, tired and boring!^^''
But since i read the post of gotencha (wich by the way have an awsome storie^^d) "what is our mission in Earth?", and program that i saw in tv who talked by the Ages of Samuraiīs, i canīt stop thinking how we changed a lot and we lost some values that this people had and i think the people who study this art had too..
Something tha surprised me a lot was that the Samurai defend his Lord even if he had to sacrifice his life, so if he didnīt acomplished heīs mission and the Lord died, they lost their honnor, and they donīt diserve to be alive, so they make kamikazee who in English is suicide!!They killed them selfs with their own swords!!! O_O
WOW its need a lots of gutts to do that!! So i just never stop thinking that today we just care about making money and be in good lifes with all the confort, some people forgot theyīre honnor and they are all corrupt, iīm not saying that in the time of samuraiīs some of them wereīnt corrpt but they i donīt know how to explaine -_-''
I like so much the culture from Japan or China!! Its kinda wierd i belive but this kinda things allways fashinate me...
And i wanna ask u if u think that we are development for best or if we are losing things that make us an fashinating species?
This question is not made by me it was the end of the program and i wanna know whatīs youīre opinion^^ after all of u give me uīrs iīll give mine ok?
So saddly i gotta go, because iīm gonna study *smircks*, well see u around*blowing kisses to everyone& run away for study*
Shadowlight out...

Animation from Gpetz.com

Ps: Psssttt... please go and check out the outsanding stories of Gotencha, Raynear, Sindalla, Terra_zero, Battusai and Poo62 because theyīre stories rulls!\m/^.~\m/
And see my others friends site too because they all are soo cool persons and awsome sites, and if u donīt like any off them u suck*smille*^.~d

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Monday, March 1, 2004

And the winner is....
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King!!!(x 11 times)
YAY for LOD:TRK!!!!*clap clap*
Yap yesterday was the BIG night- The Oscars!!!
And the Big Star was LOR:TRK!!!
I admit i didnīt saw all the cerimony but i allways knew somehow that LOT will won!!!*cheers*
I think that the film really diserves all that Oscars!!Because its an outstanding film!!!Its a pitty though that the next Christmas i will not have that expectation that i had all this 3 years, but i knew that Peter Jackson is making a new movie based in a magical world such as Lord of the Rings WOAAAAHHH! I canīt wait to see..
Welīl i hope that they pass another time the cerimony^^d
hereīs a piccy from a quizzie that i take from poo62 siteīs!Thanx poo62
I have great pic from the film but i donīt know how to put here, sorry!^^''
Oh you poor demented creature. You would get along
great with gollum. You're a little bit on the
schizophrenic side, but as long as there is a
big person around to keep you under control,
you're virtually harmless. We'll get ya a nice,
comfy straightjacket, and dont worry, we know
the Elvish stuff burns and freezes. You seem to
have an obsession with small shiny trinkets.
Calm down, we will get u that raw fish. Geez!

Insanity: What form are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Iīm so tired....
Iīīll never thought that i will say thissmoeday but i have to say it..I had so much fun in school^^d
No, no, iīm not crazy i will explaine u why i had so much fun in school...But before that, iīm going to say why iīm so tired.
I didnīt sleept much this few days because of my cousinīs sickness and because i saw yesterday a movie.^^''
I saw with my brother (again), the film "Princess of Mononoke", i really love this film!!!The characterīs are so sweet and the story is so cool!^^d
unffortenly we began to see the movie a little late and it end late!^^ So because of that today i woke up late, i lost my bus, when i arrived at school very late, my teacher switch room with another because they were having an test, so i didnīt know what room they were, and i search (running) all rooms oof school to find my class and obviously....i didnīt find it!!!^^''
Well i lost the first class and instead of being pissed off for being so tired and almost whitout breath, i laught a lot, with my stupid situation!!^^''
And when my friendsleft the class i ask them what class they were, and i was so suprised because i was so closed to them i knock in 15 and they were in 16!!!We laught a lot because of that and even make funny stories about that, like this title:"The adventures of Shadowlight- The mysterious door"*laugh*
They were so glad to see me laughing because they didnīt saw me smilling, laughting or say funny things is this last few days and they saw me today!^^
Really like school today! Well i feel in some way happy and with more positive thoughts, i really need some stupid thing to happen in my life...^^''
Well i donīt have anything more to say, just one little thing, Iīm sorry for not being here yesterday and answer uīre coments i had to study cause i have an test the next week, i want a good grade, and even if i didnīt had an test it was the day of my brother we share the computer ^^''
So Iīm sorry guys!! but now i will answer and visite uīre sites*smille*
Ah!!Thanx too again for being such sweet friends, for giving me suport, listening me, coment all my post, in this days that i really need the most! U guys are the best!!!*huggs*
I almost forgot to tell u!! I submitted more drawings so i want to know if u like them or if they have some problems, donīt be afraid of coment them!^^d thx
Well before i finished i want to inform u that we donīt know yet the results of the exams, and i donīt have news of my cousin, but when i had i will tell u guys right away, ok?
Well iīm booring u guys so i will stop babbling and leave u with one more animation^^ *blowing kisses to everyone*
Thanx 4reading
Shadowlight out....

The first animated gif i saw!!!YAY!!*jumping of happiness*It really make me miss this anime!!*sniff* Poor Serena!!Donīt cry...*huggs Serena*
Ah some people ask me what was that anime i post in the post bellow i never saw this anime and i donīt know the name of it, but i know the name of the Characters, the name of the girl is Tomahome(the boy) and Miaka( the girl), if someone know this anime tell me^^, thx

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