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Friday, March 19, 2004

   Quick post

Iīm sorry guys, but today iīm not felling to good, i feel sick with a lot of headackes, my body hurts a lot!I think i catch some cold, so its a very quick post, to explain my absences to uīre sites, really sorry...
Iīm gonna to get some rest now...
Talk to u guys tomorrow...*blows kisses*

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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Donīt know what to do....

Tomorrow is fatherīs day and i donīt know what to offer to my dad!*scrach her head*
And not only is making me mad because i allways knew what to buy or make for this day, but iīm little sad too cos i had news from my cousin, heīs just so skinny and he is allways trowing up, donīt eat much, feeling so awfull everyday, and heīs not reacting well to quimo and radiotherapy...i didnīt lost hope but its kinda fade away a little._.
Men i should learn not post this things cause i know that somewhere out there is worst then me and i just make people sad telling this things, Iīm so sorry for telling u this friends but i need to say this, iīm such a jerk because i donīt know how to deal with this feelings of being helpless....
But iīm fine, donīt worry with me^_^
Well i should be putting my hands to work and do something beautifull for my dad, because he diserves that^.^
So bye for now friends*blows kisses and runs to the table thinking of something cute to make for her dad*
Shadowlight out...

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Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Another warm day!!^_^

Yep another wonderfull Spring day!!!*jumping*
I really canīt wait to Spring vacations!!Iīm sick and tired of school >_<
2day iīm so happy....again!!^^''
Yesterday i was zapping in t.v and saw that a channel was passing Anime!!!
And a cool one!! Bubble Gum Crisis!!!
I donīt know if u know this one, but i will give a little description, it pass in a future world and a group of girls who have special suits ecah off her and they call them Night Sabers, like u are seeing is a mecha a very good one, well its a little old i think, but still have a good music and the storie is cool and have funny characterīs like i really like^_^
I donīt know much more^^'' so iīll tell more when i saw some more episodes, ok?^_~
The majority of my friends (btw guys thank u very much for answer^_~) said that they like my usual questions, so iīll continue^_^d
And here it is the question of today:
- What u think is the best Creator of anime ever?
Iīm asking u that because unffortnely i donīt see yet the most of the anime series and episodes, not that i donīt like but is not possible because here people donīt care that much for so wonderfull thing thats Anime or Manga*smircks*
So i wanna know this, for just curiosity^^''
Well nothing special happened today besides me and my buddies went to the beach and saw the beautifull sea^^''
Well gotta go now*saying goodbye and walk to see the sea*^_^
Shadowlight out....

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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

YAY for Sunny day!!!^_^v

Today iīm so happy!^_^
Because today was a harm bright sunny day!!!WOot!!!^-^d
I just love the sun!!*jumping* I love raining days too, but sometimes i like sunny days, well it depends on my mood^^'', i think^_^;;
After going to my training i went to a walk and saw the sea, awwww...the ocean was soooo pretty^_^...
Not even the hard test that i had today ruin my day!^-^
I really enjoy it!!*smilling a lot* I hope u guys had a good day just like mine or even better*wink*
Now to my usual question, eheheh^_~:
- Do u know the lyrics of the anime songs?
Guys if u donīt like my usual questions just say and i stop asking, ok?^_~
Well now i gotta go cause i have to study for another one, men i feel like iīm doing the final exams>_<
Oh well, i hope everyone have a good week!Thanx for all uīre wishes and concern my sister is fine now, and she want to thank u, like me too*huggs everyone*
Well gotta fly now ^^''*blows kisses for all the friends, and fly to the moon*^_~
Shadowlight out....

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Konichiwa friends!^_^

Well...this few days i really donīt have no idea what to say to you^^''
My weekend was horrible, because my sister was very sick, but sheīs ok guys donīt worry, i feel so tired, but still i have to study awhole book*sigh*
My mood is strange today, because iīm not sad or either Happy, just a little desapointed, cos i recive one tests that i really study hard for it, and the grade was good but nothing i was expecting -_-
Oh well the next time i try harder ^_~
Now my question, this is a tuff one eheheheheh ^_^:
- U never imagine uīre self as an anime?If so, what anime series would like to be in?I know, i know iīm bad!*smille*
I was thinking this today and wanna ask u what u think ^_^
Well guys unffortnelly i gotta go...*blowes kisses to everyone*
Shadowlight out....*runs away*

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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Hi friends!!*waves*
First i wanna say one thing:
I hope u are having an awsome day!!*huggs*\m/^.~\m/

Today nothing happen, the weather is ok, is not raining, not sunny, a normal day i think^_^
Really donīt have nothing to say more so iīm gonna to uīre sites now^-~*blowing kisses*
Shadowlight out...*flows away again*lol

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Saturday, March 13, 2004

Hi guys!!
Its been awhile that i donīt submit any of my drawings, i have a lots of them, but i donīt know what of them i submit *looking to all her drawings and scracth her head*^_^''
Well someday i have to make my mind, dunno know when though ^^''...
hmm actually today is one of those days that i donīt know what to say, telling u the truth ^^''*laughs nervous*
AH!thanx a lot for all uīre wishes for my test it really makes me have more paciente to study ^.~d
Iīm a little mad cause my computer is going crazy, yesterday in the afternon i couldnīt be here cause my pc had those freaky days, oh well^_^;;
Iīm sick of school who i bet everyone is felling the same isnīt that truth?*wink*
Ok, i have to stop babling a lot and make my usual question, eheheheh n_n
- For the girls:" What is for u girls the most handsome male character ever made?
- For boys:" What is for u boys u the most beautifull female anime ever made?
Eh guys tell me!*wink*
I will tell my oipion after hearing uīrs first!
Well now i gotta go*smille, a big wings apperied in her back*
Thanx 4 reading*blowing kisses and fly away*

I think Sakura is so cute in this pic^^ that i had to post^_^''

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Friday, March 12, 2004

A sunny rainning and windy day....
Hi friends!Today the weather is so strange!! Its raining, windy and sunny at the same time!!O_O
It so wierd!!!Since morning is doing these, oh well i have to get used to this kinda weather because i lived here all my life but still i canīt get^^''
Hmmm today didnīt happened anything cause it my day off like everyone knows, its kinda boring right now, because i canīt get out not just because of the wierd weather but too i have to study to another test (not exam), its sucks because the sesson of the exams is just to 2 months and my teachers are making us study the whole books (Note: in every class that i had i had two books), just for a stupid test T_T
next tuesday i have an test of Psicology and the whole book and an half of the other i have to study*sight*, but still some friends here in Myotaku are worst, they had the exams >_<, so i wish a Good Luck to Raynear, Trixybaby2025 and the others that have too!!!*huggs*^_~v
My question of the day, hmmmmm...*scracht her head thinking*
Whatīs ure favorite manga/anime emotion?
My favo. emotions is when Kenshin do that funny faces and say allways that word: "Oro!!", *lol* i think is so funny^_^, i like every emotion that apperied in any anime/manga series or films^^''because that make too anime/manga funny^_~
Well...thatīs it for today guys, iīm gonna go now cause i have a lot to study...*smircks*
Thanx 4 reading*blowing kisses*

Hereīs a pic Of Card Captor Sakura, with Sakura and Kero for does who didnīt knew this anime and for does who knew this wonderfull serie, just to remeber!!^_^
Have a nice day everybody!*wink and runs away*
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

   Oh my...
I just saw now the mess that i did in the post bellow this one ^^''
the resume is a really mess no wonder u guys didnīt understand that much, neither do i and i wrote that!!*blush and laugh*^^'' Iīm so sorry guys for my horrible resume that i made for such a good anime, yesterday i was so worried and hurry for sutdy because of the test that i had today, and i got really late from my training, because Mário (my coach) want me to learn new movement and stricks and i got to be more time after the usual training sesson, i got to run all the way to my home, cause i had so much to study ( i had more then 331 pages), yes a whole book to study *sigh*, thatīs why my post was really quick, the resume was horrible and i didnīt come to uīre sites friends and didnīt post any coments^^'' Iīm sorry po62 and Raynear that u warned me about uīre new chapter and i didnīt saw yesterday but today i will read, yes i am!!*determinated face*
So if someone wanna a good resume from that anime Wandaba Style just let me know and iīll gladdy give it to u*wink*
Fro those who wanna know my test run very well thanks for the food luck!*huggs*
Iīm a little sad and angry cause today my favo. and unique anime that was passing in t.v ended*sniff* was so beautifull the last episode of CCS but i didnīt want the serie to end!
Oh well... i lost my interest again from t.v (note: i just see anime and in the channel that show movies everyday^^''), but u donīt need to know that ^^''
Today was a beautifull day, cause it was sunny all day!!!YAY!!*cheers*
Well i donīt have any much to say so i will stop talking and leave u with one more pic from the anime that talked on the magazine^^*blowing kisses*
Shadowlight out...

PS: Well i think i donīt need to make a resume from this anime cause i bet everyone knows if not..oh well...just tell me and iīll gladdy make a resume for u*wink*

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

AniGame Type

I saw this magazine today and talk a lot about new manga/anime books, movies, games and theyīre creaters!! I had to buy it!!!^_^
Sorry for the bad quality of the pic i donīt have yet an scanner and i had to take with my digital cam ^^''
The magazine brings a DVD with musics and videos from the Manga/Anime, i like a lot!!Especially the musics ^.~d
Ooh i loved a lot this videos (the opening and ending of them):
- Ghost Shell From the Creator Masamune Shirow;
- Wandaba Style (such a cute anime ^_^)
- Gun Parade March (this one brings a episode who i really like it!!^.~);
- Hitsuji No Uta( brings too an episode a little wierd but very interesting too);
- And last but not least Air Master( this one have great funny moments*lol*)
Every time that i post now i will tell u the storie of each one i told now, a resume, if u want offcourse ^^''
Well i canīt wait to read the magazine but saddly iīll have to wait till cause i have an test tomorrow *sigh*
Ooh my post is so big,^^'' now i will stop babbling and leave with one of the anime that really interesting to me...*blowing kisses*
Thanx 4 reading....Sayonara*smille*
Shadowlight out...

Wandaba Style- Ooh i really like the video of this anime!!^_^
The storie: Susumo Tsukumo heīs a cientist who want to be the 1st men putting his feet on the moon, because he donīt belive that the Men did a long time ago!Heīs teories are a little wierd and he comitted some mystakes and his calculations but he is helped by a Robot in form of a girl (Kiku Hachigo, who do everything that he asked, even make the calculations of his creator making too some mistakes because even being a High-Tech she had to make the calculations by her fingers!*lol*
In someway 3 girls(Akimo Ayame, Natsuma Himawari, Haruno Sakura, Fugude Yuri)who have a band-Mix Juice (they donīt have any sucess yet) see the oportunity to be the 1st one in the Moon and make theyīre a Big concert!!Well like u are seeing Wandaba Style is very funny and crazy too!^^ *lol*

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