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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

School, work, super hot days..... @_@

Konban wa!!!!!! [means good evening]*runs to her friends hugging them really, really hard*
Its great to have sometime and come here i miss all of you sooooooo much!
I know i havenīt been faithfull with you my sweet friends, i do hope you forgive me for allways being abscent, just coming 1 time per week sometimes per weeks... sumima sen....[means iīm sorry] *bows*
Iīve been away more then 2 weeks...lot of things happened, such as the b-day of my mom, the religious holliday on my church, going back to school, still going to work, and really, really hot days but i really mean it its been really hot here, right now iīm sweepting (sp?) a lot, we barely can move without being with more hot, the temp isnīt that high just 30š Celsius but we have here 100% of humidity...well maybe you have more then this but here well its the first time in years....but i like it though, its better then Winter ^_^ eheheh i know iīm strange ^^;;, but for once i wouldnīt mind if it makes a day with some rain or perhaps no hot or cold just normal ^^, oh and they are telling us that we might have Christmas withhot and beach, woohoo!!!I canīt wait!!^_^Vn Anyway....i like Christmas with cold and...snow but here it doesnīt snow ^^'', and i have a confission to make...donīt laugh please...i never saw snow..you know like face-to-face...never ever^^'' *shadow see her friends rolling on the floor laughing* you promise you donīt laugh -_-''
Well...changing subject...i did it!!Well with the help of my family of course...we surprised my mom..with a meal she loved and with a big, huge bouquet with pink roses, lots of them (it was my gift ^^), a perfume, a very colourfull card from my lil sister and lots of kisses and huggs all for her, she loved everything, the food, the desert, the cake (really cool with her sign (virgin) with her horoscope to the next week), the gifts...awwwwwww me and my sis really worked hard ( well most was done by me but she helped!^^), i was completely exausted in the end, barely could have my eyes opened, for you guys to make an idea lets me show you:
Work----launch with my mom-----my brother went with me to buy grosseries to dinner---bought the bi-day cake----helped my sis with cleaning some stuff on the house----made deserts, the dinner all the stuff----cleaning everything on the kitchen (cause iīm a mess in there!^^''), see?Really busy day!^^''
But i loved it!!^_^ Mmmmm well the other days was normal, going back to school, chat with old budīs you know ^^, i already miss summer vacations tee..hee ^.~
My summer work will end next week ( on thursday) and i will being in a new one on Friday, isnīt that nice? *sigh* But i need the money to make my dream trip to Canadá next year so....sacrifices are needed ^^;;
Oh and iīm soooooo anxious to put my hands on a copy of The Sims2, (iīm sure you know these or heard of it ^.~), its such a cool game!!!Canīt wait to have a copy!^_^
*scrolls up*WOW!!I was really missing MyO to writte that much!lol!^^'' iīm sorry for that^^''

Take care!!! Oyasumi nsai (good-night)

PS: If you donīt know or would like to know better about The Sims2 go to this site : http://thesims.ea.com/ or http://sims2.thesimsresource.com/index.php ^_^ iīm pretty sure you will like it!^.~
Now the pic....

Shadowlight out...

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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Tomorrow is a special day...
Konichi-wa buds!

I know, i know i havenīt been around here much, but donīt think that i was lazy, because i wasnīt..well...just a bit, hehe n.n
School will beguin soon (next week), so iīm preparing myself and my sis with all those things we know that are necessary for school ( physically and psycally(sp?) as well v.v), i know most of you are at school now but iīm a lucky one for entering these late ^^ *lol*, not really -_-''
But is not all, iīm still working, and tomorrow is my mom's birthday so me and my brothers are preparing a surprise party, she hates birthday days, but when we canīt resist and we are gonna celebrate with her tomorrow no matter what ^_~, she even made me promise that i wouldnīt do anything, aww but i ccanīt resist, sheīs my mom and big friend, i HAVE to do something really special for her, even if she be mad with me, i accept the consequences (sp?) ^_^Vn
I wanna apologise but i canīt visit you today or tomorrow, but i will try my best to visit you guys soon, promise with all my heart!! ^_^X
Well i got to go, got to make the list for the grosseries i have to buy for tomorrow, see you soon...*waves* I love all of you so much, thank you for being patience with me* returns and huggs each of you*
Oh....i almost forgot keep the secret ok?And wish me luck my mom is incredible smart and fast and she could find out everything, lets hope she donīt or iīm a died girl *lol, crosses fingers*

HAPPY B-DAY FOR MY MOM!!(donīt worry my mom usually donīt use much the net or these site ^_~, so i can writte these ^^ *lol*)
Shadowlight out...

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Wednesday, September 1, 2004

A bit late..but..hey its better late then never...*laughs insanily* n.n

I know, i know i promise that i was coming monday....but i didnīt...^-^;;....sorry! n.n...just being very sleepy and lazy those days (after work)... n_n''
But its been quite fun and busy those few days that i was away...since friday iīm helping my family with the workmanships (sp?) in my kitchen, like i told you before my house is a little old, so when both my parents and my old bro are in vacations we usually do this, so after my summer job i help them cleaning or other things they need...
But friday in the afternoon was different, me and my 2 friends went to our first time camping, i never and neither them went with just uthe 3 of us togheter...so it was quite an adventure for us ^_^
We plan that long ago, we wanna end our summer with a special thing so...camping!^^
It was so fun when we got there, and try for several times put to mount our tents until finally we perceive as it was XD lol...
we only took sometime, but donīt think bad of us, due to the boyfriend of our colleague , he was saying all wrong the instructions on purpose, and silly us, i must say, were following everything he was saying, after all we laugh a lot *lol*, oh btw he (the bf) was on the same camp but on another site, because we wanna be alone, just girls ^_~, well... but we are good girls and let them join us for a good chat and laughs that night, its was really fun, we laugh a lot when we were sitting on the grass with the moon and the lights from our lanterns(sp?), during the day was fun too, we made barbecue and put all our girls talk in day cause we havenīt saw each other for almost a week ^^...
Sunday we return home and i helped my family cleaning and fell asleep imediatly when i put my head on the pillow ^^''
The other days, i was still pretty tired because i didnīt slept much on the camp ^^ and...ermmm...i was kinda lazy too ^_^;;, sorry again...
Well thats all, iīm gonna go now, because my post was tooooo long...n_n'', really wanna thanx everyone who read this*hands cookies*
Now the pic...

[Edit:I just saw now that Patita are gonna be away since her life are not that good, awww iīm really gonna miss her really bad...Patita_chan if you are reading this i wish you all the best and i hope you come soon...god bless you girl!*big super hug* See you soon]
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

A quick post...
Iīm sorry for not updating and coming to your sites this days, but i couldnīt come, iīll explain better when i came, yes i still have to be abscent but its only for a few more days....well someone is calling me here, i have to go now, see you all in Monday*waves and runs away*

Shadowlight out...

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sunday was a good day

Iīm sure you are surprise for seeing me post today on a weekend ^_~, but today i had sometime, and bored too and i decide to post on a Sunday for a change ^^, i never post i think before on the weekend because i wanna spend sometime with my family and well my mom this way donīt say that iīm spending to much time on the pc n.n''
Well now let me explain my subject, i went again for the hot springs, i love that and my family as well ^^'', its so fun and so relaxing awww.... _-_
And iīm beguining to think that that water does miracles, my skin is sooooo soft, really it is...so i understand why Cleoptara was so famous with men, she spend so much time submerse on water like that ^^,...errr..well you really donīt need to know that -_-'', sorry just thinking out loud n.n''
Well and thats it, so iīm off now because i could think out loud again, like Hideki from Chobbits, lol how silly boy he is but heīs cute ^//^, yeah i finally found a good place to download anime, i just saw Love hina and 5 episodes from Chobbits its so amusing *giggles* waaahhh iīm doing that again O,O, hmmmm it not normal maybe iīm beguining to be like Hideki?? O.o++

For those who havenīt watch Love Hina here what i was talking about the other day ^^, i know boys will like these pic ^_~

Odaiji ni!!

Shadowlight out...

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Friday, August 20, 2004

Mix of feelings...
I just knew now that Dark_sephiroth is back and feeling much better!!Welcome back dark_san!!^_^

We missed you!!*huggs dark_san tightly*

On the other hand, Ma jr's gonna leave this time for good, iīm gonna miss him badly...but i canīt do anything to make him stay, well maybe tide him here should make him stay...eheheh n_n
But it couldnīt run well because i donīt have plane v.v, so i just have to accept his idea, if it makes him feel better.... but i still gonna miss him -_-

So Ma jr if you reading this i wish you all the good luck, enjoy life as much as you can and we see each other on msn, although it will not be the same....
Farewell my friend*big super hugg*....

Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Strange mood....

Today i really have a strange mood, although i donīt know why iīm feeling that way ^_^''
Iīm also worried with dark_sephiroth, sheīs passing a very hard moment, iīm very worried with her, but i pray and iīm sure she will survive this! ^_^
Finally i begun to draw again, good how i missed drawing i didnīt draw anything for years, well just weeks ^^''
Changing subject, i need your help friends, yep i need *noods*
I wish for so long to put a song here, some of you help me out, i have such wonderfull songs on my pc but i canīt put here because....well....i forgot ^^'', so can you help me again??*puppy eyes*
Thanx so much in advance ^_^Vn
Well time to go and time for the pic from today........

PS: I dedicate this pic to dark_sephiroth, i know how much she likes Sephiroth so here it is to make her feel a tiny bit better ^_^
Odaiji ni (take care)
Shadowlight out...

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Great weekend...

First of all i wanna thanx every friend who comment, really made me feel so well all that warm welcome comments*feeling loved* ^_^
Arigatu minna-san!*bows* Really, really love it!!!^//^

Ok, lets talk about other things now, hmmmmm what i was gonna writte?*scratch head*
Opps!I forgot^^''*suddenly looks up and reads her subject* oh yeah!
My weekend, i was gonna talk about that!!Oh silly me!!*blush* ^//^''
I had a great weekend yep i had, well was just Sunday that i really had a great time, but saturday wasnīt that bad, i slept a lot so its allways good too ^^ eh eh...
My mom yesterday woke me up they decide to go somewhere, i must admit that i did not have will to leave house, but later when we leave I started to like to be valid!^^
Our car alone has 5 places then as I am smaller I have always to make a gymnastics so that all fit,is always so amusing ^^, psst donīt tell anyone ok? ^.~
We take the small-lunch to the outdoors and later we walked a lot, but when we arrived is such a wonderful place, its so green, it does not have cars or sonorous pollution.
Awwww is really heaven*starts dreaming awake* _-_
Ahem...one day I will show some pics to you, therefore only seeing to be able to make a ideia ^^
Saddly it started to rain, we had to go up quickly, when we arrive we were super fatigued therefore is a very dificult ascent but it was worthy ^^
Awwww was hard but still the best was to come! My brother without saying anything took us for one even better place where we could enjoy and relax a bit and it wasn't far from where we were ^^
Can you try to guess where my brother took us?Ah of course you canīt, but I tell you, can you guys remember "LoveHina" the anime? If my memorie serves me the girls take bath in a hot water swimming pool natural right? We swim on a pool like that but guys it was far better with hot waterfalls and everything! It was outstanding!!^^ Uhmmmmm *returns to dreaming awake*
Opps, sorry again ^^'', awwww it was sooooooo fun and so dificult to get out!It was freazing, but unffortenly we had to go home ^^
I love it!!^^ Oh! I babled so much!Iīm sorry friends, its better for me to go now, please feel free to comment and tell how was your weekend iīm sure you all had fun these weekend, how i know?Well its summer isnīt it?It supposed to be fun ^^''
Oh!One more thing, i want to apologise everyone who signed my gb or who will, i know most of you signed long time ago i promise iīll return the favor very soon!Well better go now!Sorry again for the long post!^^''
Here the pic...

Hope you like it ^.~
Shadowlight out...

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Friday, August 13, 2004

So iīm finally back, things are a bit better, my life finally are getting strait and returning to normal, even the days are brighter...
And my return its all because of you guys, yes you, your kind, supportive and friendly comments made me feel much better, i really donīt know how i can repay all your kindness and support you give me all this time...iīm really touch and most appreciate for all the support and friendship that all of you gave me since i subscribe here...i never imagine when i made my account here that i would find special people like you dear friends*big hug*

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, and i wish you all the good luck that we have here in this world because you guys diserve!!*still huging*
*reads her post*Awww sometimes iīm so emotional!!*clean happy tears and then smilles*
Well its time for me to leave you and let you say how was your days, and i will visit you as soon as possible*wink*
Once again...

PS:You canīt imagine how i missed you guys those weeks!!!*returns and huggs her friends again*
Shadowlight out...

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Monday, August 2, 2004

   Bad day....
Hi dear friends!*tries to smille*
I know i havenīt been faitfull with you this days but something happened today that....how can i saw?It was not that good,!I feel so depressed and somehow disappointed with myself -.-, i...prefer not talk about it, because its kinda hard for me, so iīm sorry but i donīt feel well enough and cheer up or happy to go to your sites, believe me!Its not your fault or something is just that my life its upside down now and i will be away for a couple of days or weeks i really donīt know, i just need some days to put my mind together and my soul as well...
But donīt worry my sweet and dearest friends i will come and thats a promise!!*gives big hug*
Iīm so sorry if i wasnīt a good friend those days, but i....well...thank you so much for being such lovely friends and allways being there for me, i love all of you so much!!!*huggs tightly each of her friends, crying*
See you soon buds!!*tries to smille*

all so much!!*runs away*
Shadowlight out...

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