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Monday, July 26, 2004

   Feeling good today!

Yep i feel, but i am tired as well!^.^''
Yep, yesterday me, my family and some friends had a very great time, it was why i wasnīt here^^, it was really so fun!!!^.^
We went to the beach played a lot there, then made a big picnic, laugh a lot, rest awhile, later on went again to water, i love going to the beach and the pool too its allways so fun!!^^
Yep, when we got back i slept on the car, i was really pretty tired and still am^^
Saddly i couldnīt sleep much because we got back home so late and i had to woke up pretty soon today to go to work -_-, but when i got back i slept a little on my bed^^
Ok, so iīm gonna shut up now, and let you guyz writte along and tell me what you did this weekend, or just writte what you want, iīm a curious person so talk along guys!^^ lol
Oh after i finished this post i want to say to a dear friend (you know who you are^.~) this:
"People can let or make you down but never lost hope, she is our magic water of survivering*
So please donīt lose hope, tomorrow will be a better day, you will see*big bear hugg*
My grandmother allways said this to me, its more pretty in my language ^^''
Take good care friends, oh!and use sun protection ok?^.~
Now the pic....

A love pics to lover ones!^.~
Shadowlight out...

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Weeeee.....here i am like i promise!^. ~

Its so GREAt to be back!I really missed you all so much, so muchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Group hug!!*shadow runs to her friends and hugs them really tightly*
You still remember me!!^^
I know i havenīt been very faithful with ou guyz, not coming here for almost a month, but this summer is being very busy and funny as well ^^, but i will talk abou that a little later if you donīt mind ^.~
First of all i wanna thank you all of you my friends for being patience and waiting for my return, íīm really sorry if i made worry with my long abscence!*still hugging*
I wanna thanx to all the people that sign my gb in my absence and want to apologise for the long waiting, i will catch all of you later!^_~
Thank you all of you, my old buddyīs, new ones and the people who just passed by!I love you all!
Awwww men how i missed all this wonderfull friendship, that i have here!!!*shadow huggs again more tightly, so tightly that her friends canīt breath*
Oh sorry for that^^'' Oh btw did i tell you that i love you guz???^^
Well, i donīt know if you are interested in knowing how was my days on the camping and the marriedge of my friend and all that but if you want to know, it was pretty amazing bouth of them, my friend was sooooooooooo beautifull and the weeding went pretty well, i had a great time there, donīt know why but i cried a little when my friend was walking through the altar, maybe something catch my eyes ^^
The camping was amazing, soooooo funny and cool, but after awhile i missed my home and especially my bed, the sleep bag is not that comfortable ^_^;;
Awww now iīm at home and here when i feel pretty well _-_
Oh!Well i talk to much, so i will stop babling around and catch you guys and your sites!^^ Bu-bye*waves and runs away singing and dancing*

PS:Oh, about the killing me thing, it was just a joke donīt take that as an offense or something ^^
Shadowlight out

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This will be short!

Hiiiiiiiiii guyz!!!!!
I finally found a cyber-café on this place!*breaths deep*
I am camping its why iīm not around here, iīm sorry for not telling you guyz, but i dinīt know that i was going to one, just knew a day after going!
I will come very soon, if you still remember me, and promise not to kill me when i came, i will be here this weekend! lol And thatīs a promise!^.~
Ahh gosh i have to go, my time ended....byeeeeeee
I miss youuuuuuuuuu guyz this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!!huges kisses for all of you!!

Shadowlight out...

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Friday, July 2, 2004

Iīm back!!!!Finally!!*cough*

I'm finally back!I can't belive it!!
Finally i have a spair time to see you my friends!I missed you so much!So much!

*shadow huggs tightly each friend*
I were away just one week and half, but it seems like months, years!!
I remember of you friends every days!*still hugging*
Now finally iīm back!And have time to go to your sites and see how i missed!^_^
Most of my exams ended just one more and iīm finished!!Woot!!
Asides that the weather was pretty crap here but now is changing now its seems that Summer really came ^^, and yesterday i went to my summer job, its the same place that i went the last year so i am not nervous, well just a bit ^^'', my brother bought his first car yesterday, its not new but its great for us because we never had a car before ^^;, my older brother went to trip yesterday, wish i could go with him though ;__;
Oh and iīm so nervous because my friend will married next Sunday not this one, but the next and iīm gonna read something (she make me read it! -_-'), and next monday we are gonna make her night that she ends to be a single, donīt know how you called it ^^;, just a party that a couple do before marriege with her/his friends, iīm sure you know what iīm trying to say, well i hope ^^'
And this Sunday its the final game of the Europe Cup and the two teams are Portugal X Greece!
Its my country!!For the first time in 14 years!!So all of us are kinda desesperate and with lots of hope to win, but its ok if we donīt win, its great to at the finals, anyway!^^
Well iīm gonna have a pretty emotional week, i guess eheheh ^^'
*scroll up and read her journal*
Oh my i was missing a lot this for writing so much ^^'', well see this as a gift for my long abscent and awsome friendship you have with me and your long patience to be waiting for my return ^^;;
So iīm gonna shut up soon, but iīm just gonna thank you so much for your sweet, lovely wishes and comments, that i ADore reading it!Thank you so much!
Well got to go now!
Love all of you a lots!!

PS: A dedication of Shadow to all her dear sweet friends!^.~
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Its a few days....
Hi!Its gonna be short, i wanna apologise everyone for not coming those days to your sites, thank you so much for comment all thode days, but i still canīt go to your sites yet -_-
Its been a really tuff week with all that final exams, and i still have today and tomorrow*sight*
So iīm gonna be away for a couple of days, maybe if i have time i come this weekend, iīm terribly sorry friends, i know its somehow unfair to havenīt visit you guyz, i really apologise, but its really hard to come and study and make all those things that i have to do, i just donīt have time -_-
But i promise soon, i will return and visit all your sites, PROMISE!!^_^X
I miss you guys so much, i really canīt wait to end my exams to come back!!*shadow huggs each of her friends tightly*
I hope when i come you donīt forget about me!*still hugging* ^^;;
Gosh i have to go i still have to study to my exam today and tomorrow*sight*
See you soon friends!!!!!!*blows thousands of kisses and runs away*

Here a pic of boys for the girls^_~

I havenīt forgot you boys hereīs a pic for you as well^_~
Shadow out...

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Internet problems....
Konichiwa friends!^^
Like my subject says i had some problems with internet thingy, so that make me be away for a couple of days, me and my brother arranged that so i can come now ^^
Well lets beguin with this post shall we? ^.~
I wanna thanx every friend that comment those days thank you so much!I will go to your sites when i finished this post, promise ^.~X
I wanna Welcome Raynear who was away for a couple of weeks and Patita as well!Welcome back my friends!^^*big hugg*
Well let me tell you how was my days,mmmm they werenīt interesting at all, although i had a day that i was so pissed and worried (i still am), its kinda of a very wierd and worring thing that happened with my little sister, a few days ago i noticed that she was acting different, you know more worried and silent(more then usual)? But i know if i ask her she wouldnīt tell me, so i wait because if she had a problem she knows that she can tell me and i help her out...and so she did, we share the same room so when i preparing to go to bed, she was till awake, and this is more unsual thing cause she goes to sleep very earlier cause her school its a little far from our home and she have to take a bus that pass so early too, so she called me and said she had some problem,i was waiting for that, so immediatly i sit on my bed and say what was wrong, she said some boy more older then her was kinda scaring her, and i ask why, and she told me a very worring thing, that this boy that was around 19 or 20 years old, was allways around when she and her friends were playing, he called her thousands of times, with normal questions, like asking her the time and that stuff but he allways end with one phrase, you know your kinda of cute, but the last time he ask her if she wanna take a walk alone with him, she refuses, he ask that all days long, he was allways stalking her even when she take the bus to go home!!
What the heck is normal a guy around 20 years old, stalking a kid with 13???
You guys can call me an old mind girl, but i donīt think thats normal a boy allways stalking a kid like that!!!T:T
I had to do something, i comfort her and hugged her and told her to sleep, i was so angry that i couldnīt sleep, so i got off bed and went to the kitchen allways procastinating in low voice, i tried to call her teacher but she only answer to parents, stupid rule i must say, so i had to do a thing that i will allways hate, betray the trust my little sis have with me and tell my parents, whats wrong, well it was better that way because if i went to school and if i saw that guy i would be very very angry and beat him a lot!!!!So my mom is more calm then i, although when she heard that she was angry too, she went to school and told her teacher everything, because we were fearing that this guy could make something really bad to her, she nows is safe her teacher knows and that guy will have a big lesson i really hope, if he continues, i donīt know what i could do and my brother its pissed too, so the guy its in big trouble!
Awww...i must say i feel better now that i told you, do you think its normal this to happen, do you think iīm over reacting?
Because i donīt think so...
Anyway its better me to go away i donīt want to send you more bad feelings, wich i thank you for listen and apologise for that...^^;;
I really hope you guys had/have a great day!!*huggs*

I wanna dedicate this pic to you my friends, thanx for everything...^^*big huggs*
Shadowlight out

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Hya friends!^^
Welli wanna apologise for those who comment my post above and i didnīt answer, iīm really sorry for that, but this hot makes me feel so lazy ^^''
Well....mmmmm besides that i donīt have anyhting exciting to tell you^^''
So one more time, say what you have on your mind, tell me a story, say your opinion about my site and my art,wich i have to try to submit once more some of them, give me ideas for drawings, etc, etc ^^
ME imagination is a bit low this days^^''
So i will leave you with the pic of the day....
Byebye and thanx in advance ^_~

Its yin and yang ^^
Shadowlight out...

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Friday, June 11, 2004

Hot, hottie day!!

Pheewwww!Finally finished cleaning my house! *shadow sees that her friends are looking to her confused*
Oh Hi there!I didnīt knew you were here ^^
So like you heard i just finished cleaning my house, iīm little tired but iīm ok ^^
Mmmmmm...it rained here a lot even this morning we had Thunder storm, i wish i could see it but i was sleeping and my Dad didnīt woke me up -_-, so i lost it...
Anyyway let me see how is the weather now *runs to the window and comes back*, well now its a very sunny day with few coulds and the sky its so blue, i love it when the weather its that way ^^, and gosh its been a very hot day, geese, i think iīm gonna melt....
Must... eat...some....ice-cream....*shadow tries to reach it but melt down* lol ^^
So like you see iīm still happy and well trying to be funny, well at least i try ^^;;
Ok, ok so iīm off now to your sites because i think iīm booring you up, so...oh!I hope we continue our fight today or someday again ^_~, you know whom ^.~
Oh!Geese i almost forgot! Go to Animundi site, it was her b-day yesterday!Happy b-Day again animundi!!^^Vn

So iīm off for sure now, bye-bye*runs away to catch some waves, but she fails ass usual ^^''*

Hereīs the pic of today...

[Note: If you are curious to know how i look the girl on this photo looks just like me, mmmmm maybe more cute lol! eheheheh ^^ Oh and my hair is more longer the her too ^^]
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Wahhh, iīm feeling so great today ^_^

Konichiwa my sweet friends*waves insanily*
Today iīm hyper happy^^, you wanna know why?Let me tell you^^
I am feeling these way because when i came here and read all your sweet compliments about my new theme, make me feel so great and special^^
Words cannot express my gratitude about your lovely comments you my friends made ^^
Thank you so much *Shadow hands to all her friends lots of cookies and Hangendass ice-cream*
Here it is my reward for you^_^
And one more thing that make even more happier was that our dear friend MA Jr returned!!!!
Welcome back my friend!!!We missed you so much!!!*huggs tightly MA Jr*
So please make him a visit and welcome him here, because he deserves it!!Thank you so much in advanced!!^^
Wahhhh feeling pretty great today, besides the weather is not great today, still very hot thought^^''
Woot, oh and one more thing, yesterday borned a son of my cousin/brother, confused? Donīt be its easy to explain, my mother raised my cousin he lived with us and he called mom my mother so he is like a older brother for us^^
Congrats bro!!!^^d Its a boy btw^^''
Well donīt have anything more to say so iīm gonna go now...
Thank you so much again ^^*blows kisses and runs away singing*

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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Welcome dear friends....

And enjoy the new look of my site!!^^ Confused because of the changes??Donīt worry i explain^^
Now that Summer begun and since i am on Vacations, i thought that was cool for a big change on my site, like you are seeing i changed everything even my pic, and i think it has a theme apropriate for this season.
I must say that i passed more then one hour to put eerything the way i wanna it (i am perfectionist^^''), so i really hope you my dear friends like it, if not donīt be afraid i can handdle critics, no problem ^.~
now lets talk about other things, donīt have many subjects to say since iīm home and nothing really cool happened^^'', but i will try anyway ^^, hope i donīt bother you guyz much ^^''
Well..mmmm lets see...today iīm feeling pretty much happy, lazy and with no sleep (this last thing is very rare to happen), the weather is great lost of sun with no clouds and very hot days, really hot days, geese, but i like it that way ^^''
I am dying for going to the beach, maybe i go there today to take some tone and to learn how to surf cause i still donīt know ^^'', but iīm working on it ^_^Vn
Well...its pretty much what i can say now, cause its been a very normal day so far so i will stop babling and leave you to explore my newest theme, please donīt forget to say what you think of it, i would appreciate a lots, be brutal, eheheheh ^.~\m/
PS: Please go visit Clair Chanteur and welcome her cause sheīs new and could you help her out?Because shes having problems with her gb, thank you^^
Shadowlight out....

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