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Thursday, April 1, 2004

Iīm back!!Missed me??

I bet not, *lol* j/k ^_~
Well iīm not being a good friend at all isnīt i?Cause i was not here yesterday and didnīt went to uīre sites eh?
Iīm so sorry for that, have plenty to do and organized, because my Spring vacations begun today!YAY!!!!*runn all over the house and yelling like crazy*
Ahem...*taking control of her self*
Yep, yep donīt have school for about two weeks not long unffortenly but its better then donīt have none ^^''...
Well uīre asking to uīre selfs, why iīm so busy if my vacations just start, i should be with more time no?
Well uīre right i should and i will (hope!^^''), but this 3 days ( the day before yesterday, yesterday and today)i was planning and preparing things on my house for a.....*suspense*....PARTY!!!!!WoOt!!!^_^
Well i exagerate a little its NoT a BiG PaRtY, or a party at all^^'', its just my 3 friends and myself,(sorry no boys allowed^^''), well they were allowed before but boys were very occupied with soccer, so they will not come, oh well they will loose not us^_~
We are gonna make a lots popcorns and see a lots of good movies, such as "2 fast 2 furious", "Matrix Reloaded", "Blade II", "We were soldiers", "BlackHawck", "Tomb Raider 1 and 2", "Resident Evil", Dream Catcher", "GhostShip", and more much more,
(the movies were choosen by me i love these movies, they donīt know the movies we will see^^''ehehehh *just being bad again i think^^''*)
We allways see good movies at my house when we begun our vacations, its like a tradition i think ^_^''

But the night doesnīt end there, eheheh, we will play on PS2 all my 30 games ^^'', well thinking better it will be a very long night so i better get going, finished the rest of my choco cookies and get a good night sleep for tomorrow, byebye*smille and runs away to see her cookies*
PS:(Donīt think wrong about us but we donīt drink alchool drinks so no alchool will be involved... ^_^)
Ooh and iīm sorry friends for didnīt come online this days but like u see iīm kinda busy^^'', iīm really sorry i promise i come more often in the next days(after tomorrow) ok?Iīm so sorry...
Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Good News!!^_^

Konichiwa friends!^_^ Are having or had a good day? I hope so...^^
Saddly i didnīt dreamed with the continuation of the dream that i had the other night, but i woke up with a good mood, donīt ask why^^
Then i went for school wich was not boring at all because we had a few time in classes because today was the auto-avaluation thing and its why we got out more soon from classes and school, wich were great!!^_^
My friends and i went to the mall and bought some clothes, i donīt, i bought the anime magazine that i told u before, eheheh ^^, and this time brings more episodes yupi!!!Canīt wait to see it ^^
Well i tried to submit my drawings today, but somehow i couldnīt do that, i think my pc is again crazy and heīs try to make me mad, wich he couldnīt achivied his purpose cause today iīm to happy for being mad ^^, so iīll try later, but donīt worry have plenty of new drawings to show u cause i know u are little sick from the other ones ^^''
Well talking about being sick, iīm beguining to be a little sick of my theme, so iīm thinking to do something special on my aniversary wich is very close now (u wanna know the day donīt u??) ahaha but i donīt tell u....
Iīm so bad, muahahahahah* cough, cough*^^''
Ahem....*cleaning her troath*
Its like a gift iīm gaving to u guys u know? because u really diserve for being here every single day, coment on it, have patiente for read my blambling post, help and cheer me up in my bad moments and many many more things so i wanna thank u so much for all of that*huggs*....hmmmmm but still i didnīt decide yet what iīm gonna do^^'', well i have some days yet so must start thinking on that*smille*
Ohh i almost forgot to tell u the real good news, my mom called to the wife of my cousin yesterday and she said heīs a little better, he donīt trow up anymore and now heīs responding well to quimo and radiotherapy, pheewww...it was a relief when they told us that, we are so happy!!!^_^, i really hope he can beat this bastard dicease and come home soon^^
Aside that i donīt have anything more to talk so byebye and thanx so much for coming and post ^_~d *blows kisses and run to the sea to play with dolphins* i love dolphins^^
Shadowlight out...

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Monday, March 29, 2004

A really strange dream....

Hi friends!Its a little late for post i think, but anyway its better post now then donīt post at all, donīt u think? ^_^;;, Anyway iīm sorry for post so late...^_^''
Well, today the weather was good, not cold, not hot, just a normal spring day^_^, but i really passed the most of the day thinking of the strange dream i had, it was like this, i love anime but never dream with anime before, wich could be strange for u ^_^;;, this night i had my first dream anime!!YAY for me!!^_^
I had to admit it was a little strange...
In my dream i woke up and open my eyes slowly, i look up and i saw a tree and the leaves were moving slowly becaue f the soft brise were making, when i got up i noticed that everything was different, u know like i was in some comic book, soft colors, simply beautifull, then i look to me and see that i was different too, i was in a anime girl body and i was wearing very cute clothes^_^'', i didnīt enter in panic just was amazade with such beautifull place, just saw in the in tev never in person ^^, and then i begun to walk with no destination, then a brise left again and something attracked my attention i look to the place and someone not far away where there, but i were to far to see what who, so i walk a little more to see the person more closer and it was a men, friends never saw such superb drawing, he was...WOW i donīt have words do describe him!!! Just one word pooped in my head....Kuwaiiiiii!!!
It was like he was waiting for someone, never take his eyes for the sea, a soft brise lift his handsom hair,i beguin to walk to see him with more clearly but then someone called me, and the i woke up, was my mom calling to get up for school >_<, men why she had to called me in that moment??!! I was so closed to see him better and maybe talk to him, why he were looking to the sea, and whos the person he were waiting, well now i will never know the answers donīt i since my mom woke me up
It was my first time i was dreaming with anime, never dreamed before(well just dream wake up ^_^;;, oh well, i simply donīt have luck ^^
When i was in my classes i couldnīt stop thinking about that dream, and i made a screcht of the guy i saw, i will submit the drawing if u guys wanna see how he looks, its not so good like i saw in my dream but u can made an idea ^_^;;
My friends (girls) think he his so hot!!And my friends (boys) think his cool (they mumble in envy) *lol*
Iīm gonna make a drawing of the clothes i weared in my dream, donīt saw my face thought^^''
Well asides that just wanna wish
Good luck and take care dear friend MA jr, see u later*huggs tightly*
Well friends and for u see u soon*walks to her friends site dreaming wake with the boy she saw and blush*
Shadowlight out...

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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Iīm so sad....

Yes my friends iīm sad, because one of my friends are planning to leave myOtaku for some reason i know its important and personal who i donīt know, and its not my concern, but i know many, many people from here will miss him and i aswell, heīs a great artist and a awsome friend, and sweet and lovely with people he donīt know, i remember heīs coment in my guestbook he was one of my first friends that come to my site, so for me heīs in my list of special friends, he left a short but sweet coment in there, if my memory serves me, it was like that: "Thanx so much 4 coming*smiles*, Your sites is very nice 2...well keep up the good work...added U as a friend", for me it was a sweet coment^_^
And yes Ma Jr it was u, thanx so much for being my friend and for giving me suport when i need it, i hope and pray thatīs what making u have that idea of leaving end soon and really hope u be fine very soon too, i know that many many people will missed u, because they just can talk to u here in myotaku and if u leave they loose contact with u, u know its not easy going to luthuania ^_^;;, iīm not trying to chance uīre mind making this post donīt think that, well....maybe just a little ^_^;;, because i will really miss u*huggs*
My friend i will be here waiting for uīre return someday, it may take days, weeks, or even months, but i and all the people who knew u will be waiting for u here, so please, please donīt leave, take the time u need, but donīt leave ok?
So i just say see u later and not goodbye, see u very soon my friend and remember we are allways here*huggs tightly*....

Shadowlight out....

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Friday, March 26, 2004

Iīm back and alive, and prepared to have another......booring day!!!*with her broom in her hand* Opps...^_^''

Here I am safe and happy!^_^ The storm came this night and were very violent, the wind blow very strong and rain a lot (but really a lot) the street in front of my house were like a river we were a little sacred that the water could enter our house, wich it did, and i have plenty to clean all that mud in my garage today >_<, well continue, make beatifull Thunders and i got all tape!^_^ YAY!!!*jumping*
I didnīt slept much this night, cause the storm were all night long, in the middle of the storm i beguin to be worried with my house cause my house beguin to make some noises and i thought it wouldnīt resist (note: my house its a little old!^^''), well but donīt worry guys, my house its safe and didnīt flew away with the wind, she resist very well, who surprised me a little, well a little house that we have in the garden, didnīt resist though, the roof swept away with the wind and we search today for it in the garden but wasnīt there, i hope it didnīt make any damage to other houses though -_-...
Well it was a good expirience wich didnīt make a lots of damage (one more thing that surprised me), i saw in t.v and all the houses survived well with some trees were ript off and some cars were damage but in someway the more important people werenīt hurt^_^, so donīt worry it wasnīt that bad at all^_^
Men nature its amazing donīt u think? Because i woke up this morning with sun in my face!! The night before we were having a big storm and today it was normal like that never happened ^_^, its really amazing! Well but its sunny and still its freazing outside and inside the house rain persist to continue though^_^;;, not that that rain that make before....
One more news that i wanna to tell u, my Mom and Dad are planning to move home, wich make me confused, i mean when i recived the news i was surprised and excited but then a few minutes later i was scared and beguin to think why we have to move?I wanna move but this house were the only one i saw in my entire life and thinking to move its not that good cause i know its old and everything but still its my home, and if i move iīll miss her a lot, and to make things worse my opposite its so excited with the idea to move -_-, its that normal? Really i donīt know if it is^_^;;
Well if my parents wanna move i just have to accept theyīre idea, i know they just thinking the best for us, like they allways do... ^_^
Oh....iīm rambling enough here,^_^;;, well iīm gonna go i have plenty to clean today *smircks*, no one wanna help a poor girl like me to clean all this mess?*glowing eyes and hoping someone help her* ^_~ *lol* Iīm jocking ^_^;, i hope u have a good day today and a good weekend as well^_~
So see u later*blowes kisses, say goodbye smilling, then take her broom and sweept the floor singing*
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Warning: Storm Ahead!!

The weather today is horrible, its freezing outside, rain a lot and i think my house will flow away because of the wind!^_^
But telling the truth i never saw in my entire life a weather thatīs making today!!
Iīm so cold! I got home not long ago and i catch a good rain, i were totally wet!Men was hell to wait in the full bus to my bus stop, i was trembling a lot and iīm still now, donīt worry now iīm better cause iīm in my home sorround by thousands of blankets^_^, its pretty comfy right now, better then the bus^_^;;
The news passed not long ago a warning that we have to stay home tonight and protect or houses, u know the procideer donīt need to say it^_^;;, well i hope the strom donīt come to late tonight cause i like to tape it and watch it with my older brother^_^, i know its wierd but did u ever went to uīre window in a storm night and saw the tunders in the sky?Men its beautiful and awsome!!If u never saw, u should^_~, but donīt be careless and go outside cause that way its no fun, ok?Its dangereux!!^_^
I know iīm a bad influence but i like to see storms and tape them, i have one thatīs the best, a whole night with beautiful thunders all around my neighbourhoud!!Was such an adventure!!^_^
Well i hope too, that my house donīt fly tonight and people donīt be careless, cause it will be a noise night, and hope too people donīt loose theyīre house too, like the other time...
Well i know everything will be fine, well i sure hope so^_^
Asides that, i donīt have anything to say so i just gonna go and make a hot Chocolate
^-^*blows kisses and run to kitchen make hot Chocho and run again to the window with her video camara drinking*
Shadowlight out...

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004


No more study until next month!!YAY!!*jumping up and down over and over again*
Today was my last test, now i canīt rest a little and be more here in MyOtaku more times, btw friends i wanna to apologise for saying in the post bellow that i was checking uīre sites but i couldnīt do that, so iīm so sorry!
I also wanna thank for all uīre coments in my posts bellow!Thanx so much!^_^
Well 2day the weather was cold and with lost of black clouds and rain a little, but well was not the best day but was good anyway^_^;;
Did u know that after i read uīre coments with all that wishes for good to to my test i had more patience and will to study?Thanx so much for that too!*huggs*^_^
My post is too long, sorry about that, but i missed post here for this days, and is a way for recover the lost time i think^_^;;, but iīll end right away^_^*blows kisses and runs to the supermarket to buy grosseries and.... icecream!^_^hmmmm.......*
Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hi guys!!^.^

Iīm so sorry for didnīt post yesterday, i have to study a lot!!!>_<
Because once again have an test tomorrow*sight*, i miss you guys a lot!*huggs*
But iīm back!^_^dWell nothing really special happened yesterday and today, just was two warm and sunny days!^_^
I cannot wait for the next week because in end of that week my spring vacations beguin!!!!Woot!!!!*jumping and dancing*
Really canīt wait!Because i really have to had a break to rest my head and to enjoy all those sunny days that we here are having^//^...
So i wanna to wish u a good spring vacations if u have one and to be patience if u are waiting like me to vacations to come^-^v
Well now iīll make a quick check up in uīre sites because i still have a lots to study, and i donīt have a little patience to do it, but i have to^^'', so thanx for coment yesterday and today as well^_~*blows kisses and run like a little kid to uīre sites*^//^
Shadowlight out...

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Hi friends!!*waves enthusiastecly*

Iīm so sorry for didnīt post sooner, but i was recovering my energies!^_^Well my mom made me do it, but she was right, (like allways)!!^_^;;
Because the way i was feeling and that sickneess that I had before was because of stress and all that things, now that i rest a lot iīm feeling much better!!!^_^
And iīm very, very happy!!!*jumping and dancing a freak dance*,Woot
Oops! Iīm sorry guys^^'', Uīre asking why iīm so happy doesnīt u?
Iīm happy for no reason at all, just woke up that way^_^
Asides that, maybe today iīll submit my drawing of Dadīs Special Day because u guys tell me u wanna see, i really hope u guys like it!^_^
Donīt forget to rate and coment whenever is uīre vote and thinking, when the drawing come out iīll let u know ok?^_~
Hmmmm...donīt have anything more to say, aside that tomorrow i have to go to school >_<, but oh well...gotta to go anyway ^_^;;
So i hope everyone is happy and hyperactive as I today!!^_~v
Now i gotta go*blows kisses and ride to the sites of her friends)
Shadowlight out....

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Saturday, March 20, 2004


I feel much better now friends, thanx a lot for all uīre wishes!*huggs* I thought i ha some cold but it not!^_^Pheew...i just had some infeccion or stress like my mom said, because iīm allways busy this days with school, my training sessons, the sickness of my cousin, all that things make me felt like that according to my mom, i donīt know if its true^.^;;
Thanx so much uīre advices and care^_~d
Well yesterday was Fatherīs day here and i make a drawing to my dad, who he enjoy a lot, gosh i sweat a little to do it, but is sooooooo kuwai and cool!I think its my best fanart ever!^_^
Iīm think of submitt someday for u guys see it, but iīm not sure when i can do that^_^;;, maybe tomorrow or today it depends if i have sometime this days!
Today i woke up very late its why iīm posting so late^_^;; jeese i was really tired and have to restore my energies so sorry for my late post^-^;;
Well now iīm going to uīre sites and btw í hope uīre having a good weekend^_~
Surprised because is now question today?Well today i let u rest too a lttle,eheheh*lol*
So see u l8r^_~d*blows kisses and fly to the sites of her friends*
Shadowlight out....

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