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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

   Konichiwa my dear friends ^_^v

After i read your comments i feel more happy then ever, thank you, thank you so much for that sweet, lovely wishes*Shadow gives Big bear hugg to all the friends*
It really makes me feel special when i read it^^
Now i´m feeeling much better, i had to be abscent from the site this days to rest a little because i passed lots of hours before to do all my works for school and in here, but now i´m so glad to be back, i miss you guys so much i can wait to go to your sites and see what i missed those days^^, i hope all my friends are having or had a great day today and the other days too^^*Still hugging*
Mmmmmm...not much to say about those days that passed, just that i´m in vacations now, school end but still i have my exams to come >_<, geese how i hate it!!But no more school!!!YAY!!! ^^
Oh and i went these Sunday to a B-day Party of a friend of mine was pretty fun although we just passed 2 and half hours in the party ^^'', i think these is the more short party in the world. mmmmm maybe i send these to the Guinness, ^^ *lol* eheheheheh ^^
Asides that nothing more interest happen, so i´m off to your sites now, bye-bye*blows kisses and flies away*
Shadowlight out...

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Wednesday, June 2, 2004

   Konichiwa friends....

This gonna be a very short post, i´m so sorry for being away again but this 3 days i am not feeling well, i´m even feel today kinda sick, but don´t be worried friends, my head usually do this, she sometimes likes to torture me with very painfull headackes, i shouldn´t be here writting but i was feeling more bad for not saying anything those days so i´m here to say why i was away this days ^^''
I´m so sorry for not visit and comment your post this days, but i promise i will return the favor, when i feel better ok, thanx so much for those friends that comment*bigg huggs*
Hope you guyz are having great days and feeling good...
I´m gonna go now, see you soon*scrolls to bed and try to rest*
Shadowlight out...

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Shadowlight is a restricted area. Authorised personel only


From Go-Quiz.com
Eheheheh i found this in a site of a friend, that i can´t remember now, sorry^^''
I don´t have anything to say, so i´m gonna go now, one more time here in this post you can say whatever passes your mind ^^d
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

   Feeling good today!!!

[First i want to thanx all the the friends that visted me all these days, for signing my gb and allways comment and want to thanx either all the people that are visting today, (Welcome!^^), because without you guyz i didn´t achivied 1103 visiteds, thank you so much!!*blows kisses*]

So today was my last test of the year!WoOT!!!*runs all over the house like mad, screaming*
Yep today i´m feeling pretty good ^^
Now i can upodate my site everyday, and go to yours sites cause i couldn´t come to all of you, i tried though ^^''
Mmmmm...when i came i went to my fanart to see if my drawings were submited, one more time my drawings didn´t show, i tried more then once but they allways are not submited, don´t know why though...it can´t be because they are not good, well for me they are my best works, i´m not saying they are better then the others artist but they really are not that bad ^^;;, well maybe they are with lots of other arts and they forgot about mines, maybe...i don´t know...^^''
so what did i do these 3 days??Mmmm*thinking*....well just one day is worthy to say, was Tuesday i went to the beach, it was a really hot day, the sun didn´t shine much even though was pretty hot, so we went to the beach and swimm on the sea,awwwww was really good, the water was a little cold, but when we get used to it was really great, we played a lot, was a really funny day i enjoyed a lots ^^
Well the other days wasn´t so fun cause i had to study hard for these test today, so this isn´t so fun, don´t you think?^^''
So guyz i´m curious i was your days, did you enjoyed?Hope so ^^
Well i´m gonna go now, cause i´m tired and need to enjoyed my day now that i have a weekend free from all schools things just for me ^^, and well i bought the Oficial Magazine of Ps2 with the demo free so i can´t wait to play, eheheheh ^^
So like i promise for the boyx heres some pics for girls for you, well its not from "troy" girls cause i couldn´t find some of them, not even on the site, so i put here some pic from anime girls and its relative to the Summer^^, hope you enjoy ^^ (sorry!!^^;)

Shadowlight out...

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Monday, May 24, 2004

One done, one more to go...

[Nice start of my post ne girls ^,~?eheheheh^^]
I’m sure everyone knows whose in the pic, and the name of the film, (I’m sure girls know it very well ^_~, eheheheh ^^). Since some friends talked in they’re journal about “Troy”, I want to share my idea too ^^, if want to hear of course ^^’’*lol*
What can I say? Mmmmm….I really Love it its really a good movie, well some parts I was a little angry cause Achilles kill Hector, he is so cute and kind, and Achilles death too.
Don’t take me wrong but I really didn't like much seeing Orlando Bloom in this movie, is not that he didn't did a great job, he did, but somehow I think that was not a good character for him, and I was hoping a little more of the film, ah well I like it anyway and hope they win an Oscar next year or so ^^
Well asides that, it really makes me happy to read your comments about my tradition, I am so trill that you like it, I was a little afraid that you could think that I make a little long my explanation, (which I did! ^^’’), thank you so much for your sweet compliments, hope someday to see you guys here, visiting our islands, well I still can dream, can i? ^^’’*lol*
Anyway here it is some crunchy cookies for reading my post above*Shadow gives lots of cookies to her friends* @@@@---^^---@@@@
I did an test today, a really hard one, but I think I’m used to them so no big deal^^’’, I hope I have a good grade on this one, cause I really need it ^^
Next Thursday I will have my last test of this school year*jumping of happiness*, yep, then I have just one more week of school (the next week), and Summer time!!!! Well sort off I still have to study to my final exams >_<, but the reason of my happiness it’s that I can come here more times to go more often to your sites, which those days I’m not doing this, but I can a sure that when Summer Vacations come and when I finish all my exams I make you thousands of visits on your site ahahahah, sorry just carried away a little ^^’’, but still I’m going to visit you a lot ^^*lol*
Ok, ok, I think that is all today, which I’m not sure, somehow I think I had something more to say but can’t remember ^^’’, maybe in the next journal I remember ^,^, maybe, maybe not ^^’’
Well now its time for me to take a little nap, cause my head are so tired and I am too ^.~*blows kisses, gives more cookies, and runs away*

Well it was kinda of unfair to show only the mighty Greck God Achilles(Brad Pitt) and not show Hector(Eric Bana), the Dominator of Horses, and Paris(Orlando Bloom) he´s cute and the lover bird for women's^.~, so here it is^,^ eheheheh ^^

[Don´t be mad boys i will put in my next post the women of this film, promise! ^^x]
Shadowlight out...

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

First I want to thanx every friend who came, I really like reading your comments (they were really sweet), so thank you so much*Big hugs*
Since everyone agree and want to know the story I’m going to tell you, but it’s a really long story, I tried to make the more short I can, but still will be a little long so if you don’t want to read it just skip this part^^’’
I want to say first that this is a catholic tradition and this tradition is called “Senhor Santo Cristo”, which means Lord Holly Christ (I know it doesn’t sound good on English but in my language sounds much better^^’’)
Let’s begin shall we?
[First this is a catholic Tradition it’s a worship to an Image of Christ, this not I repeat Not made by me, cause it’s a long story and I didn't know how to make in a good understandable English^^’’]
The story of the worship of Senhor Santo Cristo begins at the convent in Caloura, Água de Pau, on the island of S. Miguel. It is traditionally known that Caloura was the first place on the island to have a nunnery. Its foundation was possible mainly because of Jorge da Mota´s daughter's piety, who were from Vila Franca do Campo.
In order for such a task to take place it was necessary that someone go to Rome to appeal for the respective Apostolic consent. Therefore, two nuns from S. Miguel went to the Eternal City requesting the desired document from the Pope. Their mission was carried out so well that the Pope not only issued the eagered consent but also gave them an Image of the Ecce Homo. Back at the Valley of Cabaços, the unique Image was put in a niche where it remained only a few years.
Because the area was secluded and too exposed to pirate raids, one day, the small monastery was abandoned by the nuns, some of which went to Santo André in Vila Franca do Campo, and the others to the Esperança Monastery,, in Ponta Delgada that had recently been founded by Donor Captain Rui Gonçalves da Câmara´s widow.
Nevertheless, the Image of Senhor Santo Cristo was not forgotten at the Valley of Cabaços. A Gallician nun, Mother Inês de Santa Iria, brought it with her to Ponta Delgada.
The first procession
The island of São Miguel was intensely shaken by numerous and powerful earthquakes in 1700. Since they had been going on for many days and didn't seem like they were going to stop, the Table of Mercy and many noblemen of the city decided to go to the main gate of the Esperança Monastery, to take the Image out in a procession.
On the afternoon of April 13, 1700, all the brotherhoods and religious orders were brought together. Also, all the noblemen and huge crowd gathered with tremendous faith to try to appease the divine indignation by contemplating the holy Image.The procession, in which everyone went barefoot, had begun; as soon as the Image was seen at the main gate, the crowd expressed their immense commotion through tears and sighs, proof of their undeniable sorrowful hearts.
The most qualified noblemen carried the litter for conveying religious images with the Santo Cristo. As the procession went along, the respectable Image would enter every church where the choir would sing the psalms "Miserere mei Deus". Despite the protection and caution with which they carried the Image, after leaving the Jesuit church and on the way to the church of the Santo André Order, the Image fell off its frame and hit the ground to great amazement of all those who watched on. It was considered a mysterious fall because it didn't fall through one of the sides but through the front of the frame.
The crowd panicked with this strange incident. Some wounded their chests with stones; others kissing the ground believing that it had been sanctified on account of the contact with the Image, asked for the Lord's mercy. With penance instruments they gave themselves strong, pitiless blows, staining the earth with the blood of their veins; these in a loud voice publicly announced their faults, considering themselves the cause of the Lord's indignation. In between their tender sighs and uproar, they asked God to stop demonstrating his just vengeance.
It was then that they realized that the Image had not been damaged with the fall except for a bruise on the right arm.
At the Santo André convent, the Image was washed and cleaned and then put on its frame again with the utmost caution. The procession continued, between tears and sobs, which impeded the panicked people to continue their prayers, until nightfall when the Image was returned to the Esperança Monastery.
And the divine wrath was appeased…
On a volcanic island where seismic activity is frequent, devotion to the Holy Ghost and to the Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, , is the people's only refuge. The devotion that Mother Teresa da Anunciada, , respectable nun from the Nossa Senhora da Esperança convent, , so intensely felt for Christ profoundly impressed the people's souls. Hence the worshipping of the Lord expanded and grew stronger throughout the years by way of the procession and the Image.
Today it is the major, grandest and most devout procession in all of Portugal.
In the heart of every Azorean throughout the world, there is an altar of eternal cult towards the Senhor Santo Cristo, where their prayers permanently light mystic candles of imperishable devotion and feeling of want.
Thus the presence of thousands of Azoreans from the United States, Canada and, naturally, from the other islands, every year to participate in the great feast of the Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, authentically expressing devotion and faith. Weeks before the procession, the Esperança monastery and the 5 de Outubro Square are festively prepared and decorated. Thousands of multi-colored lights, masts and flags, flowers of all types and colors bestow the area with a festive air.
The feast goes on for many days. There are many religious services and concerts. On the Saturday afternoon there are people who go around the Square on bare knees, or else carrying wax-tapers as an act of thanking God for the mercy he has bestowed upon them at an afflicted and suffering moment.
Then, on the Sunday, thousands of people go in the procession. Opening it is a banner bearing a golden crown with thorns, then two long lines of men wearing sleeveless garments over their clothes, many of which carrying thick, votive candles, others going barefoot as an act of going through with their promise to the Lord. In between them are numerous bands. Next come juvenile associations carrying bright banners, children dressed as angels, students attending the seminary, the clergy from S. Miguel and some others who are invited, all coming before the respectable Image of the Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres. It is carried on a wooden frame that is lined with velvet and gold, on a throne of beautiful silk and cloth flowers made in the XVIII century.
Following the Image are the Catholic Church's dignitaries, representatives of the religious orders of S. Miguel and thousands of women carrying out their promises.
Closing the procession are the supreme civil and military authorities, social and sportive representations and associations.
Almost at nightfall, the procession retires after five hours of going through the main streets of Ponta Delgada.
The treasure of the Senhor Santo Cristo is mainly composed of the following jewels: the Aureole, the Crown, the Reliquary, the Sceptre and the Ropes.

Fruit of the mysteries of faith, signs of gratitude because of the miracles that help the mortals continue living, the Ex-Libris of the treasure, the AUREOLE, is the richest piece of the collection of relics. Photographed and documented upon by international art specialists at a meeting in Valladolid, Spain, it was recently considered the most valuable piece of its kind in all of the Iberian Peninsula.
The AUREOLE, made of platinum gold, weighs 4,850 grams and is inlaid with 6,842 precious gems of all types: topazes, rubies, amethysts, sapphires, etc. In addition to its artistic value, this jewel is full of theology related symbolic elements. The first being the Holy Trinity, represented by a triangle in the center of the piece that bears three letters with the following meaning: "I am what I am" and also "The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". From this triangle the aureoles beam towards the extremities of the piece. The second element is Christ's Redemption, represented by a lamb upon a cross and by the Book of the Seven Seals of the Apocalypse. The third is the Eucharist, symbolized by a bird, the pelican, by the chalice and by the ciborium. The last symbolic element of the AUREOLE is Christ's Passion portrayed, in detail, by the Crown: going from the tunic to the rooster of the Passion and also the crown imbedded with thorns made up entirely of emeralds.
If the AUREOLE is the most valueable piece of the treasure, the CROWN is the most delicate. Made of gold, weighing 800 grams, it has 1,082 precious stones, all minutely wrought, where even the thorns are composed of very small gems that become even smaller towards the ends.
The RELIQUARY is, on the other hand, the most enigmatical piece of the treasure. It is the only piece that is permanently fixed on the Image's chest where it retains the Holy Cross, which is believed to be a splinter of the real cross on which Jesus was crucified.
The SCEPTRE, the fourth piece of the treasure, is made up of 2,000 pearls that form a corncob, 993 precious stones laid throughout the stem and base made up of golden lace, where the Cross of Christ is set.
Finally, the ROPES that are 5,20 meters long, are the fifth piece of the main body of the treasure. They are composed of two rows of pearls and precious stones that are coiled around a golden thread.
These jewels are of an inestimable value but have yet to be duly evaluated. The Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres jewels, as well as the collection of cloaks worn by the Image, can be seen at the Nossa Senhora da Esperança convent.
Well here it is but if you are more interested to know more detais go to this site http://www.virtualazores.com/santocristo/aprimeirai.html, this was the site that I take a part of the history you can find more things here^^, I’m sorry if that was long, but for you to understand how amazing is this it had to be long, I hope you enjoyed and I will leave you with a pic of the image that I take, see you soon...

Shadowlight out...

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Friday, May 21, 2004

   I´m finally back....again ^^;;

Waaaahhh! It feels so good to be back again! I feel I was away for weeks….well I was…. for two*cough, cough* ^^’’, my dear friends you can´t imagine how I missed you all*huggs*, everyday I wanted to come back but I couldn't, I know I promise that I will not be absented anymore but I really couldn't come, I hope you are not mad at me but if you are I understand, but please let me explain what make me not come to MyOtaku this days…
Like I told you before [on my journal bellow] we here had our Religious Tradition , it’s a tradition that we have for more then 100 years, lets make a little publicity for the place I live shall we?? ^.~v
Well I don’t know if I said sometime ago that I live in Island (its a group of 9 islands
wich is called Azores)
We have lots of tourists from all of the world [yep even from Japan ^.^]all year, but especially we have thousands of tourist in this time of the year because of our tradition, every people from all the 9 islands come to the island i´m living (wich is called S.Miguel means Saint Michael), and last for week…really its amazing seeing all this people that come from so far away to see this,and all people from here appears too,
it’s amazing and a little scary
too cause we only see an ocean of people, [for you could be normal but for me it’s really
Well I don´t know if you are interested of knowing how and why we make this tradition so its better I not writte here cause I really don´t want to bored you, but if you are just let me know and in my next post I can tell you everything and even show you some pics I toke from ^^, well like you are seeing this way i was away those days, i´m sorry if I make you worry and i´m sorry for not telling you that I would be away for a couple of days I really am, I missed you all*huggs tightly her friends* and missed a lot MyOtaku too ^^
Oh I almost forgot I submit some drawings hope they would be accept this time*crosses fingers*, well its better i´ll be going don´t want to bored you more ^^’’, see you soon *waves, blows kisses to every friend and runs away*
Shadowlight out…

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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Another survey coming out!!^^

Konichiwa friends!
Its raining really hard now here, the sunny days are over now we will have raining days*breads deeply*, is not that i don´t like it, it just that i was enjoying the beautifull sky blue, the sun on my face and all that warm, it was like it was Summer already...
Awwww never mind, it will make Sun soon don´t know when though ^^''
Anyway i saw that i didn´t put the name of the pic on my post above, so its normal you didn´t know what anime was that ^^'', well its "Wandaba Style!", a pretty cute anime very funny to watch i advice you to see, i´m sure you will like it, well i hope you like a little at least ^^''
Hmmm...again nothin´really worthy to writte here happened on school the usual boring school days ^^'', so one more time i´ll gonna
leave you with one more survey of Bzoink, i really am beguining to enjoy doin´it^^'', here it is:

What is your favorite..
restaurant:Italian or chinese^^ Yummie!!
drink:Coke or Water^^
type of weather:Warm but not too warm and suave brise*starts imagining* _-_
thing to do on a half day:Sleep eheheheh^^´´
late-night activity:Playing on Ps2 or chat on msn or watch anime or have a good chat with my sweet friends through MyO^^
sport:martial arts!!^^
city:i´m gonna visit soon Vancouver so... ^_~
store:a store that have anime and videogames^^, wich i don´t have here-_-
When was the last time you..
cried:not long ago...
played a sport:today, i went to my Aikido trainings^^''
laughed:hmmm...its difficlt to say i laugh all the time^^''
hugged someone:hmm...sorry can´t remember^^''
kissed someone:its classified!!If i tell you i had to kill you ^.~
felt depressed:a few time ago...
felt elated: ok this will sound silly but i really don´t know what elated means ^^''*blush*
felt overworked:a few seconds ago ^^''
faked sick:probably i will soon...with all the stress i´m having, naaaa i´m a strong woman*fakes* opps^^''*lol*...
lied:i never lied*blushed and rolls eyes*^^
What was the last..
word you said:bye...
thing you ate:ice-cream...hmmmmm...
song you listened to:Yubiwa from FLC i think
thing you drank:water
place you went to:DUh!! Home!!
movie you saw:"Underworld"
movie you rented:opps i forgot^^''
concert you attended:wow that was so long ago^^;;
Who was the last person you..
hugged:my mom
cried over:classified
danced with:my puppie Junior^^*lol*
shared a secret with:my mom, we are very close
had a sleepover with: O.o''
called:my puppie ^.^
went to a movie with:my brother
saw:my friends
were angry with:myself^^''
couldn't take your eyes off of:anime^_~
obsessed over:anime and videogames, eheheheh i´m allways absessed with that ^,^
Have you ever..
danced in the rain:yup its so wonderful!!*starts dreaming*
kissed someone:ok, its me or are you repeating your self?? o.0''
done drugs:never
drank alcohol:yup
slept around:
partied 'til the sun came up:hmmm never donne it before but someday i will do ^.~
had a movie marathon:all the time...
gone too far on a dare:nop never..if my memories surved me ^^;;
spun until you were immensely dizzy:lol sounds fun, but nope never did that ~.^
taken a survey quite like this before:yup, i´m beguining to enjoy it a lot, hmmm ok i´m strange -_-''

The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety! brought to you by BZOINK!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2004


[for those who didn´t understand, its "Hi" on my language, i just didn´t know what to put on my subject^^''*lol*]
Well like i promise, this post will be very little for compensation the trouble you had to read my post bellow^^''(i will not make an post so long for a lonnnng time, promise!^_~x)
Well let me see what happened today,hmmmm, nothing really good happened to writte here, the usual boring school day^^'', so its not worthy to put here^^;; Anyhoo i put an Bzoink survey for yout o know me a little better (actually i was bored^^'', so i did this i thought was a good idea put here^^''), i hope you enjoy^^

Tell me about yourself
What's your name?:Shadowlight, shadow for friends^^
How old are you?:19 years, i know i´m old -_-;
Where are you from?:from here^^, portugal i mean^^''
When is your birthday?:That´s classified if i tell, i had to kill u^_~
What color hair?:Brown
What color eyes?:brown
What is you favorite
Color?:hmm, don´t really know...pink?i´m kidding^^'', its blue
Food?:italian food, yummie^^
Animal?:all animals^^
Drink?:Coca-cola, love it^_^
Song?:"my Immortal" from Evanescense
Band/Singer?:Band- Evanescense, korn, linking park, and limp biskitz, Singer-don´t have one
Movie?:"The lord of the Rings", "The Last Samuraix", "BladeII", "Blackhawk down", and my list go on and on....^^
TV show?:don´t have one
Book?:Duh!"lord of the Rings"
Sport?:Martial Arts, i love it!!!^_^
This or that
Night or day?:Night
Black or white?:White
Chocolate or vanilla?:and u even ask that???Offcourse is chocolate^_^
Pepsi or Coke?:Coke
TV or computer?:Well, tv only because of Anime/manga, and computer only cause of anime/manga and my fav. ----> MyOtaku ^^
Movies or DVD's?:Both
Rock or rap?:both
Pop or punk?:punk
Old or young?:it depends^_~
Tall or short?:it depends as well too
Big or small?:just told u before, -_-', men u´re boring...
Have you ever tried to lick you elbow?:O_OWhat????? Hmmmm...no why?Have you tried??o_O;;
When was the last time you cried?:Hmmm, i don´t know...
Do you sing in the shower?:Offcourse who don´t? ^^''
Can you drive (legally)?:i know how to drive but don´t have a license^^''
Do clowns scare you?:Sometimes, they are spooky o.O´´*runs away*
Do you enjoy jello?:yup^^
What is the one thing that annoys you most?:Stupid people-_-'
Do you laugh a lot?:Yup all the time^^
Do you consider yourself a funny person?:It depends what funny u´re saying, but even though i don´t know^^''
Who is a sexy mofo?:What??O_OSexy..mofo???Hmm in my language mofo means no a good thing^^''*lol*
Does MTV suck?:it depends of the show or music, but no i don´t think MTV sucks just sometimes^^;;
Does Avril Lavigne suck?:Well...*rolling eyes*^^
Do I suck?:Yup tottaly -_-'
Do you suck?:0_0 how u dare saying that??*shakes fist furiously*
Have you ever chased a duck around in circles?:0_0 chasing a duck?Men u need treatement -_-', very quickly...
Are you tired of this?:What do u think?-_-'
What time is it?:06:28 p.m
What day is it?:u´re wierd u know that?
Do you love me?:Its a joke right?0.o''

About You brought to you by BZOINK!
Thank you for coming & reading^^
Shadowlight out..

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Monday, May 10, 2004

   Finally i had some time to bread....
[gosh how i missed coming here ^^]
*Shadow gives big breath*Pheewwww....
The other week was so stressfull, i really don´t know how i survived*shakes head*, i´m so relief and happy that i will have some days to rest a little^^
Well i´m sure you all are wondering what happened if not just skip this part^^ (its gonna be a little long and maybe boring^^'')
Well lets beguin...
Tuesday and wenesday i had a full days of tests and more tests so it was boring and super stressfull i must say....
Thursday- a Big day my cousin that was with cancer its much better, the doctors let him go home so me and my mom woke up 5 a.m at the morning and went to the airport, i was soooo happy to see him is a little skinny but i was so surprised and proud cause he was with such great humor and make jokes withe his problem, he said he was needing a little vacations from work so he had one and even travel and ate free food, i´m really happy that he is taking this in the right way , really am, hmmm it reminds me that some people say that when you take things with a happy and a smilly face when we are very ill it helps heal, so i hope my sweet cousin stays this way forever^^, well after this i went to school slept on some classes, my teacher caught me, i usually answer her questions but i was so tired and sleepy that my vision was trembling and i was seeing everything with fog, and well i didn´t heard her and told her that i didn´t know, she makes a really surprised face, and i told her, someday i should´nt know something right? she didn´t said anything, passed a time and she asked me another question and i didn´t answer again i really couldn´t keep my eyes open, she beguin to be woried and asked me what was going on, wich i said was nothing, she even told me to go to the nurcery but i said was nothing, but she wasn´t given up, so i told her that i was not feeling well, i maybe had some cold, then she left me alone, finally now i could sleep in peace*lol*^^
The classes end but i had to study cause i had an test in the next day, so no rest for me...-_-
Friday- i didn´t study much i slept on the desk, so i had to woke up early to clean my house like i used to do on friday´s and to study a little, i made my tests and when i was going home i caught up my mom on the way and she asked me if i would like to go to Furnas ( the place where my cousin lives and a place i love and allways want to go), so even though i was feeling horrible, i couldn´t tell her no, cause its a long travel for my mom make alone, i wanna talk more with my cousin, and offcourse for a long time i wanna see that beautiful place^^
Saturday- another day that i woke up early, (that was very hard i must say), cause i was dreaming with anime again, the same dream that i told you about, hmmm think of it i am dreamin´with that dream a lots of times this past days, anyway me and my mom and my little sis wanna come too, we had a travel of two times on a very discomfortable bus, i was with my sis Carol (her name)and she usually pass very bad on travel but surprisingly she wasn´t on this, good for me, i hate seeing people trowing up, Yawwwck!!Well we walk a lot, the day was beautiful, with no clouds and blue sky really wonderful to go out^^, i talk a lot with my cousin, he really he´s great ^^
we passed all evening talking and saddly i had to go home...
Sunday- one more day to woke up early, it was one of my friends b-day btw happy again B-day Sofia!!!^^
She pick me up around 9 a.m and a few friends of ours too, we went to her Brother´s Challey (i think is that way that we say^^''), we made barbeque and everything the day was beautifull toop, we toke a lots of pics, the house and the garden was sooooo gorgeus!!!Anyhoo i had a really great day, on the evening i was sooooo tired that i slept on the floor when we where enjoying the sun, they thought that sick, poor girls...
Monday- not much happened, but i´m still so tired... i had tones of homework to do and works too, and this weekend its the traditional holliday that we have here so no rest again...and school ends on 4 weeks...
Well and that was my streesfull boring, i read your coments i´m so sorry if i worried you guyz, if i could i come but like you saw i had a really busy week , but when i had some time i run here, you know when on the passed week i remember you guys all days and really was missing you a lots, so i´m really glad to be back^^
You my friends are really amazing thank you so much for being true friends and being worried with me thank you so much
*Shadow gives big hug to everyone*
*scrolls up her post*WOW that was huge, i´m so sorry for that, so i´m ending this now, i´m sorry if i bored you guyz much i promise next time i writte a very little post^^''
Here´s the pic

I dedicate this pic to all my friends here on MyOtaku cause for me
friends are like Angels
They are hard to find
But not impossible to have
Thank you my friends for

Shadowlight out...

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