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Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Iīm back again!!^^

*Shadowlight comes past two days missing a lot her friends and when she opne the site*
What the....???Big changes happened on this sites, and i was just away two days!!WOW!!^_^
Although i donīt like a few things, and have to get used to some of them like the friends list and the coment thing^^'', but i will not complain, or i just did that??o.O'''
Anyway, my dear friends i missed you so much*huggs tightly every friend*, this days where horrible well just yesterday i might say ^^'', i had to study all weekend cause i had an tests on Monday, wich was yesterday, and gosh that was a hard one>_<, when i finished the tests, my head was like exploding, the test was really hard, anyway i hope i have a good grade, iīm sure i wil not have the best grade but anyway if its a intermedium grade iīll be glad ^^, i had too some problems with my computer, my brother fix them, so its way i didnīt come those iīm so sorry friends*huggs*
Well if you donīt mind i could tell you what happened on Sunday the delayed party of my b-day, and at the same day we celebrate Mothers Day too, cause it was on May 2, well not much to tell just that we went out and ate on a restaurant and i bought he OPs2 magazine, some mangas books too^^, and my brother and i bought "The Sims:Hot Date", very funny game i must say ^^, i really like it, we walk, bought some groseeries and went home, i love the day!!^_^
Oh and Shizuka-Chan, Junior is fine, a little enthusiasticle but fine ^^, i forgot to tell you that on my coment^^''
Hmmmm....i think you are bored of hearing me babling around here, so iīm off to your sites
Take care*waves godbye and runs away*
PS:Well lets see if my pics sow up^^
Thank you for coming & reading

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Saturday, May 1, 2004

Come over here iīm not gonna hurt you*lol
That was a silly subject*scratch her head*
I wanna apologise for my abscence, i didnīt update my sitet because i didnīt know what to say and i still dont donīt know^^'', so fell free to say what is on your head here^^
Ah!I allmost forgot, thank you so much for allways coment on my post friends, its so sweet of you*big hugs*
Iīm off to your site now*runs away with Junior*
Hereīs the pic

Thanx for reading & coment ^^
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, April 29, 2004

You guys are the Best!!
Yes you are!!!*hugs*
Iīm so happy and when i read your coments iīm even more happier^^
Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely compliments and wishes*huggs each of you*
I had so much fun on my b-day!WoOt!
Let me tell you about it:
Me and my friends went to Bugers Ranch" and ate there, then we toke a lots of pics togheter to remember when we get more old*lol*, then went to the beach, weat our feets and our clothes too^^''*lol*, if you could seen us friends we were like children playing around ate a ice-cream (note: i bet you wondering if iīm totally crazy about ice-cream, so no more wondering i am!^^), were so much fun, when i got home my sis was making
the dinner, she didnīt let me help her, she just said that was my b-day so no work for me, wich was great cause i was very tired^^'', we didnīt make any party at all cause my Dad was working so i didnīt want to celebrate without him, so we delay to Sunday, for me is great^_~
My friend went to my house and offer me a little, cute, sweet puppie, i cried like a baby when she told me : " I know you lost not long ago your dog with skin cancer, and i know that was hard to take that decision, and you never recover well, i know this puppie will not replace the place of your lost puppie, but he looks just like him, so i wanna give him to you, is my gift", and he really looks like him, she was right, i didnīt recover since my best buddie Pardo (my dog), died, the vet told us that the cancer were all over his boddie, and the best thing to do was to put him to sleep forever, i cried so hard when she told me that i hugg her and said that was the best gift i recive^_^*tears of happinness*
I named him "Pardo junior", for his resembles to my lost buddie and to make my last considereation to him, *Shadow look to Junior and see that cute eyes*Heīs soooooo cute and fluffy^^
I didnīt slept much those 2 nights, because Junior miss his mom and his 6 brothers, so i couldnīt come these days sorry^^
Once again, thank you so much for your sweet coments friends,
Iīm off to your sites now*Shadow beguins to run, but Junior starts crying she picks him and runs to every friends sites*

Thanx for reading & coment
Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

My new theme is upt!!^^
[Well most of my theme are, for some strange reson i canīt change the colors of my site, but iīll change just now i donīt have much time cause iīm going to school]
Konichiwa!Like i said the other time when my theme was up, it was my birthday, iīm having a bit of problems with, but iīll promise that i will resolve^^
Today is a big day for me, not also is my b-day, and the change of my theme, but also, make 3 months that iīm register and i recive more then 900 friends visiting my site, iīm so happy ^_^
When i register here was for develpment my skills and to knew all the people of the world, case iīm a very curious person^^, but iīm so amazed and honnored to meet such wonderful people, who care, support, are kind and sweet to a person they never saw in their lifes:

U were the first friend who signed my gb, and help me when i was feeling lost, and you talk portuguese!!Wich was handy^^
Thank you for your friendship*hugs*
MA Jr- I donīt know if you are reading this MA Jr but i wanna thank you too, for your friendship, for your help. I miss you like all your friends here, and i hope someday for your return and wanna wsih you the best of luck for all your life*hugs*
You were too the one of the first persons i meet here, thank you for your help, for your friendship, and for your encouredge coments, i hope all your dream come true very soon, and canīt wait to buy you book and read it^^, i really love it and is amazing, i am flattered that you made me one of your characters for your storie continuation, and even make a drawings of us!!Good luck on Unniversity!!^_~d

Chie- You are the most kind and cheerful friend, you are always there to support when one of your friends need help or a encouredgement, donīt ever change ok Chie-san?Thank you for all*hugs*
Shizuka- What can i say Shizuka?You are like Chie-san, you are kind, sweet and a very great friend, thank you so much for your support too*hugs*, donīt ever change too ok?^_~

Demonsprite- Thank you too Demon foir your kindness and support, you too are a great friend*hugs*
Poo62- Your Text Herepoo62, you are the most funny guy i ever meet, you too always support me, and when i was sad you make me smille again, thank you too for that and for adding me to your storie too*hugs
Bakuryu- Its been awhile since we talk i hope you are ok^^, thank you too for your support and friendship, and make me smille too*high5*^_~
Sahkyrce- Ah Sahkyrce, you are such a great friend too, thank you or everything, for support, help, and friendship*huggs*
Dark Phoenix - Thank you for your kindness and support*huggs*
Shinigami- Aww Shinigami you are such a good friend too, thank you for everything*huggs*
Paranoid Person-Thank you too Paranoid, for your kindness*hugs*
My other friends- I know the word "other" is not a good word i know but donīt take this as an offense, is just that we donīt talk much or i know you for a few time, i hope i can know you guys well and see how wonderfull you are, wich iīm sure you are^_~v
So guys thank you so much for coming my site and signing my gb, i wish you the best of luck for everything*Shadow hugs everyone*
All of you in this site are The BEst and i feel honnoured and flattered to be here on Otaku,
Thank you guys for everything

Shadowlight out...

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Saturday, April 24, 2004

First i wanna to apologise for my wrong spelling on my post bellow, i wanna say Anniversary but i writte Birthday, thanx so much for warning me Shizuka!!^.~d
I wanna thanx too all the wishes and for telling me whatīs anime was that pic, thank you so much*hugs*
I belive you notice that my Intro has changed, well i wanna upgrade my info about me but when i did i notice that my blog was gone as well my enter pic, i went back for do it again and i notice that on the Intro has a limit now, i tried to put a blog but never happier, Shinigami said that Adam changed because he think that the unlimited Intro before was kinda confusing for the new ones and unecessary for the other ones, well maybe heīs right, ah men but i had such cute idea for my intro now i canīt do it , and i lost the older one-_-
Aw well just have to get used to this changed just that^^
Well asides that a few time ago a corse of bikers boyz (i think is that way) passed by, was so cool^^, i was playing on Ps2 when they was passing, the noise was like a big plane was lifting up, i was a little curious and went to check it out, i saw all my family on the window, and ask my mom what was going on, and she told me, really really cool^^
Ah!I allmost forget, the weather is soo amazing here, it looks like a Summer day, is hot (not much though) and sunny, the wind is blowing but so soft and the smell,hmmmmm^^
Well now is the time that all of you now, time to move my butt and finished this post and leave you with another pic^^*runs away to see the sea*
Thank you for coming & coment ^_~

Shadowlight out..

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Friday, April 23, 2004

WhaT?Did you notice the place to add post changed?O_O i must say that i donīt like much the way that are now-_-, the "change colors" disappiered and also the "change font", i had to copy the color from another place, i really didnīt like the change, and you?well probably i am the only one that didnīt like it^^''
Well changing subject my my mom and dad made yesterday 28 years that they are married!!28 years!!!Gosh thatīs a lot of time lol^^'', but iīm glad that they are still together, we ate on a italian restaurant and went for walk, was quite fun actually we laugh, i heard some stories about the childhood of my parents, the first time my Dad changed a dipper(this was quite funny actually^^) and things like that, so my mood today is much better then yesterday^^, although iīm a little exausted because today is cleaning time^^''
Well iīm gonna finished this post out because i have told you every interesting that happened today so thank you so much for coming &coment^_^d*runs away eating ice cream*hmmmmm, wanna a little?^^*lol*

I think this pic is so cute (specially the boy^_~), but i donīt know what anime is this, so anyone could tell me?Thank you in advance^-^d
Shadowlight out...

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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well at least for me^^'', eheeheheheh
In my last post i said that i was going to your sites friends, i went and coment a few, donīt take that as an offense or something if i didnīt went to yourīs, like i said on my post bellow my internert was slow and i remember after writting the post that i had to finished my essay to Biology, and i still didnīt finished^^'', now that iīm back to school i will not be arpund like i used and like too, am still having problems with my net though, but iīll do my best to go everyone site of yours ok friends?
Iīm really sorry for that. All this week i didnīt draw anything not even in my class, yes i used to draw there too when the class is too boring and for not fall asleep i draw*lol*^^'', well but now i canīt draw or even sleep on classes because the exams are very closer and i have to mentain(oh i know i spell this wrong^^''), my grades or even get better ones, so no more drawings or sleeping on classes angain*sight*
the weather here is so good^^, its warm and sunny, well was ^^'', now its very cloudy and i bet its gonna rain, my mood is a bit strange today, iīm bored, sad at the same time happy, iīm sure you are like that --------->O_O, *lol* i told that my mood was strange today, and more strange then that is that iīm feeling that way and i donīt know why >_<, oh well iīm strange anyway ^_~*lol*, hmmm *starts thinking*, well i think thats it nothing interesting on school happened so iīm gonna end this now, once agin iīm sorry friends for my absence, and i missed you all*hugs and runs away*
Thanx for reading & coment^.~
Hereīs the pic^^

Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Finally back ^^
Well two days passed since i begun my school again, and i canīt wait for summer vacations^^*lol*, but was cool to come back i saw my friends, we chat a lot well they had plenty to tell about theyīre vacations, i didnīt ^^''*lol*
The classes are still boring though, but oh well my classes are allways that way i think ^^'' , my friends and i are planning what to do on my b-day, i donīt know why they wanna celebrate that, it just one more year that iīm old, on the day of my birthday i allways miss my childhood, awww such wonderful times, no worries, no responsability, that was life i must say^^. Now i just gonna hear the same old thing of my parents and family: - "19 years old you are a grown up girl, now you are responsable for youīre actions, bla bla bla" (boring)-_-, like you see i donīt like much celebrate my b-day but is cool to recive gifts though ^^*lol*. I have good ideas for my new layout (what a good way to change subject*lol*), i still have some problems with my song though, btw i wanna thanx so much all the friends that wanna help me with that i really appreciate your help*hugs*, oh, when i learn how to put a song Chie, Shizuka and Anime Dragon iīll help you out ok?^_~
Thank you all that coment my post bellow and signned my g-book this days^_^, i couldnīt come to your sites before because my internet was so slow that will take years to submit a coment ^^ *lol*, so i hope this post show up *cross fingers*...
Well iīm gonna stop now cause my post is long enough i donīt wanna bored you anymore^^*blows kisses and runs on higher speed to her friends sites*
Odaiji ni (take care)

Chi- Chobbits
Asides the amvīs of Onoki site i never saw the episodes of this anime, its a pity though because really looks so great...^_^

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Hya Friends^^
Just passed two days that i didnīt post and i feel like was weeks, well u will find this strange friends but i actually was all this weekend^^''very lazy , i slept allmost all weekend and went to bed very late, just playing games on my PS2, watching movies, eating popcorns and seeing anime, more popcorns, more anime, well u get the pic^^, i indeed have some sort of lazyness this weekend wich is very rare to happened, my family even thought that i might be sick, not because of eating popcorns or seeing anime, (i do that^^ all the time), but was that i really didnīt move much, i just didnīt (and still) wanna do absolutly nothing or sleep, and iīm enjoying ^^''*lol*
I hope iīm not making this an habit, wich iīm abbsolutly sure i will not make, just i decided to enjoy my last days before coming to school, being relax and prepared for that^^'', so i follow uīre advices friends^^, my mood is much better such as the weather all thought the sun didnīt shine much, but is better then have rain again i think^^.
Well not much happened on my weekend wich unffortenly is ending-_-, but iīm ok with it^^, hmmm friends i need uīre help on one thing if u donīt mind helping me^^, is that i have very cute songs on my computer and i tried to put here on my site but the music donīt play, i think iīm doing wrong can u help me?Iīll appreciate a lot ^^ thank you, anyway i hope u are having or had a great weekend as well^^, and i wish u a great day tomorrow^^*blows kisses and runs away to see CCS*
Thanx for reading & coment

Another pic from Kenshin ^_^
Shadowlight out...

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Friday, April 16, 2004

The Last Day...
Yes my last day of my brake, and i thought iīd have some fun today, the weather didnīt helped though, is raining, is cold and all this make my mood gloomy, my hand is not on the mood to drawing cause i tried but the drawings sucks, and others things, well its not a good way to finished my brake, but hey we canīt have everything can we?^^
Anyway yesterday i enjoyed a lot of talking with my friends from myOtaku online on msn, i donīt need to say who friends were^_~, i hope we can chat again and if any of my other buddies wanna chat with me just e-mail me but please put on the subject MyOtaku cause if u donīt i will not know if u are from here^^, thanx^_~
*looks to her post* What usulless post, i didnīt talk anything interesting, well maybe beacuse i really donīt have anything to talk^^''*lol*
Anyhoo i hope you guyz have/had a great day^_^, well the day here isnīt over oh my!!!I remember now today is my dadīs birthday O_O
HaPpY BiRtDay DaD!!!!^_^

Oh iīve got to go now and do a sweet drawing for my Dad^_^
Odaiji ni (take care) thanx fro reading & coment ^_~*blows kisses and flies away*
Shadowlight out...

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