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Thursday, April 15, 2004

One day untill my spring brake ends
Yesterday i couldnīt come to post or even go to uīre sites, i had things to do, i think Raynear was right when he said i was an active girl, i just saw this now^^''
But still am lazy when it touches to study^^''but who arenīt?*lol*
Like my subject says tomorrow is my last day of my brake*sniff*, oh men it were so good if was a month, but anyway i just have a month of school then my exams come>_<
Well i must enjoy my last days i think so iīm gonna go but after i wanna thanx every friend that came and coment my post bellow, iīm sorry if it was long, today i make it very short to repay you for that^^, well i donīt have anything more to say so byebye, thanx for coming & coment^.~*smille and runs to her friends site*

~~~Samurai X~~~I really miss this anime, it was really great!!Oh btw The Mask ( click in the name to go to his site) have a really funny fanfic about Ruroni Kenshin i think u might see it, i really like it, is so funny XD
Shadowlight out...

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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Did u ever feel like u were fallinī so fast, without stoping inside of urīselfs even if u are sit in a confortable chair, and then u feel so angry but so angry that u feel like u gonna explode and u start crying so hard cause u feel powerless cause u know u canīt help?!
Well that was the way i felt when i saw this movie yesterday, iīm not a religious person never was, but i allways knew that that Men died for us, but never saw how He really surffered, how cruel people were because he had differents thoughts and ideals, that its so completely different from them that they fear him and they are capable to do such horrible things to make sure that such ideals be gonne for ever...
How could that persons do such horrible thing to a Men like Jesus were?
How Jesus felt when he saw all his friends betrayed him?
And see all that people who warship( i know i spell it wrong) him before now hate him and want him dead, how he really keep strong seeing all that?
I ask this questions to myself since yesterday, and still donīt have answer cause we still do today, everyday we saw in the news all that wars, all that kills, and the most innocent people, thousands of hungry people, and others trowing away good food just because some stupid reason...
Some people said that in this film had anti-jews ideals, but i didnīt saw that, Mel Gibson just show in a Violent but truth way how Jesus Christ give his life to us, how he really suffer so hard to achivied and make us believe, all that people were jews and they condemn Jesus to death, Gibson just said what was in the New Testment, but anyway like i said religious isnīt my strong point, but still i love this movie, cause he really thouches everyone who see in a different way...
This movie thouchs me too in a very deep way, it didnīt changed my ideals but change the way i used to think bout Christ and his dead, i have more respect for him and even faith that simply one Men changed all corse of History...

Well friends iīm sorry if u think different from me, i didnīt want to offended u but if i did iīm so sorry, is that i canīt stop thinking that Jesus did all that and we still are making so many sins and mystakes...
Anyway asides that the day is much better, and like u see i didnīt study anything yesterday cause i went to the cinema, so i really had to post something bout this movie and share with u my idea from it so i wanna know urs as well, i give u too the link to the site of "The Passion of Christ", but please friends if u are susptable (sorry donīt know how to spell it^^'') donīt see the movie or the Traillers of the site ok? Thanx^^
"The Passion of Christ"
So i just gonna go now iīm sorry once again if my ideas offended u in anyway, but its my opinion, so bybye*runs away still remembering the movie*
Odaiji ni

"You are my friends and the greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them"
"The Passion of Christ"

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Monday, April 12, 2004

*looks to her subject*Now thatīs an original subject^^'' *lol*
First friends i hope u all had an great Easter day and weekend, well mine was ok not so special at all^^...
This week i have more time and i will be
online more time!! YUPI!!!*starts dancing*
Oh i remember one thing this week i have to study >_<, cause i have two tests in the next two weeks and one even in my b-day now thatīs a good gift donīt you think^^''?
Oh men today is already monday, i only have 4 more days of my spring brake*sight*, i donīt wanna go to school again *sniff*, why spring brake isnīt a month?That was so cool if it was a month^_^, and my exams is closer too*starts going crazy*ahhhhhhhhhhh.....
*reads her post* Iīm very positive today donīt you think ^^''? Sorry for that^^
Well for those who have spring brake enjoy a lots, and for those who are at school, poor you*huggs* i hope u have/had a great day b^_^d
Well i just babbled to much, the original journal that i was gonna to do was not this one, but i complety forgot what i was going to say^^'', i hate when that happen -_-,
so i post later or tomorrow if i remember ok?
Anyway have an nice day, see a bunch of anime(iīll do that^_~), or simply do what u wanna do ^^'', just try to enjoy uīre day a lot!!!^^ Now iīm gonna enjoy my even if its raining a lot, very cold and dark in the morning(wich it is)^^'' So thanx a lot for coming and coment^_~
Odaiji ni(take care)*blows kisses and runs away till disapiered*

Feel my wrate!!Muahhhhhhhhh*cough, cough*^^''*lol*

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Today my post will be very small, just wanna wish u....

HaPpY EaStEar!!

hope u enjoy this holliday byebye*smille and runs away eating traditional food and the eggs she found*^^

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

It only been two days since i wrotte my last post and i feel was like weeks^^'', i missed u a lot my friends*huggs*, i have plenty to tell since u ask me to say what happened these days, so sit back, and well try to enjoy^^;
Thursday- Well like i said in the post bellow some people from church ask her if she like to do one of the steps of Lord Jesus my mom agreed and i help her, we did everything for that moment, but my mom and i thought that was a little strange make this tradition on Thursday, they used to do on Friday, so when everything was prepared my mom with curious toke the paper they used to put on our mailbox, and saw that the women said the wrong date, it was on friday and not thursday, me and my mom were so angry, because we heared well they said Thursday at 8:00 p.m, so we had to unpack everything we did before >_<, i know we should see first the paper before but men the women were from Church they should know the date correct donīt they?T_T
Friday- We did all over again, but someway was good cause the altar were more prettier then the first time we did, we had more time and more things ^^, its not a very special tradition at all, we have much better traditions then this here, hmmm how can i explain u this in a way u can understand*thinks, scratch her head*, well did u ever saw the steps they do in Jerusalém? Well we do here the same way just a little dfferent, cause we arenīt in jesuralem^^'', its like that a bunch of people getter around with candles praying and singing, all that kinda of things all the way, and they stop in each house that have the a step (a step is reperesentate by a little altar with candles and a book or a image of Jesus)and the priest read little parts from the New Testament, something like that^^'', i hope i was clear wich i think i was not, but eih i tried^^''
Saturday- Today were more fun (believe me), i woke up very early(besides that, i hate to woke up early^^'')and i went shopping with my family, to buy grosseries for tomorrow, and we ate lunch on a Italian Restaurant (hmmm yummiii), i LOVE italian food, just got home now and have a little time to see what u are doing and to answer uīre coments, wich i thank u for that^_~d, and wanna say too that i didnīt give up the idea of changing my layout, iīll do that in the day of my b-day wich is close, hmm donīt know why i said this though^^'', anyway i wanna wish all of u a Awsome Easter with peace and love and offcourse a lot of chocolates, and sweet candys, eheheheh^_^
Odaiji ni(take care)*blows kisses and runs searching for eggs* he so cute donīt u think?*glowing eyes*^^

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Thursday, April 8, 2004

Yep its gonna be a really busy day*nods*, but iīm prepared for that^_^
Like i said in my last post, today its the steps of Jesus, and i have plenty to do, such as, buy flowers, put 2 letters in the mailbox one to my friend and the other to a friend of my dad, then buy some candles, pay some bills, and do a little altar in front of my house, and many many more, so friends iīll be a little busy today and i canīt come to msn or even here, so sorry if i donīt coment in uīre sites, but i will when is all over k?^_^thatīs a promise^-~
Well aside this i donīt have anything more to say, so iīm gonna go, byebye*waves, blows kisses and runs away to the city*

Now thatīs a good example of a guy with long hairs wich are so difficult to make >_<, but still soooooo kuwaiiii ^^

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Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Today was day of clean all the house, pheeeeww was tuff but i made it, all by myself, donīt worry i am not crazy with cleaning thing, my mom ask me to do it because tomorrow is the steps of Lord Jesus, and we were invited, for make on of the steps( its a tradition here), i have to admit that i donīt like Easter, never liked, well aside when i was a child my parents used to offer us before we go to the church an Egg (a chocolate one, not the normals), i think this holliday is the most sad and boring too, donīt get me wrong, let me explain better, its sad cause we know how Jesus suffer for us, all that pain>_< and boring cause all the channels are passing allways the same movies from Jesus, geese iīm kinda sick of seeing everytime the same movie in all the channels, do u realize that people do sacrifices in some contrys, real sacrifices like walking and hurting themselfs or even they nailled them selfs in a crucifix like Jesus??Men that need gust for doing that>_<
Ok u really wasnīt expecting me Shadowlight to talk about that today wasnīt u?
Iīm sorry if i disappointed u, but i was really thinking of that, and just type without think if u like to see that post, so just forget about it ok?^^''
Well aside that the weather is good here finally the sun show up and it still have white clouds, so beautiful^_^
Iīm glad that my post bellow at least give some info for u ^^, i draw two new drawings, one really surprised me, i did my first manga drawing and
what make me really surprised was that i draw a men, gosh they really are hard to draw >_< but iīm finally make guys look like guys and not girls^^'', oh ye i remember, i still canīt submitt my drawings and its freakin me out >_<, i though that was my computer but i check and everything was normal, well iīll check one more time maybe i didnīt saw the problem^^.
Gonna go now, maybe take Zeus(my dog)for a walk poor guy, he is by myside with that look so adorable^^, so thanx for reading, and sorry about that Easter thing, iīm really sorry of i offend anyone, really!But is the way i think^_^*blows kisses and fly away*

Shadowlight out....

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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Iīm cleaning lalalalalala.....
The rain stop, the sky is blue with some white clouds, is so beautiful, when is like this, i really love it^_^
Today i went to my nutricionist( hope i spell this right ^^''), for u guyz to understand if i spell it wrong, its kinda a doctor who give u some tips for u to have a good health, or something like that...
I was a little nervous yeasterday and today when i woke up, cause i didnīt do what she ask me to do in the last time i went ^^''(last year), she recomended me to stop drink so much milk (wich i have to admit i love, specially very cold^_^), and drink my coffee in the morning with no sugar, and other things, (wich i did in the first week but then i give up ^^''), iīm not sick or have some problem with sugar, so donīt worry is just a way to be more healthy, (the idea of going to one was of my mom)because she said we donīt have a good alimention, so she made me go to this doctor, but was cool, really is allways fun, when the doctor look at me and said that i have an atletic body, eheheheh (i laugh a lot when she say that), i loose some weight ( i donīt know how though), and she ask me if i quit drinking my coffee with sugar, to not lie i said i was trying hard on that and was still reduzing the sugar every week, eheheh, iīm so smart ^^* feeling proud of herself*, everything was going fine and i was really being more relief but when she said that i didnīt quit eating chocolates( another thing that i simply love^^''), i just blush and said that was truth, but she didnīt yelled with me or anything, she simply smilled and said that was ok with that, that i can eat all the chocolate i want but just in the morning, (note: my eyes were just like that O_O), then she continues with that doctor talk, but i tell u in normal language, if we eat chocolate in the morning, or something with chocolate, we will used that all day, and we donīt earn more weight, because our sistem uses that, but if u eat some chocolate in the evening u earn all the calories that was in the thing u eat, surprising ne?^_^, well like allways she forgot that i do Aikido and ask me how can i had such atletic body*laughs*( my body is not atletic like she said, but why sheīs allways telling me this??O_o, maybe she thinks i have some problem with my weight??I really donīt care so much, i just am a normal girl, who are not fat or skinny, oh well^^ maybe she thinks that i really care much and say that for make me feel better *lol*), well i said that i was doing a martial arts - Aikido and she said WOW, that really helps uīre body to be more beautiful and u still learn so much with that (wich is truth^_^), then we talk about it and talk bout many things, i really enjoyed talking with her cause she is more older then i just 3 or 4 years, so sheīs young and sheīs somehow funny ^_^, was much better this time because my mom wasnīt there, eheheh^_^, the other time she were, she were allways talking and answering the doctorīs questions and i just band my head saying yes or no, anyway my mom is cool and i really like her, besides making that things ^^''*lol*
Well i donīt have no idea why iīm saying this, i bet u are bored with my post, so i just gonna go and buy some ice-cream cause runs out here, and maybe with luck i buy some anime or manga^^, so bye-bye and thanx 4 reading and coment*wink, and runs to the supermarket*
Even mad kenshin still are so kuwaiiii^___^''

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Monday, April 5, 2004

Well i had a good rest and recover all my energies, so iīm posting again ^-^
Yesterday rain all day and night long, and its still raining now, jeese i think if doesnīt stop rain soon i have to do the same thing as the panda in my subject*lol*^^'', cause its raining really a lot and maybe could have some flood warnings soon, men i miss the sunny days so much *sniff*
It really had to rain today in my first day of my spring break T_T, i plan to do so many things today, walk my dog, run a little in the beach, walk with my friends, make a surprised visit to my mom in her work, (like i used to do)*grrrrr*, oh well i canīt do it now, can i? T,T
Well i hope it stops raining soon cause i
really am beguining to be sick of it >_<,
well but somehow its good thatīs raining cause i didnīt see for awhile Bubble Gum Crisis episodes, so today i catch up on that^.^
Aside that donīt have anything more to say ^^'', besides wishing all of u a good day and take care ^_~* waves smilling and starts dancing in the rain*

PS: Well kissing in the rain its good donīt u think?*wink* ^^
Shadowlight out...

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Saturday, April 3, 2004

Cucu friends...^^

Well iīm sleepy, very tired but here iīam to tell u how was my little party^^...
Well i had a really great time we saw all the movies, eat a lost of popcorns and eat pizza too, then play allmost my 30 games and dance a lot too, then rest a little and play again, making houses and make the neighbours in rabbits and frogs, lol, oh sorry this was not real cause we are not wiches or anything^^'', we were playing "The Sims:MakinīMagic" and was lots of fun!!^_^
Ohh Shinigami, we saw that movies u said, great movies^_~, and boys came to our party not all the boys but some came and was more fun^_^
Well like u see i enjoy a lots, but iīm very, very tired, just slept two or 3 hours^^'', but amazingly i donīt have much sleep, have a little but not much...
Well now iīll go to some of uīre sites now and see what uīre doing, donīt take that as an offense or something if i donīt go to uīre sites its just that iīm very tired and i canīt come to uīre sites, tomorrow iīll be much better then i go to everyones sites, promise^_~d (thanx a lot for coment my last post buddies*huggs*), then i have to clean the rest of my house and rest a little cause my family come today( my parents and brothers)...

Oh i almost forgot one thing....

Happy late Birthday Anime-Dragon!!!
*Shadowlight brings a Huge cake*, i hope u had a awsome b-day^_^*huggs Anime-dragon*
so byebye for now*waves and runs away*
Shadowlight out...

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