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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
*sigh* I kinda miss summer school. I made a lot of friends over in summer school. XD We had a lot of fun. Hahaha, but whatever. I chat with them over the net sometimes. =P

New Layout

Well as you can see, new layout! I hope you guys like it. Personally, I don't really like it. I stared at this image for... let's just say, a long period of time. Just so I can see how I should start it. But I ended up just adding brushes and effects and words on my layout. Not really nice. But this image took me forever to find. Thanks to hinaru, he game me the picture. Yay. Coding took me forever. A code wouldn't work, and I went nuts. XD But I got it now. lol. I'm not really done yet. I have to change the colors. But I'm too tired. I'll do it later when I feel like it. Haha. XD
But overall, I hope you guys like the new layout.

Yay for new music. This week will be Get Out Alive by Three Days Grace. Hope you enjoy the music as much as I do. Heh, I love all the music on the CD. =P

I'm So Tired...

Well yesterday, I noticed my guestbook entry went down by one. Yenny left. Well, her name is Yen, and her username was chubbi_chibies. I called her yesterday. She told me she got bored of it. *laughs* I wasn't surprised. XD I mean, I get bored of this place as well. Making graphics and layouts is one of the reasons why I still have it. XD

Things are so quiet around here... since all those guests are gone. And my dad also went to Oklahoma. So it's just me, my twin, and my mom. We are such boring people. lmao. But I'm soooo tired. I think I'm gonna fall asleep on my keyboard. Haha.
Well watched part of Korean vs. Switzerland match of the soccer world cup. And Korean LOST!! NOO. >_< I was cheering for them. Oh well... it sucks that they lost. I was so sad. I'll still be watching more of the world cup.

Ah I'm probably going to the movies today. Not sure what we're watching though. We'll just see about it.
Well... nothing else to talk about.

I don't think so. Haha. I'm too tired to think anyway. =_= If I forgot something, I'll tell you guys tomorrow. Vacation is coming soon. Hahaha. Not really forward to it... but yeah whatever. XD
Take care everyone! Later =]

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Yay, no more summer school! I'm so happy! XD But I will miss my class. We had so much fun. Our project presentation went really well. We had to present to two other classes. Our rehersals were quite a bummer, but we totally winged it out in the real thing. XD So much fun. And funny. =P


Okay, I would explain what's up with the nine guests... but my dad accidently unplugged my laptop, and there was no battery in my laptop, so shut down. XD To make long story short... when the nine guests came over to our house around one AM, I was already asleep. But the ended up waking me up at 2 in the morning. They didn't sleep until 4:30 in the morning... or even five. o_O But I fell asleep around 4. >_< It was a pain. They wouldn't SHUT UP. I wouldn't be surprised if next door was gonna have a fuss.

Well they had a little party awhile ago. I barely participated in the party. Because of so little sleep, I got a headache. I was visiting when I decided to rest up. Sorry if I didn't visit your site...
But I'm all better now. =D


Glad you guys like the shirt. ^^ Some of you liked the front, some of liked the back. I personally like the front better. XD I just love that effect. You can see it again... XD... because I feel like it... ::
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Well today, the nine guests are going to visit Oklahoma. And they're coming back on Sunday. Joy. XD
Oh remember the 17-18 year old I was talking about? Don't really know how he still looks like... hahaha. They were gone almost the whole day, and came back later. During that time, I got a headache, so I didn't care who was around me. Hahaha. Whatever. =P


Well... I'm looking for a padawan. But don't answer yet to those who are interested. I need to think of more questions to talk. What's a padawan some of you ask? I'll explain later. XD Too tired right now. Well not really. It's 11:30 PM over here right now. And I work up at 9 PM from my rest. Haha, I'm not gonna sleep for awhile.

Well I'm currently watching a new anime series. Shadow told me to go watch Ouran Koukou Host Club... or Ouran Host Club. Same thing. XD I know some of you are watching it. It's hilarious. Hahaha I really love it.

My real summer vacation has really started. Even though it started almost a month ago. *laughs* But now I have to try to practice my marching band music. =| Joy.
Well that's all for today. I think. Well hope I can visit everyone today... without the interference of a headache. =P Take care now! Later =]

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Today is the last day of summer school for me. Score! XD
I won't be needing to go to the official last day of summer school. I get to to exempt the exam. ^^ I'm so happy. lol.
Well lots of things will be happening today. Kinda.
Our class is doing a huge class project. We have to make our own company and such and come up with our own product. It's pretty fun. XD

I'll tell you about my week...


It rained like crazy when I woke up to get ready for summer school. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a tropical rainstorm. It started to flood... and the place I usually live doesn't get flooded too easily either.
Since my desperation of not wanting to go to school on Friday to take the exam, my twin and I forced our dad to take us. XD He kinda got mad, thinking we want to get the car ruined, but whatever. We survived. That's all that mattered. But a lot of people skipped classes and such, but if you came in tardy, then they wouldn't count you tardy due to the storm.
Well anyway, during class, that's when we started to discuss about our group project. Pretty nifty. XD Too long to explain. But yeah, we come up with a company and make a product. We elected a president, project manager, and a secretary. Then we have four groups, with one head director in each group. And yada, yada.
I'm in the fashion show department. XD I wanted to be in the group that was making the product. Haha, I accidently chose the wrong group. lmao.

Tuesday & Wednesday

They said that rain was gonna continue on Tuesday... but it didn't. Barely. XD
Continuing the project. Oh yeah! Forgot to tell you guys what our corporation is called! XD A girl came up with "Iji" meaning memory in Japanese. Neat huh? I like it. XD So did everyone else in my class. Our product is a "memory" gift basket of some sort. It's all these crafts stuff that can kinda store memories... like pictures, notes, etc. Yeah, confused...? Sorry. XD
Oh! And we have shirts too! It is awesome. Here's some pictures of the shirt::
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

So the front is in kanji, and the back is in japanese or chinese. They are the same characters in both language.
Wow the "BACK" shirt looks it's from an Ebay place or something. XD

That's insane

Anyways... I'm having nine freaking guests staying in my house for a few days. It's crazy... our house is only one story with three rooms. Well, it's very spacey room, but gosh, nine people?? That's insane.
But hey, my dad said there's a seventeen-eighteen year old guy who is one of our guests. Haha, you never know he could be pretty cute. ^_~ lmao. XD I doubt it though. He could be a jerk too. XP

New Layout

Well I'll be having a new layout very soon, once I finish with it. I'm going on vacation very soon... so I need to put it up soon.
But this theme... isn't very cheery. But I'll be playing my new Three Days Grace CD, and their songs aren't all so... cheery. XD So that's why I need to make the theme not very cheery. Too many cheery words.
I thought about putting all the songs every week. But then that means I would need it up for thirteen weeks. Too long. XD That's why I'll be choosing the top five songs. Haha. So five weeks of this theme. That's if I don't get too tired of the theme. XD I'll be missing this theme. Very pretty colors. XD

Oh yeah, I added a playlist on my site. Because some of you liked the other song better. XD So I just decided to use a playlist instead.

Okayyyy.... too much of a long post. So I'll tell you guys more on my next post. Most likey tomorrow.
Take care now! Later =]

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
The whole day yesterday was pretty insignificant. Except for the part where I got a new game. XD
It's called Puyo Pop Fever. Hahaa very funny, cute game. It's kinda like a Japanese/anime version of tetris. You guys should try to play it sometimes too. =D

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day... so what did you do/give to your father? Well what I'm doing for my dad is to clean up the whole house basically. He's been telling me to do it for a week... and I haven't done it yet. So I'm doing it today. XD


Well not sure if I'm able to visit today, depending on how fast I can do the housework. XD
And maybe I'll be playing my new game too. So not sure... so sorry. >_< And I need to finish up my homework too.
So we'll see how it all ends up.

And I might try to make my new layout too. *shrugs*


Well I'm not watching much of anime lately... there's only four animes I'm watching... which are:
  • Eureka seveN

  • Bleach

  • Naruto

  • InuYasha

  • I MISSED Eureka seveN last Saturday because my DVR said it was all a new schedule for AS. It was an effing lie. I recoded Cowboy Bebop instead. *sigh* Not that I'm complaining, Bebop is awesome, but I already finished. Now I'll be confused for the next eppie.
    And I need to catch up on Bleach and Naruto. If it wasn't for these KDramas and such, I'd be catched up. But I'm not regretting that I got into it. =P

    Well I gotta get to bed. Hope to visit. Take care now! Later =]

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    Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Saturday, June 17th, 2006

    Heyo everyone!
    One more week of summer school!! YEAH! I can't wait. XD But this week is gonna be hard. We're having a major project. My partners are everyone is the classroom, so it's a class project. XD

    But it's been fun. Making friends is fun huh? But one bad thing is that there's a small chance you'll ever to see them again. But if you make a big fool of yourself, there's a small chace you'll ever see them ever again either. lmao.

    New CDs

    Well over the week, I got 2 new CDs. Yeeeaaah. XD
    My first one is the Goong Season 1 OST. I loooove it. XD The KDrama rocked, and so does the music. I just wish they had Poolha wooseu(Full House) OST. I would've totally gotten, but no. Oh well. XD
    I can't wait for the second season. XP

    Oh yeah remember I watched Stairway to Heaven? Well I finished about it awhile ago... like about less than two weeks ago. But anyways, really tragic. The ending I mean. It was pretty much lots of drama, but very tragic at the end. ;__; And I thought Winter Sonata had a sad ending. XD

    Well anyways...
    The second CD that I just got yesterday was the newest CD of Three Days Grace!!! The CD is called "One-X". My all time favorite band. I love them, and I love all their songs. It's awesome. I almost squealed when I saw the CD. XD Hahaa, maybe one day I'll put up their music... if you guys enjoy rock that is. ^^


    So now my next kdramas on the list is... Spring Waltz.
    And I want to watch Il mare. Which is the korean version of Lake House. But I'm think I'm watching the remake of it first, then the korean version. Well, I have to wait for this stupid bitorrent file to finish loading. XD
    Oh and I kinda started a bit on watching Japanese dramas. One is Kurosagi, and the other is Nobuta wo Produce. And they both have Yamapi in it. =D

    Happy Birthday

    Well another birthday has come up that I actually got to remember is Chris aka LordSesshomaru!

    So Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a great day! ^^

    Well that's all for today... I'm feeling tired easily nowadays... I should start going to bed earlier huh? Hahaha.
    Well take care! Later =]

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    Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Sunday, June 11th, 2006

    Heyo everyone!
    Well nothing happened much yesterday... I did a lot of chatting and also pretty much watched my korean dramas. Yay! I'm watching Goong right now. ^^ Very good. Yay, thanks Dany for showing us the links. XD

    The Layout

    Um some of you guys had a bit problem on the layout. Something about the... background I think. Its best viewed for the resolution 1024 x 768 and higher. If you have any less, it'll mess up. So I'm sorry, but you'll have to deal with it. >_< But one good thing is that its can be viewed in IE and Mozilla. XD But it's always best on IE anyways... lol.
    But besides that... I'm glad most of you guys like my new layout. :D

    Well I was able to visit a lot of you yesterday. Yay. I was happy. I haven't visited in quite awhile. I think I can visit today... depending on how fast I can finish my Comm.App. assignment.

    SessLover18's contest

    Well my friend, Samantha, aka Sesslover18 is holding a contest for all sorts of talents.

    If you're good at wallpapers, themes, layouts, avatars, fanfics, or fanarts, then you can join! She needs more contestants to join.
    Well I joined, so don't feel left out. XP But I'm not forcing you... so feel free to join if you wish. ^^

    Well... before I leave... I wanna give a bday shoutout to Destinyssweetman!! Hope you have a good one.
    Take care everyone! Later =]

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    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Saturday, June 10th, 2006

    Heyo everyone!
    Yes, finally the weekends! Summer school has been really keeping me busy. XD But Communication Application is a pretty easy class. :D
    But I need to finish this assignment that I have to do... and then I have to present it on Monday. Blegh.

    About the New Layout

    As you can see... it's a new layout! Whee! And no more korean for awhile... XD This series is Eureka Seven... and I have Renton as the main layout, and Eureka as the avatar. The graphics took me about three days or so to put all together... because it was pretty much one of the first times I tried to vector an image. XD But I made it through... it's a bit messy though. Haha. But I hope you guys enjoy the new layout. =D
    I might change the music once in awhile... because I found the soundtrack on the net, and there's a lot of good songs. ^^

    Report Card

    I finally got my report card on Wednesday. Gah... I was happy. XD So here's what I got::

    First grade: Exam; Second Grade: Second Semester Average

    Wd.Geography K - A A
    English I K - B A
    Geometry K - A A
    Biology I K - A A
    Spanish III K - Exempt A
    Band - A A

    Agh that B in there kills all those grade. First thing I noticed when I opened it was that B. It was glaring at me. XD Hahah oh well... it wasn't as bad as that Spanish exam grade I got last semester...


    Well I submitted in a wallpaper! Yay! But it's not the new one... for some reason, it's not getting approved. Don't know why... it's quite strange... and I made it 97% handmade on Photoshop. I barely used any stock... just like one in each wallie.

    Saving Grace
    It's a Tsubasa wallpaper. ^^ I like it. But it's not the one I want to submit in. =|

    And here's the one I want to submit in::
    Angelic Universe
    You dare steal, and I will kill you. +_+ I have proof I made it... I know all the stuff I used.

    World Cup

    Yay, the Soccor World Cup has started! Whee! XD I'm looking forward to watching it. But most likely I won't be able to watch all the matches.

    Well that's all... sorry if it's long. I kinda did it on purpose... because there's this huge blank spot below this post. See? *points down*

    Haha well, take care everyone! Later =]

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    Thursday, June 8, 2006

    Thursday, June 7th, 2006

    Heyo everyone.
    A real quick update, so I can't visit people. I wish I could've done by the last few days, but summer school has been a real pain, but yeah. Not really... but whatever. Just came to say that I'll be changing my layout by the weekend, so take a last soon of this layout. I know I'll miss it. Haha, M is hot. lmao. Well later =]

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    Sunday, June 4, 2006

    Sunday, June 4th, 2006

    Heyo everyone!
    Well I didn't update yesterday. Ah I'm on my cousin's laptop. It's his new laptop that he just got for his birthday. :] And that's where I am right now! His birthday party. XD
    I had a lot of fun at my friend's birthday party that Tracy and I went to today. We first went out to eat, and then watched a movie. We watched The Break Up... and I'll tell you something. It was SO boring. Even the light that was shining from the camera was more interesting... and the ceiling was too. Haha.

    After that, my parents picked me and Tracy up to go to my cousin's, Brandon's, birthday party. Had a lot of fun... well I am still at his bday party. XD
    Haha, lots of funny things happened today.
    Ah we played a lot of video games.
    Well, Andy, another cousin, showed everyone this video that showed this guy doing tricks with a pen. You know... swinging it and doing things with it with his hand. Haha, and then Alex said, "Dang, he must have a lot of time on his hand. LMAO. He didn't mean it though. Haha but that was a hilarious pun. Everytime I think of it, I laugh to myself.
    And Dandan (his real name is Daniel, but I like to call him that) was being a freak. Everytime he beat me in a game, he gets all hyped up. I guess it was because I kept beating him recently. XD But he's still awesome.

    Ah and I had some ice cream cake... that was delicious. :D

    Well tomorrow will be a day of horror. It's my first day of summer school! Agh, I don't wanna go now. Why did I sign up?? Oh well... I'm taking Communication Applications class. Also known as a speech class.
    And I think I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday... I think something's wrong with me. =\ Not too sure.

    Well I submitted wallpaper some day ago... it's an old one... but enjoy. It's an iPod wallpaper. Yay!!
    iPrincessAi wallpaper
    It opens to a new window... so yay! Well not unless you don't like it when it opens to a new window. XD

    Ah post is long enough... well take care! And hope to visit you guys! Later =]

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    Friday, June 2, 2006

    Friday, June 2nd, 2006

    Okay, I was able to visit. But I wasn't able to visit about... maybe 25% of the people on my list. >_< Bah.
    I ended up not getting anything for my friend yet. But I will definitley today. Haha, because her birthday party is coming up tomorrow. So I have to get her something.

    Well watched more of Stairway to Heaven. The DVDs that my mom brought home are a piece of junk. Very bad quality. I can't enjoy them as much. ;_;
    But oooh seems like the disc is better now. XD Yeah I'm watching it right now.

    Worked more on the wallie... don't like how its turning up. But *shrugs* oh well. XP
    Summer school is coming reaallly soon. ;__; I don't wanna go yet.

    Well take care! I won't be updating tomorrow most likely. Later! =]

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