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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Well I didn't update yesterday. Ah I'm on my cousin's laptop. It's his new laptop that he just got for his birthday. :] And that's where I am right now! His birthday party. XD
I had a lot of fun at my friend's birthday party that Tracy and I went to today. We first went out to eat, and then watched a movie. We watched The Break Up... and I'll tell you something. It was SO boring. Even the light that was shining from the camera was more interesting... and the ceiling was too. Haha.

After that, my parents picked me and Tracy up to go to my cousin's, Brandon's, birthday party. Had a lot of fun... well I am still at his bday party. XD
Haha, lots of funny things happened today.
Ah we played a lot of video games.
Well, Andy, another cousin, showed everyone this video that showed this guy doing tricks with a pen. You know... swinging it and doing things with it with his hand. Haha, and then Alex said, "Dang, he must have a lot of time on his hand. LMAO. He didn't mean it though. Haha but that was a hilarious pun. Everytime I think of it, I laugh to myself.
And Dandan (his real name is Daniel, but I like to call him that) was being a freak. Everytime he beat me in a game, he gets all hyped up. I guess it was because I kept beating him recently. XD But he's still awesome.

Ah and I had some ice cream cake... that was delicious. :D

Well tomorrow will be a day of horror. It's my first day of summer school! Agh, I don't wanna go now. Why did I sign up?? Oh well... I'm taking Communication Applications class. Also known as a speech class.
And I think I'm going to the doctor on Tuesday... I think something's wrong with me. =\ Not too sure.

Well I submitted wallpaper some day ago... it's an old one... but enjoy. It's an iPod wallpaper. Yay!!
iPrincessAi wallpaper
It opens to a new window... so yay! Well not unless you don't like it when it opens to a new window. XD

Ah post is long enough... well take care! And hope to visit you guys! Later =]

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