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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Yes, finally the weekends! Summer school has been really keeping me busy. XD But Communication Application is a pretty easy class. :D
But I need to finish this assignment that I have to do... and then I have to present it on Monday. Blegh.

About the New Layout

As you can see... it's a new layout! Whee! And no more korean for awhile... XD This series is Eureka Seven... and I have Renton as the main layout, and Eureka as the avatar. The graphics took me about three days or so to put all together... because it was pretty much one of the first times I tried to vector an image. XD But I made it through... it's a bit messy though. Haha. But I hope you guys enjoy the new layout. =D
I might change the music once in awhile... because I found the soundtrack on the net, and there's a lot of good songs. ^^

Report Card

I finally got my report card on Wednesday. Gah... I was happy. XD So here's what I got::

First grade: Exam; Second Grade: Second Semester Average

Wd.Geography K - A A
English I K - B A
Geometry K - A A
Biology I K - A A
Spanish III K - Exempt A
Band - A A

Agh that B in there kills all those grade. First thing I noticed when I opened it was that B. It was glaring at me. XD Hahah oh well... it wasn't as bad as that Spanish exam grade I got last semester...


Well I submitted in a wallpaper! Yay! But it's not the new one... for some reason, it's not getting approved. Don't know why... it's quite strange... and I made it 97% handmade on Photoshop. I barely used any stock... just like one in each wallie.

Saving Grace
It's a Tsubasa wallpaper. ^^ I like it. But it's not the one I want to submit in. =|

And here's the one I want to submit in::
Angelic Universe
You dare steal, and I will kill you. +_+ I have proof I made it... I know all the stuff I used.

World Cup

Yay, the Soccor World Cup has started! Whee! XD I'm looking forward to watching it. But most likely I won't be able to watch all the matches.

Well that's all... sorry if it's long. I kinda did it on purpose... because there's this huge blank spot below this post. See? *points down*

Haha well, take care everyone! Later =]

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