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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Heyo everyone!
Today is the last day of summer school for me. Score! XD
I won't be needing to go to the official last day of summer school. I get to to exempt the exam. ^^ I'm so happy. lol.
Well lots of things will be happening today. Kinda.
Our class is doing a huge class project. We have to make our own company and such and come up with our own product. It's pretty fun. XD

I'll tell you about my week...


It rained like crazy when I woke up to get ready for summer school. I wouldn't be surprised if it was a tropical rainstorm. It started to flood... and the place I usually live doesn't get flooded too easily either.
Since my desperation of not wanting to go to school on Friday to take the exam, my twin and I forced our dad to take us. XD He kinda got mad, thinking we want to get the car ruined, but whatever. We survived. That's all that mattered. But a lot of people skipped classes and such, but if you came in tardy, then they wouldn't count you tardy due to the storm.
Well anyway, during class, that's when we started to discuss about our group project. Pretty nifty. XD Too long to explain. But yeah, we come up with a company and make a product. We elected a president, project manager, and a secretary. Then we have four groups, with one head director in each group. And yada, yada.
I'm in the fashion show department. XD I wanted to be in the group that was making the product. Haha, I accidently chose the wrong group. lmao.

Tuesday & Wednesday

They said that rain was gonna continue on Tuesday... but it didn't. Barely. XD
Continuing the project. Oh yeah! Forgot to tell you guys what our corporation is called! XD A girl came up with "Iji" meaning memory in Japanese. Neat huh? I like it. XD So did everyone else in my class. Our product is a "memory" gift basket of some sort. It's all these crafts stuff that can kinda store memories... like pictures, notes, etc. Yeah, confused...? Sorry. XD
Oh! And we have shirts too! It is awesome. Here's some pictures of the shirt::
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

So the front is in kanji, and the back is in japanese or chinese. They are the same characters in both language.
Wow the "BACK" shirt looks it's from an Ebay place or something. XD

That's insane

Anyways... I'm having nine freaking guests staying in my house for a few days. It's crazy... our house is only one story with three rooms. Well, it's very spacey room, but gosh, nine people?? That's insane.
But hey, my dad said there's a seventeen-eighteen year old guy who is one of our guests. Haha, you never know he could be pretty cute. ^_~ lmao. XD I doubt it though. He could be a jerk too. XP

New Layout

Well I'll be having a new layout very soon, once I finish with it. I'm going on vacation very soon... so I need to put it up soon.
But this theme... isn't very cheery. But I'll be playing my new Three Days Grace CD, and their songs aren't all so... cheery. XD So that's why I need to make the theme not very cheery. Too many cheery words.
I thought about putting all the songs every week. But then that means I would need it up for thirteen weeks. Too long. XD That's why I'll be choosing the top five songs. Haha. So five weeks of this theme. That's if I don't get too tired of the theme. XD I'll be missing this theme. Very pretty colors. XD

Oh yeah, I added a playlist on my site. Because some of you liked the other song better. XD So I just decided to use a playlist instead.

Okayyyy.... too much of a long post. So I'll tell you guys more on my next post. Most likey tomorrow.
Take care now! Later =]

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