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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday, June 17th, 2006

Heyo everyone!
One more week of summer school!! YEAH! I can't wait. XD But this week is gonna be hard. We're having a major project. My partners are everyone is the classroom, so it's a class project. XD

But it's been fun. Making friends is fun huh? But one bad thing is that there's a small chance you'll ever to see them again. But if you make a big fool of yourself, there's a small chace you'll ever see them ever again either. lmao.

New CDs

Well over the week, I got 2 new CDs. Yeeeaaah. XD
My first one is the Goong Season 1 OST. I loooove it. XD The KDrama rocked, and so does the music. I just wish they had Poolha wooseu(Full House) OST. I would've totally gotten, but no. Oh well. XD
I can't wait for the second season. XP

Oh yeah remember I watched Stairway to Heaven? Well I finished about it awhile ago... like about less than two weeks ago. But anyways, really tragic. The ending I mean. It was pretty much lots of drama, but very tragic at the end. ;__; And I thought Winter Sonata had a sad ending. XD

Well anyways...
The second CD that I just got yesterday was the newest CD of Three Days Grace!!! The CD is called "One-X". My all time favorite band. I love them, and I love all their songs. It's awesome. I almost squealed when I saw the CD. XD Hahaa, maybe one day I'll put up their music... if you guys enjoy rock that is. ^^


So now my next kdramas on the list is... Spring Waltz.
And I want to watch Il mare. Which is the korean version of Lake House. But I'm think I'm watching the remake of it first, then the korean version. Well, I have to wait for this stupid bitorrent file to finish loading. XD
Oh and I kinda started a bit on watching Japanese dramas. One is Kurosagi, and the other is Nobuta wo Produce. And they both have Yamapi in it. =D

Happy Birthday

Well another birthday has come up that I actually got to remember is Chris aka LordSesshomaru!

So Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you have a great day! ^^

Well that's all for today... I'm feeling tired easily nowadays... I should start going to bed earlier huh? Hahaha.
Well take care! Later =]

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