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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Favorite Naruto Charcters
Here's some info about some of my favorite Naruto chacters. I thought some of this was interesting so yeah enjoy.

Name: Momochi Zabuza
Clan: Unknown
Rank: Jounin, S-ranked criminal
Appereance: Chapter 26
Village: Hidden Mist Village
Techniques: Hidden Mist Skill (Kirigakure no Jutsu), Water clone (Mizu bunshin no jutsu), Water Element; Explosion Skill (Suiton Daibakufu no Jutsu), Water Element; Water Dragon Blast (Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu), Water Prison Skill (Suirou no Jutsu)
Voice Actors: Unshou Ishizuka
In order for a Ninja Academy student to graduate and become a Genin in the Hidden Mist Village, he or she had to fight, with one of the same friends they trained with, to the death. But all of this had to be changed 10 years ago when one of that year's students killed over 100 peers without hesitation. This child was Zabuza. Because of this the Village was forced to change the final exam for the graduating class, and is commonly referred to by other villages as 'Bloody Mist Village'. From that day on, Zabuza was known as 'the Devil of the Hidden Mist'.

Zabuza is one of the seven shinobi-gatana (swordsmen) of the Mist and is equiped with a very big chopping blade. He makes his first appearance as one of Gato's henchmen who's after the bridge builder, Tazuna. He fights and loses to Kakashi twice, and was only able to survive the first accounter because of Haku's fake hunter-nin appearance. At the very end he kills gato, and has the soul request to die laying next to Haku. It's a very touching scene where it begins to snow ('haku is crying') and Zabuza says: 'Haku, I'm sorry, I hope I can go to the same place you're going to.'. He dies as a shinobi who has led a difficult life, and only realized at the very end that a shinobi isn't a mere tool who can feel no emotions.

Name: Haku
Clan: Unknown
Rank: Jounin
Appereance: Chapter 15
Village: Hidden Mist Village
Techniques: Secret Skill, Demonic Ice Mirrors (HiJutsu, Makyou HyouShou), Secret Skill, Flying Water Needles (HiJutsu, Sensatsu Suishou)
Voice Actors: Mayumi Asano

Because of the many civil wars in the Hidden Mist Village, the advanced bloodlines are hated. When Haku’s father found out that Haku and his mother possessed an advanced bloodline, he tried to kill them. He managed to kill Haku’s mother, but Haku survived and killed him instead.

After killing his father, Haku realized that he was unwanted. He didn’t have any reason to exist. Haku wandered the streets homeless and alone, but that changed when he met Zabuza. Zabuza was also an outcast of the Hidden Mist Village and he wanted revenge. In Haku he saw a tool with which he could carry out his vengeance.

Haku was extremely happy he had finally found a reason to live. He had finally found someone who loved him for his abilities, instead of hating him because of them. Haku was determined to give his life to Zabuza. He told him, “I am Zabuza-san’s weapon… please keep me by your side as your tool.”

Haku is an expert in acupuncture, and his weapons of choice are senbon. With his advanced bloodline, Haku is able to control water. His most powerful jutsu is the Demonic Ice Mirrors. This makes Haku a very talented and powerful ninja, who even surpasses Zabuza.

Name: Gaara of the Desert
Clan: None/Unknown
Rank: Genin
Appereance: Chapter 35
Village: Hidden Sand Village
Techniques: Sand Shuriken (Suna Shuriken), Armor of Sand (Suna no Yoroi), Desert coffin (Sabaku kyuu), Desert graveyard (Sabaku SouSou), Sand Clone (Suna bunshin no jutsu), Shield of Sand (Suna no Tate), Sphere of Sand (n/a), Wind Type; Great Infinite Sand blast Breakthrough (Mugen Sajin Daitoppa)
Voice Actors: Akira Ishida
Biography: Born as an experiment from the Hidden Village of Sand, Gaara was combined with the spirit of a demonic sand priest known as Shukaku, not unlike Naruto and the Nine Tails. Gaara grew up without knowing love. For a long time he tought being spoiled equals love, but when he met Rock Lee that opinion changed.

Unfortunately, Gaara became unstable around the age of six years. Consequently, his father, Kazakage, ordered numerous assassination attempts upon him, all failing miserably. This betrayal caused Gaara to become hateful and deeply suspicious of everyone, including his siblings, who he regarded as "lumps of meat linked together by hatred and murderous intent."

The tattoo on Gaara's forehead means love, which combined with his name means, "I Love Death." Since he only feels alive when he kills, he believes that killing is his reason for being

Curtosy of Naruto-kun.com ^_^ Great webiste i sugest it for any big fan of naruto. So yeah I have weird tastes in Naruto chacters eh?

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I feel loved....
I felt loved today. It was weird cause usually peoples poke fun at meh. But yeah it was very odd... Yeah i feel loved *shudders* But yeah. Besides that the requests will be done in time. I have the pencils done for all of my requests. I'm also writing a Naruto Fan Fiction with my own chacter's point of view. It's ok but certely not the best. I'm trying to deside if im going to put it up here. Oh well i've talked too much so Ja Ne.
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hey peeps
Hey everyone I went to school but wasn't my hyper little self today cause me sick -.-' oh well i'm getting better slowly. Hopefully i'll be all better in a couple of days. In other news I have been trying to download the ninja of the night avm on my computer. I've seen it on Kiyoko-chan's computer. Hilarious. I suggest it for any Naruto fan. THe URL for the download is http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=17526
You have to be a member of Anime Music Video's to download but it's worth it. Enjoy Ja Ne!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My five hour nap
I just took a five hour nap... Yes go and call me lazy but im sick.. So yeah.. this sucks.... Heh heh heh... *pokes Gaara and runs*
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New Layout!!!
I put up a new layout. Yes im having a little Haku and Zabuza power trip... So what? Heh anyways i think i'll change the hyper link color later. Also i think I'm getting sick so i might not go to school. But i kinda want to go because i dont want to have piles of homework tommorow. I better get better before The anime swap. Anyways in other news if i dont go to school I'll get to work on my requests. (Feels gulty for not getting them done)Ok Ja Ne everyone.
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Monday, January 24, 2005

Cosplay Projects
These are my current cosplay projects.

Progress: Have Material bought and thread. Waiting for friend to give her the pattern after she's done with it.

Just an idea for now. I have a friend that wants to be Shino and one that wants to be Kiba so yeah.

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My internet
My internet being stupid. Wouldn't load any websites. But now im back and you peoples shall look forward to my constant updates. (Remembers the Ninja of the Night thing XP)
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

I am back baby!!!
I'm back Toguro-sama!!!! *glomps* anyways... I gota a forehead protector like the ones in Naruto... It's awsome *pets the forehead protector* ^^ I also read a manga called Girl Got Game. (Kicks butt) and watched an anime called Princess Nine... Yes both sport animes about girls... Kiyoko-chan why do you cause me to suffer!!!! Well Ja Ne
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Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey everyone i am bored... Im giving up on the Bishonen thing and putting of the screencap thing for now. I have about three requests to do already... And i wont be here after school or tommorow so yeah. But hopefully i wont have much homework. I donno im kinda depressed today. Well anyways here's a crap load of Yu Yu Hakusho Pictures. Here's the link where i got them all if you cant see them.


yeah i only used about less that half of them displayed on the web page so i suggest if you want to see more go to the website (Url is at the top of da post)Well ok the till next time i guess.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Picy problems?
For those who cant see the pictures down below you have my deepest appologies cause my computers a baka. anyways here's those URL's http://www.absoluteanime.com/yu_yu_hakusho/hina.jpg http://www.absoluteanime.com/yu_yu_hakusho/ruri.jpg hope that helps. ok ja ne!
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