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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hiei did have a mom...
This is Hiei-chan and Yukina-san's mother.

After Hiei was born the so called elders threw him out because he was a half fire demon. Hina (that's her name go me) Also was a Koorime (ice madien) and she looked like Yukina now does. After Hiei's death she had Yukina. (Koorime's can produce by themselves)just thought this info was interesting.

This is Hina's best friend Ruri. She is the one that bannished Hiei from Ice World (i think that's what it was called) and dropped him into Demon World. Before he was bannished though, She told Hiei to take Revenge on the Elders that made this dishision (sp?) and gave him his mother's tear crystal.
Ok ja ne

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The bishonen thing and Screencap thing are still going on!
So yeah this post is pretty much to remind peoples that im still taking requests for Screencaps and Im still taking everyone's top 5 fav bishonen. So yeah. Rules for the screencaps? Scroll down and you shall see! Ok Ja Ne cause i haveta go to school soon.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Austin is the 51st state!!!!
Well me and my friend Austin where taking notes in science and there was something about austin texas in there and me being a baka said "Hey look Austin your a state?" He said back "Dont you mean a city?"
Heh me ish a baka -.-'

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Yu Yu Hakusho Yaoi Picys
Yes im into Yaoi i find it cute. Note that there is no Hentai here so dont be afraid to look. Enjoy ^^

It's so pretty but why is Kurama's hair black???

Poor Puu

Not realy yaoi oh well whatever...
If i see anymore ill make sure to add them. ja ne!

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Of to school
Yeah im about to go to school which sucks becasue i thought we'd have a snow day... Oh well... but i don have art no more ;-; Ny art teacher was the best!!! Ok yeah but i do get my tokyo mew mew manga back which is good. ^_^
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Monday, January 17, 2005

God im tired...
I stayed up to like 3am last night cause i was helping Greg bulid a house on Conuqer. God im so tired *falls asleep*
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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hey Everybody
Dont forget bout the Bishonen thing!!! (scroll down you moran XP) Ha im bored as heck... *pokes her lil brother*
Dalton-chan: STOP!!!
Me: make meh *snicker*
Dalton-chan: Ok then have it your way *poke*
Me: Hey!!! *poke*
Dalton-chan: *poke* *poke* *poke* *poke*
Me: Infitinty Poke!!! *Pokes Dalton-chan insainly*

That's how i spent most of meh day -.-'

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Cry Lonely Cry Download
If anyone knows where to find Otuto Tougro's theme song (Cry Lonely Cry) Please message me. Im going insane trying to find it >.<
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Screencap Requests?
Lately i've been doing alot of Screencaps and i thought why dont i go ahead and take reqests? These are the only requirements
1) Only pictures from any Anime (no fan art or manga pics)
2) No Hentai
3) The picture must be a desient side and be undistorted
All you havta do is send me a message with the pictures URL or E-mail me the picutre (The e-mail thing must be a last resort) Ok that's all for now ^^

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YYH 1st ep
Yeah i went to watch YYH and i thought the surpise would happen today. But when i watched it it turned out that they aired the first ep again. It was quite interesting. I think Botan had a different voice actor back then or something.
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