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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Hey everyone.
Yesterday i didn't get to realy post about my day cause i wasn't allowed on the computer after i got home from tai kwan do. Yeah i little 6th grader brat threw a basket ball in my stomach. It bounced on the ground and then nailed meh 0.o I'm still in a bit of pain. And me and my mom got in a fight because ummm... well i think you can figure it out... so yeah.. but we appologized already so yeah it's all good now. In other news there was only one trumpet one trombone 3 clarinets 4 flutes and 4 percusionists today. It was awuful cause all the good kids where gone. Ok Ja Ne.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Well im just plain bored and i feel like causing havoc so go and look at Kiyoko-chan's art at
It kicks butt and she will never show people her art cause she's very shy. But yeah it's kicks total butt!!! Don't worry she'll forgive me i know her personaly. Ok Later.

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Monday, February 7, 2005

This odd quiz thigy
Here just fill out the anwers in the comment box.

1. what inspired you to be an Otaku member?
2. which do you prefer? manga series or tv series?
3. favorite store? why
4. a name that was you to tease you when you were a kid? what was the reason?
5. bananas or pajamas?
6. who did you like more, mother or father?
7. recent played game, or song over played?
8. who your daddy?
9. why did you pick the name as your permanent otaku id?
10. are you going to put up this quiz to spread the ParnoidPerson wrath?
Here's my answers...

1) Good fan art
2) Depends on the series
3) Suncoast. The anime motherload ^^
4) Too many to count. I was touchered at a kid...
5) bananas cause it's food!!!!
6) uhhh... i donno i guess my dad 0.o
7) Final Fantasy C.C. with lil bro
8) Uhhh... my fathers name is Alan 0.0
9) Cause i use that name everywhere. It's my internet name.
10) sure what the heck XP

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Sunday, February 6, 2005

200 hits
I'd like to thank everyone for 200 wonderful hits!!! Thank you!!!! ^_______________^

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My buddy...
Hey everyone i have a little favor to ask!!! My buddy MuddyAuto just started a little bit ago. If you would like to check out his site he's on my buddy list. Ok thanks later.
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Hiya!!! XP
Well i was supposta go to church today but im not going cause meh family is sick. But nope not me!!! So yeah i was told something important by a realy good friend of mine. I cant give details casue i promised i wouldn't but what i can tell you is that i changed peoples lifes for the better by just being me. So yeah sorry i cant tell you the whole story but a promise is a promise no? Ok Ja Ne
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Saturday, February 5, 2005

Yo everyone ^_^
So yeah today i did the scuba diving thing. It was da bomb ^^ So yeah but it kills your ears. I had my ears poping afterwards for about an hour. But yeah staying down 10 feet in the water without coming up for a single breath is like heven cause yeah i practally grew up in water. Ok see ya everyone.
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The Sasuke thing
For the peoples that were wondering this is a major spoiler so if you don like spoiers dont read on. but anywho Sasuke betrays Konhona to train with Orochimaru. Sorry im not trying to offend and Sauske fans but... Sauske that was about the worse thing you could have ever done.... now you probably wont get to kill your brother you moran... Anywho today im going to the scuba diving lessons and there free!!! One of the many advantages that comes with being a girl scout.
Me: "Hey wana buy some cookies?"
Someone else: No thanks
Me: Buy some or else Gaara will come and kill you in your sleep
Someone else: How much would that be then...
Heh that's how i become the best seller ^^ Everyone says being a girl scout sucks but i disagree.. heh... Ok Ja Ne everyone have a good Saturday!!!

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Friday, February 4, 2005

Yo!!! XP
Hey everyone. not much going on lately. I had no homework yesterday which was cool. And i might not post for awile because right after school im going of to the anime club and tommorow i have a scuba diving lesson. (how did my mom get me into that you ask? I have no freaking clue.... *is dirt poor*) Anywho that's about it exept that i know something that will make a crapload of Sasuke fans eather mad or sad. But i wont tell you now... *feels like keeping you all in suspence* OK Ja Ne.
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Thursday, February 3, 2005

New Layout
I hate valentines day but i thought what the heck? So i put up this layout. Atleast it's part blue and part pink so it's not all that bad. Anywho im bored as usual. My Jiyira (sp?) picy turned out to look like crap... Oh well ill just continue to think of ways to bug the crap out of meh lil bro... heh heh heh...
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