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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Hey everyone!!! ^^
So yo!!! ^^ Well today is another joyous snowday ^^ But yeah the person that made the banners was not me it was steptoussai so yeah. Give some creit to her please -.-' Sorry the confusion that i have caused. So yeah as soon as the little nextstore neibor wakes up she'll probably come over *hugs her* But yeah a friend of mine said she was gonna make a Temari outfit and i thought that might be a good idea for another cosplay con cause she's awsome but the more i thought about it the more i said no because of all the preverted guys in the world... *twiches and points to Zabuza-san* (That's a nickname for one of my friends) So yeah... But i discovered this squirl and he's awsome. His name is fomy or something like that. But he's the best. Go watch the cartoons at http://www.illwillpress.com
He is the best!!!! So yeah i got to call the bf yesterday *blushes* ^^ Yeah he said he might eather go as Kyo from a video game (king of fighters i think) or Older Gaara or Older Naruto. So yeah... Well anyways i made some more avitars after you guys said you liked them so much. These ones lean towards the funnier side (well some of them) Have a good day everyone Ja Ne!!! ^^

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Monday, February 28, 2005

Yo!! XP
Whats up??? Well anyways... someone got me thinking on a temari cosplay outfit but then i remembered how many guys at the anime club have a thing for her so yeah that would be bad... 0.o But my new next store neighbor is cool. She's so chibish ^^ She comes over to play with my little brother at she likes to talk to me and watch me draw... And she could tell when i drew Haku he was a boy!!! *hugs her* Oh and also if your a member of my HakuXZabuza fan club there's new banners if you wana check them out it's the same place. Ok here's some avitars i made with my spare time. Later ^^

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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Yo!!! ^^
Wazup everyone? Well yeah i got a kimmono pattern so when my mom feels up to it we can take a whole afternoon to sew my sango cosplay outfit. (finally!) But yeah then i wana go back to the fabric store and make a Haku outfit too but that might not happen before Haru-con... Oh well... Im happy with my Sango outfit ^^ But yeah im still plugging away at windwaker and animal crossing. both fun. Also i got to eat sushi yesterday!!! WOOP!!! ^_____^ I have i tiny break in my constat craving for sushi. But yeah... im ranbling again... So later ^^
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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Anime Club was the bomb
Thanks everyone that has been telling me to get better and feel less depressed. I think it's starting to work cause i can feel my hyperness coming back!!! ^^ Well yesterday after school i went to the anime club and it was the bomb. We watched about 3 episodes of Galexy Angel which is twisted. Like FCLC Twisted... But after that we went into our break as normal. Zabuza-san got his picture of AnkoXTemari and told me that is was realy good cept that it needed to be more hentaish. He went into detail but i wont here cause... yeah i don whana he scared me... But then Ray (one of the dudes that runs the whole thing) Asked us if we would skip Pita Ten to watch the Special olymipcs and we said "sure". The Special Olymipics are where you go and watch Metaly Chalenged People Play basketball (and these guys are good!) But yeah you get in free... well kinda.. if your with a group and you agree to cheer them on. Which is realy cool. Mason-kun should be a pro cheerleader. I swear he should 0.o It's like his calling in life. Well anyways they pay you for going so we got 100 bucks for the anime club that night (can you say sweetness?) So yeah we helped someone else, got money for it, and helped prove anti-animeists that we can be good for something and that anime isn't preverse! go us!! ^^ Well enough of my stupid rambling. Have a nice day everyone! Ja Ne!
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Friday, February 25, 2005

Hey everyone...
So what's up? I donno about me... My mom's starting to notice that i've been becoming more of a loner cause im locking myself up in my room instead of hanging out with my lil bro like i used too. I donno i guess i've changed alot and i just feel like... i donno like i want to be alone. I have problems yeah cant you tell? Well for the people that were offended with my i hate Sasuke thing yesterday sumi masen for offending you. And I'd also like to thank everyone that told me to get better. Domo arigato!!! ^^ Oh and go visit aura128 her site is awsome but i feel like im the only one visiting her... You dont have to sign her guestbook or even comment for all i care just go visit her!!!! Ok yeah im having an emotional day today. I'm probably gonna start cring randomly today for no reason at all. Yeah pretty stupid huh??? Oh and i hear voices in my head... Ok i dont hear voices in my head jk. Oh well ill just put alot of sugar in my system before i go to school so im nice and hyperish. Well at least i get to go to the anime club. Well at least i hope anyways... Yeah my hands are still swolen but there not as bad as they where. Before they were purple 0.o But i better stop typing cause there starting to ich again. Ok Later everyone *hugs*
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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Sorry -.-'
Well yesterday my computer was being a baka and i had my brothers boy scout thingy so sumi masen!!! *bows* ok i feel like listing my fav and hate naruto charies so deal with me for a minute here.


Gaara (Yay!!!)
Haku (^^)
Zabuza (He's awsome)
Naruto (go kick some butt!!)
Kakashi (pwa... he's so cool)
Hinata (at first i hated her guts but then i started to like her more and more...)
Temari (I love how she just kicks everyones ass. She's awsome.)
Shikamaru (he puts up with Ino... i give cretit to whoever can do that. and he's cool)
Itachi (He's cool. even though he's gay lol jk)

Hate (dont kill me for this..)

Sasuke (i have realy good reasons but i wont go into them. If your ticked at me right now then just thing that im one less person stealing your sasuke from you.)
Neji (Leave Hinata alone mr. poke-a-man!!!)
Ino (God she bugs me.. just shut up already!!!)
Iruka (*kills him*)
Kabuto (He bugs me. Playing with peoples emotions is low.)
Orochimaru (He just creeps me out. 0.o but his moves are kick ass ^^)
Shino (*shrugs* i hate him cause he almost blew someones arms off. Ask kiyoko she always raves about it...)

There's probably more to the hate list but im not thinging of them now. Ok later have a nice day everyone! ^^

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello everyone
Well i came home from school early. Turnes out the medicine that i was taking for my sinus infection had penisilin in it and im allergic to it... I didn't even know that i was alergic to anything besides mosqito bites... Oh well so yeah allergic reation means im on benadrill and im tired.... but i refuse to fall asleep!!! So yeah but in other news my best friend at my new school (heh like my only friend at my new school) let me borrow akira because he still cant find the love hina that he was going to let me borrow... I just finished watching it. Tis' the bomb!!! ^^ I loved it. But now im glad that i didn't have my mom watch it with me. The thing with tasuo's guts would have freaked her out 0.o. Well im gonna go play more windwaker now. Ja Ne everyone have a good day ^^
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Monday, February 21, 2005

300 Hits!!! ^^

Thank you everyone ^^

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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Top Five Most Amusing things to do on Animal Crossing
1) Give Blanko a new face... ecept you have no artist talent lol

2) Hit everyone on the head with the net (priceless)

3) Restart your game. (Fun!!! that mole is the bomb ^^)

4) See how many different things the pink duck can say to tick you off at the post office. (im going to kill her....)

5) And finally... refuse to do any work that the other towns people ask you to do and then talk to them to see how many random things they will say.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

I'm back!!!! ^^
Hey everyone! I'm back from the dead ^^ Feels nice lol jk. But yeah... I got another first in the book and im not proud of it... it was a stupid acedent but yeah.. i got my first high. It was on cough sirup crap 0.o Yeah i went to go take some early yesterday and i was looking for the measuring cup (the real little ones) and my mom just told me to take a big glup so i downed about 1/4 of the bottle. It was not good. Yeah i felt like i was in some sort of realistic dream thingy all day and i felt like i could have passed out at any moment, and i almost did >.< But yeah i made it though the day... Oh well i guess i thought you guys could learn from my stupidness... later.
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