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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Hey everyone! ^^
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Thank you everyone!!! ^^ I cut out most of my Sango outfit yesterday and today i'm going to finish cutting it out and sewing it today. So yeah more mother/daughter time ^^ I also appologise for my lazyness last post around so i shall give you a new chapter and avitars! Aren't you lucky lol jk ^^ Well laters everyone! *hugs everyone*
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Fourth Chapter~ Darkness and Depression

Rena sat up to realize where they where now. She looked up and stiffed the fresh air. The once barren desert wasteland was now replaced with a lush green forest. She didn’t even remember running into the forest because her and Kankuro where to busy running. Kankuro had started a fire and was now trying to warm up.
“Hey you’re really filthy there. You might want to go change somewhere over there.” Kankuro said
Rena looked down on her clothes to discover that they where in fact filthy. She snuck of into the woods and started to unclothe. As she was pulling up her long pants and long sleeved shirt she remembered Haku. She missed him horribly. The thought that she may never see him again brought tears to her eyes. She brushed them away quickly and pulled on her loose and very short kimono. She walked back to Kankuro and tried to warm herself up with the fire. It warmed her body but it failed to warm the emptiness in her heart and soul.
“Haku…why?” She thought “Why did all this have to happen!”
Rena’s eyes teared up. She tried to fight them back but they where to much for her.
“Hey is something wrong?” Kankuro said. He didn’t sound concerned just curious.
“Shut up! You’ll never understand me!” Jamie yelled at Kankuro.
“Uh… Well ok then…” Kankuro said kind of gawked that she had just yelled at her.
Jamie lay down near the fire. She thought her last thoughts of Haku as she cried herself to sleep.

Suddenly she felt herself being nailed into a crucifix. Her eyes snapped open to see a boy about 13 years of age holding a sword. There were many copies of the same boy behind him. Everything was in reverse colors. He began to speak.
“I shall now pry into your heart seventy-two times”
He repeated this sentence and drove the sword into Rena’s chest many times. She began to scream helplessly.

Suddenly Rena jumped up from her sleep. She looked around. She was still in the same forest, no reverse colors. She sat up and poked at Kankuro.
“Huh what!?” He said sitting up.
“Lets go” Rena said very solemnly
“All right.” Kankuro said
Jamie stood up and stepped on the fire to make sure it was smothered. Then Kankuro handed her a small drawstring backpack. Inside was her dress given to her by Temari.
“Here this will help. I put some food in there too just in case we got separated.” Kankuro said
“Yeah sure you just put the food in my pack so you wouldn’t have to carry it.” Rena concluded
“So what if I did?” Kankuro replied
“Just stay out of my way and I’ll be happy.” She said
“Uh ok” He replied
Rena knew it wasn’t in her character to be so cruel but she couldn’t help herself anymore. She felt like there was a big cloud of darkness consuming her. She wasn’t herself anymore she was a different person. She was different. As her and Kankuro started to walk towards Rainbow Village she thought if maybe she was turning into the monster that her father had always called her. As she walked she could feel herself slipping into a deep and dark depression.

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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hey everyone...
Well alot happened today and yesterday that i didn't get to post about so here i go... First off i got a new t shirt that says "Nintendo Rehabilitation Clinic, the first step is admiting you have a problem" XP I love it. Then i saw the pasifier which was funny and cute although vin desial does alot better in action movies. My mom's a fan girl of his and her fan girlness is rubbing off on me >.< Then today i went to the firestation and got to sit in the fire truck and put on all of the clothing that they wear (that is some heavy shit!!!) and then i went to the Mars thingy were a guy talked about mars and stuff. I liked it because im into all of that space crap cause im a dork ^^' Well later everyone. I'm not putting up a chapter of my fan fic today so look forward to it tommorow.
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Friday, March 11, 2005

Yeah today was interesting... Me and Austin made some stuff up from the naruto amv ninja of the night and it was funny. Here's what happened.

Me: We
Austin: are
Me: Ninjas
Austin: and
Me: We
Austin: like
Me: To
Austin: F*ck
Me: Around!! ^^
Yeah were freaks... Here's another one...
Austin: In the chaos... i could take off your bra... and you wouldn't even notice...
Me: With my shiny star, i could pick the lock, on your new car!!!
Yeah Like i said.. were freaks... Thanks for everyone that has been reading my crappyness fan fic. *hugs for everyone* Ok later!

Third Chapter~ Gaara of the Desert

Rena thought how her father had called her monster constantly. Did she have a demon inside her? Why did her father hate her? These thoughts swirled inside her head until she finally came to one conclusion, If Gaara did kill her that she deserved to die. She got up her courage and walked over to Gaara. She sat down at the swing next to him. Silence fell both of them. Rena didn’t want to start the conversation for she barely wanted to talk. In fact she felt like dieing.
“Why are you here?” Gaara asked
“Oh Ummm… you looked lonely so I came to keep you company.” Rena said
“You’re the one that looks alone” Gaara said “You look like you want someone to kill you.”
Rena stared at him in awe. How did he figure that out? What was he? Was he really a demon?
“I won’t kill you so just go away.” Gaara said
“I wasn’t going to ask you to kill me. I was going to kill myself anyways.” Rena said
“I see” Gaara said “Well don’t you probably don’t know what it’s like to die.”
“I don’t know what it’s like to die. But I know what it’s like to kill and I want that feeling to die.” Rena said “Besides what do you know about killing and dieing you’re only a little kid!”
“I seem to know more that you.” Gaara said
Jamie looked down at the sand covered ground. He was right…
“As soon as my clothes are clean I’m leaving.” Rena said, trying to change the subject.
Then Gaara said something she thought she would have never heard.
“Do you care about me?”
“Uh… I guess…” Rena said not sure how to react
“Then promise me you won’t kill yourself. And that I’ll see you again someday.” Gaara said
“Ok.” Rena said.

She got up and started to walk towards the small house that she was staying when Kankuro called out to her.
“Hey, girl!”
Rena turned around to greet Kankuro. But when she tried to turn around, Kankuro grabbed her arms and put one hand over her mouth. He whispered in her ear.
“They know a murder is in out village they found the bloodstained bread. Come with me your clothes are done.”
Kankuro then pushed Rena behind the house that she had woken up in. Temari was already standing there.
“Here’s your clothing hurry up and get out of here.” Temari whispered, handing her the short kimono and underclothing that she had worn there.
“What about your dress, Temari-chan?” Jamie asked
“Keep it” Temari said
“I’ll aid you to Rainbow Village.” Kankuro said
“What are you, mad!” Temari said
“No It’s just that a girl needs a proper escort right?” Kankuro asked
“Fine I’ll cover for you just get out of here!” Temari yelled
Kankuro grabbed Rena’s wrist and they both ran hard until they where far from Suna. They both sat trying to catch their breaths.

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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Yo ^^
Well today nothing big happened although i got tow new anime dvd cause they were on sale. I got lost universe which is the same creator as slayers, and an anime called Rahxephon that sounds so cool ^^ If anyones heard of these tell me. But yeah Zabuza-san's gonna be in the next episode. Yeah you heard me right... ZABUZA-SAN!!!! ^^ I screamed when i first heard lol ^^ Well here's the next chapter. Oh and if anyones wondering Rena is my naruto charie ^^' Ok enjoy!

Second Chapter~ Suna Village

“You think she’s dead?”
“Maybe… She’s hot though…”
“Shut up!”
“What she is!”
Rena sat up. She saw what appeared to be some sort of clown/cat thing and a girl dressed in pink. The room was plain with one chair in the corner and something laying on it, but she was too dizzy to see what it was. The door that was strait a crossed the bed that she was laying on was cracked open a little.
“Hey your awake,” The girl said “Bout time.”
“Who are you two?” Rena said “Am I already there?”
“My name is Temari” The girl said “And this is Kankuro” She said pointing to the cat boy.
“Where am I?” Rena said
“Your in Suna” Kankuro said “Why is there somewhere you need to be?”
“Yeah I have to…” Rena sat up and then fell back down on the bed, her head spinning.
“Your still sick I guess” Temari said.
A boy peaked out from the door he was shorter than Temari or Kankuro. He had bright red hair and blue eyes that had dark circles around his eyes. He pushed the door open and walked in by Rena’s bed. He dragged a teddy bear behind him.
“Oh Gaara…” Temari said “This is…” She looked at Rena
“You may call me Rena.” She said “And you are Gaara?”
Gaara nodded his head. Temari and Kankuro stood in awe.
“Doesn’t that name mean “Demon who only cares for Himself?” Rena thought to herself
“Come on lets leave Rena alone to get changed” Temari said pushing Kankuro and Gaara out of the room. She shut the door.
Rena was alone again.

She jumped up and looked at her hands. They were clean. Rena stood up and walked over to the chair where she saw her Mist Forehead Protector. Underneath that there was a dress similar to Temari’s but it was blue and had no netting at the top. The sleeves were also longer and wider at the ends. Rena reached down to undo her loose kimono when she realized there was no kimono to undo. Blushing she pulled on the dress that Temari had left for her and walked out side the room. She found that when she walked outside that that room was actually a house. There was sand on the ground and small buildings outside. They where about the same height as the ones in Mist. Temari ran up to her. Her blond hair was tied up in two ponytails.
“Hey come on!” Temari said
“I can’t I have a couple of questions for you.” Rena said “Am I in rainbow village?”
“Rainbow village no this is Suna” Temari said
“Oh no I have to get out of here!” Rena said
“No you don’t they don’t know.” Temari whispered
“Don’t know what?” Rena asked
“That you had blood on your hands.” She said
Rena felt her heart skip a beat. She looked back down on her hands. They were completely clean.
“It did really happen after all…” Rena whispered
“What happened?” Temari asked
“Nothing… but where’s my clothes… and how did my hands…”
“I cleaned your hands when I found you out in the desert.” She said “Kankuro hid your clothing until we can wash them during nighttime. We can’t wash them with the normal clothing or else Kazekage and uncle will know you’re a murder.”
“I did what I had to do.” Rena stated “You can call it whatever you’d like.”
“How old are you anyways? You look about Kankuro’s age” Temari asked
“I am ten soon to be eleven.” Rena said
“Huh… That means your closer to my age. I’m eleven and Kankuro is nine. Gaara’s eight” Temari said
“Are Kankuro and Gaara close to you” Rena asked
“Yeah there my younger brothers” Temari said
“They don’t look a thing like you.” Rena said
Jamie couldn’t see Kankuro but she saw Gaara sitting alone on a single swing. He sat alone and she could tell that everyone was avoiding him.
“Why is he sitting all alone?” Rena asked
“Don’t go near him” Temari warned
“Why?” Rena asked
“He has a demon inside him” Temari whispered
“But…” Jamie started
“If you value your life you won’t go near him.” Temari said
Both girls heard someone call for Temari from inside.
“Hey I got to go inside. I’ll see you later?” Temari said
“Yeah see you later.”
Temari ran inside leaving her alone. She wanted to go talk to Gaara but she was afraid of what Temari had said.
“If you value your life you won’t go near him.”

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Well yeah in gym when we play dodgeball instead of throwing balls at the other team i use eather kage bushin, chidori, or neji's 64 points of defenity on my own teammates and skip around like a lunatic. It's so much fun ^^ Anyways im gonna start putting up my fan fic here so there!! It's long so sorry 0.o I'm currently wrinting chapter 33 so yeah... Ok laters everyone.

The Bloody Mist Outcast, The Demon who only cares for Himself, and Demonic Water Bloodline

*Author’s Notes: Yeah this is my first fan fic. You can kind of tell huh? Yeah it sucks. Oh well yeah pretty much this is based of an anime/manga called Naruto. Characters like Haku, Gaara, Kankuro, and Temari where from the original anime/manga series and characters with names like Rena and Kiyoko where based off of real people that I know. Also this story is based off of Japanese Customs because the original Naruto was written and drawn in Japan. So yeah enjoy. (Heh love the title. Pure Genus on my part. ^^)

First Chapter~ A Monster or a Girl?

Rena heard yelling from downstairs that quickly woke her up. Her brown hair fell in three wisps one bigger on her left side of her face and two smaller ones on the other. Her Mist Forehead Protector shined in the moonlight. She stood up, fully clothed from yesterday’s clothing, a very short kimono that was very loosely tied with slits in the sleeves. Underneath that she wore a pair of dark teal pants and a dark teal long sleeved shirt. She also wore a pair of standard blue sandals that most of the ninjas wore. She sneaked downstairs and stood by a wall near the kitchen where her parents where arguing.
“I won’t allow a monster to become a ninja!” She heard her father bellow.
“But…” Her mother tried to reason,
“No! I won’t allow it! She will die! And if you try to stop me you will die as well!”
“Then kill me.”
Rena heard the plunging of the knife. She ran out from her hiding place to her mother’s side. She was already dead.
“No!” Rena cried out “Why…. Why!”
“She supported a monster’s ambition so I killed her.” Her father said calmly.
“I’m not a monster! I’m a ninja of Mist Village!” She screamed
“Not for long” He said drawing out another blade
Rena took a step back.
“Please, Father I don’t want to kill…” She said
Her father ignored her, Stepping in closer.
She multiplied herself into many copies. Without thinking all of her copies attacked her father with many kunaies, killing him.

She returned to her normal state. Suddenly she realized that she had killed her own father. Tears started to run down her face. She knew there was only one thing to do, run to the only person that could help her, Haku.

She ran out of her home. The cold breeze hit her face but she didn’t care much. The moon was her only means of sight as she ran down the dirt road. She stopped at Haku’s home and knocked on the door, sobbing heavily. Haku answered. He looked much like a female and dressed as one also. He looked at Rena and saw her sobbing. Then he noticed her bloodstained hands, grabbed her wrists, and pulled her to the side of his home.
“What is this Rena?!” He yelled at her.
“I killed him…” Rena said “He killed Kasan so I killed him…” (Kasan= mother in Jap)
“Rena… How could you…” Haku whispered
“I’m sorry I just… it’s almost like I didn’t realize that he was dead…” She said sobbing
“Listen, you can’t stay here Rena” Haku said “As soon as the Mizukage realizes that he is dead they will come after you. You’re an outcast now.”
“But where should I go?” Rena said
“Run to Rainbow Village. Its north of here but you must hurry it will be a long trip. They’ll adopt you as part of there Village if you say your and outcast here. But don’t tell them that you killed anyone or else they will kill you.” Haku said
He released her wrists and gave her a loaf of bread.
“Your going to have to kill something to eat but that will feed you for a couple of days. Now hurry, get out of here!”
“Haku,” Rena said, almost whispering “Will I ever see you again?”
“Most likely. Now hurry up and get out of here!” Haku replied.
“Ok” Rena said.
She ran out of the Village, never turning back she continued on until daybreak at which point she was physically and mentally exhausted. She fell to her knees and painted. She took out the loaf of bread and bit into it. The bread was dry and stale but it tasted great. The sun was pounding down on her back and the sand was unbarring. She was guessing she was near Suna (or Sand) Village. She fell down and closed her eyes. She slept until something woke her up. Some sort of Voices.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Well yeah i got mad when i got home from school cause my mom was treating me like crap again. She eathers realy nice or she treats me like crap and blames everything on me. (All the bad stuff that happens to us is my fault...) Oh well at least I talked to my boyfriend. Ha he is dcarsonjr and noone goes to visit him anymore so go child!!! XP oh and im starting to watch love hina cause i got episodes 1-24. Twisted is my only comment. Yeah and we have our second test today so im bringing my colored penicls and nindeno power mag along with my drawings so i can color them after the test. Oh well i guess ill see everyone later *huggles everyone* Byes!!! *waves*
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Monday, March 7, 2005

Hello everyone
Well yeah i was realy hyper today becuase i told everyone that my new fav adj. was sexy lol ^^ Oh and today we had testing so all of our classes where short and like math was only 11 minutes. But this question got me XP

What does scythe mean???
b) something to prepare food
c) something to harvest crops

I thought a scythe was for cutting peeps heads off... 0.o Ok this happened to me in Gym class

Me: Mr Amer the birdy wont let me hit it (badgammon or whatever it's called)
Teacher: You got to get to know the birdy
Me: Oh ok

Me: *talking to birdy* How are you today... Can't complain... Yeah Gaara's one sexy son of a gun ^^
*trys to hit it after become aquanted. Dosn't hit.*
Me: You Gaara Hater!!!

Yeah i was hyper and im a moran... Well ok laters everyone ^^

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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Hey everyone! ^^
Well yeah sorry i haven't been here all weekend you guys miss me??? *hugs* Well i went to the anime club and nothing much happened there cept that my bf didn't like my valentines present. He finally said that he loved it becuase it was from me which made me happy lol ^^ But then i spent the night at kiyoko's and citca was there. We played Naruto ninja taisan 3 (bwa so fun...) and drew the whole night. But somehow when me and kiyoko were realy hyper we got into a conversation about "who was sexy" from naruto. I said Gaara and Haku and Kiyoko was going with Kankuro and Akamaru (who has the better taste in men i wonder...) But yeah then Kiyoko ssid that the dino dude stole from Kankuro's sexy moment and i must agree even though i dont think that Kankuro's sexy 0.o Then the next night we watched nasicaa of the wind and played ddr. Pwa it was my first time and im addicted!!! I kept on getting D's and E's on Beginner mode but i was doing better than Kiyoko ^^' But yeah i drew alot so i will put up fan art (fear it) So yeah laters everyone!!! ^^
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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Yo!!! ^^
Well today was a good one. Nothing realy spectial happened but yeah i made it a good day ^^ People were throwing doritos at me during recess 0.o It was annoying cause they were making fun of me cause im not afraid to wear my inuyasha and yugioh shirt to school ^^ But i didn't let it ruin my day and i didn't go off on them eather like i usually do 0.o I asked god to forgive their poor pathetic souls ^^ Well i dont have much homework even though i missed a day. homework at my school is so unpredictable. Well i have a band concert today so i gotta step it up so that i get everything done today. So i shall se everyone later! Ja Ne! ^^
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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Weird day yesterday...
Well yesterday wasn't actually a snow day... when mom woke up she told me so. She said she didn't want to drive me to school but now im gonna have a bunch of tests and crap... but today was actually a snowday... But yeah after i got off the internet yesterday i went to go play windwaker without my glasses on (they were broken one of the nosepeices where missing) Which was a huge mistake cause then i got a major headache from straining to read the little text. So then i went to bed and that was about noon. I woke up at about 6pm and my headache had increased and i hadent eaten a single thing so i felt like crap. So yeah then i had to go out cause my mom wanted to go out to eat and i had to go get my glasses fixed and i wanted to buy a friend her b-day present. We when to steak and shake and i ate about half a buger and half a thing of onion rings so then we where in the car and i reguritated it all up (i puked 0.o) But oh well today will be a better day but i will probably not eat at all becuase now i have a fear of puking it all up >.< Oh and btw anyone can use my avitars. In fact that would flatter me. Ok i better go Ja Ne! ^^
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