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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hello everyone! Well yesterday after I played outside with Gabe and Alex a little more the people downstairs came home and started to talk to me and my mom. Joni (my flute teacher) was complaining about how her husband wouldn't help her clean out her stuff so i offered to help. We got her room done pretty much. It looked realy good ^^ I got some stuff out of it too because she said anything she was going to throw away i could keep so i got a new bag for the anime club, a new purse, and a whole bunch of other stuff. After that me and her went back outside and all of us had a cookout which was alot of fun. Then i got to meet more neighbors (i live in a apt complex so i have alot of neighbors) Jessica and Aron. They were boyfriend and Girlfriend and they were both realy funny. Aron did a bunch of inpressions and he told me about his snake and i got to see a picture of it (Snakes are so freaken awsome!) After that we went over so Joni's and watched pirates of the carrabian. I like that movie alot. Anyways I have desided if I ever get a pet snake I will become like Orochimaru and train him to do my bidding (minus phedoflie of corse ^^) I'm starting to get over my fear of Orochimaru and relize what a bad ass he is. Ok I'm going to comment on everyone's site after work (eh.. i g2g to work today... fun...) Well everyone have a nice day! Ja Ne!
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Hey everyone!
Ok now for the promised pictures of Hinata and Temari. sorry for the lack of Temari pictures my computers being stupid.

As for today I have been playing outside with my brother and the two next store kids Gabe and Alex. (They are so cool) We were outside and playing on the swing set all day. Then we were sitting with the adults and all three of them started to play with my hair. Alex was trying to barade it, Gabe was trying to make it straight, and i have no clue what my brother was trying to do. Heh i got long hair XP Now I'm going to go back outside and play with the kids and work on my new, self made, self taught Taijustu. (Part Tai kwan do, Part Rock Lee/Sasuke Taijustu, Part Tsunade.) Ja Ne! I'll comment of everyone's site later on today.

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Naruto Girls and their Mood Swings
Is it just me or do Girls from Naruto have major mood swings? You'll see what I mean ^^

Depressed Sakura

Angry Sakura

Hyper Ino

Tommorow I'll carry on the theme with Hinata and Temari. Later ^^

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nothing much happended today but something big happened yesterday but i dont realy want to talk about it. Let's just say it's bad and screwed up. Anyways I'm making myself a Mist Forehead protector and it's almost done! Once I'm done with it I'll put up pics of it. Here's the pictures from yesterday that didn't go up right (sorry ^^')

Recently Joined Clubs

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ok i didn't comment on anyones site today. I'm sorry i would ecept for the fact that my computer doesnt like me today and that i got my eyes numbed and diolated today so yeah.. But it's realy good cause i can touch my eye and it doesnt hurt ^^ Anyways here's some pictures.

That is such a cool idea. My boyfriend freaked when he saw this ^^

If this is real then i love them ^^ It's got Rin!!! ^^

Yes... Itachi would go nuts (me and my friends think Itachi loves my little ponies lol)

So yeah that's about it. Have a nice day everyone ^^

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Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey everyone ^^
Nothing much going on today. Just being a bum lol ^^ I got 4 hrs of sleep last night but im not tired... That's odd huh? Oh well im gonna pull an all nighter tonight! Yeah! So yeah everyone have a good day ^^

Clubs I recently joined.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hey everyone. My weekend so far has been nice. I went to the anime club and saw Samurai Champloo and the end of Pita Ten. I'm hoping they'll eather start Naruto or Hajime no Ippo again (boxing anime) then i spent the night at Kiyoko's and then went to the art commity thing for Harucon. I'm drawing/painting the information booth sign and it's got eternal Sailor Moon on it (the wings are killing me!!!) But yeah i am now raising chaos and for you people that dont know what choas are there these chibi pet things that you raise. Here's my chaos so far.

Naruto: An aditude problem (lol)
Haku: Loves everything.
Gaara: Hates me (NOOO!!!)
Kankuro: is lazy (another lol)

So yeah ill see you guys later. Have a nice one.

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Friday, April 8, 2005

Hey everyone!
So i got sleep last night!!! (yay!) and now im ready to go to school. I probably wont be posting during the weekend becuase I'll be at Kiyoko's so have a nice weekend everyone! You guys like the new layout? After this I'm going to do dark chi from chobits and then Hinata from Naruto so look forward to it. I realy have nothing else to say so have a nice one ^^
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Thursday, April 7, 2005

Hey everyone...
Well got very little sleep last night again. When i woke up i was running into stuff and couldn't walk in a straight line. My mom kept me home so i could catch up on my sleep and i feel a little better although i still feel tired and i have a massive headache. Oh well hopefully if i go to sleep early today i will feel great in the morning. Oh and i wanted to know if i should take off the drawing board thingy. Here's some Naruto gifs that you just gotta love. Have a nice day everyone ^^

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Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Hi everyone ^^

Thanks for 500 hits ^^ *hugs you all* Well today was ok. Living off of 5 and a half hours. I can't sleep anymore (no im not trying to become like Gaara. I like my sleep!) Anyways i have nothing to report cept that Austin got out of in school suspention today. (Yay!) Yeah so that was nice. Also i have a new hobby of... you people are going to think im horrable but... tripping people with my hockey stick in gym. It's fun! I know im such a cruel person but noone at my school treats me like a human (cept for a select few) so i figure why should i? Well that's it for today. Ja Ne

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