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Friday, March 25, 2005

Well im finally off (Thank god!) Well anyways to clear up the confusion no my friend with the username "Princess of Mer" did not rip her name from Itachi666's fan fictuon... so leave me alone T.T In other news i am now taking button and avtar requests. They wont be the best but... I like making them so if i make you one and you dont like it tell me and ill try again. Message me if your have one that you want made. Here's some i made along time ago for Bade. You don't have to use all of them and i still want to make you a Kyo Kusanagi one.

This is for Hotaru (Hyperactiveav) If you don't like it message me and ill make you another.

Also i had a weird dream were Bade (my boyfriend) was trying to take over the world. It was a freaky dream... But enough of that. On Final Fantasy CC i got to year 3 (Yay!!!!) and ill be home all day just sleeping and eating (the ideal life lol) I also have flute music for two Final Fantisy songs and Wind from Naruto and just for the Zelda fans... Saria's song and Orarina of time! Yay!!! So yeah that's what's up with me. Have a nice day everyone!

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well no good news about Austin yet. Also for the people that know me (real lif friends) I will most likely not be coming to the anime club. And i am sooo sorry that i have been neglecting my duty to go around and post on everyones sites. I've been super busy. Oh and my boyfriend posted up the second page! He's Dcarsonjr. (it's on my buddy list if you are lazy XP) Ok so i started a new fan club. The banner is after my ZabuzaXHaku one and it's a Studio Ghibi fan club!! Yay!! Well im sorta depressed cause i never get to see my boyfriend cause we live far apart so im gonna go sneak into my hiding place. Bye everyone!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Not good...
Well i dont have much good news... Austin got two days of in school suspention and his mom's trying to throw him into jv hall. What a... well i think you know what i was going to say. But he's treated realy bad at his house. I feel sorry for him... ;-; *sighs* well for other news i am not commenting on most peoples sites because i am too busy and im very sorry!!! But on friday i'll start commenting on everyones sites again becuase then ill be on spring break. Oh and Mortal Kombat Deseption is coming to GC with two bonus charies that were bosses in a previous one. (doesn't remember their names) So ill see everyone later Ja Ne! ^^
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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ok the cover page and the first page is up!!! Yay!!! But im not in it yet... Oh well ill wait ^^ Anyways i will not get to many peoples sites due to the make up for school that i have to get done cause i was sick T.T sumi masen everyone!!! Anywho i think im going to tell some of my random thoughts over the couple of days.
Warning: Some of these are eather disturbing or funny or confusing nevertheless be happy! (i didn't know what else to say XP)

Me: *reads a note from a stalker* if he tries to talk to me... heh heh... he's dead... worse than dead... heh heh....

Me: *sighs* why can't i just go to some sort of ninja school?

Austin: Rena, why are you such a b*tch to everyone...
Me: heh... *punches in the face*

Yeah i can be evil sometimes... Ok good bye everyone! *hugs for everyone* ^^

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Monday, March 21, 2005

*crackley noise*
Everyone the Rena-chan has the floor!
*another crackley noise*

Ok sorry! If you people have any idea where i got that from ^^' (A green day song of corse!) So what's up? I'm just gonna talk randomly about crap so if you dont understand what the hell im talking bout then heh just smack me ^^' Anywho... I'm stuck on a manga idea. I always seem to come up with an idea but eventually it bores me so i give up. But if anyone has any good ideas for me give them here! ^^ But i cannot draw future like stuff and i dont draw hentai so yeah... and if i draw past stuff all their outfits will make them look like their from Naruto. So present ideas please? Also i want to know if my list of Studio Ghibi movies are complete so if you know im missing one help ^^
Kiki's Delivery Service
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
My Neighbor Totoru
Nausicca, Valley of the Wind
Castle in the Sky
Grave of the Fireflies

and boo ya! I've watched all but one of those!!! ^^ Heh i haven't seen the last one. But there that goes. Now just one thing else to blab about. My boyfriend's putting up this kick butt manga that he's writing. I'm gonna help a little and hopefully he'll let me ink it (inking is fun!!!) It's called dark relem and the first page scared alot of people at my old school. Even kids that normaly like that kind of stuff. But there's gonna be a charter based off of lil ol me!!! Yay!!! ^^ So he's dcarsonjr so I'll make sure to tell you guys when he puts it up. Later everyone!

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Long time no see everyone! sorry ^^' Yesterday i went to the mall to build a bear for my b-day. Kiyoko, Citca, uhh my boyfriend XP, and Itachi-san came. I got a polar bear with a karate uniform and then we went for pizza. The other people in the pizza place were looking at me and my friends like we were insane and we all threw the paper on the straws at each other (mostly at Itachi-san). Even my mom was ^^' Then i went over to Kiyoko's for a sleepover for her birthday. Joyce did my makeup (i never were makeup so yeah... that's a big thing for me.) She put alot of eyeliner on becuase she does that (like the gothic thing you know?) and it wont come off becuase it's waterproof so yeah... ^^' But Citca told me not to go outside or else guys would flock to me. Scary 0.o and i have made up my mind that i am going to make another fan club! But yeah... it's a surpize what it's for. Here's a list of what i got from everyone

Kiyoko: RahXephon Manga
Citca: Escaflowe Movie
Donald: Inuyasha Movie 2
Itachi: Fruits Basket Manga
Donald's Family: Kyo-chan plushie!!

Ok well ill see you all later! Oh and if i dont comment on everyones site it's not my fault it's my baka compy. Ja Ne!

P.S. Like the new layout?

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Happy St. patties day!!!! ^^
Hey everyone! I would be getting pinched right about now but i didn't go to school cause im sick T.T But yeah. Oh and another thing i have discovered that my e-mail does not work! Sorry for anyone that sent me a greeting for my birthday... ;-; But not to worry my Boyfriend is going to help me set up a yahoo e-mail address so this problem's only temp. So here's some pictures of anime charcters that would never be poked.

Lettuce from Tokyo Mew Mew

Link from Zelda, OOT

Sailor Jupitor from Sailor Moon (duh XP)

Fuu from Magic Knights Rayearth

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

First off i'd like to thank everyone for telling me happy birthday!!! Pwa i got lots of pretty gifts from you all like this one.

Thanks SsaiyanShinobi!!! ^^
Also my Sango outfit is finished but my mom returned our digital camera cause it was crap and we needed money so yeah... When the con comes around ill take pictures then and post them up i promise ^^ Also I think my flute teacher got me sick with something. My temp is 101 so im probably gonna go to bed after im done here. Once again thanks everyone ^^ Oh and here's another chapter.

Sixth Chapter~ Rainbow Village, A New Beginning

As Rena and Kankuro kept on walking Jamie was so relived to see the entrance to Rainbow village.
“This is the place.” Kankuro said “Ja Ne”
“Ja Ne” Rena said
Kankuro ran back into the forest. She turned around to see that he was already gone. Jamie then giving up on thanking Kankuro walked into the village that was called Rainbow. Many people stopped and stared at her. Everyone was brightly dressed but her clothing was dark. She stuck out like a sore thumb. Then she saw three girls arguing with each other. One had long white hair and brown eyes. The other one had shorter dark hair in a ponytail and had glasses on. The final one had blond hair and blue eyes. All three of them ran up to her.
“Are you an outcast or something?” The blond one said
“Shut up Joyce we open our arms to Outcasts! Besides what are we?” The long dark haired one said
“I’m a Konoha outcast.” Joyce admitted
“No biggy! My Name’s Kiyoko! I’m a sound outcast.” The long dark haired girl said
“I’m Citca” The girl with the glasses said “It’s nice to meet you! I’m a sound outcast also!”
“What’s your name?” Kiyoko asked
“I’m Rena…” Rena said, they where quite perky for outcasts.
“Oh that’s a good name.” Kiyoko said “Come on I’ll have you meet our Rainkage”
“Ok then.” Rena said.
She was then dragged to the biggest platform in the middle of the village. She was then pushed up on the stairs.
“Come on go up!” Citca whispered
“Well ok.” Rena said
She walked up onto the Village Platform.
The Rainkage began to speak.
“Give me your name girl.”
“I’m called Rena.” She said solemnly
“Do you agree to adopt Rainbow Village as your home?”
“Yeah.” She said
“Then welcome to Rainbow Village, Rena.”
The old Rainkage took her Mist Village Forehead Protector off and placed a Rainbow Forehead Protector on. Everyone broke out into applause. She felt happier but only one thought would past through her head.
“You’ll never see Haku again.”

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

It's my Birthday!!!! ^^
Hello everyone! Guess what.... today's my birthday!!! ^^ yay! But our apt manager is a *beep!* he was being a jerk to my mom just because some guy parked in our spot... >.< Well other than that today was a good day ^^ Ok here's another chapter. Ja Ne!

Fifth Chapter~ Orochimaru

Kankuro and Rena were still walking when Rena started to feel an evil presence lurking around them. She stopped and pulled out her two kunaies. (Kunai= a knife like dagger that ninjas use in combat. They can be thrown for distance or used for close combat.)
“Hey what’s the matter now?” Kankuro said
“I guess it was just nothing.” Rena said “Come on let’s continue.”
She put her two kunaies away and continued to walk.
“Are you ok?” Kankuro asked
“I’m fine.” Rena said
Suddenly she felt the same feeling behind her. She spun around to see a man taller than both her and Kankuro. He had shoulder length black hair and white skin that made him look dead. Rena quickly pulled out her two kunaies again, ready to attack at any given time.
“You don’t know what I am yet you’re prepared to kill?” The strange man asked
“Yes if you’re a threat then I won’t hesitate to kill.” Rena responded like it was second nature to her. Was killing second nature now?
“If you come with me you can live in Sound. They accept people with bloody backgrounds like yours.” The man said “You might even find out what you and I are both. That Haku boy too.”
“I’m not coming with you. I’ll kill you!” Rena yelled
She jumped up in the air and threw her kunaies into the man’s face. As soon as she landed on the ground she realized that the kunaies had hit her own arm.
“What!” Rena yelled
Rena turned around but she couldn’t. Someone had grabbed her injured and now quite bloody arm. It was the same weird man.
“Stupid girl, do you really think you can kill me so easily? I grabbed your arm so quickly before you even landed you couldn’t even feel it.” He said
“Shut up!” Rena said “I won’t go with you end of story!”
“Fine then. But if you change your mind the only person you have to look for is Orochimaru.” He said
Orochimaru let go of her arm and he summoned a snake. He jumped on the snakes head and disappeared into the daybreak.
“Damn him…” Rena said
Kankuro ran up to her with some bandages. He began to bandage up her arm.
“Hey your pretty stupid.” Kankuro said “Orothimaru is one of the people that could easily become the 5th Hokage of Konoha if he chose to.”
“So?” Rena said “I don’t care how strong he is I’ll kill him someday.”
Rena made that vow, she made that promise to herself long ago, and she intended to keep it.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Hey everyone i got alot to do so no chapter today (sumi masen!!!) Anyways my costume's almost done we just need to sew the sleves together and sew the bottom trim. Oh and if i dont get to everyones site then im so sorry!!! Ok bye! ^^
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