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Thursday, February 3, 2005

Naruto gets big....
Here's a Url for the most recent chapter. It doesn't give anything big away if your still reading down more exept it tells you who became the 5th hokage. So yeah check it out there all like 14 now... heh and Konohamaru is big too...

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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Basketball game
I was forced to go to a basketball game after school today... It wasn't as bad as i thought... At least i got free food ^^
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Hey everyone, good news.
Yeah he's not going to kill himself anymore *relief* I'm propaply going to do a Sakura Valentines Day layout. Cause yeah im weird. So see ya everyone XP
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Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Well i got my 21st chapter done of my fan fic. But my friend from school (no Kiyoko you dont know him) is saying stuff about killing himself. I told a teacher but i donno... I just hope he comes to school tomorrow alive.
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Lingo's Banner Request
Yeah if you want a realy cool banner like my Gaara one go to Lingo my otaku site. Lingo is taking requests for them and they look realy pretty and stuff. Anywho get your butt down there! lol jk. Ok Ja Ne everyone.
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Monday, January 31, 2005

My idol
Yeah i have an idol besides Gaara and Zabuza XP His name was John Paul Jones. He fought during the relvolution war and was on the side of the patriots and was the biggest pirate back then ^^ He used an british flag to lure British boats in then stole them. It was awsome cause this guy's motto was "I have not yet begun to fight." Yeah... that's what i get for paying attention in History class.
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Evilness ^_^
Heh i finally got to read to where Gaara kills something. He's so awsome... Yeah but how can someone die and then be dead for awile and then cry? yeah they got me... Ok i g2g to school so see ya.
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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Cute ^^

Sorry but this picture is so cute no? Heh and btw Emily in my fan fic you fall in love with Kankuro *runs*

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Hey Everyone
I'm quite bored. But last night was interesting because i was doing a buddy chat with my two friends and my boyfriend. My friend delared himself to be "Zabuza-san" so i started freaking out and asking him if he would teach me his water justu's ^^ So yeah that makes us all freaks. But Nate's got an ego problem. Here's what he said my and my friend's chakura levels where.
Nate: Unlimited (yeah right)
Donald: Enough to fill a paper cup (donld then commented saying that that paper cup must be huge)
Mason: Enough Chakura to fill one of those little medicine cups (not the droppers)
Me: The chakura of a bug
So yeah Nate's got an ego problem and he thinks he's Zabuza. So yeah im gonna kick his butt the next time i see him cause i do not have the chakura level of a bug.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Randomness at work
So yeah im going to just talk randomly here so bear with me. First of all I am currently reading this weird fan fic. I dont suggest it. It scares me but it's addictive so there... Anyways, i think my and my mom are rasing a male crossdresser because he's seven and he likes to wear nail polish. I don't blame him though. I would be a crossdresser to if i was rasied by two people of the opposite gender. But yeah i dont realy care my brother's cool. Oh and i finally desided that i won't put up my fan fic due to the fact that it's just to freaken long. If you realy must read it though private message me. Ok see ya.
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