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Friday, December 16, 2005


Well the votes were kind of one sided I had to say..0_0 I got 15 votes and they all sad Yu-Gi-Oh! and so I have created another poll for you to take part in. Heh anyway today is my last day of school and I only have to go in for an hour to see the school pantimine, afterall it's a good choice to see your teachers make idiots of themselvesand plus some of my friends are performing in it too. Well I havea lot to look forward to now, seeing my mates again, new series of ygo (HOPEFULLY!) on sunday and I alreayd have some pressies under r crimbo tree form my frineds. THANKIES! yesterday my sister brought a dvd and she knows what oen i got her..but ..she wont tell me mine It's annoying..;_; ok i know your notmeant to butits like.oh i got you azu manga and i say wha volume and then she says Im not tlelingyou waht dvd I got! WAHH! TELL ME VALKOV!! anyway i hope all of you have a great christmas and I'll be seeing you with my new picture which I hope you all enjoy. c yas!


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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Wow im so happy went onto Otaku toady and I now have 102 gb sigings and over 900 veiwings! I AM SO HAPPY! ^_^ thank you everyone and now I am going to put a poll up so you decide what the congrats picture should be. ^_^

Well apart from that I fnally got to see the new Harry Potter film with Luff, Sarah and Mai, and in my perfessional opioin it was the BEST one yet..i loved it. Yet i would say seeing a few minurtes of Harry inthe bath isn't my cup of tea..I would of however liked to Cedric in the bath..*o* FIT!! the worst bit though was when he died and i was in tears..heh..got a few odd looks form my frineds but he was so hot, cute and Y DO THEY GET RID OF THE FIT ONES!!! it's true..for example they make Yami leave..Yugi's fit and cute but its better with the pair to be honest. But at last..today was the last episode of Grand Championship! Yes now we can get tino the last series finally..the only worry i have is come next friday i will be seeing Grand Championship again..it was the same as Waking the Dragons..i remember that..that was like round last christmas and they didnt show the next series till..october..0.o..;_; anyway enough about that its not long till the end of christams and then its time for..LAY INS!!! YAY! lol..well i'll be ging now and thanks again eveyrone..c ya around..


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Sunday, December 4, 2005

   hello haven't been on here for a while now have i..opps..

Howdy everyone and long time no see i guess. Opps i didnt mean to ive just been a lazy bum. soz. Anyway I hope al of you ahve been ok over the last few eeks..seems more like months at the rate ive been. lowell lest catch up shall we.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

(^_^ like my little devider there..heh)

Well let's c, me luff and Lia ( fellow otkau peeps) all went to London, are capital and I LOVE IT! On the day George Best died, (R.IP...he was a legend, a great footballer) anyway we had such a fun time. us 3 along with Charlie (another mate, we're getting ehr into anime hehe) all messed around a bit, sining around the Thames, singing on the train and underground, but you couldn't beat it when Luff took picture sof us in those mirrors were they make weird shapes and stuff. heh it made us look fat thing etc...funny and then we messed aorund with lia's hat and glasses making other funny pics that luff kindly took..heh her one is funny. lol.you have to ask Luff nicely on her site to show you them. and the kitten has just walked into my room..0.o..who let that out.. well that was random. Anyway it was really good to all hang aorund like that for a day, even hough it did make you extremly tired in the end.

But now we're in december aren't we. lol..cool. And that means a couple of things..

1) I get to have my choice of wallpaper up. (me and my sister have diffenre tlikes in anime and so eahc month we change so we get a fair share really...so this month its my tur).heh here ive got a pic now of what wallpaper i picked isn't it cool. ..DONT STEAL! lol

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Isn't it funny!

2) 21 days till christmas! (YAY! i get the ygo ds game!)
3) 14 days till the egyptain series finally gets shown in the UK!
4) 10 days left of school for me and my mates. FINALLY!

That's all of those things i can think of for now but i can't wait. Plus it means not long till im 17 and i can go and drive washoo! im gonna die..;_; knowing my skills. Dueling and game consoles i can do but cars..no. lol. Ok i am boring you at this present moment but hey my post..AND IM ONE GB SIGNING OFF GETTING 100! im so happy about that..T_T if i get 100 b4 the end of this year i'll draw a picture to celebrate...heh.your choice. But i need to do more pictures really. And have you notice dmy new d.pic..heh its goes cos its nearly christmas and i knwo what yami wants for crimbo...heh..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I wnat both of the to be honest but a Pugi cna dream..but heh ive run out of things to say again. I'll try and post more often and vsit your sites more. Thanks everyone and i'll cyas all again later..heh..


*+Pugi+* (currenlty, having a coughing fit, damn me being ill!)

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Monday, November 21, 2005


^_^ Pugi is lucky...yguis is the other slave by the way just so u know..
Your Master is Yami Yugi! The ancient Pharaoh kept
you as a servant at first, but then he fell in
love with you, and he wants to be with you for
eternity. Your life as Yami Yugi's pet is like
that of a princess's. Unfortunately, you don't
get to go out much, since your Master has so
many enemies that would love to take advantage
of his feelings for you. But you don't mind;
since being with your beloved Master is all you

Which Yu-Gi-Oh guy is your Master?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Saturday, November 19, 2005


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
IM SORRY EVERYONE I HAVENT BEEN AROUND! IV'E BEEN LASY AND BUSY AT THE SAME TIME! T_T oh well i'm here now so I guess thats ok! Sorry about the picture above, it's funny an dit makes me laugh. LOL! Anyway I hope all you guys and girls ahve been okay for I knw i have, some of the time. I've had arguments, cuts curtesy of trying to stop the dog an dkitten from playfighting an dthe worst one had to be on Thursday with me falling asleep in Media due to a cut i got in Art...weird. 0.o Anyway so many cool things have come out this month havent they! 4 example the following.

1) Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! ^_^ yay can't wait to see it with the gang some time..0.o
2) Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Rush. OH i so want both of these games but I was really pissed off when me and Luff went to Game yesterday and in one of them they had like a small corner for Gamecube games whilst in the other Game shop they ddint do any Gamecube stuff! ¬_¬ That's not fair!
3) Yugioh! Nightmare Troubldour. I WANT IT! God thing is I have a DS and two im getting it for crimbo! ^_^ I wonder if my parents think im too old for it. Not much they cna do cos if they said no i would buy it anyway..XP lol.
4) Pokémon XD: OH the collest pk game since Colisuem but you still cant bet the mini games in Stadium. lol.

Okay all that was weird and crap really but looking at the Dark picture and Yami walking along as a baby in my avatar made me fine.Lol anyway as i've seen on most of your sites your watching the Egytpian episodes of yugioh, well the oens with Pharaoh Atemu etc. LUCKY THINGS! WE DONT GET IT OVER HERE I THE UK TILL THE 18th december! ¬_¬ Well thats what i worked out anyway, cos on sky they have it like every sunday and repeat the episode on saturday so by the 18th december we'll be right at the beginning of the first series with like Kura vs Kaiba and then probably in January we'll finally see Pharaoh Atemu at this rate -_- Oh well could be my birthday present i guess. XP

Well paprt from my life story whihc is very boring as you cna tell, i went to see the grandparents of doom last weekend and they gave us a new computer, well it's still old but better then the one im on at the moment due to it now has a scanner and printer so i dont have to nag Luff anymore to scan my fanart and print out my work..lol. ^_^;;; anyway hope you peopel have had fun and hope you guys have already started your chirstmas shoppig, i know i have my and my mates seem to be at this rite buying Manga and Anime DVDs for each other, but i have to buy my sister Mai Valkov (Check out her site on here!) Get Backers volume one and Dvd and shes getting me the next D.N.Angel Dvd! YAY! More sweet Dark and Krad. *drools8.. btu they still cant compare to my Yugi and Yami obsession and so far i only just foudn out i have loved them for about 2 years now. 0_0 HOLY RA THAS SCARY!! Oh well guess i'll be seeing you im going on Gaia and might be playing Ocarina of Time for i'm getting adicted to it and scared at the same time. lol. bye guys and have a look at the pictures below that made me cry relaly..WAHH BLESS YUGI! ^_^ c yas


Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

krad & dark

Thanks a bunch to Luff who has posted up my new picture of krad & Dark, (Please look at it and give a rating or comment) thansk a bunch luff and well just c my pic basically..XP i'l make a longer post 2morow...so c ya


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Monday, October 31, 2005

the shortest psot in teh world...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! the end..lol
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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well hello everyone and I can't believe people wished Kaiba a happy birthday..0.o.oh..i'll celebrate his death day lol. Well i must say half term was exciting ..welnot really, i spent most of the tiem at home doing my art a-level stuff, photography and wathcin gd.n.angel. It's not fair in the run up to christmas, (I know its not even halloween and out over here they have stalls and shops selling christmas crap.0_0) its very weird. I ddint even go out once during that week, so i didnt get to see my frineds once and on friday lets tell a story..er..i kinda drank too much..went a bit tipsy. @_@ and well my sister was watchig my Prétear dvd and i ran up to the dvd an began to likc it when hayate was on..0_0 im never getting tipsy again! hat was not nice..blah..-_- good thing that i didn't do it when she decided to put ygo on and the episode was manily kaiba, I would of thrown up..heh. But yeah that was a good friday i guess but then i was on gaia and that problems all sorted but anyway i was online to one of my frineds on gaia on msn and when i go tipsy or high i say ys to most things, and this person said.' When you leave school, dress up as an anime character.!' i said ok..and i said who and her said Yami. great!! -_- im not the most liked perosn at my school and that will realy boost up my popularty ratings lol, but i'll do it anyway..sounds like fun! heeh cant wait!! well lets c yesterday was saturday and i got nagged constantly by my parent sto go out which i ddint want to but i did, to bluewater adn then they give us Ł30 each and i was like yay i cna get Nintendogs, it was then that my sister said, ' your not allowed to buy games, manga or anthignlike that 'cos they are 4 christmas' ;_; oh i wanted it though..and so that measn by the time at christmas i woud want..er..4 games XP good thingmy birthday is in January! lol..but yeah instead we went past a shop and they ddi ygo collectors tins with like a special card and 8 booster packets. heh..i wasnt going to get one but one of them was a Dark Magician Girl tin, my fav monster and i had to get it..and i did and so i have two dark magicians and two dark magician girls, all of them have different designs too. Coolies..sad yes but its cool! i like it..^_^ till we got to dinner time and i had a curry..blah i felt bad..very hot food that was and then afterwards i had chocolate, ra when i got home i felt bad and what do i do.play with the kitten, makig me feel worse and instead of goign to sleep..i stay up and watch the ygo movie..XP What an idiot! Ive watched it so many time san di hapen to feel sick so i watch it again..0.o..freak! well as long as it didnt have Malik or Kura then i wont throw up, but seeing pegasus in a dressing gown ptu me off..blah. heh..oh well..today i fel ok..just watched ygo and it was the bit were grandpas been 'kidnapped' ¬_¬ yeah right and yami (yes i know most would say yugi but its yami who duels!) has to duel on the tables..lol! i thought that wa sinthis episode and near the end they were going to go and start the due but what does it say..To be continued! T_T i have to wait till next week for that episode..T_T oh well..guess i can wait..now im goign ton gaia and doing some more artwork. Well guess i'll by seeing you and i will be making a post tomorrow for haloween, slightly scared though becuase my sister is up to something for that day..and i easily get scared on halloween..heh ok well c ya..


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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   hehe thats funny!

soz i only just remembered its either kaiba's birthday 2day or it was yesterday..lol..soz but i find that funny..especally on sites such as gaia and fanfiction were the girls r wishing him happy birthday..lol.thats funny..oh well like any of you are going to reply to this anyway..oh well



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Monday, October 24, 2005

   Yay im happy 2day!

Yay i'm so happy, it's the half term meaning a full week of relasation and er..being lazy.lol..WHIHC IN ACTUAL FACT I HAVE NOT BEEN DOING! ¬_¬ Heh i've spent most my time on msn and aslo doing a d.n.angel picture..whihc i must say is coolies and makes me high, why u ask becuase used oil pastel and white spirit to colour it in..@_@ whoa i was hyper then..heh..badly c my sister was like watchign every anime dvd i own, ok not everyone..mainly Prétear ¬_¬ so i watched d.n.angel on my portable dvd player and cos the volume was too quiet compared to the dvd mai was watching I had to put it on ful volume, good thing there is hardly any shouting...well that was good till i decided to watch a ygo dvd well volume 5 cos i like the episode of yami vs bakura, aww yugi looked so cute as the dark magician ^-^ anyway i completey forgot about teh full volume and on this player its 16 ^_^;; heard the them tune and ;_; it hurt..yami shouldnt shout..it hurts..:_; heh so i had a slight headache after that..good thing it had there more older voices for in the more recent ones, ra all they do is shout heh i would of been deaf if i heard one of those episode..^_^''' but yeah that was nice yesterday apart from getting an invite to an awards evening at my school aswell.0_0 i dont like beign put on stage..;_; it's scary..too many people!! BUt oh well im going to do more of my a-level artwork 2day and also do some tweas on my krad & dark pic and thenmaybe finish some others that i like drew about 2-1 years ago.^_^;; heh well hope all of you have a great day 2day..if ur at school or not..hehe.oh well c ya!

He's some d.n.angel covers 4 the next lot of volumes ive got to get and im still pissed off over the fact that i wanted volume 2 to have the voice commentry with Greg Ayres (Hiwatari) and Illich Guardiolia (Krad) but no u dont get that till the last ra damned volume, and there is 7 of them!! 0_0 and they have only just recently brought out volume 1..;_; not fair..all i know is volume 2 has the voice commmentry with Riku and Risa's voice actors instead, i do know their names i just cant be bothered to say them..hehe..^_^ I DONT OWN THESE IMAGES BUT AT SOME POINT I WILL OWN THE DVDS!


:_: It's the only volume i've got and no i didn't change the cover. Dark is fit, Risa is not..lol

I want to change the cover if I know whats on the other side, if it's Daisuke i'll change it cos i would prefer him then Riku..lol

ERM...IS THIS THE SAME POOFY KRAD! 0_0 HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL BUT OH WELL I'LL KEEP THE IMAGE..if u didnt know..my fav charcters are Dark, Krad, Daisuke and Hiwatari..heh Still looks like a poofy girl though..¬_¬

er..im not sure who they are..0_0 i think one is that girl who helps daisuke get dark back in the volume 5 of the manga and the other one i heard is a girl that wants to make aisuke heres..heh...i might change that cover 2..lol

I dont think Mai, Luff or Lia would be happy if i chanegd this cover..;_; i would have bruses 4 quite a while, almost like that time were they were all ryou fans and i made fun of him and out came the fists...lol..;_; poor Pugi!


aww bless its little Niwa..oh well i'll keep that pic..im not 2 fond of Risa and Riku, very squeaky voices but at times they r funnny..especlaly in that dream..lol!


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