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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

   Pugi's back

Wahh T_T Thankies Cerm and Ree chan. *huggles* hehe I'll draw ye both a fanart as a thank you, just tell me what you want. ^^

It may be a image done before but it will be coloured in the Pugi way...hehe.


What's been happening to me?
Well to be honest I've been on another site called AnimeLeague, were some of my friends ares members on and im a moderator there so I've been busy sorting out posts and making sure the site is okay so that's taken up most of my time... ^^; lame I know but how often is it you join a site and become a site moderator after a month?
heh if your intrested you should sign up and join it, theres different sections and not just about anime but it's good....and if you do join..>> in the welcomes thread say Pugi told you.

OH RA IM ADVERTISING..T_T im sorry. but yeah ive been busy there.

IN October...I finally went to my first anime convention in London. ^^ it was so cool! it was the reason why I joined animeleague because if I wanted to stay in the hotel with the rest of the Brits I had to be a member, it was so cool meeting other people who liked the stuff I did and plus I spent way to much on anime stuff. Like I got a Roy Mustang plushie oh and we got to meet voice actors.
We meet the dubbed Sasuke and Temari voice actors for Naruto. They were both so friendly and my sister got to sit on Sasukes lap. Shes got pictures and he was pretty cute!

We also meet Aaron Dismuke who does the voice of Alphonse Elric and WHEEE..HE WAS SO CUTE!..even though his 14 and he was taller then me. T_T Im 17 damn it! He called me and my friends cute though ^^ hehe. I got to hug him too..^^

I got to meet a lot of cosplayers and myself went as a Pikachu because afterall thats where the name Pugi came from so I had to do it as my first cosplay. ^^ hehe it was so much fun and I managed to hug all the Clouds and Sephiroths. My sister stalked a Kadaj most of the day. Good hugger though!
We were happy fangirls though as we got two girls who had cosplayed as Reno and Sephiroth to kiss and one of my friends who was Cloud (A male friend and damn did he look good in that outfit too!) to hug a male Sephiroth. Both were pretty tall and older then me.(20+) and hehe they were a bit like....>>; im not doing it but we forced them too...OH THE YAOI! >.<
On the second day of the expo someone actaully cosplayed as Yami. Ra I wouldnt stop stalking them, hugging them..and they said I can have there babies..oh and we did a full on kiss too...

didn't know she was a girl though...^^; opps.

It was so much fun, I'll make a photobucket account or if you join animeleague theres a album on there with some of the images, including Pugi as a Pikachu....with a Naruto Headband. Staying with these people was so much fun though aswell, intresting things did happen...>>; but i really did enjoy it staying up gone past 2 in the morning and travelling around on the underground at 11 at night. So awesome! ^^ I had so much fun and we are doing the same again in May! I miss most of the guys and girls who went there already but we are meeting up at other times and we have each others mobile numbers and emails..so cool. ^^

okay im rambling again.. but I had to tell you about expo..seriously if you havent been to one.....GO! ^^ You'll have so much fun and people hug you for cosplaying, next year im being the following.

Sat: Sanji from One Piece
Sun: Ed from FMA

Sat & Sun?: Kisa from Furuba.

^^ okay enough of that but recnently ive been very busy at school and haven't had much time to do anything else, i'm at the moment trying to sort out trying to get into a art uni. @_@ Plus the one im going for, someone who stayed with us at expo goes to that uni so I know someone already. ^^ Hope I get in and the interviews should take place like...in January. @_@ Plus I turn 18 in January so it would be nice if I get into the uni..I hope I do. T_T

Apart from all that happiness I'm ill at the moment for I came back from expo on like the 31st October and ive had a chest infection ever since and I still have it. T_T So thats kind of one of the major reasons I havent been around. So sorry!

Well okay I've rambled one for ages now and I hope..you won't get too bored with it..^^ See ya around and I'll try and visit your sites when I get home as im at school. ^^ Okays so see ya around and I'll make another post tomorrow or soemthing..^^



ps: Cerm and Ree don't forget to tell me what fanart you want!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


just to say im still alive..just had problems recently and ill be making a post tomorrow...

im so so sorry that I havent visited or posted in ages and....im sorry.

I'll be back later as ive got to go out and I hope you guys will forgive me for not being around. T_T


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


^^; I really do feel bad for being away once again, but yeah it's quite hard getting this site to load these days! My laptop doesn't like the site!

T_T Ra damn it!

But yeah to celebrate me coming back..(T_T I can hear your groans from here!)I have put up a new fanart of Yami..it's better then my other attempt and I hope you guys and girls like it. It's done in pencils and coloured in the same way as the Ed picture.

^^ Woot! ^^

Well not much has happened in my life recently, it was my sisters birthday yesterday so we went out and had a awesome party! Apart from a little bit of groping..>.< damn it. But apart from that I've just been at school and spending money on manga!

Oh you won't believe what I finally saw...

ADVENT CHILDREN! @_@ I know I am so behind with everyone but my friend finally lent me the dvd and I was like...drooling a river over Cloud. RA DAMN IT HE'S THE SMEX!!!
Reno wasnt bad either...but like Bakura..KADAJ SCARES ME!!! 0_______0



No seriously the guy is scary...unlike Cloud. RA DAMN IT, FIT FIT FIT!


Just as Fit as Yami!

Okay I'm being scary now..I shall try and post again tomorrow guys and girls and baa!

^^ *mega hugs*


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Monday, September 11, 2006

Sorry once again.

Im sorry I haven't been around again and I feel so bloody gulity again. T__________T

I'm now back at school and it's annoying,school have blocked MyOtaku and I tend to make all my posts at school so now I can't do as many. Wah I'm sorry.


Anyway I got my exam results ages ago (IM sorry so sorry!) and overall I got.

Art: B
Photography: B
Media: D

^^ it's good yep but now I've got to rush off and do some ICT homework plus, I've been addicted to the Saiyuki Requiem Movie and Sonic Riders at the moment and drooling at smexy voices and it's all good.
(Dan Green and Vic Mignogna...*mega drools*)

^^ heh also I've been buying stuff for my cosplay in october and guess what I'm dressing up as?


lol...^^ It's in honour of my username because Pugi actually came from a fanfiction I read where Yugi had a pet pikachu called Pugi so I stole he name and now I am doing that as my first cosplay in tribute..^^ woot.

Oh well I'll try and make a better post tomorrow. I PROMISE THIS TIME. Oh and guess what I've got a new fanart which is a shock..but I bigger shock is that they are my OWN characters!

yes my own, I designed them in my graphics project which got me an A so I revamped them. ^^ Hope you like them and is it me..or does the girl look like Mana and her brother,look like Bakura?

Oh wells.. thanks for stopping by and guys.. I really don't deserve you lot.. thanks. *hugs*

baa bye


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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I'm so sorry that I haven't been around again, I'm such a lazy bum! Wah I'm so sorry that I haven't been to your sites but I've been busy once again..

Now I'm on a huge guilt trip T_T Baa bad pugi

Anyway not a lot has been happeneing iv'e been out on the town buying stuff like a whole load of manga etc oh and Ive been trying to get a job as well. ^^ Heh I might be working in a bookstore that also sells manga! WOOT!

So I've been busy there oh and I've been watching Big Brother and drawing some more art, like kei from Dirty Pair Flash and another Yami picture ^^. Hehe in the same style as the Ed picture.

I've also been away for a week and went camping, was fun but ended up having my er.. time of the month so I ended up with a bad tummy and got numerous amounts of blisters too. hehe but it was fun as my mascott was a Care Bear. lol. But it was fun..^^ Too many spiders and hornets though.

Tomorrow is a bad day for me, I get my exam results.. WAHH! T_T Im doomed..meep meep meep. Wish me luck and heh hopefully I don't get too told off by my parents about them, I've heard my art grade is good though..so who knows.

Anyway I'm also dissapering for a two weeks again to the Isle of Wight and then I should be back. I'm so sorry everyone again that I''ve been a lously otaku and wahh im sorry everyone.

Heh I'll make another better post tomorrow.. I'm sorry once again though..

^^ Heh I'll make a better post tomorrow but for now..you know Pugi is still alive..slightly..hehe




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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Im so Ra Damned Sorry!

*Cries Madly*

I'm so,so so so sorry I haven't been around I've been so jam packed in real life that I haven't had time to few art and your sites and I feel really bad about it, I understand if you dont want to comment or have me as a friend anymore.. i mean I havent commented for ages.. so yeah.

Anyway onto happier things..

^^ Im finally broken up from school! W00t okay well tomorrow Im going on a trip to Brighton and then schools out for summer! W00t!
Anyway wondering why I've been busy?


For the last 2 weeks we've had to a business challenge, this is basically were we are split up from our friends and have to solve a real life challenge from a local business. And there was 15 groups and there is only 3 cash prizes which is divided between the 5 of you and the totals were..

1st prize: £1000 ($2000)
2nd Prize: £500 ($1000)
3rd Prize: £250 ($500)

Heh anyway our group had to help the local Library, which had manga in it and we basically had to try and find ways of bringing teens into the library. We had to do facts and figures etc and I had to design the brochure and powerpoint presentation for our team. Last week we had to present our ideas in a business meeting style infront of judges and it was really like something your dad/mum would do with a company speech.

It was so scary! I mean i was so nervous I threw up before hand and was shaking like a leaf but once I started you couldnt stop me or my team talking. ^^ We think we did really well.

On monday we had the awards evening where the judges annonced the winners of the prizes, I must say I was scared and heh im glad they had alcohol there..lol. woot! heh okays the school giving 17yr olds alchohol tends to be a big no no with the government over here. Anyway me and my group ended up coming 3rd!

YAY MONEY! I was so happy I mean I've been short on cash for ages and I just feel good that out of the 15 groups we were one of the 3 that won prizes.. ^^ I mean I didnt think our group would get anything and so it's a nice confidence boost to see your work was noticed and that you get something in return for working hard. ^^

Heh we're even being in the paper for doing this too.. yay. Plus i spiked my hair up when it was in a ponytail and i put my yami red coloured extentensions in it so I tried to look a bit like Yami..well tried but it looked cool. ^^ Heh can't wait for the pictures and so yeah that's why i've been so busy.

I'm sorry and ihope you can forgive me.. anyway Im going to try and draw some more fanart an I'm even going to try and draw in my own style (Shock shock!)

Wish me luck and hope to see you around.. ^^


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Monday, July 3, 2006


Meep I've sorry I haven't been around, I've been so busy recently and I may struggle to get online for the next 2 weeks due to school work.

I am stll alive though and heh so sorry for not being on your sites. I want to but meep, lack of time...

*hugs* so sorry

Reno.. KEEP QUIET ABOUT THE FOOTBALL! THOSE BASTARDS CHEATED! ¬¬ Everyone knows it too... that w*nker winked and got Rooney.. off.. urgh revenge and come on we were playing Portugal and had a Argetinian ref.. we had no chance..lol

Go France and kick their butts!


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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

New Fanart..

Nothing much really.. heh I'll make a longer and better post later but all I'm doing to day is advertsing my two new images..^^ Yay!

Heh the first is..

Yami for Ree-Ree! I finally finished it and as I think the picture isnt that good I'm doing you another image okays.^^ Have a look and it's done in oil pastels peeps. ^^

and the other one is Wolf's Rain group image

It's coloured in the same way in my Ed picture and I hope you like both of them, heh they are better in real life but due to the size restrictions heh it will have to do. ^^ Enjoy! and c yas around..


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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

   Come on England!

Yep I'm back and heh I'm getting geared up for tomorrow's game. Oh I can't wait!! ^^ Hey it give's me a perfect chance to go ahead and drink..>>.. fizzy, dizzy...water..>> *cough*beer*cough* lol. Oh yeah, heh I've got to watch it anyway as kick off is at 5pm and my dad doesn't come home till 5:30 so I'll have to keep him informed.lol!

I STILL DAMN YOU ALL WHO ARE IN HOLIDAY! ¬¬ lucky! T_T *insert mass amount of crying here*

Anyway my subjects are going well at the moment, I still have to do media even though I'm dropping it which is stupid as what we are looking at is the course I am not doing. -_-# Oh and also we have this stupid business thing coming up were for 2 weeks we get split into groups, when I say groups I mean the populaur people all stay together whilst people like me get put into groups with them and have to do al the work. Ugrh we just have to in our groups go to a business company and they give us a complex problem they are having and we have to solve it. (Lazy Buggers! Do it themselves!) and so we have to spend our own money on printing and making boarchures and at the end of it we have to give a presentation in front of the company. I HATE SPEAKING INFRONT OF PEOPLE! @_@

See i'm not looking forward to it at all, I mean 2 weeks without my friends and basically havin the piss taken out of me is not fun! ¬¬ Stupid idea this is! oh well.. i'll try but I won't be happy!

-_- See I'm really having fun and to top it all off, I was meant to grab a digital camera from photography today so I could do my homework and the teacher isn't even here so I can't take a camera! URGH! The homework is in for tomorrow as well so I've got to work hard and try to get all the images taken asap. lol. ^^;

Fanart Status:
WAHH! I still haven't finished the wolf's rain image, and there is hardly much more to do. (Im lazy!) and so I'll try and finish it this week.
Oh and I do have some other images I want to try and do including..

Thief Bakura and Pharaoh Atemu: I don't mean in a yaoi sense....as much as I want it to be. (Heh i like that pairing..>> but it's better if they are in their yami versions..okay i'll shut up now) But it's basically going to be some sort of battle image that just popped up in my head because really back in the ancient past it was more these two who had a rivarly unlike in the future were it becomes Kaiba vs Yami. Seriously after watching the series it was like..0.o. okay so were did the rivarly come from if them two are acting like best friends..@_@, unless it was from that one battle but he was posessed so he couldn't really do much...
Anyway that's one of the ideas I'm thinking of, coloured in my new style of course.. ^^

Wah I have it all drawn out but I've just got to colour it in..T_T I'm too lazy..wahhh..

Yami Don't worry Ree~Chan it's nearly finished, lol I just need to thin the pastels with some white spirit and then it's all done. @_@ But I did this image ages ago so sorry for the crapness!

Now as it's Pugi's tradition and I have nothing else to do, I have a 2 hour free period..

Post Replies

Ree~Ree WAHH I LOVE YOUR NEW AVATAR! hehe and your friend fancies most of the England team....0_0;; heh I don't really fancie them but I think some of them are really good players! ^^ Heh I guess I am very patriotic but heh, someones got to be! lol
Thanks for the good grade thing and lol and the Yami picture isn't really much to be happy about..^^; lol
*hugs* thankies. though!

Yamis Pharaohness
Yeah 6 weeks T_T WAHH! lucky people! Heh my art shall be fine.........I hope.
Thankies ^^

Meep don't hurt me..lol. Thanks for the honest reply, but I don't really agree on it.
I'm not really that good when you see the work onthis site..^^;

Lol you rule! lol, your work is more amazing then mine!
Heh I was surprised with the art grade but I'm going to ask the teachers to recheck my grade becuase I seriously feel like I don't deserve that grade..someone else should.

Football is fun! wooty! lol

*hugs* thankies

Whoa what your studying sounds very..@_@ hard, complex and confusing.

Hey are you being sarcy?..baa!

T_T I think we did really well in that heat! We did, it's the stupid ref's fault he wouldn't let us off for water and plus he even stood on one of our players hands and wouldn't let like the physo's come and check the players! EVIL!

Heh trust me my friend we'll be meeting your men for a clash, i swear it!
Heh I watched the German opening game too and I had to say the other team did well as well, heh at least we didn't let a goal in...

Well prove to the world why England, have pride and we shall prove you all wrong.. lol. ^^;


Thanks for all that support and I like your avatar, it's cool. lol I hope we win the nect game too. ^^

Meep sorry I haven't been to your site lately, so sorry!
Wah another lucky summer holiday person.. T_T Why must you all torment me! T_T
*runs off crying* heh but thanks for the art comments and stuff.

Well thank you all those people and I really must be going, my hands feel like they are going to drop off..@_@ anyway thanks everyone and I shall once again post straight after the England game tomorrow..^^


baa bye


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Saturday, June 10, 2006

England 1 : Paraquay 0

Heh so yeah here I am straight after the game and we won. Oh yeah, heh thanks to an own goal lol. Anyway was a close game and once I find an image of a group shot of England I'm putting it up on my site to show my support.

Heh thanks to CERM, Reno the Turk, Ree-Ree, yamisgirl and AyaKagami. For the comments and heh and I hope I didn't scare you with my support with my country. *hugs you all* Thankies..

Well nothing much more has been going on in my life. Heh still working on the Wolf's Rain fanart, in my new style and it's taking ages. @_@ Lol. If you don't know my new style check out my fanart 'cos the picture I'm talking about is the Edward Elric pic which was put up on the 24th May.lol... anyway I shall finish that and then I'll sort out the rest of the Yami picture and start on my Shigure picture. Heh oh and I was looking at everyone's fanart and I noticed how much we have all grown in technique and that and I think that's really cool. ^^ heh well done everyone and I can't wait for more art.

Speaking of art, I got my results back for that subject and I either got a high B or a low A but what made me happy was I got told I got the highest grade in the class. Come on I'm allowed to brag about that, i think im shit personally especally when I was mounting the work up and the projects looked so small and kid like. T_T Oh well I'm happy overall heh, especally as our next project we pick an artist and do a project on them. Heh apart from the male teacher was like 'shes going to Manga I bet'. AM NOT! well if your offering..>> lol..I won't though. I'll be a good Pugi.

Well 6 weeks and counting till summer holidays and I have done all of my ALevel exams now, my last one was on Thursday and I think I did well.
I hope but yeah and I still hope I can go to the oct expo, and i am still going as Ed! lol

Anyway I'm going to go and watch the original Itailian Job now, Yay for Micheal Caine. lol.. okays so I'll see you guys later oh and tell me if you updated your fanart in a comment and i'll go and check them ^^ K.


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