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Monday, August 8, 2005


Hello people and the first thing I have 2 say is what do you think of my new layout on here? It too ages 2 do i tell you..lol but im happy with it? what do you think? anyway.its not fair...........all of my friends i normally hang out with or speak 2 on msn have gone on holiday now so i have no one 2 talk 2.....so im all alone. Well i cant do anything about it, but i do go on holiday on the 20th of August so yeah. I won't get 2 c anymore of my friends really which sux. So i might draw some more picture.s.i know im not good at it but i'll do some more....if u have any requests please ask. Currently im doing a second Prétear picure of the other 4 Leafe Knights (Hayate, Goh, Sasame and Kei) and also i'm doing on of Seto and Joey at the moment as well (don't worry this not a yaoi one..its just them 2 standing next 2 each other) so yeah. I still havent foudn out who said no 2 my picture but thanks 2 everyone who made a comment or has voted 4 any of my pictures. The funny thing is that the Dark Magician Girl..i thought that picture was rubbish personally...^-^ but oh well, is my most populaur picture! I shall kep on doing more art. Well thats all really..hope 2 see you uys around and yeah its actually sunny here 4 once in england! amazing. ttyl..c ya


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Sunday, August 7, 2005


Heh once again i dont have much 2 say but thats becuase I didn't do much yesterday. All we did was stay at home and then got taken out 4 a meal...-__-..but of course i had the best meat in the world for my meal...steak! and no people I did not eat it like Bakura did, I don't do canabilism. heh but i had this relaly nice pudding. It was a pot full of chocolate and you got 2 dip pieces of fruit into it....IT WAS YUMMY! so many strawberries and raspberries being covered in choclate...anyway I think thats about it...NO IM GETTING FORCED 2 GO OUT 2DAY ASWELL! -_- sheesh why dont my parents understand i don't like going out that much, it's been 3 days now. Oh well c ya and soz if i don't get 2 visit your site 2day..going 2 Bluewater..but it does mean more manga so yeah. bye

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Saturday, August 6, 2005


Hey again people and I must say i was very happy yesterday..heh..apart from yeah i didnt feel that well in the car but anyway..im stil alive. heh.I was really happy over one thing though..I FOUND A COPY OF PRETEAR MANGA! and like most manga.s.its weird how much the anime and manga version differ. Especally the way the characters act. Sasame is really funny in the manga and he keeps on taking the mick out of hayate. Also i never knew Hayate's job was a as a messenger..wow..but i did feel really upset at one bit. If youve seen the show you should know that Himenos new family arent very foudn of her and in the manga version theres a scene were himenos comes home and her mother says were you with those guys again? she says yes, but well they did follow her so it wasnt himenos fault anyway. Yeah the mother had planned a family meal and she says 2 himeno 'your staying her. I don't want 2 be seen around common trash like you'. So yeah that made me feel sad for her step mum and 2 step sisters went out and even her own dad went..but she didnt..oh well. heh..anyway yeah it was fun yesterday! I wanted 2 seriously jump of the pier 4 a laugh i did..why? 0_0 weird. and they even had a doctor who exhibtiton on the pier and it was all fromthe recent series as well. So i gto 2 see a deliek! ^-^ awesome and we also stood outside the all important blue police box. heh..I know its real name just cant spell it. Anyway. I'm back now and well hope 2 see you guys around..heh..anway..he's 2days pic of the day..and dont take credit over this picture. whoever drew this is awesome! heh c ya

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Friday, August 5, 2005


Thanks 2 everyone who said something yesterday and well i dont have much 2 say agin really. IM going out 2day 2 Brighton and that means a boring car journey 2 get there.....not good if u get travel sick along that way..^-^ but anyway..the second part of the pretear picture is taking longer then i thought! 0_0 heh ^-^''' anyway see you guys later and im sorry if i dont visit your site 2day 4 like i said we're going out and won't be back till very late..^-^ soz guys! oh well c ya..and thanks 4 the comments on my picture as well........c ya!

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Thursday, August 4, 2005

   not nice

no one likes my new picture i put up ;_;..I spent 4 days on it 2 and no one likes it! they won't even say why they don't like it...is it the pencil, the drawing..what is it? ;_; oh well.....but anyway...err dont know what 2 say? thansk 2 yamiyugi1990 4 the card ^-^ very nice..but im still going 2 hutn down those people who dont like my pic and wont say why!!!! oh welll...my picture of the day 2day is...

but hey has anyone actually seen yami like this before in a screen shot? I haven't? Maybe its in one of the openings? oh well c ya :_:

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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

^-^ hey again everyone..it's only little boring me .heh

Hello again peeps and i swear summer holidays are so boring, especally as i broke up for summer holidays in May due 2 exams, so i've been away 4 about 3 or 4 months now..-_- and even worse i get my exam results this month..thats bad enough..it's even worse though becase..I GET MY RESULTS WHILST IM ON HOLIDAY! 0_0 everyone else has 2 go 2 school to get theirs whilst im having mine phoned 2 me.no fair! oh welll.fingers crossed there! But anyway...going off that subject..I'm going 2 be putting my prétear picture up 2day ^-^ YAY! So yeah leave a cooment and tell me what u guys think. If u have any requests ask and i shall draw it ^_~ C ya

heh..i couldnt resist this, 4 it was last year on the 12th August this film came out ^-^ I saw it twice in the cinemas and the second time i ended up singing all the songs..^_^' oh well


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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Hey again peeps and what another...i must be honest, boring summer holiday..day! But have no fear 4 i Pugi am going 2 finally put my prétear picture up which is only part 1 people! Also like the pokémon pictures i have done..i'm doing a series of yugioh ones in the saem style if theres a character you want done then say so, and i shall do it folks ^_~ Dats all and have a great day! C ya

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Monday, August 1, 2005

Nothing much

Nothing much is really happening 2day really..well..it's august now..and i had 2 change my yugioh calender and now i have Bakura.....AND HE SCARES ME! heh..but my sister will be happy with that..so..yeah...not much is it..oh apart from I shall be putting up a new picture son..it's a Prétear one..so yeah some of you might not know them..^-^''' oh well c ya

That made me laugh..heh

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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hey i found this?

I found this gif..and i wanted 2 know..is it Dark from DNAngel? If it is...all u dnangel fans r free 2 take it..^-^

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Yesterday was awesome!

Oh i cant believe how fun it was yesterday! Me and my friends went 2 c Charlie and the Chocolate factory and it was so awesome! It was hilarious in fact, it was one of those films u come out still laughing and also a rather painful stitch i must add..heh...but it was funny..especally as we came back home after 10 in the evening. heh! But i recommend that film 2 people, Johnny Deep was brillant in it SO U MUST C IT! heh..oh yeah..i actually finally got the top i wanted! Whilst we were at the cinema r parents went shoping (how boring) and they brought me and my sister these tops we saw they r so awesome..here's my one

It's actaully black my one is and also it's got sleeves but it's awesome! ^_~ so until then ttyl.c ya


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