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Friday, June 9, 2006



lol that's all really, So who are you supporting?

England for me! lol come on England!

Okay i'll make a better post tomorrow after the England game.

Baa Bye


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Monday, June 5, 2006

Im tired -_- zZzZz

Well it's the end of half term for me, *sighs* Just 7 more weeks and I break up for summer holidays.



Anyway I've been really busy with my Wolf's Rain fanart at the moment, I drew it on like the 29th and I only have Tsume left to colour in. @_@ It's hard to do, especally in that new colouring style im doing my pictures in. @_@ Lol but hopefully I can finish it.

I'm really tired at the moment, i've spent all my holidays staying up late and yesterday I had to do a 5km Race to raise money for Breast Cancer and that went well. Got a medal and that I'm glad the money we raised is going to a good cause. I'm even going to do the race next year and beat my time of 46 minutes, heh and so all that has finally hit me today and once again I ended up with Heat Stroke. T_T Damn I still feel faint as we speak but hopefully it will go by the end of today.

I would do a reply to everyones post but im too lazy and tired, im just barely able to make this post.. @_@ heh and also I'm talking with my friend at the moment becuase we might be going to an anime expo in oct and I hopefully am dressing up as Ed. Hey I'm short enough and Ra if you call me short I even do the whole ott bit. ^^; lol
That should be pretty cool, a whole weekend of anime..

The only problem is my parents who are a bit half and half about it becuase my younger sister is going and so they don't know if i'm responisble enough to look after her. I'll prove them wrong hopefully.

Well I'm gonna head of to lessons now. baa bye


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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Im happy, happy happy HAPPY!

Can you tell I'm happy alrighty, RA IM ON HOLIDAY AGAIN! lol
Okay this post is taking ages to write cos well my dads just put on yugioh for some odd reason..0.o.. weird parent..lol, omr it's weird seeing the pegasus vs yami/yugi episodes again. Ra the voices and animation.. 0.o..lol

Anyway haven't done much recently, i've got no work to do and stuff so i may draw some more art, well i'll finish the knuckles one first and then draw some more, heh i'll just think about it for a while..lol anyway speakingof fanart im so happy about my last image..wahh i can't believe the image was fanart of the day. WAH! sorry i'm kind of over the top happy about it I mean it's my first image that's been put as that so yeah.. im treasuring the moment people!
^^; but thank you those people who commented and voted and such thankies! I mean it..lol

Well lets c, I went out shopping yesterday which me and my sister went on like a massive anime and manga shop and it's so cool that they have opened up a sushi bar which me and my sister were drooling at but we are never allowed anybecuase our parents hate the stuff. T_T oh no fair so instead we went in Waterstones and my sister brought some manga then we went into HMV and i brought vol 5 of dnangel on dvd whilst my sister brought the 2nd vol of wolfs rain, which rules! i think all of the characters are awesome and i love it, I think my favourite is Hige. Hmm i might draw him now that I think about it. ^^ heh okay now heres ur seperate comments..^^

Perios: Guten Tag (I think that's right, i did german for one year but i cant remember if its goten or guten..^^;) anyway it would be cool if there was a match but who knows there miht be 'cos both them teams r good and plus it's a huge rivalry in football history lol. Heh at least im not the only one who has friends and that thinking your watching 'cartoons'. Tnx for the nice comment on my fanart..^^

Mai711: It's okay, I find it hard to visit anyone at the moment, ai least im not the onlyone. Thanks again

Reno the Turk: Okay i'll keep quiet about the theme, lol. joke but I like the idea of it. Well I love Wolf's Rain it's one of those animes that some people never think about watching unless they've heard good things. Anyway I owe you a fanart as well 'cos of that yugi one that I saw, ^^heh so say it and i'll try and draw it for yous. ^^ okays. tnx for the comment!

Ree~Ree: Nah i didn't have to go back to school. Which was good but I was panicking all nite about it. ^^; heh sure i'll draw a yami picture, but I did draw and colour one ages ago that I was planning on putting up, will that sufice? if not it's okay..lol.. ^^ Thankies for the Ed picture comment and stuff. heh ^^ yayness
*glomps* thanks!

AyaKagami: Thanks for the comment and yeah we are alike. Whos da clone!?! lol.. awesome and yeah teachers r slow... very slow.. okay. Thanks again and yeah you were a help.


Heh nothing much more to say really apart from I am now thinking about whether to either to still do all my 4 school subjects (Art, Media, ICT and Photography) for another year becuase I was going to drop Media but i've been told im doing really well in the course and I'm getting nagged to still do it and whats even cooler is in the next section of the course 60% of the final ressult is based off our own projects on a different media type we look at and she said to me..

That means you can do a whole project on anime..

HELL YEAH! ^^ hehe im happy and I can like have a lesson to say my views and make the class watch a dvd and episodes and stuff. oh..

That all sounds good it's just everyone else is doing 3 subjects and I'll be doing 4 which could mean quite a bit of work..^^; heh i'll think about it and plus I have my media exam next week..


Heh we don't get the results till august and so i've heard it may either be:-

a) (Aug 7th -11th) The week when me, my sister and some mates are on camp so that means my parents can find my results and have a go at me when i get home and a stuff

b) (Aug 12 -17th) Well this week is fine asI can get the results myself

c) (Aug 19th-?) Im on holiday on the Isle of Wight meaning I'll have to phone the school like I did last time, expect I hope this time I won't be on the edge of a cliff in very windy and heavy rain weather..^^; great.

Anyway that's all I can think about typing.. well okays.. im gonna go now then soz for the long and boring post.. baa bye

*Glomps all*


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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   New Fanart

Hello everyone and I got a day off school today. lol woot woot! But that's only because the two lessons (ICT and Media) I would of had today were cancelled for me, hehe.. yay. Can't wait till I drop Media -__- It's really broing I mean sitting around watching episode of Lost (URGH IT'S CRAP!)and some weird films the teacher picks out is not fun. We nearly got to watch anime once in our lesson but due to only two of us liking anime whilst the rest think anime is kids cartoons (They always think anime = pokémon -_-) and so we had to watch some chick flick instead. Snore hoenstly I hate those romance films..

Anyway yesterday was my best friends birthday and so I drew her an Edward Elric picture up, and I have posted it up on here so yeah looks out for it. Just in case you think it's scribbly and stuff, it's not.. that's sort of the style I colour my pictures in these days. I did it in my mock art exam and I got a good grade out of it.. a C or B if I remember so it's good. Please check it out or maybe just vote or comment. Thanks.

Now as I want to continue making a long post in my Yami Yuugi like manner I have decided to reply to your comments.

Perios: Ahh my German Friend *Competitive glint in eye* heh don't worry I won't take it seriously but this is going to be so cool! Yah we keep on saying we are going to win but we just screw up somewere along the side but that's what make the English team special. We bounce back and we know we won't go all the way but the support we give is huge.. Believing is all we can do. ^^ heh I just hope that there is going to be an England vs Germany match. That will be intresting..almost like the 5-0 game. *hugs* thnx for the comment and I hope you'll be great hosts for the world cup! ^^

Ree~Ree: Aww little Ree~Ree chan, I'm guessing you live in Europe. Awesome lol and I still can't get over that cute baby atemu picture you drew for me. it's so Kawaii! ^^ Arigato and I must say the picture of Yami in a kimono rocked! ^^ Uber awesome. Lol.. anyway thnx for thelong comment, it helped a lot. *hugs* well anyway I owe you a fanart in return so tell me what you want me to draw you and I'll do it. ^^ Okays. And don't say I shouldn't because I am going to do it! Tnx again *glomps*

Lolly~Chan: Wah im so sorry I don't go to your site often enough, I really am. T_T *mega glomps* I'll try and go on there more often and I love the aqua font..lol. I'm lord of the computer, well laptop for me too but I watch tv at the same time. As I currently am sitting here watching Big Brother as I type..lol. Thnx for the comment. ^^

AyaKagami: YAY! IM NOT THE ONLY MEGA DAN GREEN FANGIRL ON THIS PLANET! thank youuuuuu's! heh I so want to stalk him and luffs him! Lol those two other characters you mentioned (Kyo & Kyoshiro) I know that he played them and I also have the manga but at time I was typing at school and I couldn't remember their names and so heh, thanks for reminding me and so I might do a fanart of that too. ^^ Yayness! lol it's such a good Manga but the only version of the anime i can find is the japanese one.. T_T I want to c the english version and drool at the voice.. @_@ hehe. anyway Im glad im also not the only GX hater aswell...lol.. we have a lot in common then I thought. *glomps* coolies. Tnx again! ^^

yamisgirl: Heh I saw and signed the petition, thanks for the link. Heh but it won't do us in the UK much good.. ^^; lol.. *hugs* tnx for he comment.

0___0 Omr i just got a phone call from my art teacher. Meepy.. aparently they couldn't find a piece of my coursework.. oh ra. She phoned and I told her were it was and she said.. 'If I don't find it im phoning back and you've got to come to school and find it' 0___0 wahh! But she also said she won't phone back if they find it. Hmm she phoned 20 minutes ago so I might be in luck.. *fingers crossed*.. ^^ heh anyway not much more to say apart from I hope I haven't bored you and im lacking in the fanart idea department so if any of you have requests and such, please say so.. and i will do it in my new colouring style with the lines and stuff.. lol. ^^ Thankies.

*mega glomps all*


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Monday, May 22, 2006

   Yay Half Term in 5/4 Days!

Hello and my I start off by saying I'm a lot happier then I was in my last post! ^^ hehe thanks to those 3 people who commented last time.

Well on saturday Yugioh finally came to an end and I mist say.. 4Kids ruined it! Normaly I don't have a problem with their editing but no the end it whilst they are still in the desert! THEY ARE MEANT TO END IT WITH YUGI AND THE GANG WALKING TO SCHOOL! ¬¬ They ruined it. Okay and just in case people think shes a 4Kids basher.. hmm. . im not.. much.. heh I was annoyed with them about that but I must give credit to the voice actors. Yeah I really apprecaite the work they put into the shows they do and so Im not a voice actror basher hell Im a bloody Dan Green fangirl and trust me if I was in America right now I would be stalking him.. heh.. his voice makes you drool! ^^; well maybe thats just me but I love his voice, even though his natrual voice is slightly deeper then Yugi's but not as deep as Yamis. I love his voice.. and hell as I'm a complete fangirl im on a mission to draw evry anime characetr he has voiced and at the moment I am working on a Knuckles the Echidna collage 'cos he voiced him in Sonic X and also the two sonic games that have come out (Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Riders) and so yeah. The other people I'm thinking about drawing are:-

. Yugi & Yami
. Li Pi Long & Silva (Shaman King)

Well that's all I can think of right now on the spot.. ^^; heh but the Yugi and Yami picture I am working on is taking it's time but it's all my own idea and it's basically..hmm.. you'll c it when it comes up.

So yeah 4Kids let me down on the last episode but they made up for it yesterday for they aired the first episode of Capsule monsters yesterday! lol.. you may be thinkgin wtf? but in the UK they arn't relising the shwo as a Movie unlike in the US but they are bringing it out as a tv series over here, which is cool becuase I thought it was going to be the first GX episode (NO!!! I DONT WANT IT! GO AWAY!) and so I'm a happy pugi apart from I kind of misinterprited the first minute of the epi for Yugi's dreaming of yami being tied up and kidnapped and well as a huge Yugi x Yami fangirl I was like.. YUGI U KINKY BITCH! hehe.. ^^; oppsie but hey im a yaoi fangirl so i was happy. Trust me though, if your ni the US and are thinking whether to buy it or not, I would. It actually has a good amount of comedy and humour in it and made me laugh quite a lot. Can't wait for the next part next sunday!

Hmm well nothing much more has happened in my life, I finally got round to watching an episode of Naruto and I must say .. ITS UBER AWESOME! RA IT ROCKS! heh ive only seen the first 6 episodes and I love it! Not as much as my Yugi-Chan and Yami-kins! *glomps the pair* Heh oh and I finally joined a site called MySpace. Heh if you're a member tell me and maybe I could add you.. ^^ heh if not i'll give you a link to my site cos it's pretty cool.. ^^.

Well I still can't thank you enough for your nice comments last post, only if it was 3 people. lol... but thank you it helped but urgh my mum was really mean at the weekend for she said I won't be as pretty as her and because I am now offically a size 8 (Size 6 in the US) ^^;; great, my mum took some of my clothes and on purpose srank them so they wouldn't fit so that I think that i've got fatter and stuff..

T_T No fair! I can't wait to leave!

Yep I lack in self confidence and what she and my dad and my sister do don't help me feel any better at all. -__- heh well not much mroe to say really.. Big Brother started last week...

YAY! heh im a huge fan and my favourtie people have to be Pete, Lisa and the Canadian Sexual Terrorist (As he calls himself) Richard. (He's gay as well, coolies!!) hehe but im addicted to the show and I can't help but watch it.
I also watched the Eurovision song contest at the weekend and we did.. shit..^^;

We(UK) only got 25 points which is slightly better then other years but still, we had school girls singing! -_- great but hell I loved Finlands act! Im so glad they won it, they dressed up as Monstars and sang a song about Rock and Roll, hell it was funny and cool! So well done Finland! ^^ Heh

And finally... im a footie (soccor) fangirl and the world cup is only weeks away... YAY!! heh you may get some posts were I may yap on about my country team (England) and stuff but im a Fangirl. I can't wait.. it's coming home, it's coming home.. it's coming.. hehe..

Well I hope the post was happier then the last one I did, If you have no clue what happened look in my archives and hmm, sorry about being all depressed and negative and stuff. T_T Sorry. Anyway I'm going to hang about on Fanfiction for a bit so c yas around and I will drop by your sites!


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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

   Down, Sad and Depressed

*Watches the tumbleweed roll by*

Whoa holy Ra Im so sorry for not being around! *cries* Like anyone cares, theres plenty of other 17yr old yugioh obsessed teens out there that could replace me. ^^;

Heh well i mean i deserve the cold shoulder from you lot as I haven't been around for a while and 2 I havent commented on other peoples sites for ages either.IM SORRY! I'll try and be a good Otaku friend and make up for it but sadly r net still hasn't been fixed and this is the first time for ages I've been on the net at home to go on Otaku. ^^ heh great.

But thank you for the comments people, heh I didn't think anyone cared. Not many people at my school do, I fit in with the nerd group that everyone should avoid at all costs. And also im not allowed to move up a group or anything cos you've got to look nice ..-__- yep i admit i look like the backside of a dog, but I hate people who judge by looks. I always thought I had a nice personality but i don't know anymore. ^^; yep im not happy today.

Well nothing much has been happening really apart from we had to elect a Headboy and Girl for our 6th form, and I got a lot of comments from people to go up for headboy. -_-# Great so i look like a guy, like guy things and apparently im as flat chested as a guy too...

heh sorry for being negative but im in apissy mood and i need somewere to let off some steam, sorry if i get on your nerves.

Anyway one of my friends went up for head girl and sadly she came last, and i think the whole voting thing was rigged. Okay here's my reasons.

1) The teachers votes count as doubles so for example our votes would only count as one whilst the teachers were too and one of the other girls (Kayleanne, URGH SHES A BITCH! she thinks shes better then everyone else!) her mum works at the school and is the manager of the cantine area so she obviously got her staff to vote for her.

2) All the other girls are apparently better looking and so they should get the vote and not my friend.

3) Another girl called Kritina, (BITCH BITCH!) She went way overboard with the whole thing. For example she said when we have our school prom we all have to wear pink, boys and girls. Yes she is a living Barbie Doll! -_- And I HATE pink! She asked her dad to not only put stickers over her car saying 'Vote for Kristina', I sense OTT here but to make pink banners and ballons with her name on it and stuff and anothe rone of her ideas is that all the girls should go out at weekends to get manicures and stuff. Okay i admit i am not a girly girl, im more a tomboy and I hate all the common girl things! -_-

4) The rest r poplaur unlike us.

I don't think that's fair that becuase of all those things my friend lost, and I felt really bad as a friend for I felt like I should of sadi something.


Yeah so im not happy about that and also today I had my 5 hour art exam and I didn't get my picture finished, no one did. lol but it didn't matter. And the teachers liked what I had done so far and everything and as soon as I got home my mum just went completely beserk and had a go at me and saying about everything i do wrong and stuff, all over just becuase I didn't get the picture done. Might I add I got told this only half an hour ago so that's why im down.

It's not fair!

Im doing like A levels (I have no clue what they r in other countries) and they are really hard, and im pushing myself to do my best and I got told that for my ICT (Information and Communication's Technology) that i got the follwoing results.

Coursework 1: B
Exam: B
Coursework 2: B

And so I should have a B overall and I'm really happy about that as it's a new course and ICT is really hard, i mean learning about computers and stuff. So I come home all happy and tell my parents and what happens.

They tell me off!

I can't stand it, hardly anyone can get b'sand stuff and im getting B's and C's and my parents arnt the least bit happy for me! T_T Hell when I got my exam results last year on holiday I didn't even get a congratulations and they don't even wish me good luck. I'm really sad about this now... i mean what can I do, ijust want a simple well done or something and I don't get one.. just a lecture about what a failure I am and that I live in some Yugioh bubble and have no life, mates or don't even look nice.

I want to leave home... i just can't stand it..

My sister had an exam today as well and hers was like a tick the correct answer exam and my parents were really wishing her luck (She's 2 yrs younger then me) and she gets highergrades as well and so she gets praise whilst i dont. I just want someone to be happy for what i get..

Heh and even better, next year I've got the end of school prom before I leave and go to college or uni and we have to all have a date. Fat chance i'll get one..

Oh okay i'll shut up now, i've probably made you all upset aswell but I just want someone to understand and stuff. Yep i'm even crying as I type this.. ^^; im sorry once again.

*glomps weakly*

thanks for reading though and maybe the next post might be happier.. i hope.

thanks and mega thanks to

Reno and Ree~Ree for the pictures you drew for me, It made my day and in return i'll draw you one. Just tell me and i'll do it.. okays..

baa bye


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Thursday, May 4, 2006

   Ra I get sunburnt easily..

Hello, I'm sorry I haven't been around for ages but sadly as everyone now knows, our interent is offically fucked up. *Cries* It's no fair, so if I haven't been on yours sites I'm sorry.. I really am. T_T Stupid fucked up builders.. anyway I think I'll shut up about that now..lol

Well nothing much has happened in my life at the moment, apart from I'm going through a seriously like changes at the moment, mainly involving me.. lol .. personally, like physically..See I'm always wearing black..lol and I have kind of get fed up with it and also the clothes don't fit me anymore..>>

its true..

I was a size 10 (I think that's an 8 in the US) and now I'm slimming down to a size 8 (6 in the us) and im like...fuck is that good or bad. But apparently according to people and stuff it's okay, even though I'm not the prettiest of people. ^^; So I'm ditching the black, er and also I'm going to try and show of a bit more, I mean in summer all i weat is jeans and t shirts, Im very self conscous.. lol but now im going to se if I can get out of that and try to maybe show a bit more leg and skin in general..lol.

And maybe even wear a skirt, which to you lot might not be a big deal but to me it is, I havent worn a skirt since I was like 11-12 and now im 17 ..heh it's a big deal alright and so I guess after my friends trying to tell me positive thing's im going to get over that barrier and try and push myself to wear one. heh wish me luck.

Well that's like my rant of the week sort of thing, but here's something really funny and cool I found out yesterday.
Okay I am really sad but I downloaded like some of the songs from the 1st Pokémon movie, >> Hey i like old school! and the guy who performed the movie version of the theme song, Billy Crawford, he actually performed at my school when I was like 13-14 and it wasn't till I downloaded the song and the name sounded familiar, I found a tape he gave me, which he signed and I was like..


heh sad but I think that's pretty awesome, I mean..heh..>> i'll shut up now..^^; but trust me I have nothing better to say, well I can't forget it's the last yugioh episode on sunday..

*grabs supplies of tissues ready*

heh I'm prepared for the tears but well all good thing's must come to an end.

Heh and it's nearly the end of spring too, *moans* Ra I hate, HATE summer.. urgh.. and can you believe it, it's the hottest day of the year 2day and already I've been out in the sun for an hour adn i got sun burnt.. heh shows you how little time I spend in the sun..^^; opps.. but itmeans I can spend more time inside doing fanart.. yep I spend summers cooped up in my room away from the big wide world..>> sad right?

Nothing much more to ramble on about really, well apart from I'm still sorry for not visiting your sites recently but heh it's a bit hard to get on the net these days and so i'm sorry. ^^; PLus now I've got coursework deadlines and exams fast approaching so I've been doing that instead, Im sorry.. but soon I'll have more time to come on here and do more fanart because my ICT work is 2 be handed in 2morow...
Media is due next friday and the exam is on June 4th.
Art exam is on the 17th May.. *cries* 2 close.
and my final subject, Photography, we did the exam last week and now the coursework is due in on the 16th of May so im busy busy busy but if your on Gaiaonline why don't you pm me, lol.. my name is. Pharaonic_Angel and isn't it cool that me and Luff are in a guild which is a fan guild all about Yami, yay and we are doing a roleplay at the moment were we have mixed the original and gx cast in the dueling achedmy and so yeah, it's cool and im playing Jou, W00T! lol but sadly they have rancked Jou in the lowest house, Slifer Red. *cries* heh but it's fun and I will seriously go now.. i think I've talked way too much now.. sorry..

*mega glomps everyone*

baa bye


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Friday, April 28, 2006

Le Dragon Blanc

Hello everyone and *Glomps* thank you so much for the comments. Heh I never knew so many people would comment.


Thank you everyone and heh I finally decided to do some more of my Ed and Roy fanart after the nice comments and votes I got from the Fullmetal alchemist picture I did. ^^ Heh but still im nothing at watercolour unlike Ree~Ree-chan ^^ Shes da pro..heh

Sadly the builders covered up the hole and so we have a weak signal on our phone and so our internet gateway can not pick up a signal unless we use a dial up. T_T Meaning our family have to go back to the days were we had to share the net..damn! Oh well means I can do more fanart, afterall I finally have some more time to do so. Well only because I did a photography exam today and yesterday which I must say, went er.. well yesterday's half of the exam I kind of got so wound up and stressed I ran out crying.. only cos the teacher was being a bitch and putting me on the spot without givigng me time to think. Urgh but today I did way better and now I hope it's okay..^^

Heh so ive now got 2 weeks till my art exam and then my lastexam is in June which is media. W00t but sadly as im so used to using oil pastels and apparently good at them, for art ive now been told that im banned from using them in the lesson and exam and try a different media, so ive now ive got to try and use watercolours. heh but make them more thin then thick and it's going okay I think. I'm doing a sort of leaf/plant picture for my final exam and then only one more year at school and so next summer I can go to uni/college. Woot heh and im going to leave home and go to London. I cant wait!!! even though that's going to be next year..^^;

Oh you may ask about my title of thispost but it's because now I have watched Yugioh in English (Well I only have 2 more epis left *cries*), some in Japanese and I found a french episode and it had me in hysterics, only cos the voicing was bad..^^; Now i know why I failed my french exam..>>

Hmm sorry for boring you there but nothing much more to say, I did get 2 new manga volumes of yugioh, vol 4 of duelist and vol 1 of m.world. FINALLY! heh but now my shelf is overpaked with dvds and manga..^^; oppsie.. well ive got to go and im gonna do some more art! keep a look out for some of my fanart for I may put some more up soon and heh just look at my art in general >>...heh and thank you again Ree Ree for saying about a picture being for moi. Wahh T_T That's so kind of you, thank you.. heh i like it when people do that. ^^ Arigato..

Oh thanks for the nice comments about the wallpaper and yeah it matches I think cos it goes with the blog better. ^^ hehe Yugi and Yami! YAY! And the amv in my profile is a fanmade one by someone else with the song warriors (Yugioh 4th opening). I love that song, but if anyone can give me a link to a mp3 file of the song that isnt from gendou please tell me, i want it wa sbackground music for my site..^^; Thankies again

well got to goes..

*glomps again*

baa bye and heh guess what I get a 3 day weekend...WOOT! hehe fun fun fun..^^


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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Hi everybody, heh I havent been on for a while, only because my mums been hogging the dial up cable and today we might finally have the telephone line fixed! Yay!! ^^ Im sorry I havent got round to any of your fanart etc, but the school computers r slow and crap so i cant really see proparly so im sorry about that, I'll try and still the net when I get home but if I dont hope your all having funs!

Meep got to go, teachers coming around seeing if what we are doing is sutable for school usage..-_- meanie..oh wells


c yas


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Saturday, April 22, 2006

This is just a quick note due to why I havent been on as much.

Im sorry that I havent seen any of your work or looked at mine etc but its due to we've had diggers and builders outside our street and the idiots not only burst a gas pipe but also cute through the telephone line so we cant get phone calls proparly and our wireless gateway cant find an internet connection so until the idiots come back and fix the phone line etc I wont be able to get on the interent as much..-_- no fair.. our plug in broadband works slightly so thats how i got online now but weve got to share this with 3 of us so i wont get asmuch time online... sorry So yeah I dont know when ill be fully back but keep a look out for me and good luck with all ur art etc. ^^


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