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Sunday, September 4, 2005

   Give it up, 'cos now I'M BACK!!!

Hehehehe guess who's back after 2 weeks..soz i like to say that but anyway....I'M BACK! lol

Well i must say i am completey lost now! I looked on some of your sites this morning and wow so much has changed...heh but yeah i thought it would. Anyway i don't have much to talk about in this post...lol..or i could talk about my holiday? if it don't bore you that is...heh, but yeah so i'll do that!

Ok...well as you know i went away for two weeeks and the journey there was hell, well for me anyway. I had never been that badly travel sick along the way there, never! My stomuch hurt so much and my dad wouldnt even stop the car just so i could get some air or try and calm myself not 2 be sick. yes you might think well we would be late for the ferry if we stopped, wrong! we were and hour early for it so we wouldnt of been late! luckly i wasnt ill and when we did finally stop it was only so we could go to the pub..-_- sheesh and my and my sister were stuck with the luggage in the backseat and so i felt like i had no legs when we finally got to Portsmouth, but at least i had Luff to txt to when i was there..lol. The ferry was awesome, well only because i was shouting to other boats and ferries going past..and the best bit was..i shouted yu-gi-oh and someone on the ferry going past shouted time to duel. Wow, lol, sad i know but funny. By then i had actually dueled 3 people like i said i would.
The ferry took an hour and when we finally turned up at the carvan, my and my sister got stuck in a room together. -_- lol. The nights were so bad..so to keep my busy..i just watched the rabbits in the campsite, did that everynight actually. But yeah that was a horrible journey 4 me but it kinda got worse.
W spent most of the time on the beach..*sighs* TOTALLY BORING IF U ASK ME! I HATE SITTING THERE TRYING 2 GET A TAN AS MY MUM SAYS! MAYBE I WANT TO STAY AS WHITE AS A GHOST! lol..well according to my mum, dad and sis..im very pale. Am i? But yeah it was like 29oc and so we went to the beacha nd i completey forgot to put suncream on, in the end i got sunburnt and strange since i was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. yes i don't like showing my body off..i like being covered and so in the night i was feeling sick, started shaking, and nearly collapsed. Nearly ended up in hospital and we found out i was dehighdrated (dont know how to speell it) and i had got sun stroke. Wow isn't that i great start to a holiday. but yeah the day after i was txting Luff again...WHAT I MISSED MY FRIENDS OK! and i still felt bad, well weak and a very bad headache and so we went like to the arcades etc for some games and fun. Not goo if you were in my state and you decided to go on a dance machine. heh btu yeah most of the holiday we went to the beach and so me and my sister decided to go to the amusements instead, i lot more fun if you ask me. But we did go swimming in the sea, wllnot much i hate swimming by myself and the rest of my family didnt want to go in. Ok one day might of been because it was a red flag and your not meant to go in, yet i did. Very rough that was! and got told off by the lifegaurds...-_- im on holiday give me a break! But yeah i in the end actually did go brown..NO! I WANTED TO STAY MY NORMALY COLOUR! HONEST I DID!

thats kinda boring isn't it, well we did go on a ghost walk, that was awesome! r car wouldnt actually start in the car park on the site! well in actual fact the place we went used to be a hospital for people who have chest and brain problems and so yeah! a lot of ghosts there were! heh but it was bad i went on a crane machine and actually won- a care bear! IT WAS A JOKE AND I ACTUALLY GOT IT! -_- and i tried again and in the end..i had won 3 care bears by the end of the holiday. heh..i did get my exam results though phoned to me, whilst i was ontop of a cliff! but yeah they were good results...kinda..heh. So yeah we did go to other places including a walk along the needles..THEY WERE VERY HIGH CLIFFS! i have a picture actually...

can you see the cliff before they split apart.we walked that..i'll show you how long it was actually. yes we walked that! and me and my mum are not good at hieghts so it was very special to us. So yeah we did climbing, diggin on a beach for fossils (we found an actually carnavore rib cage! lol) beach, arcades..overall it was a great holiday! I loved it! too hot though....heh i might tell you more tomorrow but who knows.

What i do know is i did get into a sport whilst i was over there....cricket! yes i am a fellow england suppprter in rugby, football and now cricket! Well yes i am wacthign the ashes tests at the moment and we might actually win them back from the aussies! why is it an importnat cricket match? well its becuase we havn't won the trophy back from the Aussies for 16 years! and so we at the moment have a 2-1 lead againt the Aussies! If we draw or win, we get the Ashes but if Australia win the get it again! COME ON ENGLAND! lol, next week is the finally test and i am going to be trying to get the score during my lessons! yes i start school tomorrow, but yeah..i want us to win the Ashes back! But to any aussies reading this, WE DID NOT CHEAT! YOUR CAPTAIN IS A CHEATER! THATS WHY HE ISNT PLAYING INTHE NEXT TEST! anyway..c ya


(here's some images gform the last test!)
the aussie is Shane Warne! he's batting and this is were the wicket keeper Ashley Giles gets him out! The wicket keeper is a fav player to me becuase, he plays 4 our county! AWESOME! lol. but yeah..shane warne i sht big fat blonde as they call him.
here's r players celebrating winning the 4th test brining us up to a 2-1 lead! the player in white is my favourite player in the whole team! Andrew Flintoff! Go Freddie! lol anyway..c ya

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Friday, August 19, 2005


WEll this is going 2 be my last post 4 a little while due 2 the fact im going on holiday 2morow. Great, im sharign a room with my sister..lol...soz my and my sis kinda have a weird realtionship, we dont get on that well. It was funny though r mum said we have 2 share a room and the first thing we said was...

me: Im not sharing a room with the Beyblade freak!

sis: Im not sharing a room with the Yu-Gi-Oh! freak!

That i found funny..hehe.anyway i will be away 4 2 weeks and so no computer or sky tv!....*pauses* 0_0 ..sounds great. But i will draw pictures, i hope or i might spend majoritiy of my time in the sea. AND YES I MUST REMEMBER MY CHALLENGE! 2 C IF I CAN DUEL EVERY PERSON I SEE WITH A DECK! lol..kinda stupid i know..but my sister is refusing 2 duel against me completly now ...;_; Oh well she can do what she likes. Oh but i have 2 tell you about one thign that freaked my out last night, it was a dream i had.

I was with all of my friends walking and talking etc, until 3 or 4 of them walked away. Ithought they might come back but then they didnt adn so i was left with my other friends...soon after all the rest of them began 2 leave on their own way and i was left alone. I then fell over, and normally you would thik someone woudl come and pick you up..but no one did ..i was left alone.

RA THAT FREAKED MY OUT! BUT HEH IT WAS ONLY A DREAM, RIGHT? Anyway as its my last post on here 4 about 2 weeks..well i might be able 2 sneak one in 2morow..but we're leaving at 10 so depends..anway i shall leave you pics of my fav pairing..


THEY R SO CUTE TOGETHER! lol...oh one last thing...most people wanted 2 know were Pugi came from, well after i read a yugioh fanfic it had like yugi and yami having a pet pikachu called pugi. I told m friends that and ever since my nickname has always been pugi..heh..plus if u think about it..its just yugi with the first letter switched 2 a p. lol c ya


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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Sorry again, i wont be able 2 visit ur sites again 2day...well i'll try and visit some but due 2 holiday packing etc i havent got as much time 2 go on computer 2day. I will go 2 everyones site 2morow ok and also I FOUND THE EPISODES I WAS LOOKING 4! I HAVE SPENT THE LAST 4 WEEKS LOOKING 4 THE TAPE I RECORDED THE MALIK VS YAMI EPISODES AND I FOUDN IT FINALLY! *jumps and celebrates* IM SO HAPPY I WANT 2 WATCH IT NOW! c ya


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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hello everyone i am happy 2 say i now feel a lot better and i have already visited most of your sites now! ^_~ Im such a good Pugi!! hehe anyway i must say im in a very weird mood 2day..but anyway i know i wont be happy 4 much longer..ahh schoo,l in like 2 weeks or more time and also exam results next wekk. 0_0 ok now im panicking! AAAAAAAAAHHH IM GONNA DIE! hehehe anway as u can tell im fully healed and back 2 my normal hyper self. But i might go and do my prétear picture soon. I want 2 see if i can put it up b4 i go on holiday! probably wot be up then..anway i'll be off an leave u with this image. SORRY BUT YAMI LOOKS SO CUTE THERE! HES MY KNIGHT IN SHINING---- ok enough with that ANYWAY ONE NOTE 2 ALL! NEITHER YUGI OR YAMI SHOULD B WITH ANZU! LOL. YUGI AND YAMI ALL THE WAY. soz ill be quiet now. hehe so i'll c ya guys and girls later. Also i love the confused faces Yami and Seto have! lol c ya

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Yeah quite a few sorrys actually, one is that i didnt get round 2 most of ur sites yesterday becuase I started 2 feel ill again so im sorry there and also sorry that this post has 2 be short but becuase im goign on holiday in 4 more days (i think) i have 2 help tidy round the house and so i wont get 2 go on the computer until much later. So i will get round 2 visiting them...just more in the vening. Im sorry well i better be off and once again i am sorry! AND NO YUGI AND TÉA SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER! anyway c ya


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Monday, August 15, 2005

   ra im tired

Hey everyone and sorry about doing a later post then usual but ive been well not 2 good really.

Last night i hardly got any sleep due 2 i got food poisoning (Im never trusting my dad 2 cook again!) and so most of the night i was trying not 2 be sick..kinda failed once though..^-^'' and i will still suffering it a bit this morning. Also i've been tiding my room 4 its a tip i reliesed! lol. but thats nearly done now and my room now smells of lemons! lol anyway I will go 2 ur sites now and not long till i go on holiday..er...5 days now. Im still sulking now 4 i found out in yugioh gx that yugi goes out with anzu! ¬_¬ Ive been sulking about it 4 3 days now! SHE CANT HAVE HIM EITHER I OR YAMI SHOULD HAVE YUGI! ¬_¬ i will get her later......but yeah c ya later guys and girls. lol..

Yes its true, ive been getting into prétear again! lol. ttyl

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Sunday, August 14, 2005

   hello again (im happy if u can tell!)

Thanks everyone about yesterday and also did the them song appear on my site? Just want 2 know otherwise i have 2 go on another hunt 4 it..lol anyway not long till i go on holiday..next saturday i thing..yeah. Then we get r exam results on the 25th ^-^'''''' ive...done..bad...i know it! lol. Anyway ive been playing quite a few computer games again resently and the one i have been playing a lot of is starfox adventures. Its an awesome game, i love the music especally the music in the ocean force point temple and also the music were it has lots of red eyes, Cant remember the name and who can forget cape claw! but anyway here's some screen shots 4 u ^_~

Arnt the water graphics cool!

Whoa a bit 2 many pictures there but anyway..yes it has dinosaurs in it but i still think its an awesome game! 2 bad i couldnt show u a red eyes...
If u can see the big mouth..thats a red eyes, basicaly a t-rex but in this game they all have new names 4 their tribes. anyway i best be off and this time i shall be able 2 go 2 ur sites. Have u been playing any games this summer holiday?


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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Im happy now...We've finally ordered r manga but it wont be coming back until after r holiday -_- actually its not that long till we leave..next saturday actually..0.o....and my mission on that island is 2...DUEL EVERY PERSON I FIND WITH A YUGIOH DECK! ^_~ lol stupid I know but I want 2. Ahh u know Gaia Online..well i was well kinda bad on it yesterday, my username is Pharaonic_Angel and i decided 2 fish. Whilst in this room this girl decided 2 take the mick out of about 2 people who were 12 yr olds and just becuase they liked anime. She had never heard of it..so what does Pugi do...She fights back..^_^''' now i feel abd about it. Its just so stupid that she was saying she's the most populaur person in her school just becuase of her looks..-_- i dont like it when that happens. Its bad enough with me being called a freak and all these people being populaur 4 being nice looking and nto 4 who they r a as person. Yes i know she was right about how i dot get any guys running after me or desperate 2 have me..but im happy with my friends around -_- silly girl and she doesnt even know what anime is. Anyway your probably bored about that now so i'll be going. Oh yeah most of today i shall be out and so i wont be able 2 visit most of ur sites im afraid.;_; im sorry! Anyway must be off now and hopefully uve all had a good summer so far.


Has anyone else watched this? It's funny..especally if u notice that majority of the voices r in another aniem i watch..lol. Oh yeah one last thing..i've added a song 2 my site at the top..One thing..does it work? 0.o i dont have speakers so i cant tell but has it? c ya

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ra i got such weird looks yesterday...0.0.....y u ask? I was wearing all black during a hot day. WHATS SO WRONG WITH THAT?!? Ok..i know i was wearing jeans and a vest top..but come on...i hate wearing anythign else even though its like summer! ^-^' i hate skirts and shorts..so nah..lol..ok u may of not needed 2 know that but im a self consciuos person so yeah. Anyway the otehr reason why was becuase on the tv last night they had the film the Mummy Returns on..and there was a scene were it showed flash backs of them in egypt..and i actually ended up shouting Atemu 4 no reason...0.o,,i think i watch the show 2 much. I just thought egypt + pharaoh = Atemu. lol..my parents were kind of freaked out by it as well, but hehehe i coudlnt help it. Well thats a pretty boring post wouldnt you say and anyway i have so been watching a program i used to watch when i was 5 and ts come back on the tv...Ive been watching Thunderbirds again! lol..its a classic there puppets and its just so funny thinking when u were young u used 2 think they were real. I thought i wouldnt watch it again but its been brought back on the tv and i just couldnt help watching it. lol....anyway you all msut be bored now so i'll go. C ya around...and im sorry 4 boring u!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


hmm nothing much 2 talk about 2day...apart from i found a website so both me and my siter can order r mangas! YES AHAHA PUGI HAS DONE IT AGAIN! Means more sexy yugi and yami time ^-^ hehehe soz and ive just noticed my room is a tip 0.o heh...anyway can u believe it if u think of england, rain would be one of the first thign su would mention but its actually sunny here again day! ^-^ Yayness! but yeah im upset over one thing..i miss my friends. I really do. All of them r on holiday and by the time they get back i have 2 go on holiday ;_; meaning i cant spend time with them, its ven worse now that r whole gang is spliting up because we all have 2 go 2 different places now.....oh well, i would put a picture of my group of friends up but i dont really want 2 show off my ugly mug infront of u guys. lol. c ya
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Yes i am a Yugi x Yami fan..u got a problem with that? PUZZLESHIPPING ROCKS!

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